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Glad to hear that!

Not in v0.9.6, but I plan on working on those for v0.9.7 alongside the item crafting system. V0.9.6 is mostly focused on rebalancing and fixing the new changes in v0.9.5.

For clarification, the latest version of your tweaks is still v0.3 on the forums right?

Have you already applied this hot fix?

These are already included into v0.9.5. They weren’t intended to be added on separately.

The primary changes are done and it’s now in Bugtesting phase. Basically whenever I can run it and don’t see any fun new console errors while playing around with it, I’ll release it.

The racial restrictions are removed in v0.9.6 with the exception of Slimes (who will have their own unique breeding mechanic).

Like he'd said, it is already possible in game using potions, the Mutate spell (though very random), and the laboratory. They are still referred to as "dickgirl", "shemale" (though honestly I have no idea what is different between that and "futa"), etc. If it is just a question of being referred to as a "dickgirl" instead of "futa" situation...theoretically it shouldn't be that hard to code. Just depends on where all it was needing to be seen.

I think that one is the error that Ank gave me the fix to for v0.9.6, but that one has been around for a while. 

Love the fix and appreciate it! I'll work on integrating and testing it!

There was an issue with the v0.9.5 and ovulation cycles in particular. That's part of what I'm working to try and clear up and test

Phew, that is a fun new one. 3 characters all had an orgasm at once at that triggered? No crash or end of day prevention though?

Do you get any error reports? To clarify, you 1) Have the Hatchery, 2) Have a girl with a womb in the Farm, and 3) Are clicking the "Breed Snails" toggle button?

I will definitely be trying to keep them compatible from here on out. I can't say there won't be eventual updates that break it, but I try to keep them few and far between

These may be stupid questions, but always worth asking (per those errors):

Did you activate Aric’s and Restart the game before trying to start up the new game? That continue button works fine for 99% of mods, but Aric’s is a special snowflake and edits things that have to be reinitialized with a newly started game.

Are there any other mods involved?

It should be a fun play through once these pregnancy  issues are corrected

I’d be interested to see the new positions. Regarding the production going from 200 to 400, what changed on that? I will say that the milk merchant jobs do increase over time as well as being based on their charm and wit, so it will slowly increase (from an RP standpoint, it is to reflect the growing interest as you build the business)

That is currently being entirely reworked as that does invalidate multiple playthrough options and limit player versatility. 


It’s the latest personality variation that I’m trying out to make slaves feel differently again.

Milking doesn’t start maximizing the profits unless you hit a cattle with Hyperlactation (which reverts her to the overlactation that produces a ton). If you really want it maximized, you’ll work on having her milked by hand as Milk Maids can consistently max  out production better than machines once they have high job skills.

You can change which way Futa’s shift in > Settings per request. It’s still set to that by default but should be easily changeable through the variable there.

I think the cum prod for no-ball futas were broken with one of deviates changes in this version. Should be fixed again in the next.

I agree, I just haven’t invested the time to write that. I do have a writer who is willing to help out that I may ask to expand and vary those scenes more.

There were a lot of changes to fertility in deviates code that I hadn’t noticed that heavily penalize non-standard races on top of the long ovulation timers. I am working to correct those ASAP though and will release a new version with those modifications heavily reworked to keep from penalizing any non-standard race playthrough soon.

Well dang. That should only happen if going straight from an existing savegame straight to a new game, but going from a freshly booted game to a new game should avoid that issue until it can be patched

Hop on the discord. I'm usually around

That is fascinating. It does seem very peculiar, but everything IS working well now?

In the save file. Gotcha, I wasn't sure if that's where you were

I would recommend looking for "slaves". There's a "guildslaves" as well, but it'll be one inside of slaves. Again, I just recommend changing the existing slave without changing ids (obviously this will override the old one) if you're looking to just test it

I see a couple of issues there. Editing an existing character might work but that character won't be able to be successfully called if you didn't add in that new ID you'd created manually to globals.slaves (which is how all of the person references are called by the game). As you said, something that isn't vanilla (like Halfkin Dragon) has no racial description so will force a crash for sure.

I'd recommend trying that on an existing slave without effecting the name/id and see if you can get it to manually update like that.

What values are you trying to change in the save file to make the hybrid race? The basic formula (as I understand it, deviate wrote that particular code) is that 70%+ is full blooded for one race while 30%+ is enough for a hybrid to be considered. I don’t believe it handles 3 way hybrids though (ie: 30% for 3 different)

It could be related to having Enhanced Slave List as I can’t speak to the compatibility, but that almost looks like  its an item that cant determine how much it weighs. Does that slave have any items equipped?

Ah, gotcha. And that depends. If the number of pregnancies/births is lower than their desired number of children (which you can again ask about in the Talk menu), they will continue to Consent. If the number goes past how many children they want, they have a chance to no longer want kids (and you’ll have to ask again).

When they actually give birth (ie: the childbirth panel) they will say something along the lines of “I don’t think I want to have any more kids”.

Got it

I’ll dig into it. Thanks to both of you for pointing it out!

The pregnancy system was overhauled in v0.9.5 and that check may not be triggering correctly. I’ll look into it and appreciate you pointing it out

Discord info is in the link Ank sent, I’m easily found on the mods thread most days.

I’ve heard complaints on both sides (ie: too overzealous or not zealous enough on the purge). The system can be lessened to your tastes though, as I try to please everyone. Open up your, go to Settings, and find the town guard capture chance variable. You can lessen/raise that as much as you’d like. Basically, that’s the base chance each NPC has which is then modified by other factors like their notoriety (ie: how many times you’ve fought them), the overall number of NPCs in the NPC system (to lessen bloat), etc.

Keep in mind that lowering it will drastically raise the number of re-encounters. Also, any of them caught have a 33% chance to be sent to the slaves guild (to be bought), 33% to be “executed” which can be rescued or bought from that scene, and just 33%ish to be “sent away” which permanently removes them.

What we could do is this then. If you’re interested in writing for a certain event, I can send you the code format to write in so you can just write it, apply that format, and I can drop it into the code.

Examples would be: expanding the dialogue system to have different “conversations”, Intro prompts, etc based off of personalities or flaws. Expanding the combat capture post-dialogue. Adding more quests or end of day material. Etc 

Sweet, thanks for the feedback! I'll look into it

It is declared in the in the mod folder (as it has to be in that location to show where the mod paths are, apparently). That's the unfortunate reason for the 2 globals and why the errors will pop up until you activate the mod.

Version 0.9.5 is released

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Changelog v0.9.5

General Bugfixes
Fixed the Mutate spell to select Vagina, Asshole, and Lips successfully for resizing
Removed the s from snailsbreeding on lines 2626 and 2627 - Reported by Aragnier
Fixed _on_piercing_pressed from vagina == normal to vagina != 'none' to allow piercings - Reported by Dss_Blacky
Fixed line 1291 to goldperegg from goldper - Reported/Fixed by ximpeloz
Fixed / cattle.send errors via the new variable cattleendurance which clamps at 1-100 to avoid division by 0 - Reported/Fixed by ximpeloz
Fixed Auto-Hatch issue where it checked if the incubator was filled with a true instead of a false on line 1256 - Reported by Dss_Blacky
Fixed line 1265 where existing eggs in the stockpile were overridden by neweggs
Fixed with a secondary check for the incubators so it will correctly reset incubator status if a new game is started after loading an existing game as well as not giving the error when trying to reset incubators not yet created (if the new game is started without loading an existing game first)
Added further quest prompt to the dialogue for the Big Titted Cow quest that explains that the extra breasts need to be fully developed to be valid and nudges towards the laboratory (in as that's been consistently confusing for players.
Added farmhand and bottler jobskill tracking - Reported by Pallington A1
Added Bottler energy cost reduction (the percentage of the energy cost reduced is the actual jobskill)
Fixed the .hp to .health in the Prod action in - Reported by fsadfasdfasdfasdaaa
Changed to a fully patched instead of patched + mod folder (for simplicity)

Crystal Sacrifice used sacrifice instead of sacrificed, thus the error. - Reported by various users

Pregnancy Expanded and Pregnancy Changes
Provided by Deviate
Note: All existing babies in existing save games will be removed when this update is applied to maintain compatibility! Finish your pregnancies if you don't want them terminated prior to updating.

Ovulation Cycle:
Added a Ovulation Cycle [Add Details/Add Cycle Variable]
From Deviate - The ovulation system completely replaces the current impregnation system. The vanilla function calls are repurposed to now use the new system, allowing for all previous code to continue to work.

There are two types of ovulation. The standard ovulation type ovulates for 8 days and then rests for 15. The extended type ovulates for 12 days then rests for 15. The ovulation type is determined by the person's race. Each time a male ejaculates into a female an entry is made in an array. This simulates semen remaining in the womb. After 5 days, semen begins to "die off" and is removed from the array. The amount of semen is based on the values used in the expansion for each balls size. The size of the penis determines how much of that semen initially enters the womb. The virility of the male at the time of ejaculation is also stored in the womb to be used later in determining if the semen reaches the egg. If is possible for the semen of multiple males to be simultaneously in the womb competing for the egg.

Each night the female is ovulating the womb array is looped over and each deposit is given a chance to impregnate the egg. This means that a single ejaculation could potential try to fertilize the egg 5-6 times. Also, if there is cum still in the pussy, each night a small percentage will enter into the womb, thus increasing the chances of reaching the egg.

To fertilize the egg, semen must first pass a check to determine if they reach it. Then, the egg must pass a check to determine if it is successfully fertilized. The chance of actually fertilizing the egg is based on:

Male - penis size, balls size, base fertility, racial fertility bonus/negative, viritility, fertile trait
Female - breast size, butt size, base fertility, racial fertility bonus/negative,, egg strength, fertile trait
Scores are determine for both the male and the female. The difficulty of this check is reduced by 25% if the player is a breeder

It is possible for multi-children births. In order for this to happen multiple eggs must be fertilized on the same night. There is also a limit on the number of possible children in a single birth based on the race type.

Improved Metrics
Displayed metrics and person information is changed in multiple locations to accommodate the hybrid and ovulation systems.

Mentals over 100
Provided by Deviate
Racial bonuses to mentals added by Deviate's code

Naked Body Images for Uniques
Provided by Deviate
Added support for all Unique character's to have their unique body images called by the strip code.

Expanded Daily Cum Cleaning
Provided by Deviate
Added Deviate's Cum Tracking expansion that ties the fetish system into the slave's daily response to the cum on/in their body.

From Deviate -
modifies how the expansion handles cum removal from body
removal is based on bath rule (for body and face), pregnancy desire (for pussy) and fetishes
slaves will want to remove cum from themselves unless they have a desire or fetish
a decay will gradually reduce cum no matter what desire or fetish is, simulates minimum daily cleaning

Cheat Button
Fixed the Cheat Button to allow equippable items - Code to fix provided by Ankmairdor
Added prompt to load if CheatButton is enabled with directions to access it
Added Farm Category with Snail and SnailEggs to Cheat Button options
Stopped Gear option from showing all gear items before showing categories

Spells Expanded: Leak
Added in DeathnDekay's Leak Spell for anyone who wants to keep slaves drained. It has been a bit modified for functionality as the over-lactation issue has been resolved.
If the slave is lactating and has milk built up in their breasts, it will drain them. It'll then check their enjoyment of lactation and of being milked. If either passes, they'll gain minor lust from it. Otherwise they'll gain minor fear.
If they aren't lactating, it has a chance (default 50%, edittable in settings) to start lactating. If so, it does the above check as well.
Finally, if they aren't lactating and don't start, they just gain a slight amount of stress (3-5) from the attempt.

Integrated Deviate's AricsExpansion_Addons. Details from the author here:
Racial Bonuses (make races feel different!)
New Pregnancy mechanics with multiple birth, different birth types, and cum that can impregnate through realistic fertility cycles!
Housepet Job (unlocked with Advanced Branding)
New Kennel sleep location and animals!
Other stuff!

The storyline for it isn't completely fleshed out, but there are abilities and some interesting things that can happen with it so far. It's primarily a teaser for a full new playstyle that is slated for a future version. :)

If you're interested in coding, writing story or dialogue, or anything else you are more than welcome to join in. This is definitely a group project at this point and there's always room to play to whatever strengths you'd like!

That is correct. A slave has to have a certain magical affinity to be able to manipulate or research it at all, however if the crystal has gone "Dark" then it has a chance to try and consume someone researching it if their magical affinity is less than the crystal's power + hunger. You should have the option to try and save them, though.

I have to finish the new additions into the game to be able to troubleshoot my fix properly before I can release the fix for that issue, unfortunately