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Sorry I didn't make myself clear with my post. What I meant was for someone to either create a template file, or an utility tool for code idiot like me to add things I want to add into the game (unique recruit-able characters, quest attached to recruit them, and unique equipment for some cosplay purpose).

I'm already kind of making cosplay character with Strive's starting servant. Would love the ability to make multiple unique characters from other franchises and even make a short story about how they ended up in Strive's world. Or failing that, an import/export character utility similar to Lilith's Throne so I can buy some specifically created cosplay characters from slave market. I know there's technically save edit, but it's a bit of a hassle without a specifically designed utility tool.

Sounds like what KuroPanda said they wanted to accomplish before going radio silence. Best of luck to you, hopefully someone will at some stage figure out a template for users to add their own quest-lines, items and unique recruit-able characters. With how deep Strive's customization for individual character is, pretty much sky is the limit for anyone who want to add their favorite waifu from whatever franchise.

Maybe add a 'good karma' option to convince Tia's grandfather to let her work for the player character? If it's possible?

I thought that was part of the intended process to make the game take less time to load in the changelog for build 5.20a. Oh well, nice to know the previews are back.

Can you provide a link to them? I'm a beginner at using Notepad++ to edit things.

You can also use Notepad++ to edit your save if you know what you are doing. Although the format of your save file can look rather soul crashing with one line stretching right to eternity.

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I agree with kirillsasin even if I don't hate MLP (I don't particularly care about the show either) myself. Officially adding a race that departs so much from pre-established internal lore of Strive make them feel very out of place. And honestly, if Halfkin/Beastkin Horse get introduced into the game there's really nothing to stop you from customize them into a MLP character.

Also, half-spider girls, slime girls and kraken girls aren't really unorthodox if you are aware of the Monster Girl community. It's just more Japanese than American.

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There's an icon in the lower right that says 'Assign Both'. Uncheck that one and you'll be able to assign only the portrait or body image. I assume it's there for people who a portrait and body images with the same name where it'll automatically assign both. Not sure why it's on by default since as you say, it covers over the other image.

Fiikragg is talking about a new quest added for starter servant character in the patreon 0.5.19 build. Apparently the quest changes depends on what background you choose for the starting servant (which finally give that choice a meaningful mechanic)

Right now Strive's end game is extremely easy and it's actually easier to go with jack-of-all-trade character who can both magic and physical attack rather than a more min/maxed character (unless you talk about jobs which is better with a min/maxed character). My biggest problem with Strive's current design is the game lacks a true end game area, and the final boss is a complete joke in term of difficulties (and how he's written but that's a different topic). The area further from Amberguard which is locked by main quest feels more like a higher tier mid-game area rather than true end-game area, as I went for multiple item run and my biggest threat is not game over but running out of carry weight (and I didn't even bring high tier races like dragon). While I do enjoy relaxing game over hardcore challenging games, the lack of truly difficult areas that put a highly maxed out party at risk completely diminishes the climax of the story this game tells.

I think stuntcock was either thinking Warcraft ogres, or Japanese Oni since both do have horns if I remember correctly.

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I'm still using my save/character after Icleared my roaming folder, and I progressed Hale sister's quest-line till the point Emily ask me to look for Tisha (haven't gone to Mage's Order yet). And I just noticed another Emily's initial encounter spawned in Red Lantern District again. It seems to be a bug regardless if their quest's second stage triggered or not. Noticed this on my 27th day and I'm not sure if anyone else also have this problem, or if I somehow broke the game again.

There is no need to feel sorry for .19 build not backwards compatible with old progressdata. I may not understand anything about coding/programming, but even I understand when you remaking some structure, old things would likely get in the way and mess things up (plus I'm running on a Patreon preview build that's likely buggier than a stable public build anyway). I just first noticed it before it occurred to me I probably need to do a clean re-install for the new system to work.

I really like the new event for my starter. Having a character develop a relationship with my player character with pre-scripted event does make them more unique than random bandits/monsters I capture out in the wild. Hope something similar will be introduced to all the unique characters after their recruitment quest. Definitely excited for the upcoming feature of quest/event modding.

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0.5.19 build

Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1

Not sure if this is a bug or if the quest got changed, but for the Hale sisters quest line before .19 Tisha would come demand Emily back after 7 days she joins the player. I got Emily on Day 1, and tested till I hit Day 13 there is still no Tisha busting through my mansion door. Is this a bug, or did this quest got changed?

I didn't put spike Emily's shower, and I didn't assault her afterwards. I did unlock Emily's sex option on Day 2, and I used Patreon password to unlock the gallery but that was in a different save with a different character.


Okay, I'm pretty sure I somehow triggered a glitch in the quest. Because I used my Day 8 save and went into Wimborn's Redlight District. And there's a second Emily begging on the street. I can even get her to join my household like the first Emily. Not sure exactly what triggered this bug though.


Did a complete clean re-install where I deleted my roaming folder. This makes starter servant's event and Hale sister's event have correct trigger now. Not sure if it's the patreon code that messed up the script or my savefiles/progress data from previous build.

I guess I'm just too over-prepared for all my adventuring. Although this game does feel like it lacks real end game zone so far. I went to the ruin beyond Amberguard to farm high level treasure chest with a party of mainly regular strength race (my starter a beastkin fox with +2 End trait with no lab mods, a halfkin bunny and a human both with +2 Str trait), my biggest threat for this item run was running out of carrying weight and can't get a good enchanted item instead of get wiped out by enemy. Acid Spit and Invigorate made enemy encounter more or less trivial and I foresee both skill get nerfed in future build. I used the same party to utterly curb stomp the final boss which is actually a huge let down.

Stable is an interesting idea, but I don't see Maverik implement it or at least implement it like suggested here. Considering they want to limit how a player can adventure per day, not let them go wild without penalty. Maybe someone will modded it in once mansion upgrade modding become a thing.

Just finished the main quest and I agree with Rendrassa. The last main quest feels like a petty steep drop in writing quality compared to what came before.  For all the build up, the final boss is nothing more than a whinny boy wearing daddy's too big suit. His sister being a villain and mastermind behind the whole thing is an interesting twist, but I feel it needs two or three more quest to flesh out. And how they just give all the information to the player so all the collaborators get taken out with one fall swoop than everything's sunshine and flowers just feel too tidy and convenient.

I can understand why player gets promoted to the head of the Order. Since if there's a post main quest plot it needs to account both ending which is twice the work. But with how it ended it feels like the story ends on a whimper instead of a bang. Crossing my fingers some kind of quest modding tool or guide will get released later, because I think the setting of this game have more millage for a post main quest storyline.

What I think would be interesting for a post main quest story-line with Order/Good ending, now the evidence there's a conspiracy group of human supremacist, and the ineffective of the Order got exposed, non-human extreme members within the order use this as an excuse to start an anti-human campaign to topple human from ruling class.

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Maybe I haven't truly went to the high level areas so far (Only got through the Gorn part of main quest, and never went to dead end areas like mountain cave and sea so my highest level area is the marsh), or maybe I just don't spend enough adventure on one day. My longest journey so far is going foot from Wimborn to Frostford and then back, fighting every last hostile encounter and still come back home safely everytime. In my personal experience neither high stress nor low energy is a significant issue. 

Stress gets capped at 120 and doesn't seem to have significant debuff to my party, and acid spit special move doesn't cost energy and erode armor so that pretty much negate 0 energy problem. 

Then again, I tend to always lean more towards caution when playing video game, so that may be why I don't find adventure to be particularly challenging since I usually go low level adventure with full party of chain mail/long sword, and high level adventure with lv10+ all have hammer. I'll probably have to play more of the game to tell for sure, but so far Strive is definitely more of a relaxing experience which is not a bad thing, since I always prefer a relaxing game over a high challenging game anyways. I just don't feel the game mechanic does what the game maker wants to accomplish.

I will definitely have to give Invigorate/Magic build a try. Haven't really feel I needed it, but if that move has unlimited use per day unlike Sedation, it sounds like a really helpful spell.

In my opinion, right now the problem with energy management=time management system isn't how little energy gets depleted in travel, it's how there's no real consequence even if we hit 0 energy across the party. All it does is stop my character from opening treasure chest (20 without lockpick and 5 with) and using special attacks, which is negated by having a character with about 6 magic affinity and acid spit special attack since that move doesn't cost energy. 

-33 damage sounds like a lot on paper, but with a party fully trained, modded with enhanced muscle and decked out with hammer it is still very easy to steamroll through most enemy encounter in mid to high level areas. Only bandit encampment encounter will give you trouble if you have no high magic affinity character who can acid spit (insanely high damage with a high magic affinity character, apply -armor debuff without energy cost, I feel it'll get nerfed in next build) but that's about it. And assuming you are at the point where you can safely travel through the marsh you already have high enough awareness to sneak through this encounter so once again there's no consequence.

Personally I think it might just be better to cut the lose, and embrace the idea there's no real way to limit how a min/max type of player want to adventure per day. A huge revamp on how to limit adventure a player can do this stage in the development will more likely unbalance the game and make it not fun to play. Once again, just my humble opinion.

While I understand your argument, I'm very sad to inform you this current system of using energy drain to limit how much adventure a player does per day has more or less completely failed its purpose of time management. All it functionally does right now is stop a player from opening loot chest in the higher level areas or using special moves since having 0 energy doesn't stop a party from continuing their adventure. I'm not trying to put down Kazama from this community, but he even suggested a 'complete main quest in 2 days' challenge in general discussion areas which pretty much bank on the ability to have unlimited adventure per day.

The way I see it, unless this game gets a complete revamp of its adventure part and introduce a The Elder Scroll like 24 hour in game time system, there's not much can be done to stop a player from exploit game mechanic and continue to adventure in one day since even high level area can be cleared by using basic attack for a highly leveled/lab modded party. Another way I can think of to limit adventure is implement a very severe debuff to a party with 0 energy and extreme high stress, but that just feel mean to player who doesn't fully grasp the system and gets stranded in the wild before their energy hit 0.

I agree with you on principle there should be some limiter on how much adventure one can do in one day, since I too feel this game gets extremely bogged down whenever I gets a party strong enough to leave town. I just feel like it need to be implemented better although I myself have no good ideas of how. Hopefully someone smarter will make better suggestion in this thread.

The adventuring part of the game currently have works fairly well mechanically, although a couple things does bother me a bit and I'm not sure if anyone else shares my thoughts. Here are my thoughts:

Energy deduction when meeting traveler and choose not to fight feel like a punishment on players who choose to be good. I get behind the reason of using energy to sneaking pass hostile encounters since the party probably have to spend extra energy to stealth pass them, but for passive travelers we are just passing each other. It feels like the game is punishing me every time I roll an RNG with a passive encounter since I either take a hit to my settlement reputation, or my energy. Would be nice if a check can be coded into the game where my party doesn't loose energy if I don't fight any random traveler and I only lose the potential exp/slave.

I think it would be nice to get an additional rest option that's unlimited per day, but less powerful than 'rest and eat' option. Maybe just 'rest' or 'short rest' that takes 3 supplies, recover less HP, energy and stress but I can do it in every zone instead of only once per day. The mechanic of using 'rest and eat' at the last location is fine mechanically to keep my bodyguard from needing rest, but it feels like I'm exploiting game mechanic rather than making the more immersive choice, and have this extra option in the game would feel much more natural to me.

Just my two cents.

Personally I'd like to think I'm playing as a 'servant' owner rather than a slave owner if I don't brand anyone. Since even the game itself calls your starter 'starting servant' instead of 'starting slave'. I'm rehabilitating the bandits in the wild who prowl on the weak and turning them into productive citizens by preparing them to work for market stalls or city guards.


This is probably the easiest challenge since I similar to Positronics already play with all the requirement aside from no rape the bandits (more of I want to be chaotic good than lawful good, not because I need the mana). Maybe a better name would be 'Lawful Good Paladin' challenge, if you decide to add a requirement of only allow a player to complete 'lawful good' custom request like helping market stall, city guards... etc.

Fairly sure there will be no more official races added to the game although there may be 'official' modded races if the mod section of this forum is an indication. And as iconic as Snow Maiden and Oni are in Japanese folklore, there's not that many art for them so adding them officially would be hard to find enough portray/fullbody images.

Not making demand, just asking due to curiosity. Will there be dedicated utility for making side quest, or do we need to learn some kind of script language for future event/sidequest modding?

If there won't be any dedicated program, even a guide on how to use the game's script language like Monster Girl Dreams would be extremely useful. I know as much about programming language as self fulfillment (which is to say none), but with a guide I was able to write very basic mod for that game.

I hope the art from the old artist can be kept in a legacy section. Maybe make them one of game's unlockables.

Thanks man. Forgot to add my starting bonus point in my new character.

Not sure if this is a bug, but the rate I get more interact point not seems to be consistent in newer builds. I remember in pre-0.5.16 build the interaction points get bumped to 2 when the player gets a second servant, and 3 when get the third. But .16 and .18 seems to be down to either luck or RNG when I get chance for more daily interaction.

I got 2 in one of my save where I'm on 3rd day, and haven't got to 3 interactions till I hit day 64. And in another save I'm at day 6 and still only have 1 meet and 1 sex/abuse. Anyone figured out how the new system works? Not sure if it's glitch or some new mechanic I just haven't figure out yet.

Thanks for the instruction. Character generation works now.

Does the auto purchase option in 'Mansion Settings' also has the same 2:1 food to gold ratio? I never use that function myself as I always use hunter because that job brings in supply and not very efficient at bringing food so I don't immediately ends up with an overflow of food and spoil (I'm Chinese, I hate wasting food).

Adding to Kazama's point, agility is important from start to end game mainly because 'W - Public Entertainer' job is one of the best money maker in the game and agility mainly determine how a servant make in that job. My fully maxed out Beastkin - Fox makes almost as much money doing 'W - Public Entertainer' as 'W - Escort' with Geisha specialization and her racial bonus (around 20-30 coins less if I remembered correctly). And unlike food which becomes a non-issue almost from start (there seems to be a glitch in the game when you randomly loose around 100 food when you have a lots of characters, haven't figure out what exactly trigger it yet so always make sure you have around 200 food as a safety net), and mana which you'll get so much you don't know what to do with it by the first week, gold will never not help in this game.

My suggestion is make your starter servant a high agility race (I usually go with Beastkin - Fox since I make my starter servant Rena Tendouji cosplay character, but cat and wolf will probably be better since they have better racial bonus, at least from description although you get two wolf and one cat unique characters later on). Dump the start bonus into agility (choose agility bonus trait if you want a boost from start and think you can manage the stress penalty, although I never find I need it) and elevate them into common grade with your start gold and put them into 'W - Public Entertainer'. Depends on how much wit they have (its effect is very minor anyway), you should make back the 200 gold for elevation in 2-3 days. I usually get Emily from the first day, let her do hunting job for food and supply while my starter make gold.

I usually go adventuring when my 3 man party (include my player character, my starter and Emily) all have chain mail, and my starter/Emily have long sword (although you can go earlier if you don't care to curb stomp all enemies, assuming you start in Wimborn) and myself with the rusty dagger. Travelling bag is extremely useful at the start game for that carry weight boost for possible loot but they don't help to keep your characters alive so they are secondary. Always bring 3 supplies with you so you can rest/eat at the last location to recover stress and energy so you don't take your servant body guard out of job rotation to rest, and when you have the carry weight you can think about rope/lockpick.

Thanks for the help, guess I'll just have to wait for later build and cross my fingers I don't somehow bump into this weird bug again.

I throw both the folder with the game and the 'strive' folder in 'roaming' to the recycling bin. I even did a re-download of 0.5.18d build here from The problem still persist. Please provide step-by-step instruction on how to do a proper reinstall just in case I did it wrong.

Using 0.5.18d build and it's still not fixed. I'm still getting my human character with 4 on all his stats limit when I tried to add the 2 bonus points into Magic. I don't want to sounds like I'm flaming this game but what happened with .18 build? How did something as fundamental as character creation which worked flawlessly before got broken?

Weird... I remember playing 0.5.16a build and waited for what must have been 30-60 days before I went to find Tisha and still managed to get her with no problem. Although I deleted my save so I might recall the details wrong and just got lucky within the cut off date. Thank you very much for the heads up.

Tried the 0.5.18c build on my Windows 7 Service pack 2. The 2 bonus point I assigned to my character's magic stats gets erased so I end up with a character with 4 points max in everything.

Is there a time limit for Emily/Tisha's quest to get a 'good ending' in the new version now like Cali? I always get Emily as early as possible and has her rotate with my starting servant in library/hunting so when I go to the field for the first time I have three fighters instead of two.

Well, the challenge for modding in those races is finding appropriate portray for them unless someone decide to bite the bullet and actually pay artist commission.

Patch : 0.5.15d 

OS : Win 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1

Bugs: The sex action 'Relax Incense' give the same flavor text as 'Nipple Sucking' and doesn't appears to be a constant effect modifier like 'rope' from SM tab. And it also doesn't appear to decrease stress which is what I suppose it should do from the name.

Engaging in a Mode: Meet with a character and enter into intimacy would still make the menu default into Mode: Sexmode which if memory serves was present even in 0.5.11 build.

Something I'm not sure is a bug or not, 1 male vs multiple female sex action makes 'Clit Clap' disappear. Which considering it doesn't happen to other items based action from tool and SM tab (not even the similar named 'Nipple Clap') makes me think it's a bug. Also, characters with 'Grateful' trait doesn't have additional food and gold deducted even if I give them better food and pocket money. I know this technically help me, but I like to role play a more fair slave owner so I'm not sure if that's supposed to happen.

Another thing that's definitely not a bug, but I don't know where to talk about (other than making another topic). I kind of wish there's an option to toggle Emily's portray/full body image between the old and new one. It doesn't make a lot of sense she has an over 40 beauty status difference from her sister Tisha when their portray look nearly identical for the old one, but I think I prefer it anyway because the aesthetic looks more consistent. Nothing wrong with the new version and I think whoever the artist is did a fantastic job, but it looks like it's draw by a different artist which is something I want to avoid with unique characters. Not to mention her new portray just doesn't fit the CG scenes.

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WIN 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1

Background music would stop playing when opening up the menu or in some events like rescuing Tia, which requires loading a save to restore.

Also in battle, when cursor lingering on an enemy a text box with their name pops up. But this text box doesn't disappear after the battle ends and keeps on obstruct the screen. The only way to close it is to either load a save, or get into another battle and wave the cursor on another enemy to make the text box disappear.

Pretty sure there's a bug in this case... since I been doing non-sex interaction at least over a hundred times. Often 3 times in a row for the same character in one day and multiple days in a row. It always give +5 action turns.

There also doesn't seem to be a check to make a character refuse intimacy since I can literally have a newly enslaved character accept my intimacy proposal on the first try where both their obedience and loyalty are in the red zone.

Yeah, once you have a few higher level slave set up to get you net positive gold and food, it's very easy to farm learning point by shift your slaves into library. That's one of the reason I prefer the old system other than the immersion problem. It's too easy to farm learning point after you climbing the initial curve where you only have one low level slave, and even that curve is more of a gentle hill rather than a steep mountain once you know what you are doing.

Then again, the mental stats doesn't affect jobs that much aside from high courage for hunting. So it's more of a personal nitpick rather than a deal breaker.