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I don't believe so. Most mods need to be somewhat heavily reworked to be compatible with the latest version.

Actually I'm working on updating the mod now. I won't release it for a little while to ensure that any major bugs can be caught by Maverik first and it's kind of a lot to update, but it is coming.

Thank you for the heads up! I'll definitely look into that issue in detail for the next update.

I am likely going to drastically overhaul the cumslut trait-line to match the new trait leveling system to prevent that issue in the future.

Just a quick update:

Mod isn’t dead, just taking longer than originally expected for the completely revamped dialogue system. That was put on the back burner temporarily to correct an issue with the mod crashing 100+ slave mansions on load, but that issue seems to be corrected.

Currently, the work order for the next version’s release is:

Finish Dialogue for Intros (what they say when you hit “Talk” and limited conversations (limited out of the 15-20 evolving options planned).

Retesting final intro dialogue to ensure it pulls randomly correctly.

Rewriting the added Incest checks in the sex system to be compatible with v5.23.

Test 1 week of gameplay in save games of 150ish Slaves, 8 Slaves, and New Game to ensure no other glitches.

Future updates will include the changes planned for this release, which include a new Tentacle Spell minigame, more Intro Dialogue, more interactive buttons in conversation, character logs (tracking their personal events and work progress from the prior day, and a reorganized “End of Day” to allow easier to read general stats with group events/results and special events at the top with the old format of individual breakdown below (to prevent the need to go through the long end of Day posts to ensure you didn’t miss any interesting events or important info, thus speeding up gameplay somewhat).

Yep, not yet. He changed a lot of code, so it’ll take a bit to get mine back in sync with the new code. It is in progress, however!

Quick Update on the next version:

The delay on the new version of Arics is just 100% due to writing at the moment. I’ve added a system where each Slave is assigned a personality and a flaw (based on the “7 deadly sins”) that combine with a handful of other factors (Obedience, Loyalty, etc etc) to create a pool of randomly generated dialogue that is (somewhat) unique to each Slave. I think this will provide enough variety so that it will feel very different and fun every time you “talk” to them, especially as there are a lot of new conversation options under “talk”.

The downside is that while the “intro” dialogue is mostly done, I’m having to write about 3-5 lines of dialogue for a minimum of 15 categories per conversation topic. That’s not taking into about the “builder” lines which are dialogue lines that are built and added into the pool using a set combination of words/phrases/descriptions so every time that option is chosen, it is still most likely different than the last time it was. All that to say, it’s time-consuming as hell but should be a ton of fun when done.

The latest will work on version 5.22, so I believe so 

Is there a reason it can’t be called from Global?

Are any other mods installed with it? Also, what game version are you using? There is nothing specifically triggering it, it blends into the game.

Thanks for letting me know! That issue was found and resolved for the next version to be released, though the release of that version has been slightly pushed back with the release of game version 5.22b.

Thanks for the console pic! I can troubleshoot and fix that talk error now and will have it fixed by the next update.

I don't think that's my mod, to be honest. The only thing my fix changes is 3 daily events that call races incorrectly, not anything in the constructor. I don't replace anything within the mod that should change race spawn rates either. Are you using v5.22 or v5.22a? He released an update right after that said he fixed the races in the changelog.

Note: If you are using v5.22a, don't use my "replacement" fix anymore. Haven't looked at how he fixed it yet, may have been the same way, but either way it's supposed to be done already.

Updated with proof that I do take requests. ;)

The base game only has portraits for unique characters.

You need to get one of the created portrait mods from this forum or another and drop them into your "%AppData%/Roaming/Strive" portraits and bodies folders. This will give you the pictures, then use either the "use random portraits" in the game or the mod on this forum to have them applied to your slaves. Have fun!

Damn, I hate to hear that. Should have the new version out soon which should fix a lot of that. I'll try to get it out sooner and double check all of that in statstabs

That's a peculiar one I haven't heard others encountering on this release .Any other mods with it? Added races, etc?  Did you restore the backup files?

The script you had that bug with is about to be majorly revamped in this next release.  Maybe they heard and are just excited for having variable dialogue options?

(1 edit)

The dialogue is actually doing just that in the new version I'm working on currently, based on Maverik's scrapped idea in Slave_Dialogues. Conversations are randomly generated from a variety of arrays to make every conversation feel pretty different per person, per day, etc. 100% agree on that one and that's the next major feature in the upcoming release.

I could consolidate, and did consider using things like the Maturity Potion instead of Puberty Potion, combining the cum/squirt potions, etc. I may end up doing that, don't want it to be overwhelming or confusing. My philosophy for now is "add the features, trim the fat". I can take out stuff fairly easily later on.

Regarding Pregnancy time, that's just a conflicting preference on my end. Lol. I like breeding games and the "breed slaves for better traits" gameplay (usually with 1-3 day pregnancies max). I made the 7 day after working with the 3 day pregnancy mod as that was way too fast in my opinion, but I wanted to leave the option for it (thus the induction potion). I may revisit this in the future and extend pregnancy times while mixing it up a bit, or have an in-game option that adjusts it, but that's why I shortened it. And depending on how many sexual interactions, Breeding Livestock, some having traits shortening times, etc, I could easily see 8 hitting at once. Look at all you'll be able to sell/jobs you can complete soon! Haha

I really appreciate the feedback, and hope it was enjoyable even if not fully to your tastes!

Sounds good man! I may switch back to try it if you aren't updating it any time soon. I saw and love the settings, I wanted to see how it's implemented. The impregnation settings are definitely going to be a mod conflict, but the inclusion of "feral males" intrigues me to what is going on with the races.

Pubes I was actually workin' on with my version too, as naturally growing over time. Dunno who it's for, but isn't hard to code, the variable is already in the game, and I'm sure it's someone's thing, so why not?

Right now, the fix is simple. You need to take all the files in your game's "backups" folder, copy and paste them over all of the game's "files" folder, and reboot the game and disable all mods. Then restart with an empty mod loader and reload the mods.

Couple things that may help after that:

1) Make sure that the mod's folder name is "AricsExpansion". I had a version uploaded temporarily that was named wrong and it will break, the current link is good.

2) The mod will not work with Constants. Immediately breaks. But as Constants is pretty much just an example mod, shouldn't be an issue.

3) This mod will work with Random Portraits and Delayed Loading. It probably won't work with any other mod, as it's becoming a very extensive overhaul and touches a lot of parts of the game (and the game doesn't like itself being touched twice by mods, however it's done).

If the mod still doesn't work after, let me know if there are any errors in the console (if you're using a console), if you have it downloaded or are doing it on (I think works a little different and haven't tested, but the downloaded version works fine), and anything else. Walked under ladders, broke mirrors, whatever may help. We'll get it working for ya

Updated and corrected main file

...Just realized that I made a dumbass move while packaging it and renamed the folder to the version which broke the mod load path.

Quick, easy fix is to just rename the folder "AricsExpansion v0.5" to just "AricsExpansion", and you should be good to go after deactivating (rebooting) and reactivating.

I'll update the main file soon. Thanks for the console pic, it pointed out the issue very quickly!

I haven't tried it yet as I've been working on mine in 5.21, but whenever you do upgrade it to 5.21 I'm looking forward to unloading mine and trying it. I've dug around in your code some and like what I'm seeing, so I can't wait to see it play out.

I appreciate that! I'll wait until my mod is closer to where I want it and we're all on the same game version, but I'd like people to be able to enjoy both of our mods without having to pick between them.

I just released a new version, and hope you'll check it out!

If you could toss me your save game, I'd love to try it. Haven't been any to replicate it at all to fix the pregnancy loop.

And the AddTo does suck, but that's why I was meaning taking and physically combining our codes for a version so the game is reading one modded file and not skipping the other. If we get "finished" versions of each of our mods and I have your permission, I'd work on it.

New version incoming, pending a little more bug testing.

Some of the new features include:

Fixed Bugs from previous version (obviously).

Dynamic Dialogue project: Pregnancy  is up and going. Have full conversations with your pregnant slaves for small stat boosts daily.

Tracked Semen: Semen is tracked per slave per 4 types (vagina, ass, face, and body). Ties into other game mechanics like pregnancy, bath rules, etc (but opens options for a lot more changes).

2 new Mansion jobs, Breeder and Breeding Livestock. Breeders (Male or Futa) inseminate Breeding Livestock. Functions correctly on my testing, but I feel like there can easily by hidden bugs on this one. Let me know if ya find any. In the future, I'm debating making the jobs available after an upgrade at the mansion instead of automatically available, but leaving it this was for testing purposes for now.

Hidden (for now) humiliation stat that tracks how Humiliated a slave is getting per the actions you are making him/her do. Heals slowly based on room, but will eventually cause a mental break towards either the mental degradation trait line or the Sex Broken trait line (instead of the generic "sex-crazed" break atm).

A couple more little things, but those are some of the bigger new features. Going to post it after I run it through the paces.

This is just a quick patch for version 5.21b, mostly regarding the removal of the race arrays from variables and switching them to races. A couple things were missed in daily events and constructor that can flood your console or break the game. Just a fix I made for myself until the next version is released.!W7R2kIKD!Ahm6wbrE0k62tuErr5wSJxiEUhK2QRD2vuGJDMaulj8

I've gotten this error since version 5.20a, both with and without mods.

  1. Game version: 5.21 (happened in 5.20 too)
  2. Your OS or if you are playing web version: Windows 10
  3. Bug description: 

Error: Node not found: ../../..

At: scene/main/node.cpp.1524

  1. Way to replicate it (if complex): Start a game, load a save.
  2. Save file (if possible): Any and all

Thanks, Maverik! It's not a pressing issue and doesn't seem to affect gameplay, but don't want it to suddenly affect anything else.

I'm liking this idea a lot for some major game variance, and had recently started working on a mod I was going to release in tandem with mine called "Improved Combat Encounters" that added items from my mod to the encounter lists, add new enemy types (with player abilities like Heal, Disabling Strike, Sedation, or even Shackle to prevent player escapes), and then add those as higher combat difficulty options for the "deeper regions".

I'd be happy to combine this somehow with your endevour, but the catch may be requirements. I'd hate to force people who didn't want to use my Expansion mod to skip this one because items would be in the list.

What I may suggest, if you're interested, is combining our efforts to add the additional enemy types and encounters and simply have 2 mods released, 1 with updated item lists for compatibility and 1 without?

(3 edits)

Thanks! I'll try to replicate it with a couple pregnant girls in the farm, it may be an conflict with pregnant end of day vs farm end of day.

Milk and Snail still offer different food/goldproduction values based on their tits size/race, but the extended farming nodes for milk, semen, and cum production I set for both to try and keep both as viable options (to avoid you getting tons of cool extras from milking, why not spring for a nursing potion and avoid the snails). I don't know if it is immersion breaking, even though I tried it for balance. Since you brought it up however, I may go ahead and skip the effects on Hens and maybe have them have a small chance to give placentas for Puberty potions based on # of births or something to split up that gameplay a little more again. I was also thinking about dropping the food production slightly overall from it to balance the extra stalls and items added for gameplay balance.

I'm still not getting that breeding loop, unfortunately, because I want to fix it. Do you remember if they had any certain breeding traits, are certain races, were impregnated magically, were pregnant prior to the mod, or anything else offhand? Also, do they ever go into the "away" stage "in labor"? This one will bug me until I get it fixed and I appreciate your help. It seems like they are skipping the childbirth section entirely, which resets their pregnancy to 0.

Complete Sidenote: I'm almost positive our mods aren't compatible with similar overrides, which sucks. At some point in the future, when we both have our mods in fully working condition, would you be amicable to figuring out a joint endeavor patch for our mods? I'm thinking a second mod version released for compatibility with both mods lacking the scripts that override and a second "patch" mod that combines the scripts that both of our mods override. I wouldn't touch it without your consent, of course, but would be happy to work on it at that point so people can check out both.

(1 edit)

So I tried troubleshooting and can't get either problem listed to replicate in my game. I have all of the mansion upgrades (original game and mine) and end of day is triggering as normal, and pregnancy doesn't seem to be auto-triggering or repeating for me for any of the 5 pregnancy traits.  If you don't mind helping me troubleshoot this issue, I'd appreciate it.

Are you using Strive 5.21 for Version 0.03? I know you said in yours that you were using 5.20 for Pony Mod until you update it.

Do you have any other mods installed along with mine? It may be a conflict.

Do you have the Patreon password entered? I'm wondering if maybe that may be acting funky with the capacity upgrade.

Do you recall if any events, popups, or errors in the error console popped up?

Thanks man, I'll try and help square this out so you may be able to enjoy it too!

Thanks! Again, mod is definitely still  early days and I haven't gotten to do much playtime on it to test since I upgraded it to game version 5.21 this afternoon, so I appreciate the heads up on the errors. I'll list them in the post for and try to hammer them out over the next day or two (after thanksgiving, probably).

One question for troubleshooting if you don't mind helping, were any of the girls stuck in that "infinite pregnancy" loop on the Breeder Trait Line, or specifically at Breeding Machine? That trait specifically is intended for day-long pregnancies with no recover for the mother at the cost of major stat penalties, but shouldn't be triggering unless she was impregnated and should take a long time to even gain it.

Regarding the text and spelling errors, finishing the dialogue revamp is next up after finishing making it playable again. It's just me writing and coding it all for now, so hopefully I can find and fix those out soon too, I know that can detract from a game.

I hope the errors haven't scared you off completely and you'll be willing to try it out again when I iron out the edges!

(11 edits)

****4/27/19 Update: Maverik has given me permission to upload the game version that the posted version of the mod is current with for those who are wanting to play with this mod until it is updated to the latest game version. Please see the link below for the old Strive version compatible with the mod. Please note that the mod hasn't been preloaded into this and you will still need to download the mod separately (to avoid making the Mega download even bigger if one or the other isn't needed)****

***4/10/19 Update: I know that the mod is a few versions back at this point. I still have a few large changes in the works to provide a more flexible dialogue system and a few other modifications I think will be pretty cool. However, as Maverik has said that he's going to probably be finishing up with Strive and ending support relatively soon, and that he's switching it to the new Godot version, I don't want to sink a ton of time into getting the mod functional on this version only to have the new one come out the next day or two and possibly require a complete overhaul of my mod. When the game is updated to the latest Godot version and/or Maverik declares it mostly done, I will release the next intended version of the mod with the bigger changes. For now, I will try to just update the existing version to the current game version while not messing with any of the other systems that I've been working on. I will try to release that in the next week or so.*** 

This began as just an expansion to the Breeding/Pregnancy and Farming system but has evolved to try and enhance several aspects of gameplay. This is not intended as a "Cheat" mod, and I will try to balance systems as best I can. 

I am a relatively new modder with gdscript, so just tell me if you encounter an error or have an idea for a way to do something better. Always willing to take advise or feedback, and should be around on the Discord.


Version 0.5.5

(v5.22: Updated)

This is my "half" version mod. This isn't where I was wanting it for the next release, but I went ahead and updated it to Game Version v5.22 and figured people can see the changes I've made so far. This is a pure playtest version, this has NOT been bug tested or had more than 3-4 days tested out so far. Please let me know any bugs you do find, but back up your saves and understand that while I try to release as bug-free as possible, this is pure playtest so people can use the mod on version 5.22 and try out new features.

By popular request, we have IN-GAME PREGNANCY DURATION CHANGES. Recoded all of the pregnancy duration checks to go purely off variables and you can now choose a variety of options in game. Just talk to your Headgirl and you'll be good to go.

Specific Options: (1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 45 days, 2 months, and 9 months)

Note: Dialogue is NOT where it is supposed to be and it is unfinished. Fair warning. It is about on par with the last release (with the addition of variable $master names, meaning that they will call you a different name  besides only "Master" depending on their age, race, relation to you, loyalty, etc. There will be more options too, but it's a nice sampling of each now).  You should call me ____ and Call me whatever you'd like are the manual rename option, and it does work still (with the addition of reverting to the normal variation). Several buttons options (Kegels, Lets Clean You up, etc) aren't finished yet and should just be ignored for now. The "Cumpuddle" storyline is just kind of a little side story that is going to be redone, but the puddle stories are in there if ya wanna see them. Pregnancy talk is closest to done, but its not finished completely.  It essentially has conversation stages with your initial question, her variable response, and your response to that with indifferent, kind, cruel, and degrading personality choices.

The Alchemist and his/her assistant have arrived! Two new mansion jobs (accommodating 1 person each) with a slight risk but the reward of (currently) free potions! (They will have a cost on the next released version) It is clearly stated ingame, but to restate it here: The assistant does nothing on his own. He is there to help the Alchemist not blow up the mansion. They do gain XP when they don't (and can when they do).

Final Followup Note: The additional file is the only "replace this" patch I found. One of the bugs from 5.21 in daily events would still break your game if it came up, so that replacement patch is in there. As before, it replaces the now missing "wimborn races" with the general race array.  It'll save your game, but ya might see races you didn't expect in a couple places. Use at your own discretion.!y6R2iSJa!64AZvWFhe9VRIbfmMHS3cBtJzUE0fBGkLYCTwXk2RFM

Below is a downloadable copy of the full Strive game (version 5.22b). This is the older Strive version that is compatible with the mod, and does have some bugs and glitches that have been worked out in the current game version. This has been posted with Maverik's permission and is a temporary measure until I can get the mod updated to the current game version. Please enjoy!!HuZiHKgK!-TILnMOzFT_AdNK4Ro6Ca_zaDErAyMYgUDHA2ad0yro


Version 0.5

(v5.21: See Log Below)

There is an additional folder in the mod. There are a couple of game-breaking errors (faulty calls) in the current game version that have nothing to do with my code, but have been fixed in that file. Just copy/paste over your backup and current game files (after making a copy of your backup files somewhere else if you want to be safe). These files are not mod-specific and will fix the couple issues whether or not the mod is installed.

There should be an update coming shortly after this with the next series of major changes, but this is the current playable version (I did about a week on a current savefile testing all jobs/buildings/traits and a couple days on a new game). Let me know if there are any bugs you encounter (hey, we all play differently) and I'll get 'em fixed next time. If you have a console, the listed error is helpful, if not, try to  let me know as much as you can about what happened (races/traits/jobs/etc).

  • Renamed project to Aric's Expansion to clarify that it will not just affect the Breeding and Farming aspects for compatibility.
  • Pussies and assholes are now tracked by size like dicks and breasts. This is compatible on existing savegames and should automatically update everyone on the next end of day.
  • Cum is now tracked in 4 locations: Face, Body, Pussy, and Assholes
  • New Jobs: Breeder and Breeding Livestock are new Mansion jobs. They give no XP, Mana, or Gold, but any Livestock have a chance to be bred by any Breeders daily, offering an automated option to have your slaves breed for traits daily. It isn't purely random, and Breeders will prefer beautiful, non-pregnant slaves who haven't recently been fucked but will make exceptions until they have options. Trait breeding, here we come!
  • In line with the above option, there is a dialogue prompt under talk to convince any males/futa to breed for you without fucking them first. They have to like/fear/obey you pretty well first still, but now you don't have to waste interactions on dudes to have them to fuck your slaves.
  • Dialogue has been somewhat expanded, but it is about to experience a major overhaul. Biggest changes are Pregnancy currently, but is revamped (I'd rather options be a "once per day" for pregnancy like in the others but it isn't triggering right yet, but new system should fix it).
  • Slave's nudity is now tracked. You will notice that you won't see genitals/piercings automatically anymore, but will if you talk to them and tell them to strip or they have the "stay nude" rule checked in Advanced Brand. They will redress at the end of the day if they aren't forced to stay nude. -Note: Existing save games will update nudity after the next end of day. You'll have to select "Strip/Redress" in talk until nudity rules come into effect after the next game day.
  • Hen's (layers) in the farm now have a chance of producing placenta (for Puberty Potions) instead of Milk to maintain a variety. They may also produce other options (watch and find out).
  • Several other little changes/bug fixes from the last version (Brother/Sister dialogue swapped, final Farm Treatment causing End of Day skip, etc)
  • Final Note: A lot of extra dialogue and story have been added to the End of Day log. This obviously does mean that it is bigger than before, but I have tried sprucing it up some with colors (Pink for pregnancy events for example). There are probably dialogue errors in there, whether spelling or grammar. If ya notice it, please be kind and let me know. It's just me writing/coding/spellchecking/etc and I haven't been doing this nearly as long as someone like Maverik, and I could use the extra eyes. Thanks!
Fixed the Name and reuploaded, this is the correct 0.5 version!bupWmShD!Q9A2i3SBagpUXDWoy7rrTGAa44S96da4ld_U_zSaqIw


Version 0.3

(v5.21: Updated to new Game Version)

Newly added game systems seem to work and nothing seems to explode when it's used, but haven't gotten to fully test/play with it yet. Should be playable, just back up saves (as always). I'm leaving up the previous version in case anyone on v5.20 wants to mess with it.!yi5TTYxA!_gZJAl9ikjVGBwOUHB3OIiRqQv7wbFbIEfCX5wwVr2E

Version 0.02

(v5.20:  Added Systems fully functional.)

Still probably not ready to be shown to anyone else yet but I figured someone else may enjoy it as it and it's playable as is. Farm and Nursery upgrades all work, the new breeding/milking system seems to work fine, and the dialogues have been revamped and fleshed out.!TrA0maCL!tnxKHT7LbeFbsAvZjWOK3Cxhii9q8so-IarmoJptAJc


-Known Issues soon to be fixed-

Breeding Loop (Can't replicate, haven't heard issue from other users yet)

Probably Text/Grammer issues (Likely to be an ongoing thing until I get a proofreader or have the mod at a stopping point to then go back and check all added dialogue, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum)


Currently Implemented Features

-Leveling Traits-
Certain traits will have the chance to "level up" or "decrease" over time adding for a wider variety of play.

-Enhanced Pregnancy/Breeding System-
Babies require a "Puberty Potion" (crafted from placenta & fluid essence) or 500 gold + 50 mana to raise (raised cost to encourage difficulty and crafting).
Pregnancy now takes 7 days typically. There are a list of traits (the "breeding" series) that are specifically to enhance that to speed it up or the duration.
Trait line: Breeder enhances the speed of pregnancy, lessens the duration away "in labor", or both.
Locations: Nursery has 3 levels now. Level 2 unlocks the chance of a decreased away time for the baby. Level 3 unlocks the chance for higher Tits/Ass size (no smaller than Average allowed) and tighter pussy/assholes.

(Quick Breeding) Elastic Pussy > Quick Breeder > Breeding Machine
(Shorter Cooldowns) Insta-Womb > Tough Breeder > Breeding Machine
Labor Lover
Narrow Canals

New Items

(Items haven't been added to encounter lists yet, only craftable/purchasable until the enhanced encounters commences)

 Gear: Mobile Pump (Bought in Umbra. Acts as Pump as if Farming Hatchery 2+),  Shock Collar (Bought in Umbra, forces Energy, Obedience, and Fear at a slight risk)

Ingredients: Placenta (1 per Birth), Cum (From Pump Suit or Farm Hatchery 2+), Squirt (From Pump Suit or Farm Hatchery 2+), Raw Milk (From Pump Suit or Farm Hatchery 2+)

Potions: Cum/Squirt Bottle (Used as a Food Substitute and Stress Relief for slaves with the corresponding trait), Milk Bottle (Provides Stress Relief with a minuscule risk), Induction Potion (Speeds up Pregnancies),  Puberty Potion (Used to Grow babies, No Effect when drunk yet), Breeder Potion (Scrapped Idea that will be revised, only use it if you want to force a couple new traits onto your slaves)

Trait Lines

-Enhanced Farming-
Farm Capacity may be upgraded to hold more livestock.
Farm Hatchery may be upgraded to pump the livestock for usable items (Milk/Semen/Cum) (Level 2) and Essences (Level 3)

Note: Farming Essences may helpful for alchemy but puts a strain on your slaves. Upgrading the farm to Hatchery 3 will involve you needing to ensure slaves are well-rested (energized), healthy, or you have plenty of bandages to keep them alive on the extractor.

Farm Treatment may be upgraded to Level 2 increase sex drives
Items: -I'll write out later-
Trait Lines:
(Milk Production): Sensitive Nipples > Leaking Nipples > Milk Maid
(Squirt Production): Moist Pussy > Dripping Pussy > Squirter

New Dialogue

In Progress

Not nearly as advanced as the Slave Dialogue variety, but that doesn't seem to be implemented. So I made my own to add a bit of fun to the "talk" menu.

Tested Compatibility: Random Portraits and Delayed Portrait Loading

Incompatible: Mana for Baby, Rapid Pregnancy,  Improved Protagonist (changes the same things), Pony Mod (current version not working on v5.21)

May be incompatible with mods that add additional items (haven't tested or found any).


Coming Soon (hopefully):

Dialogues are going to be fleshed out with unique dialogues for each of the Uniques, plus special dialogue for their children (as long as the code works).

Unlockable Gorn Arena: Jobs for Gladiator/trix, Herald, Cleanup. Eventually, options to post bets on matches and see the play-out story (possibly participating in them yourself)

Brother Enhanced: Pay to restore Energy, available X number of times a day (tied to your reputation)

New Jobs: Alchemist (, Example (mansion), Assassin (town), Slave-Catcher (to catch slaves for you)

Towns Enhanced: Pay to influence government with reputations (Add/Lose races from Slave's Guild, Buy Reputation, and new Uniques in time)

More End of Day stories/dialogues for rules/traits

Dynamic Combat Lust (tied to using Tentacle Spell in combat as well later)

Tentacle Spell is being reformed to add a multi-check story where the target fights the tentacle and, if she fails, may be impregnated. Will have Summoning Potion to enhance the chance of successfully casting, Tentacle Bait to negate hiding (if the target is under the effect), and the overall success will gain items from the tentacle/portal.'

Racial Milk/Essenses: The essences may be racial based (for different milk per race with different benefits), but man will that take a while to code each one. Should encourage putting more than Tauruses in the Farm though.

New Specialties (Breeding Trainer, while currently in the system as a trait, will become this)

Added Random Quests, Combat Encounters, and Unit Types for more post-story options.

Flying Ability and Effect option for Fliers, with tags restricting new weapons (bows, throwing, and spells) to hit (Nightmare to code, I'm sure)

Racial Combat Abilities (Centaurs/Arachnids/Dragons...things to make them feel special)