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Unless the creator of a mod has told you it can run with another mod, there's no reason why it would work. If they both use different files then it'll probably be ok though.

Get xp from fighting things and quests.

In the mansion, personal info is button with the character portrait on the bottom row.  From there you can improve your mage after level up.

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When you re-enter the alchemy lab (just click the alchemy room tab at the bottom of the mansion) the variable potselected appears to be reset and the potion list hidden,  but the brew UI is still there and possibly enabled. If you click to brew or change the count you can get some errors. The following change seemed to work but I expect there's a much more elegant fix.

func _on_alchemy_pressed():
    potselected = null

func _on_brewcounter_value_changed( value ):
    if potselected != null && typeof(potselected) != 4:

I've no idea what that typeof clause is doing!

The functions captureslave() and _on_confirmwinning_pressed() in have different conditions for reputation loss. This results in a reputation loss if a you attacking and release peasants but not when you attack and capture peasants.

The master cannot take any mansion jobs.

Many of the mansion rooms use the following code to reset the mansion UI and adding this to the farm manager function seems to clear away the panels before the farm screen is shown. I'm guessing that only a small portion of _on_mansion_pressed() is needed but it is widely used as a general reset.


    yield(self, 'animfinished')

Currently the joblist is coded to manage jobs with maxnumber > 1 but it doesn't work. It records the name of the slave in the job and if you assign a second slave to the job it removes the old one. Current Strive jobs only have a maxnumber of 1 or unlimited making this a low priority fix but it would help mods.

Ideally if you assign someone to a job that is already at max, it would warn it is full and looks for someone to remove. A new rule is needed for this and it is presumably (a) someone who is not in the mansion (b) first/last worker found in the joblist.

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My first thought is >+ should be >= (someone missed holding down the shift key).

Use person.lastsexday instead of person.metrics.lastsexday. Lastsexday does not exist in the metrics dictionary.

There are three ways to regain energy - end of day at the mansion, resting after a leg of travel, and the invigorate spell. Are they all giving the same problem? Casting the dream spell on a slave will restore energy but you can't do that on the master.

Are any error messages coming up in the run time window that opens up behind the main game? What operating system are you on?

bump for v0.3

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Bump for update - Should work with Strive version 0.5.24.c

Should work with random protraits. Old clashes should be gone.

Quite a lot of changes under the hood for repeatable guild quests. New guild quests for all cities to improve balance. 

I haven't really got any goal here apart from not bimbofying Zoe or Ayneris after they've consented to sex (or sticking them in jail as their obedience low.)

That consent fix seems promising. Thematically, the master should be able to seduce the girls with potions and stuff even if they are not obedient (yet). Ideally though, girls who have consented on a previous occassion should be able to resist on future occassions in bad circumstances, but it should still be consistent between the sex+meet interactions and there are other factors like lust that should be taken into account. Too complex to just tamper with. 

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It is possible to take a low obedience and high grade slave and meet with them, gain consent for sex, but the slave is still resisting sex in immediately ensuing sex sequence. Subdue will continue the sex action with mental stat losses. Stopping sex will leave the slave on low obedience with no further interactions possible that day. It's just a bad result for the player with no warning it can happen.

I'm guessing this is due to line 620 in which only checks obedience when determining resistance. I am not at all familiar with the sex coding so I can't offer any solutions.

Any players wanting a workaround for the problem : presumably meet with these slaves once to raise their obedience then meet them again to get sexual consent.

When a slave goes up a level she is due +5hp max on alternate level. This is only recalculated however when another function updates the health of the slave (via set get) so the health value & display are wrong in the meanwhile.

Strictly speaking, the previous versions were bugged when they reset the slave list. If you don't want sold slaves to clutter the guild list you can release cheap slaves instead of selling them, quicksell captured slaves in town before you take them to your mansion (via control), sell the slaves in Gorn or Frostford, and so on.

Happens more often at higher levels.

There is a walkthrough.txt file in the mods/mirror directory.

At the start you have to make do with home town equipment. As you progress, items can be found in Shaliq, the black market, loots, an so on.

After doing all my testing with the random portriats mod on I've belately found out that there is a clash between the two mods. The order shown in the mod screen is important. If you have my mod in position 0 and randomportraits in position 1, some code is overwritten and there  will be no mirror at game start so the mod will do almost nothing. To get it to work, put randomportraits in position 0 and my mod in position 1. 

Believe it or not, the obvious fixes don't work so for now please put the mods in the right order.

After doing all my testing with the random portriats mod on I've belately found out that there is a clash between the two mods. The order shown in the mod screen is important. If you have my mod in position 0 and randomportraits in position 1, some code is overwritten and there are no quests in the guild at game start. To get it to work, put randomportraits in position 0 and my mod in position 1. 

Believe it or not, the obvious fixes don't work so for now please put the mods in the right order.

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This is my 'improved' Strive that makes it more of the game I'd like to play. I created it to resolve some of the problems in starting the mansion in Gorn or Frostford and it then kept growing. The Gorn/Frostford mod makes game changes for

- starting in Gorn or Frostford by solving problems with jobs, levelup requests, merchants, repeatable quests
- reinforce the home city focus by closing down merchants and repeatable quests in other cities
- better game balance on some spells, items, and enemies
- guidance is no longer a teleport everywhere spell, you will have to travel
- quality of life improvements on enchantments, resting, and some quests
- (optional) an escalating payment system for players who want a long term money challange

There is no change to the sexy stuff in the game so play with this mod if you want a tighter, harder game or want a balanced Gorn/Frostford start.

Smaug made a request in v0.2 - "Can I request stuff? Maybe some way to implement a scaling dept or any kind of money sink to deal with endless late-game wealth. Some way to tweak uncivilized mobs so that the fights and capturing them would actually be challenge not a ez way to make way too much mone". I've tried to put that into this version with the charity scheme. Any feedback on that is welcome as I personally haven't tested it much.

The character constructor assigns a bonus to attributes based on grade. For poor characters,  charm receives a bonus -5 to 15 points compared to -5 to -15 for the other attributes. Poor slaves are often generated at the max charm of 65. This seems like a bug and the charm bonus for rich characters is also suspect.

Have these slaves got negative endurance? High toxicity? The dream spell fully restores energy overnight if you can't find a better solution.

After selling a slave in umbra the slave sell list is refreshed without the umbra flag so further sales are based on a normal guild.

I've also noticed that a slaver mage can sell an unregistered (captured) slave to the guild and then buy them back again at a profit, plus mansion points. Not a bug but might need some values tweaking.

With further digging, it seems it is very easy to fix the saving of repeatable guild quests. The guild quests are initialized in mansion.ready()  but this resets them with every load as well. The quests can be initialized at the end of the mainmenu sequence instead. This fix prevents an infinite money exploit.

I've looked further in the bugs in enemylevelup. At the moment the person constructor assigns a caste with possible extra levels and ability points assignment. This is ignored in enemylevelup which sets a new level and assigns ability points again. Ideally the constructor would take level as a parameter and construct the slave correctly so there is no issue of levelling up (or down) elsewhere.

If this is fixed though all random characters would have 2 points per level and some of the excitement of finding unique characters is lost. Putting an intentional +/-1 low chance variance onto total ability points could be preferable to both fixed generation and random bugginess.

frail slaves with negative endurance can lose health

I spotted a few more potential bugs while modding some code. Escorts are only receiving their work stress if they lose their virginity (indent on if clause).  Slaves suffering a mental breakdown are only becoming rebellious if they are rebellious (missing not).

bump for latest version

The Gorn/Forstford mod probably won't work under latest version, I now know it has no survivability, so check the code directly.

For me, the two biggest bugs in the game are (1) the autocombat glitches in the next battle when you kill the final enemy using autocombat and (2) no save/load of guild contracts (or slaves) allows exploiting. The autocombat thing looks seriously hard to track down and it might involve UI files we can't mod. I'm assuming the save/load problems will require a undesirable change to the save file format.

There's another frequent display bug where the group panel is not updated after you buy or discard items. It could also happen at other times, such as after combat. It might be hard to pin down all the occassions but this is fixable.

I've fixed a few things while doing other mods and you can add them to your pack if you like.

Some story characters do not receive the stats coded for them (Ayneris is obviously short of stats). This replacement gallery file gives those stats.!SvphHYoK!aU_4XvEl4lta-Y7Nk1Qsrp7EkokftDYjuH37ks-Bt00

In my Gorn Frostford mod are fixes for

  • Enemies (such as captured bandits) no longer get 2 extra attribute points . I'm assuming this was a bug where the enemies are given their level 1 points in creation and in level up . In the same section of code I suspect excess attribute points can be lost when all stats are fully assigned but I never tried to fix/test that.
  • Sebastian to give the basic solutions for Melissa's potion (only important if your Mansion is in Gorn).
  • Chloe will talk to gnomes in the forest instead of always telling you that you have insufficient mana for that.
  • The forest bandits fight in Cali's quest has two conditions that essentialy never trigger in real play. One of them is never met if the mage is party scout. I reworked this a bit more to make the two conditions achievable. At the end of the fight there is an option to take Tia to Shaliq and it returns you to mansion instead (which I always found a pain in the neck). It's an easy fix to jump to Shaliq instead.

I tracked down the flickering screen when entering locations such as Shaliq and I think is the main.animationfade() command. It looks to me like a line of code that fixed one problem and then was copied into lots of places where it isn't needed. Someone could spend a lot of time looking into that.

A few of your comments are accurate but a few miss the mark as well. For example, once you know how to use the fear spell it does seem worth the money. High mana income allows you to constantly use spells instead of energy. Mana and magic needs to be rebalanced before energy needs to be rebalanced.

It is possible. My priorities are to clean up the UI, fix bugs, improve the dialogue, and see if there's better art.

Yes. It's possible to complete it still but one of the ways will be harder.

I won't be on this forum for a few weeks but after that I'll release an updated version with a variety of things smoothed out. All feedback still welcome.

Yes. There are some clues along the way but ultimately you have to work it out yourself. It's likely to take a lot of game days to solve.

It should be in the mansion inventory. Can you check you're running the right Strive version? Do you have other mods installed apart from random portraits?

(4 edits)!lkYgGAob!XMzDujIgs-kCtdkRiY2c1pDXFscSF91VNIMVrnuGNCM

Magic Mirror beta v0.3 for Strive 0.5.24c. You can add this mod to an existing game or start from new.

To start the quest, go to the mage guild and ask about your uncle. Even though you can start this quest on day one it may take  many days to progress. The mod ends once the mirror is gone. You can then unload the mod and keep the rewards.

This mod should work with random portraits. V0.3 has cut out all the items in v0.2 so it is much more compact and durable, hopefully. The story is the same as V0.2.

(1 edit)

    # Filter on Gender
    filteringPortraits = []
    for p in validPortraits:
        if p.genders.has(
            filteringPortraits.append(p) #Add portrait that has required sex
    if portraitSettings.debug: print('Filtered on gender %s, resulted in %d portraits.' % [, filteringPortraits.size()])
    if !filteringPortraits.empty():
        if (filteringPortraits.size() < portraitSettings.minMatch):
        validPortraits = filteringPortraits

It's quite a small change in  (If you get some indent compile errors, as I did, use spaces instead of indents).