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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Tips and tricks thread... (THE REVIVAL)

A topic by Kazama created Aug 21, 2018 Views: 2,811 Replies: 23
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The old tips and tricks thread has retired, it was fairly outdated at this point too.

So here's a advanced brand spanking new one.

Tip numero uno: When you start a new game, go to the market and buy ropes, weapons and armor for you and your starter slave. Next go back to the mansion, equip the equipment, and if you haven't already, transfer the ropes to the travel bag.

This way you have a fighting chance to survive your first encounter and can catch some new slaves!

#2. Agility is a very good first investment in stats. It raises awareness, which in turn stops you getting ambushed while out in the world.

One thing I didn't realize first few times through. Your starting slave has the trait "grateful", as do some other unique slaves you can acquire.  It removes all need for luxury which means you can promote them up to noble, and they'll still happily hang out in your communal room.  Thus, I think it's worth holding on to that starting slave and putting in some effort to train them up.

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Emily and Cali both require some decent fighting abilities to finish their quests, so avoid the "commotion at the marketplace" and the "urchin girl" prompts around town until you are a good level. Edit: Emily quest line has no time issues, though there is still a fight that could cause some problem once you start trying to get her sister Tisha.

**Minor Spoiler** Near the end of the main quest, you'll have the option to sacrifice a slave's life or not, and doing so you'll end up with Melissa as your slave. The slave that is selected for the option is your "favorite" slave, which the game determines via a combination of slave loyalty, level, times you've sexed them and the length of ownership. So if you want to get the reward of sacrificing, but don't want to lose a good slave, buy a cheap slave your first day and pamper the hell out of them while mostly ignoring other slaves.

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**Again Minor Spoiler** The sex seems a major factor in determining your 'favorite'. I think it registers every individual act, so 20+ per interaction (multiplied by 3 for the final score). Tia died for me, despite recruiting her and Cali quite late. All I did with her was test how many perversions one character could have.

**Continuing Spoiler Talk** I mostly just have sex with the cheap slave every day, partly to build up mana, and I tend to reach the final battle around day 60 cause I take a slower approach and so far the strategy has worked.


Continuation on that spoiler, this is the exact formula:

var score = i.metrics.ownership +*3 +*2 + i.level*7

For me, "win", which is combat rounds won,  was by far the dominating factor, cause i did a lot of combat.  Sex was a distant 2nd.

Tell me if I get this right.. so if I rush the main quest in ~2-4 days and grab a level 11-13 slave from a random bandit camp before the "sacrifice" quest part, then if I didn't level my "story" slaves there is no chance for them to be selected for it, because the lv11 slave (even if I didn't even touch them aside from capturing them) will have too high of a  "score" so it will always get targeted for the "sacrifice" ?

(assuming I get a "story" slave at day one and they stay lv1, I interact with them every day (including sex), they get a score of 4(ownership)+12(sex)+0(win)+7(level)=23 while the random lv11 bandit I just dragged home that day gets 77 just from her level?..)

Looking at the formula it does look like the main target will be your best combat slave if you're not rushing tho.. the way, what happens if you reach that part of the quest with either no slaves or all slaves in "away" status ?

Is there a time limit for Emily/Tisha's quest to get a 'good ending' in the new version now like Cali? I always get Emily as early as possible and has her rotate with my starting servant in library/hunting so when I go to the field for the first time I have three fighters instead of two.

I don't normally do their quest but as far as I know, there is a time limit once Emily tells you that Tisha is missing and you can fail to find her if you take too long. This was a few versions back when I did it, but I don't think it's changed.

Weird... I remember playing 0.5.16a build and waited for what must have been 30-60 days before I went to find Tisha and still managed to get her with no problem. Although I deleted my save so I might recall the details wrong and just got lucky within the cut off date. Thank you very much for the heads up.

I went ahead and tested this, and it does seem like there's no way to lose Tisha. I don't know if I've always been repeating false advice or it is was fixed, but I will edit my original post.

I'd recommend staying in town completing guild contracts until you are prepared to go adventuring. The contracts give money, reputation, mansion improvements points, and experience for your mage. Just buy obedient slaves from the guild that are close to the contract requirement and then improve them with potions, use TP to boost mental stats, assign spare physical stats (perhaps after levelling up), or in rare cases change grades at the guild. If the initial guild contracts are just too weird to complete then just buy some slaves into your mansion for a bit of economy and wait for new guild contracts to appear.

Once your mage is level 2 he gets stat increases and can learn some better skills from his character screen that will help in combat. Put together a combat team with 3 capable looking slaves hopefully with some cheap weapons and armor. The equipment does make a difference. Take with you some bandages, some rope, and 3 supplies, making sure they are in your bag and not your mansion chest. When you start fighting use the ? option to equip your mage's new skills. Don't take on too many enemies to start with. Use bandages between fights by choosing the control option. When you get to the end of the area you can rest using the supplies and/or return safely to town.

Adding to Kazama's point, agility is important from start to end game mainly because 'W - Public Entertainer' job is one of the best money maker in the game and agility mainly determine how a servant make in that job. My fully maxed out Beastkin - Fox makes almost as much money doing 'W - Public Entertainer' as 'W - Escort' with Geisha specialization and her racial bonus (around 20-30 coins less if I remembered correctly). And unlike food which becomes a non-issue almost from start (there seems to be a glitch in the game when you randomly loose around 100 food when you have a lots of characters, haven't figure out what exactly trigger it yet so always make sure you have around 200 food as a safety net), and mana which you'll get so much you don't know what to do with it by the first week, gold will never not help in this game.

My suggestion is make your starter servant a high agility race (I usually go with Beastkin - Fox since I make my starter servant Rena Tendouji cosplay character, but cat and wolf will probably be better since they have better racial bonus, at least from description although you get two wolf and one cat unique characters later on). Dump the start bonus into agility (choose agility bonus trait if you want a boost from start and think you can manage the stress penalty, although I never find I need it) and elevate them into common grade with your start gold and put them into 'W - Public Entertainer'. Depends on how much wit they have (its effect is very minor anyway), you should make back the 200 gold for elevation in 2-3 days. I usually get Emily from the first day, let her do hunting job for food and supply while my starter make gold.

I usually go adventuring when my 3 man party (include my player character, my starter and Emily) all have chain mail, and my starter/Emily have long sword (although you can go earlier if you don't care to curb stomp all enemies, assuming you start in Wimborn) and myself with the rusty dagger. Travelling bag is extremely useful at the start game for that carry weight boost for possible loot but they don't help to keep your characters alive so they are secondary. Always bring 3 supplies with you so you can rest/eat at the last location to recover stress and energy so you don't take your servant body guard out of job rotation to rest, and when you have the carry weight you can think about rope/lockpick.

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You can buy 20 food for 10 gold. So a job that earns 50 gold is more useful than a hunter that collects 80 food.
So long as you don't mind going to the market regularly.

Late game, the convenience of not having to micromanage food will probably outweigh the increase in earnings. assign a cook so that they can buy food should you need it.

A cook with high agility and wit can drastically cut the daily food required by slaves too. Scylla are great, but cats and slimes work just as well with enough agility.

The farm can produce huge quantities of food. The most efficient setup is farm manager with high confidence and wit, combined with several Taurus' modified to have huge boobs, multiple developed extra nipples and lactation.

Does the auto purchase option in 'Mansion Settings' also has the same 2:1 food to gold ratio? I never use that function myself as I always use hunter because that job brings in supply and not very efficient at bringing food so I don't immediately ends up with an overflow of food and spoil (I'm Chinese, I hate wasting food).

I usually assign someone to cook and yes, the ratio is the same: they buy 200 food and spend 100 gold.

Not gameplay-related, but how do I revert Emily's portrait? I've "var oldemily = true" in, but only full body image is affected.  Her portrait is still the same new one.

Try to reverse it manually after that.

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EDIT: Nevermind, I've found it. Thanks for the tip.

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Is sex and joint work assignments the only way to maintain decent relationship between servants?  And is there a way to raise them from "bitter" to "friendly" other than via sex? (Sending people to work together doesn't help much, they just keep arguing).

Also, is this a bug or a feature? The 3 people resting in the master's bed are constantly bickering (even if before getting there they were on good terms) and as a result their stress skyrockets as long as they sleep in the same bed. 

This is a good question!

I don't know if interactions between specific slaves is controllable. I've been able to get them all to be neutral, friendly or affectionate with each other, though. That I'm guessing should mostly be credited to assigning an appropriate Headgirl (headperson).  It's a job that's only available to slaves of Rich level or above, and only available after you own 8 or more slaves. The appropriate "Headgirl Setting" in "Mansion Settings" should be used. I used a slave with max charm and the Patronage setting.

I'm sure it also helps if your communal space isn't overcrowded and there are sufficient luxuries for all, but that too is speculation.

I had Maple, Ayneris and Zoe assigned as Headgirl at different times with maximum charm, and "patronage" is my setting in every save, yet it doesn't seem to affect anything.  I've always assumed patronage is used for lowering fear and stress faster... probably.  But I haven't noticed any difference in frequency of quarrels as occurence with or without a Headgirl, it seems to be entirely random for "neutral" (as to who will be arguing with whom) and a bit more often for pairs with "aloof" relationship and worse. I check by reloading - slaves who don't have an opinion ebout each other vary, but those who already dislike one another usually keep quarelling between loads.

But that situation with my favourites hating each other is most frustrating and I'd rather not have them getting "Fickle" trait, so sex as a mediator is not an option(

1. Patronage head girl setting raises loyalty and reduces fear. No other effects that I have seen. Haven't looked at the code though.

2. I've never had a slave get the "Fickle" trait from having sex with other slaves.

3. I usually do threesomes as there seems to be no downside and the mana harvest is the most efficient. It also leads to the slaves loving each other.

4. A loving relationship doen't seem to stop minor arguments. But they don't get serious.

5. Slaves with the 'Slutty" will sometimes try to seduce other slaves. I don't remember "Fickle" slaves doing that. It would be logical though.

I got "Fickle" on the starter slaves after pairing them with 3+ others (each time in a threesome with MC) on different occasions. Not entirely sure whether the participants need to directly copulate or if any physical contact is enough for the encounter to count, though.