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Not at the moment, but it is in the alpha bugtesting phase (ie: making sure it actually runs the game correctly). There have been a few hiccups on that side that are being worked out now, so hopefully not too long before I can open it up to general bug-testing.

There’s a couple of tweaks and bug fixes, but primarily that is the purpose of it. The biggest in game change is the separation of the settings into its own script so it can be modified manually & easier (like variables), have a ui created for it in game soon, and make it easier for other modders to set “toggles” into their features in the future. 

Thanks mate! I believe this one adds several images to both of the added folders:

Nah, just got delayed over the last week due to some irl stuff. It’s about 2 scripts and 1 change to future proof a system from hitting alpha bug testing

Thanks! It isn’t compatible but maybe there’ll be a future change on that.

The “final version” basically incorporated most of the BugFixes that were included in this mod already into an official release along with a few other tweaks and changes (such as renaming Drow to Dark Elf and Dark Elf to Tribal Elf). To my knowledge, no actual content was released in v1 besides some code cleanup in some areas for a little less lag in some parts like sex scenes and that name change.

It’s just a week or two out depending on how bug testing goes

I haven't dug into Conquest yet but it is in an alpha state to my knowledge. If you're like the rest of us, you pat yourself on the back, step away for a few days, then get the itch and start a new save with a different playstyle. And thus the cycle continues.

It is approximately half-way there. I think I'm over the hump at least.

I mean, I’m not one to reinvent the wheel. If you’re okay with me giving it the once over, tweaking it if and where needed, and releasing it (crediting you, obviously), I’d be down to. Honestly, the frustration of having to redo work I’ve already done instead of getting to add new, fun things is the biggest holdup on it so far for me.

Mostly life, job, pursuit of happiness, and a deep dread of what all is involved in changing every element of this mod to make it 1.0 compatible. But its on the list

Thanks mate! The irony of devilish hands doing god's work isn't lost on me.

That’s correct. Good catch!

I love the concept. I’m definitely interested in looking into it. It will likely be a little while before I’m able to work on new features, though, so if you’d like to get it out in the meantime and it’s an easy replacement, I’d encourage you to release it as a “mod/patch of the mod” option for now. That way everyone can enjoy it before I get the chance to incorporate it

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Yep, those functions were intended to do the same thing and it will be removed when it confirmed that no where calls milkmaid instead of milking.

Thanks for pointing that out though and good looking out!

I support any and all mods to my mods and love to see what you're doing with it...

Except for removing the bloody good taste. You. Monster. The queen just clutched her pearls, ya damned yank. That's a load of bollocks that is. ;)

Thanks! I really appreciate the support, it is what keeps me coming back. :)

Between the shift of having to update to v1 and a series of RL craziness with work, it'll be a while until the next version unfortunately. It is going to be pretty time consuming to switch everything to the latest game version.

I think we'll probably hold off for a new video until it is updated to v1.0 so everything is current when that hits. It should be pretty much the same for now

There's not a Spanish translation that I am aware of at this time

That is there to add a little risk/reward to interacting and researching the crystal. There should be an option to save the person (they walk away with minor injuries). Basically, the more the crystal saves lives and the more power is drained from it, the “hungrier” it gets when dark which gives it that chance. If enough souls are fed to it to balance the cost, it might even go “light” again and be used without any danger. There may be a crystal ability or two that only are found and used on the darker side of the spectrum.

TLDR: If you want to use it without risk, learn the “Sacrifice” ability, grab some crappy random NPCs and feed them to it until it goes Light again, then watch for if it starts going “dark” when you use it. Any major events like saving lives with immortality is what drains power from it and darkens it.

She has no brothers/sisters/parents that were involved in the scene? It’s the first time I’ve heard that happening, can you provide any scene details that may narrow down what happened?

Just gotta say, you rock! I've been hoping someone would release a pack just like this to take advantage of the body variety features. Thanks mate

Can you give me a specific example or screenshot to explain?

Either the override files step was missed or you missed the step to activate the mod in the mod panel most likely

Thanks! I agree, hopefully there will be more picture packs in the future to make using those features a lot more fun. 

That’s good to hear! But be careful mate, that’s how I started. 😋

If you feel up to it, you could always compile just the files you’ve modified to make a mod that tweaks Arics with your difficulty changes. I’m sure people wanting a harder playstyle would like that

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Huh, weird. I’ll look into it

Edit: Fixed in v0.9.8

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Good catch. If you feel like changing it in your game in the meantime, it’s supposed to be “jobskills” instead

Edit: Fixed in v0.9.8

If you’re having repeat issues, I recommend grabbing the “Strive v5.25 with AricsExpansion v0.9.7” from the link in the top post and use that install instead. Then you just need to make sure that AricsExpansion (named exactly that, not renamed) is in the AppData/Strive/mods folder. Then you activate it in the mod panel, restart, and are good to go

The goal is to have it on v1.0 soon so it’s not an either/or situation

I’m not great with image manipulation myself, but if someone does do this then I’d be pretty excited as well

Do you mean keep any pumps/canisters/studs/etc assigned to her? There is not currently a way to keep those items on her as the game checks the number of slaves currently equipped with those items before showing them up as a valid/invalid selection (similar to how the game calculates beds).

The best workaround would be to create a temp farm storage in mirroring their originalwhich would assign all of the farm’s factors to before unassigning the slave from the farm, then have it attempt to check/add each of those factors back when reassigned or failing to default if it’s not available. It should work if that’s what you’re talking about, it just may be cumbersome.

Is the AricsExpansion mod named exactly AricsExpansion and in the app data/strive/mods location? Has the mod been activated in the mod panel? Finally, are you using the premerged version from the link?

Good catches. The last 2 errors were actually found and fixed already, but the milking had not been. As always, I appreciate the report/fixes. Keep them coming as you find stuff!

Download this, run the game from this instead, activate the mod, restart, and you'll be good to go

Download this, run the game from this instead, activate the mod, restart, and you'll be good to go

Strive v5.25 with AricsExpansion v0.9.7 Preinstalled

Since the release of v1.0, a lot of people have been having errors or have been confused about how to get the previous version of Strive (prior to the latest bugfix) to be able to keep playing with AricsExpansion. There are a few sites out there that still have the previous version, but while I'm in the progress of updating AricsExpansion to be compatible with v1.0 I've gone ahead and put together a pre-merged version of Strive.

Important Note: This version of Strive is the whole game with everything that needs to be overridden already overriden. All you need to do to get rolling with this version is Extract, Activate AricsExpansion in the mod panel, and Restart. No overriding, no messing with Backup files, etc. However, that obviously does mean that you cannot use this version without AricsExpansion. Trying to use this version without activating AricsExpansion first is going to end up with a bad time all around.

There is no reason to delete or remove any other Strive version you have installed on your PC to use this version. You can run this alongside any non-Arics version, just keep in mind that they will all share the same AppData, saves, pictures, etc. The only confusing thing is that they will show that mods are active if they are activated on one game (lets say Strive v5.25 with AricsExpansion) even if they aren't active in the other (say Strive v1.0).

Last thing, there are some bug-fixes already done in this version that aren't in v0.9.7, so if you're debating between the patched files in AricsExpansion v0.9.7 or this file, technically this has about 7 bugfixes that the other doesn't yet.

I appreciate the recommendation. I am not likely to apply those changes myself as I never want to limit playstyle options, which is one of the strong points I think Strive has going for it, but I have been considering adding in "Play Modes" as a character creation option and those tweaks could definitely be a viable "difficulty mode" tweak. Especially the mana change. Whew!

Thanks for the update and fix. I am testing out `father_id != null && father_id != '-1' && !father_unique in ['','dog','horse']` as a replacement for that line to see if that will pass dog/horse/null successfully. Fix applied in v0.9.8

Awesome find, and once again I appreciate the fix + the logic behind it. Fix applied for v0.9.8