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Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Portrait chat

A topic by Kazama created Aug 16, 2018 Views: 9,511 Replies: 73
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Place to talk about the ins and out of adding portraits. Tell people where to find packs to download, ask advice etc etc.

So far the packs I know about:

Body & portrait
  • Sexiestmanalive's Beauties Pack found here (huge collection of manalive's, AK|Phantom's, Lelurker's, The Butler's & Scars Unseen's pictures. Almost all female)
  • Mousekin's photo pack's found here (All female from a solid selection of races, kawaii to the max)
  • Mine, spread into races and genders found here (Seraphs, Gnomes, Scylla & Nereid)
  • AFriendlyMoose's packs found here (Load of Tanuki's, hopefully more to come soon ;)
Just Portraits
  • FruitSmoothie's old massive pack (linked in the main page, loads of everything)
  • Kirillsasin's ever increasing fab pack of males (All races, done in black&white, found here)

should include links :P

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Got a scarred assassin that first picture is going to be perfect for. Loading the portrait now,  have to temporarily do without a body. Pretend they're practicing stealth, heh.


She not that special, but if you want her, here ya go, Ima add the complete pack (Zip'd of course) here real soon, just finishing up some races, editing, and renaming.

Ace, thank you. Tried out some transparency then!


When picking images for portrait packs. The file "" (Strive>files>scripts>characters) is a really useful resource. You can check what hair, eye and skin colour each race spawns with.

However I'm not 100% on one thing. In that file, when a race doesn't have it's hair colour (etc) stated. Does it revert to a default range of colours? And what is that default range for each part?

My guess is blond, brown, black, auburn & red for hair.   Pale, fair, olive, tan, brown & dark for skin.   Blue, green, brown, grey, hazel and black for eyes.

If anyone knows for sure, that would be really helpful.

these features can be changed in game.

If I understand what happens in the code, the default values should be those of the human race. Except that brown and dark complexion are not listed: so, if you have found races with those colors, I'm wrong.

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It seems odd to me that humans don't spawn with dark or brown complexions. I mean I understand why it happens in the game, code wise.

Ive found Gnome's with dark or brown skin, and they don't have stated skin range in the scripts. I had gnome starting slave with brown/dark skin tone. It's not a big deal, as Mousekin says, you can change appearance to what you want anyway. Just something I'm trying to keep in mind after realizing that my Seraph packs had many white haired pics, when that race will never spawn with white hair!

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I don't know what to say, I checked again the whole code and only dark elves are supposed to be born with brown/dark complexion (see Ivran, for instance).

There's a function, getrandomskincolor(), that returns a random color chosen among ['pale', 'fair', 'olive', 'tan', 'brown', 'dark', 'blue', 'purple', 'pale blue', 'green','jelly','teal'], but it's invoked only while altering the slave's skin in the lab or through a "mutate" spell (cast by the MC or caused by an excess of raw magic).

Eta: "It seems odd to me that humans don't spawn with dark or brown complexions." I totally agree.

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Could have been my starter slave on a 'quick-start' playthrough. Sounds dumb, but I have so many random saves made to experiment, I tend to forget who was the starter (Before "Grateful" came in too). I know quickstart breaks certain other rules, being able to have a Dryad starter in story mode etc.

Gonna test some more. Hoping you're right, as the less skin tones available, the simpler it is to cover all probable eventualities in a portrait pack.

Cheers Mcgee

EDIT: mb. You were completely right. After assaulting 42 elves/faries, not one had brown or dark skin. It's only starter slaves, that are human or don't have stated ranges, which can be given those hues (

I only know for Skin Tone and Hair Colour. 

Humans - Pale, Fair, Olive, Tan.
Dark Elfs - Tan, Brown, Dark.
Dryad, Orcs, Goblins - only Green skin.
Slime - Jelly.
Drow and Nereid - only Blue, Pale blue, Teal, Purple.

Humans - Blond, Red, Auburn, Brown, Black.
Elf, Dark Elf, Drow, Fairy, Dragonkin, Lamia, Harpy, Arachna - White, Green, Purple, Blue, Blond, Red, Auburn.
Dryad - Green, Purple.
Slime - Jelly.

I'm almost done with a portrait+body image pack I've been making as well. Just a female pack that's  gonna include mostly everything from  AK Phantom's "All-In-One" pack,  Scar's Unseen's, Kazama's transparent ones, and many other body images and portraits that I made from renders I found on the web.  Currently has 2337 files, compared to AK Phantom's AIO 1693 files. Will work with a script that not only pulls images based on the slave's gender, race, and hair color but also breast size, skin tone, and butt size. Just need to finish with the beastskin races and lolis and also put it through an image compressor. 

Holy cow that's some amazing work!    "Kazama's transparent ones" Not too many of mine then ahahaa.

If you get all that working with the script, I'll rename the files in my packs so that they pull correctly. Obviously race and gender are the most important factors to be recognized, but after that it's skin tone (for me), as it's the most annoying to change.

I modified and updated AK|Phantom's script into a mod for 0.5.18 and tweaked how it works and was considering further tweaks.  If you haven't written your script already, I'd be happy to tweak this one further to also filter on breast size, skin tone, and butt size.  I adjusted the code so adding additional conditions is much simpler.

Was thinking of going a step further to make it a little more optimized by caching the list of portraits and their attributes (refreshing every few minutes), so it's not redoing the directory listing and comparisons over and over. Since if you say, attack a bandit camp, right now that could generate 5-10+ characters and it'd re-scan the directory 5-10 times.  Plus I'd like it to be a bit more advanced in it's pulling of attributes, like treat Brown as hair, but BrownSkin as skin color.  Also to not match Elf races against DarkElf.

Anyways let me know, or if you can maybe mention any specific tagging you're already using I can tweak the mod ahead of time.

randomportrait mod Version 0.2!sXxmDAqZ!hmiE948bEroR3U2naD3vpNdnlVAh9Rfi2Ckf9l4YmDw
info.txt  describes current rules i'm matching on.  The contained code is also a bit easier to read/modify.

this is why i use 'child' instead of loli.... cus male children arent loli's loli is female exclusive....

Matching the in-game terms does make it simpler in general, but can also make it match a variety of terms.

I'm using the updated version of 1's script, from same guy who made the original script that AK|Phantom uses in his pack.!w0kgyCDJ!pp_Br56JBqM2NJp-skzJIP-XoepfB-qjc8qxT2bytWo

These are the tags/filters the script uses. What my pack images names based on.

Sex: ["Male", "Futa"] or ignore = Female Age: ["Loli"] or ignore = Adult Races: ["Human", "Elf", "DarkElf", "Orc", "Drow","BeastkinCat", "BeastkinWolf", "BeastkinFox", "BeastkinTanuki", "BeastkinBunny", "HalfkinCat", "HalfkinWolf", "HalfkinFox", "HalfkinTanuki", "HalfkinBunny", "Taurus", "Demon", "Seraph", "Gnome", "Goblin", "Centaur", "Lamia", "Arachna", "Scylla", "Slime", "Harpy", "Dryad", "Fairy", "Nereid", "Dragonkin"] Hair_Colour: ["White", "Green", "Purple", "Blue", "Blond", "Red", "Auburn", "Brown", "Black"] Breasts_Size: ["TitsS", "TitsM", "TitsL", "TitsH"] where: TitsS = "masculine", "flat", "small"; TitsM = "average"; TitsL = "big"; TitsH = "huge" Skin_Tone: ["SkinL", "SkinT", "SkinD"] where: SkinL = "pale", "fair"; SkinT = "olive", "tan"; SkinD = "brown", "dark" Butt_Size: ["AssS", "AssM", "AssL", "AssH"] where: AssS = "masculine", "flat", "small"; AssM = "average"; AssL = "big"; AssH = "huge"

Tags priority are in this order: Sex->Age->Race->Hair_Colour->Breasts_Size->Skin_Tone->Butt_Size->Natural_Selection

Images are going to be named like, "Human Loli Blond TitsS TitsM SkinL AssS AssM (1).png"

My pack is already pushing 3100+ files and still haven't tested it at this big. File size is less than AK Phantom's though with most images being hi-res. But, if it lags or freezes then an optimized script for it that caches sounds nice. 

First and foremost, I am super excited for this script and portrait pack. Realize renaming 3100+ images is no small feat! So take your time :)

I've already been grouping my potential portraits into Fair-pale, tan-olive etc, so like the idea of the sorting mechanics working in pairs.

It would be great to add Skin_Tone: ["SkinB", "SkinG", "SkinP"] where: SkinB = "blue", "pale blue", "teal"; SkinG = "green"; SkinP = "purple". For Dryads, Orcs, Goblins, Nereid and Drow.

Finally (and this is presumptuous so I apologize), both you and Kyler2 seem admirably dedicated to modding the same "", both with similar goals. If you two could work together on this, we aren't going to end up with two conflicting mods, and a little help is never a bad thing right.

I've added his tags to my mod, and added your suggestions of SkinB, SkinG, and SkinP as well. will be part of 0.5, once game bug for mods is fixed.

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Finding renders online, editing and resizing them with photoshop, creating portraits, renaming them.  Definitely no small feat lol. Been working on it for 3 weeks, something at first I thought it would only take me a weekend to do.

Also, It wasn't me who made the script, it was a user named "1" from another forums site(piracy site, can't post). He's also the one who made the script in AK|Phantom's pack, in that thread where I found out about him. I was just the one who pmed requested those tags/filters and he updated it.

I thought about asking to add the extra skin-tones for the other races too but didn't since it's only those races that has those skin tones. Like no other races but Dryad, Orcs, and Goblins have green skin tone so we thought race tag good enough to cover that.

I'll be happy to be use  Kyler2's script as well when he updates it with the new tags.

Thanks for details, I'll make my mod match similar tags, in addition to more descriptive <color>Skin LargeBreasts  etc.  I'm already matching.  I got caching working and refactored how it works entirely. It handles a bit more intelligently if an attribute isn't set on the slave, also realized should use furcolor if hair isn't set so you can specify colors for beastkin/halfkin.  However, there's a bug with the mod system that prevents me from using the caching setup with the current version of the game, so will have to wait for the 1-line fix.

Can you include the tags in the script I posted above as well? Like LargeBreasts and TitsL = Large Breasts.  Think descriptive tags will make filenames pretty large too.  Like for some races I can't find images that covers every butt size for their tit size, hair color, etc. So some files are named like, "Dragonkin Blond TitsM SkinT AssM AssL AssH (1)" but with descriptive tags it would be, "Dragonkin Blond BreastsLarge BreastsHuge LightSkin AverageButt LargeButt HugeButt (1)" Just think shorter tags will make it easier to manage. I also don't feel like renaming 3100+ files again x.x

Mentioned in other comments, but I did add those tags already, just waiting for Maverik to fix a bug with plugin applying that prevents my newest version from working.

In upcoming version I've made it so it's more a sliding scale of selection for the 4 lesser attributes. If in that situation you don't tag breasts at all, or only tag one size,  if they don't match, there's still a chance that portrait will be chosen, it's just lower than one where they do match.  Basically, it'll check hair/fur, skin, tits, and ass,  come up with a cumulative score based on which of those match,  then it'll randomly select from them with higher odds of selecting one with a higher score.  Option to adjust what score it assigns for each of the 4, thus making them matter more or less. Haven't put it into practice yet, but the thought is it'll mean less repetition of portraits, at slight cost of not always being perfectly accurate.

I'm also thinking in some cases it should maybe even get partial score for being close. Like if they're one size up or down for breasts/ass, maybe counting that for half weight?  Or even handling the hair similarities in code. I still need to test it out, but would need portraits first ideally.

Basically, better to name your files accurately one time, not worry about perfectly covering every combination, just accurately describing what the portrait is. I can attempt to handle it in some sane manner in script.

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Monster Girl Quest Portrait & Body Pack:

Includes 60 Images, (60 Portraits, and 60 Body Images)

Pictures have been named as listed: SPECIES - HAIR COLOR (GENDER - AGE)

All female.


Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago
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Deleted 3 years ago

Not gonna add it to the main post? :c

Heheh, sorry. I fell asleep. Will add it now :)

Smart idea with the pack name btw. Hadn't considered it so far, as all my packs are split into race. But the more portraits people add, the harder it is to remember their origins, this will help.

Thank you! wanted it to be professional, despite it... being not XD


Thanks to crazymcgee, I think my cheat-sheet on slave coloring's is now accurate, thought I'd share.

If a 'body part' isn't stated, then it will be the same as the human defaults.

Skin: Pale, Fair, Olive, Tan
Eyes: Blue, Green, Brown, Hazel, Black, Gray
Hair: Blond, Red, Auburn, Brown, Black
(Exact same for Gnome, Seraph, Demon, Taurus, Centaur)

Hair: White, Green, Purple, Blue, Blond, Red, Auburn

Dark Elf
Skin: Tan, Brown, Dark
Eyes: Blue, Green, Amber, Red, Purple
Hair: White, Green, Purple, Blue, Blond, Red, Auburn

Skin: Blue, Purple, Pale blue
Hair: White, Green, Purple, Blue, Blond, Red, Auburn

Skin: Green

Eyes: Blue, Green, Amber, Red, Purple
Hair:  White, Green, Purple, Blue, Blond, Red, Auburn

Skin: Green
Hair: Green, Purple

Eyes: Amber, Red, Brown
Hair: White, Green, Purple, Blue, Blond, Red, Auburn

Skin: Jelly
Hair: Jelly

Eyes: Blue, Green, Amber, Red
Hair: White, Green, Purple, Blue, Blond, Red, Auburn

Skin: Teal, Blue, Pale blue
Eyes: Amber, Red, Turquoise

Eyes: Blue, Green, Amber, Red

Eyes:Blue, Green, Amber, Red
Fur: White, Gray, Orange-white, Black-white, Black-gray, Black

Eyes:Blue, Green, Amber, Red
Fur: Black-white, Orange

Eyes:Blue, Green, Amber, Red
Fur: Gray, Black-gray, Brown

Eyes:Blue, Green, Amber, Red
Fur: White, Gray

Eyes:Blue, Green, Amber, Red
Fur: Black-gray

I'm not that picky when it comes to descriptions while playing the game. But will be trying to make future portrait packs more 'accurate'.

(Note:  if your starting slave's normal skin range is "Pale, Fair, Olive, Tan" then they can additionally have brown or dark skin by default)

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This feels awfully arbitrary in nature, to be honest, so I wouldn't necessarily discard an image of, say, a nereid with green eyes, or a blonde dryad just because of inconsistency alone. I feel like if you spot a great piece of art and want to apply it to one of your characters, you shouldn't really be restricted by what the game tells you the appropriate skin colour, eye colour or hair colour for that particular character is and what it tells you is not. Considering the fact that saves are easily modifiable, and custom descriptions are an option, in-game descriptions are more there to aid your imagination rather than limit it. At least that's the way I view it. 

But yeah, this is partially the reason I made my portrait pack black and white.

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Whether I like the picture is always the most important thing. That's kind of what I meant by "I'm not that picky when it comes to descriptions while playing". 

I'm aiming to make sure there is at least one of each correct default hair and skin color in every race pack. Doesn't mean I'll discard a portrait, more like.. change its hair color.

Was just getting sick of diving into the scripts to check I wasn't wayyy off base with skin color. Like making an entire pack of goblins without any that have green skin.

Your solution to this is more elegant. Like taking a pencil into space, rather than spending $1,000,000,000 making a pen that works in low gravity.

that's why I didnt add Gob to my MGQ pack, Not green skin, An oni race would simplify that, that or just let goblins spawn with multi skin colors

"If a 'body part' isn't stated, then it will be the same as the human defaults."

i was puzzled for a second when i had a beastkin cat spawn with blonde hair. then i figured it out though. fur color and hair color is completely separate. she had black-white fur and blond hair :/ ... kind of unusual if you ask me. i think it would be better if furred races had their 'haircolor' linked to their furcolor. seems like it would make sense.

moved this topic to Portrait packs

Somewhat off-topic, but, after spending a couple of days searching for good art and going through lots and lots of images, does your brain just begin to show you amazingly detailed images of crazily cool characters you've never seen before every other time you close your eyes? With colors and appropriate backgrounds and vivid like hell? 

The fact I have no skill to draw them immediately annoys me quite a lot.

Get out of my head lol. 

You've been killing it with the portraits lately btw :) I upped the chance for males to appear in my game just so I see more of them.

Would it be alright if I used some of the 'originals' that come with your pack to make full body images? Not in the near future... but at some point.

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Thank you, I'm glad you like it) And go ahead, I'd be happy to see them turned into body images, plus I don't own any of them anyway)

I liked your latest nereids update quite a lot too, I hope you don't mind me grabbing a few pics myself in return)

Cheers, and go ahead. Honor among thieves and all that.

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question : why are the mod scrips only differentiating between Adult and Loli, while Teen is just kinda both? how come it's not its own visual age?

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Cute Little Tanuki Femboy, Potential for an upcoming pack.

#BeastkinTanuki, #Male, #Teen #MaidUniform

Maybe I'm Being Too cruel to the boy...


I think I was going to say something, but I can't stop staring long enough to remember what it was.

you can touch, you can play, as long as you say, he's always yours~

^3^ I can accept those terms

this is part of my maid pack -^^'-

This might be getting out of hand...

Update soon?..

what's with all those tabs owo?

 Pinterest's algorithm for suggesting images is really good, so searching for images for the portrait pack is a hell of a rabbit hole. 

Daaaamn! Veritable Pin cushion.

Time to start a Perverts anonymous thread mayhaps.

Pintrest is great for this, but I could cry when there's no link to a hi-def image or mention of the artists name.

Yup. Google image search doesn't always help too. I especially love it when the image is so long gone off the web it breaks its algorithm and it finds every image but the one you submitted.

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Revamped my pack a bit. Merged the compatibility part for story NPCs with around twice as many female portraits, and added some males too. I hope you guys enjoy it :)

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I'm going to try releasing my pack today in a few hours. It's already at 3,385 files now and folder size is just 340 mb :)  Was testing it out last night with Kyler2's mod too and the body-image button does cause the game to freeze with how many files it's trying to load so would have to use the random portrait button feature instead to change your portraits + body images. I only tested this early game too so not sure how it'll act with many npcs, when many portraits are trying to be loaded. 

I've got a mod in the works for the portait/body buttons to load images on-demand when you scroll to them, instead of everything at once.  Probably release it in it's semi-broken state as that's better than them not working at all on large collections.  Basically, after loading, you need to scroll some once so it loads the first set.

It shouldn't have any impact late game. The most intensive point is when you first load a save, or start a new game.  At that point, it re-populates all 3 slave traders, so generating 15 or so at once.  Unless you mean something else? In general though, none of this behaves really any different late game vs. early, if it works fine with 3,385 now, it'll work fine with it end game too.

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Lostdgod wrote

I believe theres an item that changes skin color. Either that or it can be done through lab. Dunno but the color is not that far from normal skin color so in my opinion its still acceptable. There are way too many variables and to make an image fit precisely the description of a slave you would most definitely have to edit the slave yourself to match the image, so it doesnt need to be 100% accurate.

Kazama wrote

If you want to label a portrait pack so that people downloading can use the search function, while in the portrait assigning menu (to find accurate details, eg hair color pink, skin color red). Then the more info in it's name the better.

If you want to name a portrait so that its chosen by an image assigning mod. Use Kyler's "Portrait Pack Editor".

You can change a slaves skin color in the lab or by save editing. However, by that point a portrait will have already been assigned based on their starting skin color.

Mousey, if you wanna add a goblin image you like, add it! :) Sod the colors hahaa. If it not being green really bugs you personally, then don't. With the current sorting mod EVERY image can have a small chance to be chosen, so long as it is named with a race, or put in a race named folder. (Nice Tanuki btw)

Lostdgod wrote

> If you want to label a portrait pack so that people downloading can use the search function, while in the portrait assigning menu (to find accurate details, eg hair color pink, skin color red). Then the more info in it's name the better.

> You can change a slaves skin color in the lab or by save editing. However, by that point a portrait will have already been assigned based on their starting skin color.

Arent you forgetting about the Random Portrait Button?  The way I see it you are over-complicating this for no reason. Selecting which images to add based on the game's base attribute possibilities will only magnify by several times the time you put into tagging images and adding them(manually) in the first place.  We should be able to add any portraits/bodies as long as it fits the game race's very basic features(example:lamia - humanish being with a snakish lower half). It doenst matter if it has wings, horns or a skin color and eye color that do not correspond with the game's race base possibilities. As long as you properly tag those attributes, those images should probably never show up when you find a slave but they might show up when you edit the slave and click on the Random Portait button.

About the editor, obviously using it is a must now that it is a thing. Its much faster and prevents typos so its really a godsend. Though its a bit incomplete yet so Ill be waiting until Kyler2 upgrades it a bit more.

(2 edits)

I was forgetting about the random portrait button :S

>Selecting which images to add based on the game's base attribute possibilities will only magnify by several times the time you put into tagging images and adding them(manually) in the first place.

As you noted the editor will be getting improvements and it sounds like one of those will be highlighting when you've assigned a color that is not the racial norm. So no, it won't take much more time. I already knew the racial colorings, so it wasn't taking me more time beforehand. But can understand how it would be harder for someone without that knowledge.

I'm not saying don't add races that aren't 100% accurate, and Ive been tagging my Nereid pics with fair skin which they don't normally have.
My point was that wild bandits/monstergirls never get many colors. So a lot of tags aren't going to have an impact on their selection.

If having extra tags like horns doesn't slow the game too much. Then having every portrait in every pack named with details like eye color could work. If only a few small packs are given the new tags, then the freshly weighted eye color could skew the mods portrait selection. Meaning pictures from other packs (eg Beauties Pack) don't get assigned as often, which would be a shame.

Even then, giving tags like Demontail seems a bit much. Any race that has a tail, only has that type of tail. So the race tag alone should take care of it. Sure you could take a slave home and cut off it's tail or cast mutation a bunch of times. But really...

Currently there is a small chance for any portrait that is the correct race to appear on a slave. I agree that you should be able to add whatever portraits you want, and them still appear. I just thing adding more and more varied tags is going to over-complicate things and end up with less of the portraits appearing on a regular basis.

I guess I wasnt thinking things through.

I kept considering what you said and now I no longer think its worth to add tags for tails, horns and so on. Its better to have that small odd-ball group of demon images without horns show up, even though the npc has horns, than it is to overload the mod with scans. Either that or not add those images in the first place, but as long as their race is clear its not really a problem.

As for images that have non-standard race colors I still believe its better to just tag those and add them as they are.
There are not many packs yet, not many pictures either. Its better to start tagging them with the eye color tag from now on and re-tag the existing ones whenever its possible. Probably something like "YellowEyes" would work.
Thank you for opening my eyes on this.

for non-spawned color themes, I think it's like the rule with condoms and guns~

Better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

Adding them in and simply naming for example MGQ's goblin with "tanskin, or ebony?" cant remember at the moment, i havnt slept yet.

in otherwords, naming them a skin tag so they won't spawn naturally, but having them in incase someone changes a skin color, that option for a picture IS there.

Gob for da win!
Hahaa, so long as you don't get guns and condoms mixed up, that rule holds true.

Lostdgod, no worries. It was part of what you were saying that persuaded me to add a few tags that don't normally spawn with slaves. Just for those instances of weird hybrid offspring an lab modification :)

also while whomever made the portrait editor, I beleive it's got work to be done to it, The way it saves is based on adding folders for race, gender and age, then adding tags to the portraits inside.

while the game itself fails to read the folders, and finds random pictures, this is why sometimes My female teens will show up as adult males... tsk tsk.

We both need to sleep then. The mod loads the full image path (example:"C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Strive\portraits\Female\Elf\Adult\SkinL BlondHair GreenEyes TitsB AssM.png") and from there it looks up for certain words. As long as there is a tag for Sex, Race and Age anywhere within the full path then its loaded as intended. It makes sense to have those as folders since its much easier to organize the images that way.

perhaps the mod is reading 'male' in fe'male' and signing female portraits to male hostiles?

Unlikely. Do you have the mod properly installed? Does it show up in your active mod's list? Also make sure you have the version 0.6 for the mod and 0.5.18c for the game.

Also about PM's it seems this system doesnt have that feature lol. We will have to talk through here or another thread. I want to discuss with you about the MGQ pack later after I return from some sleep.

I'd prefer it if Kyler's portrait editor changed the name of the file instead of creating hundreds of folders (Maybe keep the race folders). But It's so easy compared to normal file naming that I'm not gonna complain.

I'm sure both the editor and portrait assigner will be fixed up in the near future. Even if we have to put packs through the editor again and re-upload, should just be a case of clicking "Apply" over and over.

(1 edit)

120 folders. I actually dont have a preference in this matter. But if it were to put every image inside its race folder without a folders for sex and age, then it would have to sort the tags starting with Sex Age or Age Sex.

EDIT: scratch that. only Sex Age order would do. Having males mixed with females when the images are sorted alphabetically would be a serious pain.

Yeah, actually gender folders would be necessary. Age is a weird one, not many pictures are even tagged with it yet, but they undoubtedly will be. It's just quite nice to have a look at all the pictures you downloaded without going into the game, though there's something to be said for an element of surprise when catching slaves.

If you search the whole bodies folder for "skin" you can still check them all out at once.


This version adds a button "Folder" that alternates between a single folder and nested-folder version.

No new folders.

Nice one!

I might just rename every portrait pack anyone has ever uploaded with this. Keep em alllll together

Okay guys, there is a question for all of you, include just users:

If exist clothed and nude/partially nude version of picture - Do i need to include in pack BOTH/ALL files or only nude?

I cant seem to get to the mods folder or the portraits folder, inside the game or externally... im  using a mac and im not sure how to go about it... I need help.



I haven't used a mac for quite some time so I'm not exactly sure this will help. But this user gave detailed instructions:
Though from what other users have said, installing mods don't seem to work for macs.

Mind if I make a possible suggestion to those who are making or editing/combining packs?

Since there aren't too many futas yet, try tagging images where the person isn't fully nude, or whe can clearly see they aren't packing heat as both female and futa. Examples could be a girl wearing a dress, or having her back facing the camera, etc.

I attempted to edit the packs myself to do this, buuut... I don't have the patience nor attention span. Gave up on it after waaay to much time put in without any progress made. 

Howdy fellow Gamers.  Forgive me for being so very late to the party. I am working on a portrait pack (straight, milfs, younger dudes) (will give much more of the philosophy behind it  when I post it) I am wondering about tags (latest version core game only) 

Q: are there any TAGS for attractiveness? ::IE:: can I put in "unsavory" and "average" and such?

Q: what happens if I put in multiple races that might apply? (spoiler: this pack design is meant to partially species agnostic)

if anyone is still watching here and playing this great game, thanks ahead of time.

You can add any tags you want for users, but the code currently only check for a limited set.  "Tags" according to the game refers to any string of text found in the file path or name.

The unmodded game will only search for any word of the race to be present in the tags, and will randomly choose any picture that qualifies. If you add multiple races to the tags, it should work for any of them.

The Improved Random Portraits mod uses filters and weighted tags when selecting a random picture.  According to the info file it uses(check file for supported tags): Race, Gender, Age, Hair Color, Skin Color, Tit Size, Ass Size.  I haven't looked into specific mechanics.

thanks for the info, I will look into the improved random portraits mod. as other packs makers have mentioned, this is a lot more work thank I thought. Having the time of my life, though. cheers.