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I'm enjoying the game so far, but I almost want to punch the POV character in the stomach (that might change later on, I'm still early)

From his internal monologue, it's clear he's well meaning, but he comes across as a weaselly manager, mainly because he tries to sugar-coat everything he says when he's not outright lying

"Everything is fine.  Everything is fine.  Nothing to worry about.  Also, effective immediately everyone gets a 40% pay cut."

"Nothing to worry about. Everything is fine. We just thought the easiest way to save money was to give less of it to you."

It's made a bit worse by the talk about previous manager(s), who seem to have been incompetent at best, and abandoned ship while pretending everything was fine at worst

I love the art.  I don't know if I can overcome my internal hatred of managers ;D

Sorry for the oversight

Link has been corrected for 2.21

Thank you :D

If Java is installed, just double click the .jar file

It's set up to connect with a pre-existing S4P: Conquest installation

Good news, I get the same bug

It shouldn't be too long before I figure it out

That can be accomplished with editing the settings.json file

I'd have to look up what the new races in Aric's Mod are to do it myself

When possible, the editor is supposed to create the folders as needed

It could be a weird combination of tags, but my first guess is that it's a permissions issue.

I'm glad to hear you sorted it out.

It's probably easier to sort out the new pack before adding it to S4P

Create a new folder named after the portrait pack

Extract the .zip into the folder

Drag and drop the folder /Bodies onto the Portrait Pack Editor

The location shouldn't matter (because it's not a mod, and not technically limited to S4P), unless it's a permissions issue (moving it to a public directory, like Downloads or My Documents) or running as Administrator

The command prompt should display a message just before it closes, which would help explain

(1 edit)

It might be a permissions error.  Hopefully it works if you type this in the command prompt

java -jar PortraitPackEditor.jar

Try typing
java -jar PortraitPackEditor.jar
in the command prompt

It should either cause the editor to open, or it will display an error message to explain why it didn't

That's a common bug

One that I thought I had fixed by now, but it rears its ugly head again

Until I figure it out,

stretch the window, make it wider
That's the easiest fix

otherwise, this can happen when you have too many tags in total

If you DM me on the S4P discord server, I can walk you through it, because I'm not sure what issue you're having

Defaulting to MyDocuments, that I can fix pretty easily for 2.19

Upload initiated

not really sure how long it will take to finish, but it should be partially available already

I think I know what the cause is

Should be fixed in 2.18

Might be a filetype issue

Can you share any of the images in question? (in the S4P discord, if that's easier)

Sorry, did you place the new .jar in the old folder?

2.17 only contains the .jar file, it uses the other files from 2.15

It should create the window, immediately close,

and then there should be a file "error.log"

Otherwise, I'm not sure.  It might be the Java version you have installed

(1 edit)

Try this version
it won't work any better, but it will log most errors in "error.log" which you can send to me


Bumping for new content in 2.13

Portrait Maker is now included by default

Crop the body image to automatically generate a new portrait file (overwrites any existing portrait)

Added in 2.10

It's not pretty, but it works.

Click the Fuse/Separate checkbox, then click anywhere on the main list.  The new features will become visible.

Tilesets are made up of smaller, usually square images or sprites.

This makes the math involved in image rendering software easy.

Basically, tilesets like this one are designed to be usable with anything that is already able to make games.


It means we're heading in the right direction

That is the next planned feature, the option to connect images or move them between Portraits, Bodies, Naked, and Pregnant


(1 edit)


Fixed deletion bug

Fixed crash on many-file deletion

Changed layout (better?)


Made central list request focus whenever apply or delete is pressed

Fixed error where clear custom tags did nothing

Added Export Images checkbox, only appears if ExportDirectory is filled

Added hotkeys Enter for Apply and Delete for Delete


Fixed cosmetic issue introduced in 2.01


 Now it really does have support for Aric's Mod

(19 edits)

Download 2.21 for Conquest

Meant to help assist with renaming files in a portrait pack to follow the tags. Assists with viewing and setting tags for a portrait collection by renaming the portrait and body files in sync

What's New?

Custom filters.  Want to list only portraits of Demons with Red hair?  Or all Adults, no Males, without Breast Tags?  Click the Filter button a few times and go nuts.

Added Fuse/Separate checkbox, and the ability to create new Portraits by cropping current image.


Fixed Compatibility Mode issue


Fixed out of bounds error for certain filetypes


Browse button now starts in current portrait directory


Compatibility Mode now Default

Added support to create portraits in "bmp" "gif" "webmp" and "jpeg"

previously could only save portraits in "png"

known issue:

Does not correctly save files in "webp" format


Fixed Create Portrait sizing issue


Create Portrait now updates Embiggen window


Added Create New Portrait





Fuse/Separate checkbox now updates graphics automatically

(suboptimal solution, will investigate for better option)


Added Fuse/Separate checkbox

Added six buttons related to Fuse/Separate checkbox

Fuse, Split, Label as Body, Label as Portrait, Label as Pregnant, and Label as Nude


Embiggen window now always on top

Layout can be customized in settings.json

Selected image can have its path copied to clipboard

Image resolution is now displayed


Increased Window Height

Fixed in 1.99

The "Un" thing was weird.  The result of old code that was supposed to be removed

at first I thought you meant the string "8 Un" but then I tested it

"Un Un Un Un Un Un Un Un"

Wow, I am really curious how that even happens

I'll look this over and get back to you

That is odd, it still works for me

Does it at least list the files, and fail to display them?  Or do the .webp files not show up at all?

Took me a minute to replicate the bug, but yea, I see it now

Weird bug,

I already implemented custom filters internally, but the "missing checkboxes" were using the Regex instead

Since most of the Regex are the same value as the custom tags, this had escaped my notice

Currently my build doesn't distinguish between Tags, Regex, and Name.  All of them are stored as Strings instead.  I should enforced strong-type.  

Thank you, fixed in 1.98



Done 1.96

I will add support for webp

I believe it is fixed in 1.95

that's the default value.  it tells the editor to find the portraits automatically

if changing the value to your portrait's actual directory helps, then the issue is with how the editor works in Mac

first try changing the PackDirectory to "C:\\"

the editor should still run even if the folder is incorrect

(2 edits)

it usually means the settings.json file is missing or corrupted.  Getting a new copy of it should fix the problem

I haven't been able to test whether this is an issue with Mac

(1 edit)

It seems I introduced a host of bugs in 1.94

Until I get a handle on it, I'm replacing the upload with 1.93

Up next, Aric's Mod expansion

still working on that

To show a renewed effort, I have added

the Drag & Drop functionality

No longer does one need to browse with the Portrait Pack Editor interface, just drag & drop your folder