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oh, by the way, the races in this mod (untouched, straight from the download) is bugged.

it breaks sebastions list of races.

Can You add Mice? I mean... I can probably edit my copy of this mod to add it myself but... I dunno if that would be official. and i dont wanna break anything.

Nice! Adding equipment, Does imply you can create new equipment this way, or no?

this is great, Ive been wanting to make a quest mod myself, I have the Script (story, not code) just needa know how to add new races, new enemies, scripted boss fights, and new locations. seems were getting closer!

I wish the max stats were default higher, at least in the 50's

Fixed, I hate Mega...


holy crap, your right, I knew I was missing a femboy from before (it was a beastkin wolf) but now I know he's not the only one. I'll Update this and reupload a new version!

I do Like the fact that you can breed humans with beastkins to get halfkins. Nothing make's breeding more Heart warming than to know half your gene's are in the offspring... ahem... anyway

i think the human, and beastkin > halfkin is really nice.

inother words, Wolfkin who are Slaves, who get pregnant, give birth to more wolfkin, then down the family line, potential for dogkin to be born?

Perhaps Halfkin dogs, a Offbrand of Long-Domesticated wolf-kin

Start your first slave, don't get new slaves for 10 days. Speaking to your slave you can train (click training 4 times, anymore will result in a wasted time) chat, until you can kiss. If your down for bestiality, buying the kennels early also is a good way to get mana. I'd say, build your slaves obedience, and stats for the first 10 days, don't take them to battle unless you personally have taught them a skill to use in combat.

I created a Discord Channel To keep Derailment at a all time low (I'm most likely responsible for it anyway)

Allowing Fan's and such the ability to communicate with each other about the game, portrait's and mods without clouding up the comunity forums.

perhaps the mod is reading 'male' in fe'male' and signing female portraits to male hostiles?

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Topic: Magic/Mana Usage Of slaves

I think If slave's had their own pool of mana instead of the whole party Syphing the master's mana (is that what they do, if slave's use a magic skill, their somehow using the PC's magic?)

Like, MP based on orgasm, instead of one instance, like energy slaves would have their own mp

Recovered through sex, or something.

I've noticed that the program creates files for races, genders, and ages.

then inside the files it names the pictures based on hair, ass, and chest size. (missing flat and masc by the way :c, and no, I don't stuff my bra! you stuff your bra!)

in other words.  this is an example of what the program will name files: Blond SkinL TitsM AssM #Maid 1.png

(#Maid is one of my pack tags, much like what Master Kazama is doing with "£")

The game itself seems to not pick up on file names, well, some of them anyway, while male's are getting female portraits, and occasionally a race wont be correct.

It seems the game does not register the file names as a tag to search, i dunno.

also while whomever made the portrait editor, I beleive it's got work to be done to it, The way it saves is based on adding folders for race, gender and age, then adding tags to the portraits inside.

while the game itself fails to read the folders, and finds random pictures, this is why sometimes My female teens will show up as adult males... tsk tsk.

How to PM?

for non-spawned color themes, I think it's like the rule with condoms and guns~

Better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

Adding them in and simply naming for example MGQ's goblin with "tanskin, or ebony?" cant remember at the moment, i havnt slept yet.

in otherwords, naming them a skin tag so they won't spawn naturally, but having them in incase someone changes a skin color, that option for a picture IS there.

HalfkinTanuki-adult-brown(1).png   -   FOX

other than that, super cute!

this is part of my maid pack -^^'-

that's what I was going for! ♥Immersion ♪

i already made a portrait pack with mgq... it's missing some races and such, but that's for immersion purposes.

I used this with my maid pack, take a look at the files etc to see how to comes out

I think a family tree for each charactor (including PC) would be neat, sure human's and beastkin can make half babies, but the lack of half-species spawn is large

New pack :3

Custom Quests, Custom locations, Custom mansion upgrades, Custom Tails, ears, fur, etc

Custom  tattoo's custom Pearcings, Custom traits...

I left the goblin girl out due to skin color not being 'correct to the game'

in otherwords... I'll try to copy your format.

once your done with the MGQ pack, let me know, Ill update the post with an updated download, also, If you dont mind, your tag format would be appreciated as well.

Maid Pack, All characters will be in maid/butler uniform. (including some crossdressing)

Yes, there will be furries, and elves, and humans. (there's also 1 lamia so far)

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I think it would be cool if slaves on the 'cooking' job gave you a item at the end of the day, much like how you get food and gold from workers.

Bento, A healing item (in desc it would say which slave made it, and the healing amount would be determined on the Cook's obedience and loyalty

Nice selection, Im in the works of making a new pack myself

that's quite a file size.

Any way you can make a mod that adds equipment to random encounters? and if that's a thing, can you add tags for said equipment type? (ie. Armor, Maid/butler outfit, etc) that way, if you find someone you fight that has said eqiup, it set's to portrait? on random slave spawn? or w/e?

okay okay, what if someone has red hair, and red eyes. do you have to type both "redears-redeyes-male-elf" for example, or does "red" in the both of them conflict?

seems like a lot of complications for something pretty simple... when you get use to it.

^ what I was asking for, more or less

maybe I should Re-iturate What's the full list of tag's for each search?

Can I please get a Name Template to save time?

Something like:


or something?