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This is an updated version that is hopefully compatable with bugfix v6.  This is not an official version and not fully supported. I tested a play through with the following mods loaded (the order is important):

Bugfix v6 - Random Portraits - Leo's v1.8 - Expanded sex 01 - Chastity Belt 02 (this version).

Changes - Some date validation for bugfix v6, removal of sex action 304 & 305 files from CB that were duplicted in ES, removal of multiple partners on chastity release (clash with bugfix v6).

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Download link for ver 1.8 Bandit Queen quest continued but still unfinished. Fix for bloodthirster.

Tested with Strive v01.01d. Recommended for play with Randomportraits mod. Tested with ES Expanded sex mod. Not compatible with Arics mod family. Not compatible with Chastity belt mod.

I'm not promising any more updates for this mod.

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This game looks fine, certainly has a story and proper characters, has a bit of humour, and is worth checking out. For me, the custom language used to avoid referring to 'sister', 'family', and so on was used oddly. It would be better if fewer relationships used this customization. 'Guardian' and 'ward' seem more appropriate defaults than 'landlord' and 'tenant' (unless that's a running joke in adult games?). 

If you're going to be doing more water features in Japan or Egypt you might want to look up some tips on reflections. I'm guessing they are generally going to be hard.

Yep. The hands shouldn't be in the reflection and I'm guessing a few other things are not quite right, but I haven't got an artist's eye to pinpoint the details.

There's an image of Umiko sitting on the side of the pool and the reflection in the pool seems all wrong. You shouldn't be able to see her hands there.

This is a new unique item for the mod. It can only be gained the once. New players can edit the file as Ankmairdor suggested before the weapon is found (replace str with sstr). After the weapon is found it carries its own data in the save game file and would need editing there.

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In version 1.7 it was changed to magic affinity 3 and strength 1. The desccription needs updating to match.

You can find requirements of any item by looking atthe detailed info. Bloodthirster required magic affinity.

Quite a lot of content  for an early version. Wicked sense of humour.

Unfortunately the writing stalled to the point where I think my Strive development has stopped. There's not enough connected content for another release.

The living conditions can be improved by giving them a personal room or master's bed instead of communal sleeping. There's also a mansion improvement that  can improve the quality of the personal rooms.  If the communal room is overcrowded it will add stress.

Contraceptives can be given to slaves daily by going into the 'customization' tab. The master can also take a daily contrceptive or you can manually 'pull out' during sex scenes.

Leo's mod uses the architecture of the MAD mod but it is up to date and shows how to add jobs, items, creatures, effects, characters, zones, conversations, quests, and so on.

With permadeath disabled your slaves are away from the mansion for a few days (resting ) after a combat defeat instead of being deleted.

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She's gone. The quest log does not know it. There's a permadeath option that you can turn off from main menu/options.

There can be value in playing the game for its own pleasure rather than worrying about its categorization.

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It's possible to lose all the unique characters based on quest choices (I think). Even if they are in your mansion they can disappear permanently when they are sold, delivered, executed, released, and so on. Zoe and Ayneris can be missed entirely.  I'd suggest a restart and replay if that bothers you more than losing your current mansion.

For Ayda, Ankmairdor tracked the bug down

Agreed. I was trying to think of ways I could change my mod so the load order didn't matter but nothing seemed better than this rule.

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Would there be any harm in a general instruction to put the bugfix mod top of the load order? For any mods using file replacement I'm assuming there will be more stability if the file replacement is applied second. For mods using line changes I'm assuming clashes would be rare (identical line changes) but Strive would still be more stable with the bugfix applied first so the other mod remains internally consistent.

V3 has a clash with Leo's mod and for now I'm going to suggest putting bugfix V3 above Leo's mod in the load order (mod screen). This hasn't been fully tested but gets past initial problems.

It's good. Good characters. Good animations. Good story. Sexy. All round goodness.

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-Functional Brothel - A lot of people have made requests to extend the brothel whether it is to pay for sex there, add extra quests, make the mistress a chastity keyholder, and so on. To play devil's advocate, Strive is about making your own harem than paying for sex. I've added some quests to the brothel in my mod and I expect to add more.

-Alchemy Assistant - I've got code for a basic alchemy assistant in my mod already and that's free for people to copy.

-Gardens - Yes I've also had some ideas about buying a garden, appointing a gardener, growing alchemy stuff. Not a priority for me.

-Mansion attacks and Mansion defences - Mansion attacks have been requested before and you've made it look a lot better by suggesting defences as well.

-Wimborn doesn't need a new lowbie area as Wimborn Outskirts is really generous already, in the big scheme of things.

-Arena and Adventurer's Guild - Both fair ideas if someone is willing to code them.

-Enchanter - Something else that has been requested before. An artifact refiner that changes a bonus to its maximum might be more promising as it doesn't break game balance.

I think other people have also asked for images appearing during sex scenes. Not in my scope though.

I started much the same way. I'm a lapsed software developer who had started in ancient languages like COBOL with fixed data storage so although I knew C as well I was essentially treating GD script as extended basic.

Thanks for your post. The more I think about this the more I see this as a portrait extension plus a custom slave finder, two good ideas in one.

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I think you will need this line when importing a bodyguard custom slave. Assassins have their bonus hard coded in

 if person.effects.has('bodyguardeffect'): person.add_effect(globals.effectdict.bodyguardeffect, true)

I think I might skip out on the whole problems of slave origins/exits and make the custom images a renaming and reimaging feature. This way will be less fun but the player then self manages reappearance and similar issues. Slave renaming would be a good feature to add anyway as it is missing from the game (nicknames and amnesia potion aside). Custom characters occuring randomly in the game could be added as step two.

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I'm still working through this but I'll point out something it took me a long time (probably over a year) of modding to realise as it's different from more rigid languages. You can add extra data elements to dictionaries, these elements will persist through load and save, and existing Strive code is unaffected by these elements. This means you can do something like

var person = CreateCustomCharacter(name)
If !globals.state.has('customcreations') : globals.state.customcreations = []

As it stands, I think your custom slaves can be killed and still return later. I can see why you just did a check on the current lists though as tracking the status of these slaves throughout the code will be troublesome.

That's a fair request that a modder like Aric or Ralph might pick up on.

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So custom characters. It sounds like you've coded a deluxe version. I can understand why you skipped the existing image coding and instead created your own method to display images (based on lust). I guess if I was going to do custom characters I'd have one place where the custom slaves had a small chance of being found (captives, bandits, or slave guild) and then load in a custom slave from file when needed, using their custom stats and images. Players could then share files containing their custom characters.

If someone wanted to see your version you could offer it with file replacement (copying your files over the active Strive files) rather than modding.

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One problem is a matter of who maintains it. I can put together my mod, expanded sex, randomportraits, 1.0d bugifx, and the new female main character mod. If a fault turns up who's going to bugfix it, test it, and reissue it? Personally I've little idea how the sex scenes work. Nobody wants responsibility for someone else's code.

Compared to Skyrim, which has a intensely complex mod system, Strive isn't so bad at all. If you can get one mod to run you should be able to get four or more to run at the same time. Ankmairdor put a lot of work on the mod system over the last two years and it is a lot better than it was. The main problems seem to be
- not using a clean installation for the base game
- initial installation and applying the first mod both using the right versions
- upgrading versions and then running into those problems again
- finding and installing portrait packs

Wow that's a lot of stuff. Most of that fits into an Arics/Ralph style but the customer characters seem like a good concept generally. I'll have a longer think about those before posting more.

Am I right in thinking there needs to be an extra change in function gornyris() to remove the following lines?

   if globals.player.penis == 'none':
        main.popup("This encounter requires your character to possess a penis. ")

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Talking to someone in the dungeon covers plenty of this.
I think it's too easy to collect new slaves when you go into the endgame rather than too difficult. You can collect as many high end slaves as you have rope, essentially. There doesn't need to be an extra pool of people to collect.
I think people would like more drops from creatures and something to do with those drops if someone can make a full system. Personally I'd rather make fights with wolves more interesting (by improving the fight mechanics) before adding extra reasons for people to fight them. I don't like the alchemist start as that it encourages you to do the dullest fights (monsters) instead of something interesting (slaving).

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There's a solution to that without modding. Get more image packs. Get better image packs. Chat with people in the portrait channel in Strive discord.

I think the city conquest thing is just way too big a project. The idea for public sex scene or public use job might fit well with Strive though and it is somewhat missing from the current game. I'm not sure the Brothel mistress would be too happy with a free use job so perhaps we'd need to fit it into her quest line somehow.

There is sadly no language support for Strive. This is the English modding guide

I use Notepad++ for editing. Someone new to Python or GDscript would find the Godot editor useful for syntax checking and managing the whole project.

I'll certainly be adding more road encounters as time goes by as they're not difficult to add. At first it may be difficult to understand how the data structures are linked together but you can copy an existing encounter and experiment with it. Here's an example.

Firstly the encounter needs to be added to the zones dictionary in It also needs a weight to say how often it occurs compared to other encounters.

    zones.undercitytunnels.enemies = [{value = 'solospider', weight = 2}, {value = 'oozesgroup', weight = 2}, {value = 'troglodytesmall', weight = 2}, {value = 'mutant', weight = 3},{value = 'treasurechest', weight = 1},{value = 'blockedsection', weight = 0.2}, {value = 'deadend', weight = 1}]

The value='deadend' refers to a new element in the enemygrouppools dictionary in This is mostly placeholder data so there isn't an actual wolf.

    enemygrouppools.deadend = {

        units = [['wolf',1,1]], awareness = 0, captured = null, special = 'deadend',

        description = 'The path comes to a dead end.',

        descriptionambush = '',


When this encounter is met, since it has a special value of 'deadend' the function exploration.deadend will be called. It builds a menu with two options: continue if you have a ranger or restart if you have not.

func deadend(): #Leo rangers can find paths, others have progress set to zero

    var text = "The path comes to a dead end. You seem to be lost."

    var array = [{name = "Start again", function = 'restartpath'}]

    for i in globals.state.playergroup:

        if globals.state.findslave(i).spec == 'ranger':

            array.append({name = "Follow " + globals.state.findslave(i).name, function = 'enemyleave'})

    mansion.maintext = text

    outside.buildbuttons(array, self)

func restartpath(): #Leo restart zone progress - alternative to enemyleave()

    progress = 0


Has anyone got any ideas or requests they would like to see in a Strive mod? I'm more likely to add things I've done before like level up requests, items, monsters, and combat effects. I'd quite like ideas for new slave guild tasks, master's clothing, better combats, and financial balance. I'm less likely to do things that clash with other  mods like randomportraits and expandedsex. Some other modders might pick up on good ideas if they are in their areas of expertise through.

At first glance, you can probably run this as a mod alongside mine without any problem. No need for file replacement. Two mods can apply to the same file as long as they don't change the same function (or defined class).

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I think it would be an improvement to randomportraits for the randomizer to skip the existing portait file, so that it always generates a new image for an existing character. Perhaps that could be put into the next version. I think this line of code will do it.

    # Filter on Race
    var filteringPortraits = []
    for p in validPortraits:
        if p.file == person.imageportait: continue #Leo always find a different portrait
        if p.races.has(person.race):

It's probably worth mentioning here that slaves can take health damage if they are very highly stressed and this can kill. This extreme situation is only likely to happen for newly captured slaves with exceptionally low health and exceptionally high stress. Such a slave will just be removed from the mansion if they die during end of day.