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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

MAD - Modded Add-ons Database - Races, Items, Areas...

A topic by Tromend created Nov 22, 2018 Views: 12,537 Replies: 29
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MAD v0.4.1

Hi! And welcome to the Modded Add-ons Database, MAD for short, mod page. Let me explain what this is for anyone that wants to help, contribute or add to the conversation.

I first wanted to make a mod to create new areas, but quickly realized that even if I made new areas I would need to populate them with new/existing encounters, which is why I first went looking for the encounters .gd file. What ended up happening was me realizing that enemy statblocks, enemy Groupings (What is mostly understood as random encounters during exploration in-game), enemy equipment sets (yes, that's right) and even Captured Slaves parameters are all in the same file. And it's freaking easy to add more without breaking nothing in the game, so, considering that I thought that instead of making 300 different mods that added some things here, and some there, and some over there, it would be way more convenient for the community to actually put them together in 1 single mod.

MAD is intended to be an Add-On to the base game, in no way shape or form its breaking the game balance or changing the existing baseline game. It is purely for adding things to the existing experience, making it more rich and varied. And, like I said, it is also intended to be a community effort, so all credits would be due to the creators of each encounter/captive specs/set of equipment/enemies stat blocks, and can participate in increasing the mod.

Right now I'm the only creator, but that just means I haven't convinced you about how easy it is.


MAD - Modded Add-ons Database

Whatever we can figure out that is essentially a database for the game, or can become one by our hand, to which we add stuff that gives it more variety. This is meant to be a simple mod in terms of code, but because is simple to code it also means ANYONE can contribute and so the amount of extra stuff we can add is... well, as much as we have imagination.

Items have been conquered! At least for the time being, Strive 5.22 is right around the corner so I can't stop working on this thing, ONWARDS to advanced scripting... this is going to be either hell or a breeze, there's no in-between that's for sure...



  1. Added items to existing enemy pools. I mean, I know I said I did this before. I lied. I'm sorry. It may or may not happen again.
  2. GrumpySeaUrchin Additions are now implemented for EVERYONE to play with, YAY! See? It wasn't that hard, you just had to try. And Grumpy even went farther and actually coded most of it like, geez what a guy.


  1. Bug squashing time. Fixed some known issues (Like Squirrel traits NOT working) some syntax mistakes in code, and a couple more things you really don't care about.
  2. Sebastian now offers modded races. I swear I had to put a gun to this guy's temple just so he would accept squirrels... Did I ever mention how much he hates them? Yeah, he does.
  3. NEW ITEM! Yay! But seriously though, new weapon implemented: Shortbow. Now there's ranged weapons (Let's be honest, its all make belief in the battles, the reality is we're throwing numbers at the enemies and them back at us when we fight....) and also there's a new thing implemented in the game for this particular weapon and that is...
  4. Weapon damage scaling! So, I figured that one out, and heck, it works. Like a charm in fact. Now your Agi based slaves that have like NO strength--CoughCoughSquirrelsCoughCough-- can actually contribute in combat damage numbers without using magic!


  1. MAD update, now we have a nice Acronym and it makes sense. Also, its not completely retarded like MEERD...
  2. Added New Races!
    1. Beastkin and Halfkin Squirrels, with their fluffy tails and their shy personalities, ain't they cute? Racials should work, but if they don't then it means the fix I tried did nothing, so keep me posted on that. Also, Beastkin are all Uncivilized, Halfkin are not. (This was actually the hardest part of these races)
    2. Dwarves, because how the heck are there elves in here but no plumpy burly and jolly bearded folk?? I still don't know how to apply beard to their description, but once I do they will be bearded, don't you worry your pretty faces, for now we have... IMAGINATION.
  3. Poison Swamp has a background now... I did something with it okay? Don't say I forgot about it, because I totally didn't just do that as a side thing trying to add squirrelfolk's equipment page shades... No sirree...


  1. Coding update. You have no idea how long this took me. But its here, its now, its MULTI MOD SUPPORT!!!! WOO-HOO! (From here on is for other mod creators) consult me for mod compatibility patches, they shouldn't be hard to code.
  2. Oh, Also, Figured out how reputation gains work in the road so cart scripted event bug is fixed.


  1. Changed the chances for 'bearwithperson' event to occur wherever it appeared. Sometimes more likely, sometimes less.
  2. New cart scripted event added to prairie. There is still missing an instance where you gain positive reputation with the faction that matters in one of the options, this is a known issue.
  3. Following that... SCRIPTING! Woo-hoo! For the time being is something real small, but as I figure this code out I'll learn how to do more advanced stuff, so I'll keep you posted.
  4. Added a new functional region. Yes that's right. It is the Poisonous Swamp, located between the marsh and the Eerie Woods. This area is still a WIP so background image is still a placeholder, same as the description, encounters and their rate of appearance. I'm thinking of even making it Frostford reputation locked when I figure scripting out, but that is something to figure out later.


  1.  Mod Launched. Added a single encounter "Bear attacks a random inhabitant of the area". Time to figure some other stuff up.

Tromend: Not everything in the mod, but like, 90% of it. Come on, let's aim for the good 10/90 ratio. That meaning 10% Me, 90% everyone else. Heck it'll be 10% just because I'm doing the coding part, not even because of my few and far apart additions.

GrumpySeaUrchin: Item Creator. Rusty Axe, Soldier Brigandine, Closed Full Helmet, Hunting Hood, Ancient Axe. First Contributor!

I'm liking this idea a lot for some major game variance, and had recently started working on a mod I was going to release in tandem with mine called "Improved Combat Encounters" that added items from my mod to the encounter lists, add new enemy types (with player abilities like Heal, Disabling Strike, Sedation, or even Shackle to prevent player escapes), and then add those as higher combat difficulty options for the "deeper regions".

I'd be happy to combine this somehow with your endevour, but the catch may be requirements. I'd hate to force people who didn't want to use my Expansion mod to skip this one because items would be in the list.

What I may suggest, if you're interested, is combining our efforts to add the additional enemy types and encounters and simply have 2 mods released, 1 with updated item lists for compatibility and 1 without?

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Well, it depends on how you're doing the tweaking.

There are 2 major ways you can do it and I'm just paraphrasing @Kyler2 here lol.

#1: You copy paste the .gd file (the script) that you want to modify and then modify it, making it replace the WHOLE shebang. This is done when you have no other choice, like, say Scripting a new "Special" type of encounter such as the Treasure chest, or the slavers you meet near Gorn. In other words, you should only use this if there is NO other way around it using...

#2: You make use of the <AddTo X> tag provided by @Strive4Power and add the code you need for that script without having to rewrite and replace the whole thing, which is much more Multi-Mod friendly. Only setback is, in order to use this one the information you want to add/modify MUST BE INSIDE one of the following: 'var', 'onready var', 'signal', 'function' or 'class'.

One of the advantages of this project is, both the regions, and the enemy data (encounter groups, enemy stat blocks, captured people parameters and enemy equipment) are stored in a 'var'. The whole Database is. Making addition through <AddTo X> tag seamless AND harmless at the same time, you just put:

<AddTo 0>
var enemygrouppools = 

And you start adding stuff. Now, I checked the item database, and at least the item list--which is where all the item names, stats and effects are listed--is inside a single 'var' so adding new items wouldn't be a problem... IF they don't have any special/non-existing effect in the code, because if they have you would need to then define those in NEW functions inside and that means you are no longer in need of #2, but rather #1... So you might as well do all the changes directly onto the code, because otherwise you would need 2 mods for tweaking it (You can only have 1 .gd file of each name in a single mod folder, so you can't do both #1 and #2 at the same time without creating 2 mods... yeah.)

@Strive4Power PLEASE, make a tag that just ADDS to the end of a script whatever you write below it. It would make modding and mod compatibility so much easier...

@AricTriton If you want to join forces I'd be more than glad to do so, I intended this to be a community mod anyways, lol.

EDIT: SCRATCH ALL THAT, tried it, since I started working on this thing this morning and I've been figuring shit out along the way, tried to make the transition, got NOPED so hard by the game, it wasn't even funny... So yeah looks like figuring out how the hell is the <AddTo X> function adding stuff to a "var = {" line of code is going to be fun I guess... Back to the drawing board.

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Well, not that exiting, but check the OP for the download. You must disable the previous version of the mod in your game before making any changes. OTHERWISE THE GAME WILL KEEP THE OLD VERSION CHANGES FOR SOME UNEXPLAINED REASON. YES, EVEN IF YOU DELETE THE FILES. IT IS THAT WEIRD.

Mod Loading order, and why it matters.

This must be near the top, even on 0. Main reason for this being that, sadly, I HAVE to replace the whole file for editing the databases, as the <AddTo X> Tab provided by @Strive4Power doesn't work as expected with 'var =' type entries. I don't know why, really I still need to look into that one. Point is that you need to load this one first in order to replace the files completely and THEN, if you have another mod that interacts with those same files but doesn't do a complete override (Which means they figured out how the HECK does that <AddTo X> tag work with a 'var =' So please contact me, I need this.) you can use them safely as they will most likely not corrupt the files.

This also means that ANY mod that completely replaces any of the same .gd files in MEERD is not compatible, as they would overwrite each other and cause conflicts.


  1. Changed the chances for 'bearwithperson' event to occur wherever it appeared. Sometimes more likely, sometimes less.
  2. New cart scripted event added to prairie. There is still missing an instance where you gain positive reputation with the faction that matters in one of the options, this is a known issue.
  3. Following that... SCRIPTING! Woo-hoo! For the time being is something real small, but as I figure this code out I'll learn how to do more advanced stuff, so I'll keep you posted.
  4. Added a new functional region. Yes that's right. It is the Poisonous Swamp, located between the marsh and the Eerie Woods. This area is still a WIP so background image is still a placeholder, same as the description, encounters and their rate of appearance. I'm thinking of even making it Frostford reputation locked when I figure scripting out, but that is something to figure out later.

this is great, Ive been wanting to make a quest mod myself, I have the Script (story, not code) just needa know how to add new races, new enemies, scripted boss fights, and new locations. seems were getting closer!

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We figured it out.

Man, the sense of accomplishment when you actually get it right is so... GOOD. Thanks, thanks, thanks and 3 million thanks to @Strive4Power for their help with the code. It has made this project a possibility AND a reality now.

Go get your V0.2.5 download and try the meager things that are present in the mod by yours truly, its only going to get bigger.

Also, if you do not have ANY knowledge of coding, but want to add your own new encounter, area, enemy, enemy equipment set or captive pool feel free to post it here, I will do the coding part for you and you will be added to the credits of this Mod, because I still want to make this a project anyone can help with.

Things I need for each addition that I mentioned:

New Road Exploration Battle Encounter

  • Name of the encounter.
  • Areas where it should appear. (Mod areas are also fine, so feel free to add!)
  • Rarity of the encounter:
    •  Common
    • Rare
    • Very Rare
    • Really Hard to get
    • 1/10000000000000th chance this thing pops out.
  • Enemies:
    • Number of enemies (Can be a range, can be a set number)
    • Type of enemy (Also supports modded enemies, so yeah, you get the drill) 
    • Captive pool if they have a captive. Can be default, and so I'll apply whichever is most fitting from vanilla options; or a modded one, which will be explained in a section below.
  • Ambush/Escape chance: Yes/No. 
    • Chance of happening: Low, Medium, High.
  • Descriptions! Main description always needed, Ambush/Escape ones are needed only if they apply.

New Road Exploration Scripted Encounter

Talk with me personally, preferably on the Strive for Power discord. This is more complex and really it needs a bit of back and forth between the 2 of us. That is until I figure the whole scripting thing out and make a guide for it so you guys can do it yourselves. Or I make an In-depth form you can fill out so I can do the whole thing myself if code makes you vomit. We'll figure it out.

New Areas (Limited to exploration but non-dungeon areas for now)

  • Name, Duh.
  • Background Image. (Not a 100% necessity, but I mean, you can give it some flavor)
  • Description: This is what you read when you enter the zone, obviously.
  • Enemy encounters. (Vanilla encounters, modded ones...)
    • Frequency modifier: Low (X0.5), Normal (X1), High(X1.5).
    • (Modded only) Must've been previously created, if not, append encounter info following the guide above.
  • Area length: How long it takes you to complete the area and be asked if you want to leave or redo it. 
    • Single number. 
    • Wimborn Outskirts length: 5
  • Conexions: 
    • Exits.
    • Entrances.
    • Global Location (Wimborn, Amberguard, Frostford, Gorn)
  • Races (Which races appear in the area as enemies/captives)
    • Race name.
    • Rarity. Range 1-20. The higher, the more common it is.
    • Modded Races can be added, but will only work if respective Race mod is installed.
  • Area Level Range. Min and max levels.

New Enemy

  • Name
  • Faction: Stranger (Local law abiding individual), Bandit (Local Criminals), plant (for hostile plant monsters), animal (for hostile beasts), monster (for humanoid monsters, Lamias, Slimes, goblins, you get the drill)
  • Icon. This is needed.
  • Capturable? Yes/No. Keep in mind, just because you make a "Tentacle Monster Girl" enemy it doesn't mean you can add that race that way. You need a race mod first to THEN be able to do that, just FYI. But if yes:
    • Capture Race. You can leave it as area reliant or force it.
    • Origin. Range 0-5 for each possible Origin, 0 meaning you can't get that origin, numbers can overlap. (i.e. Poor - 4 and Commoner - 4)
    • Age. Child, Teen, Adult. Range 0-3.
    • Sex. Any, Male, Female
  • Rewards:
    • Gold. Drop chance in percentage. Gold must have a range.
    • Drop Items. Drop chance in percentage. This excludes equipment, unless you want the enemy to have a chance of always dropping an specific piece of equipment. (All enemies have a small chance of dropping any piece of equipment they carry)
    • Experience.
  • Gear. A.K.A Equipment set. Can be default, if so, I'll pick from a fitting one from vanilla options; or modded set, which will be explained later on.
  • Stats. The most important part. This are all base stats, without equipment modifiers.
    • Health
    • Power
    • Speed
    • Energy
    • Armor
    • Magic
    • Abilities: Attack / Stun Attack / Slam / Precision Attack
    • Skills: Any attack skill in the game or battle spell, they will use the resources the enemies have, be it Energy or Magic whenever they apply. (i.e. Mind Blast)

New Captive Pool

  • Name.
  • Race Type. Can be:
    • Any
    • Area reliant
    • An specific array of races.
  • Origins pool. Chance of appearance 0-5 for all possible origins, 0 meaning it won't appear, numbers can overlap. (i.e. Poor - 4 Commoner - 4)
  • Age pool. Chance of appearance 0-3 for each age group.
  • Sex. Any, Male, Female.
  • Faction. Same as 'New Enemy' Section.

New Equipment Set

  • Name
  • Armor. Any piece that goes into the armor slot. Can be Nothing. Appearance chance Range 1-10
  • Weapon. Any piece that goes into the weapon slot. Can be Nothing. Appearance chance Range 1-10
  • Accessory. Any piece that goes into the accessory slot. Can be Nothing. Appearance chance Range 1-10

Have Fun!

Nice! Adding equipment, Does imply you can create new equipment this way, or no?

(1 edit)

Adding equipment means the items an Enemy can be wearing when encountered. In other words, is a list of stuff that a certain enemy has access to and the game picks one from each category at random. Right now Item addition is something I have not checked, BUT will be checking soon. I just finished going through the whole Pony Race Mod and figured out how the heck you add new races, which let's be 100% transparent, should be fairly straight forward but I have yet to code it, so I won't be jumping the gun for now and saying it's "Easy".

In terms of New Items, AFAIK, normal items are stored in a database, that includes armor, accessories and weapons too, so I SHOULD be able to do it pretty much the same way I'm doing it now with other stuff... BUT, and it is an even bigger but that caps give it credit: Armor, accessories, weapons and potions have special effects, that are linked to other scripts outside of the item database, so implementing them PROPERLY is going to require some digging around in the code.

Aric Triton probably knows more about the item and gear system of the game right now.

(1 edit)

UPDATE! Go check the changelog and grab a copy of your new (An much better named) MAD mod! Oh also, this:

New Races (yup, that's right)

  • Name
  • Bodyshape. If it shares the type with one of the existing races, I'll just default to that one.
  • Description.
  • Racial Traits. This must be simple, I AM SORRY, I can't do complex traits... YET, I'll get back to you on that.
  • Price mod. The rarer, the pricier. You can put anything ranging from 0.1 to well... let's say 3 for now, that's ludicrous BTW. Oh, also, numbers below 1 are for races that are so common they lack value. Yup, negative mods AHOY! (I will check this and adjust considering game balance, so don't go too crazy, seriously)
  • Where can you find it?
    • Starting Race?
    • Wimborn Region?
    • Gorn Region?
    • Frostford Region?
    • Can they be bandits?
  • Uncivillized trait. Yes or no.
  • Inventory Shade. Must be a PNG RGB 8-bits 375X480 sized picture. One for males and one for females. Or only one if you manage to make them unisex. Make them SHADES, they have no characteristics in other words, you can see how I did it, or you can try and replicate the way Maverik did it... your call.
  • Eye color, ear shape, body shape, height, hair color... descriptions in general, the more, the worse it is for me to input into the database the merrier.
  • Max stat potentials. Balance guys, BALANCE, don't try to sneak in a 10/10/10/10 >.> I'm watching you.

so a 10/10/10/9 would be fine then? xP

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Like the post suggests, I figured items. It wasn't that bad. Apparently getting our Squirrel hating local resident to cooperate was a much more difficult ordeal to fix. Who'd thunk it? And so, as per usual now here's your guideline that you can just follow to create a new item. Trust me, the time it takes me to implement them is almost close to nothing, you should try to make some. The more content the mod has the easier it would be for me to spot unseen bugs, so PLEASE, if you have ANY idea for any of the things that you can add right now, don't hesitate, the worse it can happen is I tweak some numbers so it is not completely over powered lol.

New Items

  • Name
  • Icon image. Must be a background-less PNG with the image. 400 X 400 RGB 8.
  • Description. Make it on the short side, otherwise the pop ups for information get cut off. Or don't and have some of your so hard typed text be read by like 1% of the player base, that's also cool.
  • Type. And sub-type if it applies, such as Gear or Consumable, with each's sub-type being Weapons and Potions respectively.
  • Effect. This means everything the item should do. If its a potion, what it should do, if its a weapon how much damage it should do, if its armor how much protection it should give, yadda, yadda, yadda.
  • Recipe. Usually reserved for potions, its used in the alchemy lab, so keep that in mind.
  • Requirements. You know, the usual: 4 Str/2 Agi/Whatever magic/Endur-- What's that? ? No one cares about End? Thought so.
  • Price. Subject to change by yours truly. Can't have a late game weapon be cheaper than a freaking dagger...
  • Weight. Default for gear is 5 game weight units. For consumables is 1.

Go Nuts! OR don't, I guess at this point this is still a one man project.

Sounds like what KuroPanda said they wanted to accomplish before going radio silence. Best of luck to you, hopefully someone will at some stage figure out a template for users to add their own quest-lines, items and unique recruit-able characters. With how deep Strive's customization for individual character is, pretty much sky is the limit for anyone who want to add their favorite waifu from whatever franchise.

[...] hopefully someone will at some stage figure out a template for users to add their own quest-lines, items and unique recruit-able character.

You can already add items and equipment sets, for Custom characters I'm pretty sure I can figure that one out fairly quickly, I've seen the codes many times while going through other stuff. For quests I need to look into the quests/side-quests/repeatable to figure how it ACTUALLY works, but that is one of my end-term goals too. Afterall, figuring out implementation is the hardest part, otherwise is just adding a new entry to the "Quest" "Sidequest" "Repeatable Quest" Databases respectively. The advantage of Strive being a test driven game.

Sorry I didn't make myself clear with my post. What I meant was for someone to either create a template file, or an utility tool for code idiot like me to add things I want to add into the game (unique recruit-able characters, quest attached to recruit them, and unique equipment for some cosplay purpose).

I'm already kind of making cosplay character with Strive's starting servant. Would love the ability to make multiple unique characters from other franchises and even make a short story about how they ended up in Strive's world. Or failing that, an import/export character utility similar to Lilith's Throne so I can buy some specifically created cosplay characters from slave market. I know there's technically save edit, but it's a bit of a hassle without a specifically designed utility tool.

v0.4.1 Update!

Nothing major, just a small fix I forgot to implement and the addition of GrumpySeaUrchin's items to the database! Let's see if we can make this addition the first of many more. I tweaked his original numbers on a couple items for the sake of balance, but it wasn't anything major.

Now, regarding the Patreon build, any Patrons out there than can bring feedback on the compatibility of the mod with that build would be a godsend, since it makes my work easier to code for when that actually comes out to the general public. In the meantime, I will only support general public release, since: 1.) I am a non-patron myself. And 2.) This is probably the majority of the player base.

Go get your update! And no, I still am in the middle of figuring out advanced scripting... I did get lagged behind schedule because of a really bad case of the Flu, so there's that.

This is all looking really cool! It gives me hope that this game will get the love it deserves until the V1.0 release.

Can You add Mice? I mean... I can probably edit my copy of this mod to add it myself but... I dunno if that would be official. and i dont wanna break anything.

oh, by the way, the races in this mod (untouched, straight from the download) is bugged.

it breaks sebastions list of races.

Thanks for putting this together. It solves the problems I was having with images and it seems a good method of modding in the future. Can the loadimage changes be put into the main code in the future or is there some drawback?

One thing I noticed was that the MAD script was called from ready() in This is too late if you want your customization available in the start generation from the main menu (although you can easily copy some of the relevant code across).

Unfortunately I think this timing probem is more serious. The game load and menu creation (new game initialization) happens before the exploration script is called so any loaded game may be missing customization data, such as images for saved items. I'm assuming this means the MAD process needs to be split as the custom items (&races?) needed to be defined before load/new game and the custom exploration data needs to be defined after the base exploration data is created.

Is there a reason it can’t be called from Global?

There is a clearstate() function in globals that resets some of the data when loading files. There could be other issues too.

(1 edit)

OK this is where I've got to. I can define custom items, characters, and so on with the loadimage() functions in MAD. When you load a game the item definitions and some other stuff are reset so I put the item definitions into global and called them again from globals.clearstate(). This works for non-stackable items that have one shared image for the item type.

What I'm finding though is that a new character can be created with images from mods\modname\images\filename.png  and after a save and load the image is lost. I'm not sure how to tackle this problem, or even whether it is an issue of load, save, format, locations, or something else. Can anyone help with this?

I've no modding experience but it might be related to the way the mc portrait sometimes disappears? Just a thought, no idea if it's helpful or not.

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Thanks for reply. My problem is totally repeatable and probably not related (other than involving images).

How to desative or delete the squirrel race from the scripts??? i use random portrait generator, soo squirrel race dont works on it.

is this for version 5.22b? or is it for the previous version

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this might sound stupid, but how do I add a rar file to the game to be a mod?

(1 edit)

All files need to be unzipped for the game to use them.  Zip archives are just used for ease of transfer.
Beware, unless you have an older version of Strive, it probably won't work with a mod like this that doesn't appear to have been updated recently.
Edit: You place the mod's folder in the game's mod folder, which you can access through the in-game mod window.

That fixed it. Thank you for the help