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I'm surprised they still work!

Gimme a sec...

EDIT: Hopefully this will work!3H4zgSwZ!AvQKbmLo4gnXcUuSZlJinQ

*Coughs* Hmmm... what's this?    

*Yawns*  Feels like someone walked over my grave.

I lost the pictures for every pack I'd been working on (along with my computer), so won't be releasing any more for some time. Luckily there are loads of great packs uploaded on other threads here :)

Think I'll give this one a go. Only having your servants work in Gorn would be pretty challenging as the jobs really aren't profitable. Add in the fact you can't buy more spells and I won't abuse magic like every other playthrough hahaa.

(Recently lost all my saves, including the 'Second Fiddle' one!, so... new file ahoy)

Thanks again for the amount of work you've put into this tool Kyler, you rock.
(#pruple is the new bark)

Just made it from Wimborn to Frostford in my most recent playthrough with an under-equipped under-leveled party. They had no energy left! But those chests are so tempting and i can't afford lockpicks hahaa.

Totally agree about enjoying a relaxing experience with games. Like to take my time generally and explore the mechanics.

Even if energy management  becomes more important in the next update. There's nothing stopping you taking a few days to restock, recover then trying to catch that reclusive dragonkin again.

With content for the kennels on the horizon, would adding stables be out of the question? Could completely negate energy loss from walking. Including your whole team at stage 4.

Once invigoration has been unlocked, there is less of a limit to the amount of adventuring you can do in one day. Guidance also saves precious energy.
However, I feel that the punishment for not having enough energy is adequate. Died in a fight last night due to not being able to use combat abilities or run away, both because of running low on energy.

Invigoration causes stress, so though it prolongs the time spent exploring, you have to be aware of that.
qilongfei, if you are exploring, fighting every encounter you come across, the stress from combat might well be what sends you home rather than low energy. But if you are skipping encounters (eg innocent bystanders), the relative stress cost of casting invigorate is acceptable. As you're not stacking the stress caused by casting on top of stress caused by combat. So once this spell is in play, the system seems more balanced.

(If and when the players magic affinity gets high enough, the stress caused by this spell can be negated, or reversed, reducing the targets stress! But as you have to be a high leveled and magic focused character to pull this off, it doesn't feel game breaking. More like a perk for being an awesome mage haha.
func invigorateeffect():  person.stress += rand_range(25,35)-globals.player.smaf*4)

I'm also working on adding races. Seeing as KuraPanda is restructuring some of the scripts to be more easily mod-able (I think), would it be wise to wait until that has happened, before trying to mod in a new race?

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Glad you like it :)
This challenge would work fine without editing, as it's mostly in your head and lots of the traits only affect things like confidence, strength etc.

If you want to go the extra mile...
Here's a thread with some useful links for editing (thanks again crazymcgee)

The easiest way to edit on a trait is to have another save open in notepad++ that already has a slave with the trait you want. So that you can copy paste the parts you need over.
The main parts that will need changing are "traits": and "effects":  . If a trait affects obedience, courage etc and you really want those stat changes, you will need to manually change the relevant numbers.

It takes a bit of getting used to :S So long as you don't overwrite the original save, there's no harm in making a few mistakes though.
If you need more specific advice, just ask here or on the discord.

(Note: a modded save won't load from the main menu, only from the save menu in the mansion)

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By the books is more of a role-playing challenge, which I dig. With sex workers being the highest earners in the game, it would be a bigger challenge to earn money too. Think if I tried it, I'd extend the rules to intimate interactions, you must never take an action there that causes a slave stress (save beforehand). That way your mana earnings are hindered by not being able to have multiple partners without them both being fickle, or pair certain slaves unless they are bisexual/homosexual. Making those traits MUCH more valuable, so far they've been a bit meh because you could just give it to a slave easily.

Came up with another challenge thinking about this.

Second Fiddle: You are master in name only, the real power behind the mansion is your starter 'slave', who you must do everything in your power to please. Take time to consider their personality, remove the grateful trait, then edit on any traits that are appropriate. Are they Dominant, a Coward, Fickle, Clingy, Scarred and/or Spoiled?
Quickly get them to the point where they can take charge in the bedroom, then almost always have them present and in control when performing intimate interactions. Like you, they should never have to work, leave that to the actual slaves. And always imagine what they want when determining what to do next, do they want a certain race of slave to play with or a bodyguard with specific traits? Did they fall out with someone and want them punished? Do YOU need to be punished for failing to complete a set task or for not meeting their luxury requirements?

(EDIT: starter slaves now have their own missions, so maybe don't bother with save editing. At least hold off until those personal missions are completed, as they give the starter some traits depending on your choices)

>Sandbox may be easier
The fact that the main quest is already finished in sandbox would make it a lot easier :)

The no slaves route would be incredibly hard, I'm gonna try it. Without slaves, you'd have to earn gold through battles, there would be no self improving lab modifications and with only your enemies as a source of mana using magic to attack becomes risky.

(After the main story is finished, you could then start capturing slaves and building up your mansion. Suddenly the endgame content is huge hahaa)

"Hey maple, know where I can find me some fairies for a quest?"
"Sure Jethreuel, they're out in the forest getting attacked by wild animals"
*Keeps staring at Maple*

Question: In the no intercourse challenge, are slaves banned from sleeping in your bed? As, though you won't get mana, they will take out their sexual frustration on you!

Cheers, I'll do that now.

Mushroom/Miasma girl, a Dryad offshoot.

Unlike more common Dryads that crave the sunlight. These mushroom capped monsters like damp dark surroundings and have rubbery fungal flesh with velvety soft 'gills'.
Their racial ability would be releasing lust inducing spores, when their own lust is very high. Could affect all other slaves that share the same sleeping quarters or workplace (Similar mechanic to the Tamer specialization, or basic inter-slave relations at the end of day)

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Then I have no idea why neither has been fixed for me in 0.5

Re-downloaded the most recent link several times.

Oh well, not like I use the tag anyway. Thanks for the updates.

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Thank you for the filename template, yet to try it, but it sounds awesome.

A few things are slightly off with v0.4.
If a picture is in a folder named "female", then both the male and female tags will automatically be applied.
Dark skin is still misspelled as Bark.

(I love using this name editor, it's saved sooo much time. Even if neither of these are ever fixed, I will still keep using it)

I'm looking to play through the story again with a new approach, to add difficulty and maybe role-play a bit more. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thoughts so far:

  • The 2 day challenge. Complete the main story within this time frame (It would be one day, but I'm pretty sure the Ivran quest takes at least two)
  • The Middleman. You can only make money by fulfilling requests at slavers guilds. Also, you can't catch slaves yourself, you have to buy them.
  • Rule of Fear. You must keep slaves in line through fear alone. Never allowing their loyalty to remain 'green' for long.

How about a mod that greatly increases rebelliousness based on level. Then makes it so amnesia potion has a chance to fail based on that (now high) rebellious streak.

Those powerful high level bandits and monsters you catch are gonna take extra work to tame. So training up a more malleable low level slave seems much more appealing.

Another mod to fill in for the constants menu (that died so that we could have better mods).

In addition to the title affect, this mod also raises the sell price of enchanted items,  they're worth twice as much as un-enchanted.

I like to trade in my items for their exact value in other items, thus the mod's name.

(I wouldn't recommend having a slave with the merchant spec in your party while using this mod, Ive had no issues, but still)

This mod increases how many skill points you get per level to 10, and decreases how many learn points it takes to raise mental stats, from three, to one.

I would not recommend it to anyone who likes any kind of challenge in leveling/combat. But it's pretty good for replacing that essential slave that died in battle, or making up for that one time you forgot to save before quitting after a marathon session.

Fair enough, I'll get to modding then :)

Nice one!

I might just rename every portrait pack anyone has ever uploaded with this. Keep em alllll together

Yeah, actually gender folders would be necessary. Age is a weird one, not many pictures are even tagged with it yet, but they undoubtedly will be. It's just quite nice to have a look at all the pictures you downloaded without going into the game, though there's something to be said for an element of surprise when catching slaves.

If you search the whole bodies folder for "skin" you can still check them all out at once.

That'll make it even simpler for portrait pack creators. Don't have to worry about overwrites at all.

Should we avoid putting the exact same picture in multiple authors packs from now on then? 

Yaaay! Ive been breeding a slave especially for that portrait.

Good thinking on the discord too

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You can buy 20 food for 10 gold. So a job that earns 50 gold is more useful than a hunter that collects 80 food.
So long as you don't mind going to the market regularly.

Late game, the convenience of not having to micromanage food will probably outweigh the increase in earnings. assign a cook so that they can buy food should you need it.

A cook with high agility and wit can drastically cut the daily food required by slaves too. Scylla are great, but cats and slimes work just as well with enough agility.

The farm can produce huge quantities of food. The most efficient setup is farm manager with high confidence and wit, combined with several Taurus' modified to have huge boobs, multiple developed extra nipples and lactation.

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That's weird. Is it all the packs, or just some of them?
I'll test them out now.

EDIT: I just tested every picture and they are working. Seraph male/futa's body and portrait names didn't match up. One futa gnome had a typo. But that was only affecting the new "Assign both" checkbox. I'll re-upload those within the day.

You've been playing this game a while so this is a long shot but...  Have you put the portraits in the portrait folder and the bodies in the bodies folder? User>**yourusername**>AppData>Roaming>Strive

Stuntcock said something about how lots of people end up playing the game. That sometimes you use the sex menu just to quickly accumulate mana, rather than act out fantasies.

So maybe adding a button to the bottom of the intimate interaction menu, or slaves talk menu, that lets you have a quickie and gather a chunk of mana would be useful. Personally, when skipping through 20 actions of sex dialogue, it feels cruddy & repetitive because that's not how it's meant to be used. It lessens immersion. Sometimes you just wanna cast a load of spells on bandits though hahaa.

It could still take up a slaves interaction for the day, maybe you couldn't have multiple partners and only access it when a slave is willing and has high lust or something. But still get increased mana gain from nympho and drows?

(I realise this wasn't stuntcock's point, just thought it might prevent people blitzing through the sex menu. Make the exploration of that mechanic "How am I gonna get closer to this person, what options havn't i tried?" rather than "What is the most efficient way to harvest some magicy sex juice?")

There's something in the games 'lore' about Halfkins having a the full beastkin gene that can come out. So any halfkin mother could have a beastkin child... with any race as the father. I'm not sure it functions this way in game. But it would be interesting to have a new halfkin race, which had a powerful beastkin variant that could only be obtained through breeding.

Or hell, just do it with dragonkin. Give them a chance to give birth to full on dragons!

You need to select a giver and taker, by their names. If you click the "?" near the top of the screen in game, you can read up how lots of game mechanics work.

(Some of this could go in the tips and tricks thread, it was a surprisingly full set of advice for starting the game)

This sounds like something from the brothers Grimm!

Your starting slave shouldn't run away, because he/she has the trait "Grateful", so there are no luxury requirements. Don't bother giving them extra food etc.
Buy weapons and armor before going out into the world.
Up your agility with the first few points you get. That way you shouldn't get ambushed in Wimborn Outskirts every few steps, you can pick and choose your fights with weaklings to level up.

I got my ass handed to me the first time I played this. It's become something I love about the game. If you go out and fight bandits naked with your bare hands, things don't end well. Same as real life hahaa.

I'd prefer it if Kyler's portrait editor changed the name of the file instead of creating hundreds of folders (Maybe keep the race folders). But It's so easy compared to normal file naming that I'm not gonna complain.

I'm sure both the editor and portrait assigner will be fixed up in the near future. Even if we have to put packs through the editor again and re-upload, should just be a case of clicking "Apply" over and over.

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Overwriting identical images that are identically tagged is ideal :)

I'm going to add a "£" to the name of any of my portraits that are not shared by other packs, to prevent any shenanigans. so that anyone can easily find and delete images from my packs if they want to.

Gob for da win!
Hahaa, so long as you don't get guns and condoms mixed up, that rule holds true.

Lostdgod, no worries. It was part of what you were saying that persuaded me to add a few tags that don't normally spawn with slaves. Just for those instances of weird hybrid offspring an lab modification :)

(2 edits)

I was forgetting about the random portrait button :S

>Selecting which images to add based on the game's base attribute possibilities will only magnify by several times the time you put into tagging images and adding them(manually) in the first place.

As you noted the editor will be getting improvements and it sounds like one of those will be highlighting when you've assigned a color that is not the racial norm. So no, it won't take much more time. I already knew the racial colorings, so it wasn't taking me more time beforehand. But can understand how it would be harder for someone without that knowledge.

I'm not saying don't add races that aren't 100% accurate, and Ive been tagging my Nereid pics with fair skin which they don't normally have.
My point was that wild bandits/monstergirls never get many colors. So a lot of tags aren't going to have an impact on their selection.

If having extra tags like horns doesn't slow the game too much. Then having every portrait in every pack named with details like eye color could work. If only a few small packs are given the new tags, then the freshly weighted eye color could skew the mods portrait selection. Meaning pictures from other packs (eg Beauties Pack) don't get assigned as often, which would be a shame.

Even then, giving tags like Demontail seems a bit much. Any race that has a tail, only has that type of tail. So the race tag alone should take care of it. Sure you could take a slave home and cut off it's tail or cast mutation a bunch of times. But really...

Currently there is a small chance for any portrait that is the correct race to appear on a slave. I agree that you should be able to add whatever portraits you want, and them still appear. I just thing adding more and more varied tags is going to over-complicate things and end up with less of the portraits appearing on a regular basis.

I'm gonna reply in the portrait chat, don't want to clog up this thread

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Lostdgod wrote

I believe theres an item that changes skin color. Either that or it can be done through lab. Dunno but the color is not that far from normal skin color so in my opinion its still acceptable. There are way too many variables and to make an image fit precisely the description of a slave you would most definitely have to edit the slave yourself to match the image, so it doesnt need to be 100% accurate.

Kazama wrote

If you want to label a portrait pack so that people downloading can use the search function, while in the portrait assigning menu (to find accurate details, eg hair color pink, skin color red). Then the more info in it's name the better.

If you want to name a portrait so that its chosen by an image assigning mod. Use Kyler's "Portrait Pack Editor".

You can change a slaves skin color in the lab or by save editing. However, by that point a portrait will have already been assigned based on their starting skin color.

Mousey, if you wanna add a goblin image you like, add it! :) Sod the colors hahaa. If it not being green really bugs you personally, then don't. With the current sorting mod EVERY image can have a small chance to be chosen, so long as it is named with a race, or put in a race named folder. (Nice Tanuki btw)

Lostdgod wrote

> If you want to label a portrait pack so that people downloading can use the search function, while in the portrait assigning menu (to find accurate details, eg hair color pink, skin color red). Then the more info in it's name the better.

> You can change a slaves skin color in the lab or by save editing. However, by that point a portrait will have already been assigned based on their starting skin color.

Arent you forgetting about the Random Portrait Button?  The way I see it you are over-complicating this for no reason. Selecting which images to add based on the game's base attribute possibilities will only magnify by several times the time you put into tagging images and adding them(manually) in the first place.  We should be able to add any portraits/bodies as long as it fits the game race's very basic features(example:lamia - humanish being with a snakish lower half). It doenst matter if it has wings, horns or a skin color and eye color that do not correspond with the game's race base possibilities. As long as you properly tag those attributes, those images should probably never show up when you find a slave but they might show up when you edit the slave and click on the Random Portait button.

About the editor, obviously using it is a must now that it is a thing. Its much faster and prevents typos so its really a godsend. Though its a bit incomplete yet so Ill be waiting until Kyler2 upgrades it a bit more.

Sweeeet. So good when outfits match with in game items :)

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MB, I miss-read the patch notes. Think it might have done the opposite "Fixed some inconsistencies to sandbox mode allowing access to Adya and recruiting some other characters"

If you open the from the scripts folder. You can add The Elixer to the gorn market shop.
Once in the file Ctrl+F 'regressionpot', then copy paste it into the gorn stores item list and save.

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Congratulations Kura :)

To clarify, by events you mean those end of day little stories with a choice in response? (eg Mr Scylla broke a priceless teapot, the oaf. Do you: A. Make him eat the pieces. B. Buy some magic glue. C. Sexytimes)

Possible topics: Everything you mentioned, yes yes yes. Dragons have had ordinary wangs for too long.
I'm interested in modding whole new races with new parts and racial traits, so anything that paves the way for that has my undivided attention.