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Yes, Umbra. But there still exist bug when u are open selling window all cost for rebelious doubled until u are sell someone, then price dropped for normal value until u again reopen selling window.

Public entertaiments, hunting in marsh or coast for high lvl slaves then selling in sguild or in amber for 2x price(bc of bugged cost when slave is rebelious and u open selling window), regular quest where u are looking for "rich" grade slave(always good), also for start good quest for looking for humanoid female with N hair colour, mb remember smthing else later.

After intimacy just open Statistics, there is count how many times she got pregnancy. New slave has 0 count. 1 mean that she is preg.

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Ok, gonna do this, but what about MyFile?

UPD: Checked all links and they works fine for me. =/

I remeber having same problem, at one day happened Cali's and Emily sister events(which firstly come for Emily) Cali's box showed second and replace Emilys dialog box. That unexpected bug lead to start new game =(

Well, problem is solved =D Enjoy your game =3

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Do  you download whole folder as folder or in ZIP? I checked as ZIP and its downloading is just fine.

Hello, links updated, try now

Updated 05.29.19

Next update gonna be separate and contain only new pics

Est. time end of next month, mb second after or third =3

Updated 04.28.19

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Hello, after some game moding and tagging images i come to suggestion:

In intimation if girl have naked body pic it used, instead of default, u can see as that work in game uniques, pic need to have same name +' naked' to work. Right now im tag naked pic by hand, but hope u can add check box or 'select naked'. I see it working as adding selected picture to modify with current and be tagged like: "tags+from+main+file naked [hashnumbersfrommainfile].png" 

Im add that tag for some pic in my pack but still didnt testing it. Im report here if it work properly.

Since i`m finally have enough free time i can do some playtest and more =3

Also, questions: in my pack i`m adding some mlp related pic, so i can tag them with new races for rpm(random portrait mod) to work with your races, they not too many but i love most of them =3

Oh and aside of playtesting i can upgrade your mod version for work with game latest(and mb with my own mod which i`m gonna soon upload).

And i can try to improve, if you dont mind of course.

links updated

links updated

links updated

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How are u guys&gals? From last time i`m literary drow in work and rl problems. But finaly can find time to work upon pack and mod. Also, after 2 years, i`m finally reach one of game ends =D Right now i`m gonna update old links because write this msg when in work and didn`t have latest pack on that pc. Well, in that moment curent count of imgs 2.600+, bc added&tagged&sometimes edited packs from ArcherC, WiredBrainWaves, Kazama's, and ~300+ totally new(and now 20% better cropped) by me. I`ma retag almost all pics so they can be more various and (sometimes) better fit. Mainly, at least 1/4 of new img is futa + a little of males(to be clear: i`m talking about mine additions). That bc i`m not into guys ans so, but for you i`m trying to tolerate =3.

P.S. deadline for me to upload new version is 04.28.2019

Yes, i`m still alive and finaly found some some time to work upon.

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I`m just don't use mod folder and work straight with game files. Partly bc i have too many changes in different places in files. Trying to separate mod from core gonna be my headache for weeks if not more, So just replace game files, it can solve you problem.

UPD. Also its easier for merging old files with new game version, u can see by yourself what changes new and how they work now. Save a lot of time, really.

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Also putting in jail have same job lock effect on cook or headgirl/jailer/farmer/nurse

Well simple checking "is slave away/in jail" and change job to rest can solve problem, but game didnt do this =/(add note to self: do it in mod)


Lets separate skin and skin coverage: skin template, unless otherwise, is always human, skin coverage has only in nonhuman race, like lamia, arachna, tannuki, etc. and might be as fur, for fox, wolf, cat, tannuki, bunny, scales for dragonkin, arachna, lamia, plant for driad and feathers for harpy. Yes, for more variety of random portrait button selection better to not tag fur color and leave only race+sex+only_hair_color+tits+ass + mb skin color. But for visual matching better to tag fur color, if proper image exist of course(In my opinion at least) "Her skin is a tanned". Or you are meaning random portrait generator? Sorry, i have feeling i didnt understand you =D

Here, look at this displeased kitty who wanna fur back.(now i`m sad, this persian cat remind me about my kitty T_T)

Sounds good =) Game didn`t pick skin color for orc, goblin and dryad bc they always "green", like slime always "jelly"(no matter how many "starch" u put in them =D)

First rule of mod making: Always do backup. Second rule of mod making: Do backup of backup. =D Sometimes save me lot of time. Instead of free space =D

Thx for answering, sorry if i didnt understand u =)

A little about what i`m gonna do next and questions:

  • Gather all exist body+portrait packs in one. Dunno about pack from other games such as Jack-o-nine-tails. What did you think about this? I will try to keep authors tags.
  • Release LQ - Low Quality pack for people who have problem with free space/potato pc(like me xD) - by saying LQ i mean to compress images like that do SexiestManAlive
  • Release with pack some bat file for automated compresing by user [delete_spaces>run_optipng.bat>return_back_spaces](in pack, bc i dont know how to make automated creating filelist without junk and then using in optipng.bat =/ ) Mb you know how to do that? Please help me =D
  • In total i have moar than 2200+ pictures, minus already done ~1200(divide this number by ~3 bc: bckps,diffvers,originals,finalver,and just junks like acindentally downloaded site page xD)
  • How about making SFW pack?
  • My TODO list of ideas for my mod a little increased (a little, so naive) so if i'm miss pack update that doesn't mean im dissapear again, its might mean im all in modding. (Or dissapear again xD)
  • Okay guys, there is a question for all of you, include just users:  If exist clothed and nude/partially nude version of picture - Do i need to include in pack BOTH/ALL files or only nude?

Okay guys, there is a question for all of you, include just users:

If exist clothed and nude/partially nude version of picture - Do i need to include in pack BOTH/ALL files or only nude?

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Thank you for awesome tools, its save a lot of times for us, pic pirates ~yarr <3

Now about bag: If no "race" choiced PPE allow you to press "Apply" then show error. If you then choice race and again press "apply": portrait will be renamed and then moved , without body =_= How about showing warning if no "race" selected or simply move both files to "gender" directory without "race"

Can you separate from hair colors - fur colors? Or can u add tooltip. Ideally will be making "invalid for that race" colors be inactive/grayout. Of cos better to do this as separate option/check box.

Also simple FAQ about what color is normal for what race will be good for common dude who wanna just add some image by self. I dunno about reading parametrs from game files =/

Mb options for create COPY(not moving from original location) will be useful for peopls who wanna to keep their original files.

Thank again for you work! =3

UPD1. found lost picx in root of my disc C in folder Female =D

Sign me up dude =3 I think myself about adding new race but never start the work for it. I keep waiting until there is a good mod support and i know a lot more about programming(which was almost never(but keep hoping xD)) Gonna test u mod when i have another holidays or little more free time. Thanks for you work!

Gonna look, thx.

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Im`a alive xD Update 11.05.18

See main post, bc i`m too lazy to do maintaining of different packs. So its now only all in one which gonna include ALL in one xD

female part work smoothly

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Just first run game with this random portrait script, since in all-in-one only 2 male pics all new male slave have them xD

KK, plan changed, first need lot of male pics =3

(3 edits)


As above: first battle round played by diff rules than all other.

Not all auto spended money display in day report

Yeah, i meet number bug when try to buy amount of items in market.

if quest list have 2 same quest when u choice one, than another - both visually keep choised

Please, round all recieved mental points

That also might be caused by dayevent when u choice Play logic games

Funny name . Poor guy =D Google say its not a mistake =)

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All-in-one updated 07.18

Ima too busy with work. Also my potatobook overheated so dont wait any big update too soon. mb in couple of next week. =/

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Latest version of separate pack didnt change. All-in-one todays, in my commentary above.

***race - **beautyRange - skinColor - hairColor **hairLength - eyeColor *n  -- no beauty, no hair length, idk about skin. all other gonna be in future update when/if someone or i modify script

*the portrait/body number -- does nothing

**optional/the standard looks range -- no way, bc its changed during game

***the sex -- almost all curent images is female, later gonna add futa, then male. Its a huge lot of work so dont wait its soon.

One of player already created script for auto assign random portrait and same as portrait name body

Update 07.12

(6 edits)

I`m abandon my separate pack, now i`m maintaining cumulative B&P .

All-in-one pack(MEGA)

Curent image count body+portrait: 847 + 846

% of complete: 90 female

5 male

1 futa

In progress!

Latest changes:

all pics renamed, deleted 3 duplicate, fixed incorrect names and little other things

  • ready : fix "incorrect sRGB profile",
  • ready: rename all body and portrait to have same one
  • ready: delete duplicate body again
  • ready: gather all body in one folder
  • ready: gonna resize image bigger than 1080p,
  • ready: delete duplicate portrait again
  • ready: gather all portrait in one folder
  • ready: compare filelist of body and portaits to find missing one
  • recheck all again
  • ???

Also there is a script for assign portrait more randomness and also assign body image with same name. Its for latest public version 0.5.15d


"0.5.15d Advanced random portrait and auto full body image loader.

This does two things:

.Somewhat more complex algorithm for selecting images from image pack.

Search goes in stages: All_Imagepack_Portraits->Sex->Age->Race->Hair_Colour->Natural_Selection

(When original script was ONLY looking for "Race")

If stage result is 0 images, it takes previous stage results for correct one.(Worst case scenario, this way you may get illogical or repeating images but at least it won't be blank)

.It gets portrait image path and checks if full body image with SAME name and same path but in "Bodies" folder exist, and auto loads/applies it.

With this you can basically forget about Manual body/portrait changes. Well depending on how vast your image pack is.

It works fine(almost) with "The Butlers" image pack from OP, two folders have different names halfkins and taurs, I think, they need to be the same for body auto loading to work.

Some info for possible image pack creators.

Name your portrait/body images so they have those "tags" in their name, in any order, separated by spaces. (Script looks ONLY at FILE name for guidance, folder names are ignored, if you want you can dump all images in root Portraits/Bodies folder)

Sex - Male, Futa, all others auto considered "female".

Age - Loli applies to "child" and "teen"(just because) all others considered "adult".

Race - Full list as of now: ["Human", "Elf", "Dark Elf", "Orc", "Drow","Beastkin Cat", "Beastkin Wolf", "Beastkin Fox","Beastkin Tanuki","Beastkin Bunny", "Halfkin Cat", "Halfkin Wolf", "Halfkin Fox","Halfkin Tanuki","Halfkin Bunny","Taurus", "Demon", "Seraph", "Gnome","Goblin","Centaur","Lamia","Arachna","Scylla", "Slime", "Harpy","Dryad","Fairy","Nereid","Dragonkin"] remember, no spaces, just omit them. ex: BeastkinCat

Hair_Colour - Those are all default colours you can encounter in game so far: ["white", "green", "purple", "blue", "blond", "red", "auburn", "brown", "black", "jelly"]

If devs won't change much with updates you can try using this in future versions. Manual copy-paste of changed code is your friend here."

(1 edit)

I will add links to post above


Forgot to change links for previous update so they follow to old archives =D


Current bugs found in: 5.13a(well honestly mindread from bearded time and - stat from 5.12)

Any item with additional for stats after capture and erase enemy inventory leave negative value in slave stats like -1 agility if previously own elven blade or -1 endurance if previously wear magic item with bonus. I think same for courage/wit/etc =/

Mindread at loot screen always can be casted at captive. Without mana and learning

Oh, and relatives steel broken =D

(1 edit)

I use Winrar 5.5 for making archives. Versions lesser than 5 dont open rar created in newer version. Sorry about my terrible english =D

(3 edits)

Updated, + ~60 new body and portrait, taurus some elf pair lamia lot of dragonkin pair of demon a little of cat&wolf

Minor update with swaped places for 2 pic from taurus to centaur and 3 files renamed.

(27 edits)

Include old LeLurker's body and portraits packs and The Butler's  Scars Unseen  AFriendlyMoose tannuki ArcherC WiredBrainWaves Kazama's etc.
Most image made for full hd(****x1080p for body and from 200 to 400p for portait)

Recomended to play with: Improved random portraits

Others packs: because more is better =D

Due to reorganization, lot of pics didnt include in current version, i`m working on it.  You can download second part now.

Newly added pics gonna be mostly x1080 x1200 x1320 x1440 x1560 to fit ~3:4 in resolution. Bc its best for vanila ingame resolution and quality. I try to keep at least 300x300px for portrait resolution.

Please, keep in mind: I do it on my own, mainly for my own pleasure. Also i`m busy with my mod(gonna be post soon first version)

U can see new folder named "Exposed" its for body pic during intimating. Gonna post code separated as upgraded IRP mod.

Total count 4173 + 78 images.

Low Quality(recomended for potato pc)

By saying LQ i mean compressed to png8, it save a lot of disc space(~60%) and RAM when loading in game by little losing in quality.

Use downloading as ZIP!

Folder v2.88 in: MEGA

Decryption key: -Y9TxtbU8KwtYM4UwsU0WA

Don't forgot - in begginig

Old version v2.5 in archive: MEGA

CRC32: 4ED9B20E
SHA-1: C7A824EAE87A163678C81CB3DFF13B08ACEA54D9

All images error free "Error: Known incorrect sRGB profile"

Good Quality

Total count 4168 + 78 images. 1.76 GB

All-in-one v2.9

First part in archive: MEGA MyFile

CRC32: 000C6C4B
MD5: DEBD285A4693A1F50FCAD65F4A32495D
SHA-1: BE6E41BBF6FE295C497749E7D2AD5B2978C005B3

If you ALREADY has v2.8 then download only SECOND part.

Second part in archive: MEGA MyFile

CRC32: A8E63806
SHA-1: 3CE1E3FA0CC55A811F221EB38A1C493601810F4C

Old version below.

Here is v2.8: MEGA

CRC32: 5A145406

MD5: 7101D68C33C2EB48D14D0D5E89231B76
SHA-1: 3EE12C3697FA904CA007DAC1E6A8101113946383

Here is body v2.5: MEGA

CRC32: B8715EF0
MD5: 1DEF7AD9C55081787BE35BE89D6AEE1F
SHA-1: 8A9831DC7DC70C0B36DFD99DE84EA38871BFD47A

Here is portraits v2.5: MEGA

CRC32: 71F8B994
MD5: 5FEBB86F1AA35A15E8A707AF6B299DFB
SHA-1: 28F93CB168C626E8CBF1793F2D59D89FC7E7E487


  • "Where i need to place them?" - "C:\Users\userName\AppData\Roaming\Strive" or %appdata%\Strive            -     press win+r keys and paste it or just type in address bar.
  • "I'm Mac user, how to install pack"- See post here
  • "What changed?" U might ask me? Well, there a little moar photoshop magic and around 122+ more than in old version.
  • "Where are u hide all this 4 month?" - Real life happened, with tons of work, big bills, lost healths, less sleep and not too long ago my lovely kitty is die T_T. Ima still doesn't have enough free time for enjoy game(play from version 2.7.2 an(not to mention another things like lack of sleep). 
  • "Do you gonna add moar image?" - Yes, i have downloaded around 5 hundred new pics.
  • "Do you gonna merge you pack with others?" - Maybe. It's not neccesary since there is exist awesome Portrait Pack Editor by Kyler2. This tools allow easer change tag for any pics and provide compatibility with any exist packs.
  • "What tools are u use?" - See list below.
  • "Where are u find so many pics?" - See below.

TOOLS i use for creating pack:

  • Firefox for browsing xD
  • Photoshop CC - for croping editing smoothling etc...
  • Notepad++ - for editing bat files and filelist.txt
  • Portrait Pack Editor by Kyler2(dude, you are awesome!) - for tagging
  • PNGgauntlet - good for compressing images, + user friendly and allowed any named files to be just drag&dropped in programm,+ has "overwrite original" so the no need to dump all pic in one folder to optimize them. Must have. In one word. =3
  • WinMerge - When looking for missing or missplaced files.
  • Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder - for looking for duplicates =D
  • WinRar 5.50 for making .zip (BEWARE winrar version older than 5.0 doesn't open .rar created in newer version!)

HOW i use them:

  •     First need to find =D List of sites below.
  •     Gonna Photoshop. "Magic wand" for selecting background with Tolerance from 8 to 42. Before deleting apply "Selecting/Modification/Feathering with radius from 0.5 to 0.8. Press del from 6 to 10 times. Dont forget about clearing corners. If image contained artifacts(jpg/jpeg/etc) Than use Filters: Reduce Noise with parametrs based on pics artifacts, mostly 3-??10 80%(keep high bc we dont wanna to lose too much small detail) 3-25% 3-80%. Than Smart Blur radius 0,6-0,8 and treshold from 3.0 to 20.0 mostly 6.0-8.0 and 15.0. Trimming image from transparent pixels. If pic more than 1080px in height image size than change to fit. Save as .png
  •  Okay, fine, use PNGGauntlet for better compressing and RIOT for migrate from png24 to png8.   
  •    Next step is to make headshot in PS. Compress potrtraits, proper tagging in Portrait Pack Editor(thx again for utility). Checking for duplicate(not necessary)
  •    Zip result. Upload on MEGA. Take vacation.

For work upon others packs i first do additional steps:

  •   Check for duplicate with exist pics using 97% similarity. Than with 93%. Than 80%.
  •  Just put folder in PNGGauntlet and check
    "Overwrite Original Files"(Don't forget to backup!), for a little less bitsize, u can change in options compresing by Optipng from o1 to o7(gonna take lot of time). Press "Optimize"  
  •   Place body pics in %appdata%\Strive\Bodies. Portrait pic in %appdata%\Strive\Portrait's. Run Portrait Pack Editor and tag/retag pics.
        All done i hope =D

Sites and other sources:

different booru sites like: etc. - lot of pics from here. - lots of fury pics from here sometimes.

And for looking similar pics. Also etc.

When search i`ma use similar tags like: transparrent_background simple_background solo 1girl 1boy fullbody nude futanary etc. based on search engine.

Conscious flow and revelation: Sorry about my english, i`m not native speaker. Time: For photoshop ~30 pics i spend ~16 hours(all day). I play Strive4Power from version 2.7 and still didn't kill wyvern not to mention golem? =D Partly that bc ima creating mod, that mean lot of testing/working with code and almost with every new game version i need to merge/and sometime rework every file.

All images found in internet in open source, if you are artist or owner of original and wanna to delete pics from pack contact me here in

I dont own any of them, pack made for personal use and not commercial use.

Hope you enjoy this =3

Another little update, nothing too serious.