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Both have been added

My word, there's a "penis size" tag now?  That can be added in the settings.json file.

There is a workaround for "is missing" tag.  Since multiple filters can be run at once, selecting all tags under the "has none" filter can do it.

"Is Missing Portrait" etc. should be added in 1.8 or 1.9, along with the search function and an explicit "is missing" tag

Thanks for the feedback

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Old Changelog


Fixed error that prevents portraits from being loaded at first launch


Minor bugfix (BoobSort still not fully functional)


Initial beta release of BoobSort

Added last of 1.2 PPE features

Keyboard support within BoobSort, so you don't have to use the mouse

A and D

4 and 6

Left and Right Arrow Keys


Added support for Penis Size

Fixed error that occurs when clicking multiple label buttons

Fixed redundant label button clicking

Now able to control partial selecting individual tags

Now able to quickly filter on missing tags


Added support for Custom MetaData (anything in the filename that is neither whitespace nor matching any other tag)

Added support to force apply new formatting and force apply new CRC

Made "White Space" a variable found in settings.json

Added Tribal Elf in default settings


Fixed typo in Filter window

Removed unused code

(15 edits)

Rewrote the companion tool for Kyler2's Improved Random Portraits mod. (including features added by Zepeteus)

Download -

Meant to help assist with renaming files in a portrait pack to follow the tags. Assists with viewing and setting tags for a portrait collection by renaming the portrait and body files in sync

What's New?

Custom filters.  Want to list only portraits of Demons with Red hair?  Or all Adults, no Males, without Breast Tags?  Click the Filter button a few times and go nuts.


Minor refactoring

Added caching to speed up filter usage

Some people in Discord commented on the usefulness of the Type-Moon wiki, so I wrote a web-crawler to download the images from it.

After deleting the animated .gif files, I wrote an image scanner to determine which images were .png files with transparency.  Then I went through those manually to create the Ready To Go folder.

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Why switch to Unity at all?

In effect, two questions.

1: Why switch engines?

2: Why Unity?

This is beautiful.  And unsettling.

It's so weird, and so amazing, I'm having a hard time putting this in words.

Going inside a hawk to gather up the food it stole from me, then feeling a pang of remorse when it becomes a ghost,

and the opening quote of everyone has a world inside them, and proceeding to interpret it entirely literally, and now I can't stop humming "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly"

Just incredible.

Looking good.  You bring up some excellent points, and I'd love to contribute.  I don't have Photoshop, just the freeware equivalent~ish GIMP.

Corta is making something similar (for completely unrelated reasons) using Flash, which is vector based graphics instead of raster graphics.

Vectors are built for scaling.  SVG, specifically.  Scalable Vector Graphics.  Photoshop recently added support for SVG.

That said I've had a hard time finding anyone who likes SVG as much as I do.

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PDF?  Do you mean PSD?  PDF is an export format, it's not designed to be modified (which is why it's such a pain to modify them).  PSD is the default photoshop filetype.  Enormous filesize, very easy to modify (with PhotoShop or GIMP).

"I want without quality loss, and that is also why I am not using vectors or anti aliasing."

...  That requires a more complicated response.  Do you have Discord?

Last year I submitted Sandwiches with Death to the Ace Jam.
I was glad to submit something at last.

I've learned a lot over the past year, most notably even something easy still requires hard work.

That's why the plot synopsis last time was radically inaccurate.

Further details as they develop.

It's already possible to start the game as a futanari character.

They're encrypted.  They're not supposed to be opened.

You need the source code if you want the .png files.

(1 edit)

Forgot to add support for negative numbers in the AddTo regex.

var tag_regex = "<(\\w*)(\\s+\\d+)?(\\s\\d+)?>"
should be
var tag_regex = "<(\\w*)(\\s+[0-9\\-]+)?(\\s[0-9\\-]+)?>"

There's a compare plugin for notepad++

Useful for plaintext.  Has a handful of options.

I actually used a compare app, then cut whatever wasn't changed from the default ;p

cut parts of

cut parts of

removed the file

Nothing big.  I did also remove the "easymode" stuff.  Extra gold, modified pregnancy length, etc.  That seemed more of a separate deal.

The bestial pregnancy sound interesting.  We've already got parthenogenesis/ pregnancy as a side effect of magic toxicity.

Tweaked it a bit.

Uploaded the .gd files.

Removed the unused bits so it won't overwrite code that it doesn't need.

This is the first successful race mod to my knowledge.  I'm excited.

I'm interested.

(1 edit)

Description for AcidSpit 0.5.19d

Deals spell damage to single target enemy and recudes it's armor.

should be "reduces"

Flavor text for mindreading

Reading other person's thoughts hardly worth the effort: way too often they are just chaotic streams changing one after another. Netherless, you can grasp some understanding how others think by devoting your time to them. 


func getobediencereplies(person):

$name seems to be in a melancholical mood


All that WYSIWYG philosophy.

The MGQ pack,

[Copied from another thread with the same error]

"You updated the text in your post, but not the link.

i.e. if you copy and paste the text you'll get the new version, but if you click the link it directs to the old one.


Sorry I didn't notice before.

I'm starting not to like the forum system used by

You updated the text in your post, but not the link.

i.e. if you copy and paste the text you'll get the new version, but if you click the link it directs to the old one.


(1 edit)!KOggiK4Z!ChFc2BObSRN73WiBio5H_H2uczxWOKN6aovhnU4GMO0


I program (10 years as amateur hobbyist, 1 month paid professional, until two weeks ago when a fan started doing my job for free).  I specialize in refactoring/legacy code.

Discord: JJoseph#3701

Hello.  I added you on Discord.

I'm a programmer.

We can talk there.

This newly revised .bat file will open (and create, if necessary) the mods folder for Strive.

We're really trying here.


When I engage in laboratory modification on a slave who is currently sleeping in the Jail,  they are still accessible from the Jail tab.  If I reassign their sleeping quarters, they become inaccessible until they have recovered from the modification.

For example, Myrl Saunders is a prisoner, and I apply the surgery "maximize nipples".  The slave tab will say "Myrl Saunders will be undergoing modification...." but I can still talk to her if I open the prison tab.

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Ah, the minor variations in computers that break compatibility.

Crazy, that.

(2 edits)

Or, a nice simple .bat file.  Double click this file and it will create and open the Strive for Power mod directory.

For the properly paranoid, you can type the following two lines in the command prompt.

mkdir %APPDATA%\Strive\mods
start %APPDATA%\Strive\mods

I'm not sure if it works with Mac, but it's just Bash.

It's how queen Catherine died.

(not really, but the rumor persists)

I imagine that will have to be the work of modders.

<AddTo ...> is based off insertion point, not total line number.

<AddTo 2>

func testfunc: ....


Will add to line 2 of testfunc, not line 2 of the file.

For base files, you cannot define anything before the "extends Node" statement.  Godot requires all files to begin with that.  (Or begin with extending a subclass of Node)

It's possible to mod the mod system, to change that regular expression to something that would work better.

I wasn't very familiar with Godot syntax when I wrote that regular expression.  I had to look up multi-line variables, and was not aware at the time that a dictionary with multiple values could be declared on a single line, and I couldn't even find an example of a static multi-dimensional array/dictionary and its declaration.

Regular expressions are... difficult to get right.

Having said that,

what is a regex tester and where can I find one?

I get an error message from Mega:

The file you are trying to download is no longer available.

Edited the code a bit.  Added a Folder button to alternate between the current setup with numerous nested folders and a version that does not create new folders.

Bare minimum change to code for indicated functionality.

Hope that's okay.

This version adds a button "Folder" that alternates between a single folder and nested-folder version.

No new folders.

(1 edit)

T.T Tanuki femboy is not there T.T

(the pack is beautiful.  only complaint is that there isn't more, which is meant as a compliment)

^3^ I can accept those terms

I think I was going to say something, but I can't stop staring long enough to remember what it was.