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well as far as crashing this is the only program i have had crash in a very long time. also, i dont think i have ever had strive crash on me and it seems like it is similar at least. it was a general crash error though, so other than something the program might have done strangely i couldnt really say.  "c0000005" is a vague error code and like i said when i went back to try to replicate it i couldnt do it either.

here is a screenshot of the victory screen though showing the misaligned characters. sometimes they line up properly. sometimes they end up like this where its not lined up correctly.

ok, so i got back to playing for a short bit after my last post there. then i got to the greater golem on 'escort demetrius'. the game crashed.

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
  Application Name: Displaced_Demo_win64.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp: 00000000
  Fault Module Name: Displaced_Demo_win64.exe
  Fault Module Version:
  Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
  Exception Code: c0000005
  Exception Offset: 000000000108e913
  OS Version: 6.1.7601.
  Locale ID: 1033
  Additional Information 1: 9403
  Additional Information 2: 940391ad3ae7a3b9724e0e851073d94e
  Additional Information 3: f58e
  Additional Information 4: f58e821c0da6c676423c686d8d1681f7

i had used "Strong Shot" "Taunt" and then clicked "Cripple". when i clicked the golem it froze and then crashed. i tried to repeat this, but it didnt work so i dont know how helpful thats going to be.

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Windows 7 64 bit

also, this is going to sound strange. however, its working now for some reason? as if maybe starting that new game did something.

the console doesnt really say anything special right now. as i recall from strive it may show up with errors and stuff if something goes wrong, but all it says is the video card and boot splash path.

the portraits still end up misaligned though after combat.

if i reload the save after closing and opening the game it still happens.

i just tried going into new game and it seems that it is working though with the new game (Day 01 right after the tutorial, building the bridge.)

version 0.1.3

Day 08: Loaded up save and tried to hit play. it bugs and will not go out of paused mode.

I went out of the village to the caves and did some fights. the UI after battle seems bugged as well. the characters are misaligned and the portraits run outside of where they are intended to be.

here is my save file:

"If a 'body part' isn't stated, then it will be the same as the human defaults."

i was puzzled for a second when i had a beastkin cat spawn with blonde hair. then i figured it out though. fur color and hair color is completely separate. she had black-white fur and blond hair :/ ... kind of unusual if you ask me. i think it would be better if furred races had their 'haircolor' linked to their furcolor. seems like it would make sense.

i have this question too. only i would like to know if its actually possible to add character portraits. not just the standard random portraits and body images.

these are the images like you would see on first creating a New Game and choosing your Race. there are several portraits there which are different from the ones you use after creating the game. i would like to add portraits to this part so that when creating a New Game i can just select a portrait right from the start.

i know something that has always kind of bugged me was the gender icons. i dont know if they are dynamic or not, but to me they should change according to gender.

here is pictures:

this one is futa --

this one is 'female' but the gender icon still says she is futa.--

some thoughts:

yes, this is some thing i have thought about a lot while playing. there are a lot of races already and some are not even useful right now for how the game currently works.

like elfs and dark elfs. if find they are not even worth picking up. i have two of them because they are story characters that join you, but they are not worth capturing because of stats and traits.

i do not recall ogres ever having horns. sorry. difference there in my perspective is size and strength. unfortunately the numbers are so tight on things within the races its hard to differentiate that. which brings me to another point that has been bugging me for a while about orcs. since when do orcs heal faster? orcs are typically very tough. however, healing faster is a troll thing. thats just my opinion, but the way i would do these things is like this..

Orc - Common - 15pts - 5 str / 4 agi / 1 mag / 5 end (Cannot Retreat. Gains +1 damage to all Swords)

Ogre - Uncommon - 16pts - 6 str / 3 agi / 2 mag / 5 end - (Crushing Blows: Great Hammers have a chance to deal 50% extra damage.)

Troll - Rare - 18pts - 5 str / 4 agi / 3 mag / 6 end - (Regeneration: Heal 100% faster)

i think this would make things more interesting tbh.

orcs would gain damage and since they are pretty common to being with they should have rounded stats. they are also pretty stupid... no magic.

ogres are basically one kind of giant. so they get more strength and they are naturally slower. their trait fits them.

trolls are another kind of giant. not as big as ogres though. they are magically imbued and regenerate really fast! so they have  high endurance and out of combat they can heal faster.

the stat numbers are really tight for all the races tbh. so its not like there is a lot of room to really differentiate races. i think that is one of the issues too.

as an aside, when i played Everquest 2 back when it first released the Lamia were neither. they were just what you would call a 'succubus' more or less. i mean, later on they added serpentine creatures like Naga. still though Lamia were not what you would expect from a lore point of view.

here you go:

lower body either a lion or snake.

lol, imagining a 1000lb horse giving a lap dance. my poor groin.

however, since we are talking about it. i looked at the options for my centaur jailkeeper. imagine these: (you: take & slave: give)

-Massage with foot

-Face Sitting

-Anal Face Sitting

i must say, those dont sound pleasant under a centaur.

i also find this very annoying. like how am i suppose to use "0.68..." of a point especially when the event doesnt come around frequently.

i think the best solution for this is rounding up/down to the nearest whole.

i.e if the number is at 0.5 to 0.9 then round up. if it is 0.1 to 0.4 round down.  

additionally make the minimum number 1 so you cant get "0" learning points from rounding down.

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tbh i dont really feel like the energy managment aspect is even a thing really. it feels like more of an annoyance in its current state. which, that is probably because it doesnt feel aggressive enough to me. 

like ok... here is my example of what i see in game.

main character: 115 energy (i have elven armor with +15 energy equipped)

there are 5 steps to a zone.

proceed (leave encounter):  -1

proceed (attack): -1

so given this attacking and leaving how many zones can i go through to find what i want? 23 if everyone is at 115. they arent though so i have to watch them. they are at 100 so its more like 20.

actually the only things that make any differences here are

-supplies (energy refill)

-lock picks (less of a hit for chest open)

-torches (access the secret area in the forest so its not just a wasted 1 energy)

my opinion is energy consumption should be more like:

leave encounter: -1 (you just did some traveling)

attacking: -5 (you did some work)

..and what they changes is you can still walk around looking for whatever you want. however, attacking will cost you. it probably isnt the case that you would attack every encounter in a zone even though ive done close to it when gathering essences. think about what that costed me in the current energy setup.

if i was fighting many packs of wolves say in every encounter for essence. the cost is a measely 5 energy out of my total 100+. big deal. if it was increased to 5 though and i did that it would have costed me 1/5th my energy. 

this is why i say it feels more like an annoyance than anything else. it doesnt really feel like the energy system has a real point. it needs to either be completely removed in favor of doing something else, or it needs to be more aggressive to go along with the idea of 'managing time and cost'.

version 0.5.18d

Frottage text M/M:  "You jerk your hips forward and a hot jet of", "You jerk your hips forward and a load of", "NAME feels an intense pleasure run through his cock and his"

here is 3 of the texts. all text is missing descriptions at the end for both the Main and the Slave.

this is a good point for selling a slave to a new owner, but it really doesnt work out for specializations.

which, i am of the idea if they had to fix this in some way it should be a way that could just work all around. if you have your slave stripped for specializations then you have to regear them for each slave that gets a specialization. it would be very annoying compared to them walking in with their clothes on and coming back to the mansion the same way. on the other hand putting in a way for it to check basic stats allows it to continue to operate as it always has in that regard. additionally, that same checking can be brought over to quests for slaves (like the starting quest for mage order, and repeatable quests).

After playing around with the autoattacks for a bit I have noticed that the autoattacks are really unreliable. Like odd things happen that shouldnt be happening.

-main character (1st in line) heals a target... someone in group attacks randomly for no reason without me pressing end turn.

-press end turn. attacks proceed and sometimes multiple ppl hit the same target at the same time.. like the system queued them both simultaneously.

-as with the last one i have seen nearly an entire group of 5 wolves attack all at once and this only happens with auto attack checked.

-worst i have seen is it skip my turn entirely. i have no idea how that one even happened... but it happened once.

I have checked this twice to make sure. But you can trick the guild into thinking you have enough stats for the specializations just by equiping items. Then unequip the items and still have full use of the specialization.

The fix I propose for this is:

Have the guild check for base stats. This would make it able to deny a person that say equips a stat item for a small boost just to get over the requirements.

i would say here is how it should accept stats:


base stats and trait stats (ex. Devoted gives courage and wit. this is fine as it is going to stay there)


gear stats (ex. base stats for ninja suit give you agility. then there are some magic affixes that do the same for various stats). these can be put on and taken off at a whim.

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this one is just awkward to read. i want to think your companion is suppose to be doing things... but its having the main character do things. which is causing word and grammar conflicts.


##switch to companion instead of main character (i.e as pictured Moro is my main), and modify the wording.

"As you consult with your leading companion --

COMPANIONNAME mentions that (he/she) saw some poisonous berries nearby and offers to try to poison the bandit's mead barrel."

##correct the rest to follow along for proper wording.

"You accept and warn (him/her) to be careful. COMPANIONNAME stealthily moves off into the woods. A few minutes later, the bandits that are drinking are distracted by a sound and start poking around the brush.  You see COMPANIONNAME quickly sneak up to where the bandits left their mugs, adding something to each. As (he/she) disappears back into the forest you admire her skilled woodcraft, startled when (he/she) pops up behind you. As you watch the bandits resume their drinking, it does not take long before they start acting oddly. One lies down and apparently goes to sleep, while the other starts throwing up into the bushes before collapsing." 

##after pressing continue (this one is pretty good really... just to to remove "be")

"As you carefully scout out the situation you realize that there's probably more here than you can easily hand at once. Two bandits are in the center of the camp arguing over who gets to rape the terrified girl tied up near them. Two bandits are lying in a drunken stupor near the mead cask and one more is making a slow circuit of the camp, keep a close eye on the surrounding woods.

version 0.5.18d

location: Shilaq Village, Bandit Camp Quest

version 0.5.18d

location: Wimborn Mage Order => Purchase New Spells

Fear "Invokes subconcious feel of terror onto the targer. Can be effective punishment." .....mispelled target

Mutation "Enforces mutation onto targe. Results may vary drastically.".....mispelled target

thanks, that worked. i normally attack with everyone in my party (no reason not to) so it is no wonder i never could figure out why this wasnt working.

when i was thinking autoattack on clicking it i was thinking how most other games i have seen implement it. which is at the start of the turn your units begin attacking on their own until you are out of actions. then it automatically ends the turn as well and continues until you either stop it or battle ends.

Here is another encounter. This one looks like maybe there was something mistyped somewhere in the code that caused it to not work for that one thing. You will notice the word "@2name" in this one.

I feel like I am missing something here...

I click the little box that says auto attack. Then nothing happens. 

if you already played through all or most of it in Wimborn then sure. 

you start out in Frostford where you cant buy armor, the enemies will eat you if you go outside, and there is no Mage Guild like there is in Wimborn.

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A precious treasure has been stolen!

Slave A stole the treasure from Slave A.

My guess is that it is probably likely all of the encounters are capable of this logic. Its the first time I have seen this happen though. Likely this is due to my low slave count at the moment.

version: 0.5.18d | OS: Windows 7 64-bit

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I finished the  entire 'Main Quest' but there were side quests that I had left unfinished and was trying to go back and do these. Well...

When I went back into the Alchemist for the first time one of the options was to let her join me. So she came to my mansion. Now this is where things get kind of bad..

You see, Yris's quest never got completed. So its kind of just hanging there at the end with the 1000 gold side quest and 'go find an alchemist' thing. except i cant. talking to her in the mansion doesnt seem to have any effect on this quest.

Maybe something can be done about that so it can interact in the mansion similar to her other quest for the items like 'iced brandy, the book, and necklace'. 

version: 0.5.18d | OS: Windows 7 64-bit

no i haven't. actually, i found that if the game succeeds in being created its playable. it just has a chance that the game will crash when first being created.

...but i realized i really dont like sandbox once i got in also. so i doubt i will do much more with sandbox regardless. it just gives you too much to start. there is nothing to work for really.

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Version: 0.5.18d | OS: Win 7 Pro 64-bit

Bug: Game Crashes on creation in sandbox. This happens in Quick or Custom. For Quick it will crash as soon as you hit the Quick Start since this will randmonize everything and attempt to start the game.  For Custom it lets you go through all the steps of customizing everything. Then when you hit 'Finish' it crashes.