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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

MouseKin's Photo Pack's

A topic by Mousekin created Aug 19, 2018 Views: 17,283 Replies: 17
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Squeek Squeek, Got somethin for You Master's Out There! 

This Topic is where I'll Post My Image Packs, (Will Always Include Body and Portraits.)

#PackName  is for if someone want's to 'uninstall' a specific pack, without deleting or searching through their entire folder, simply searching the pack name will do the sorting for you.



Features thirtheen portraits and body pictures of characters in Maid uniform, for immersion.!6T4WkQjL!GqxUHBaK3rj-EOqkV1FEFdEVXz9NatfNxjznR2UBc8U

(updated: + 2, 1 Male tanuki, 1 male wolf, both beastkin)


Monster girl quest Pack (Contains 60 body, and 60 Portraits, All Female):  #MGQ      V2  (lostdgod )!WOwAUSha!MZz0oCQczJVwstxtYSooIvS7Ow0W2LH9mg4cjIlIuKM


moved this topic to Portrait packs

New pack :3


Sweeeet. So good when outfits match with in game items :)

that's what I was going for! ♥Immersion ♪

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T.T Tanuki femboy is not there T.T

(the pack is beautiful.  only complaint is that there isn't more, which is meant as a compliment)

holy crap, your right, I knew I was missing a femboy from before (it was a beastkin wolf) but now I know he's not the only one. I'll Update this and reupload a new version!

Yaaay! Ive been breeding a slave especially for that portrait.

Good thinking on the discord too


I get an error message from Mega:

The file you are trying to download is no longer available.

Fixed, I hate Mega...

The MGQ pack,

[Copied from another thread with the same error]

"You updated the text in your post, but not the link.

i.e. if you copy and paste the text you'll get the new version, but if you click the link it directs to the old one.


Sorry I didn't notice before.

I'm starting not to like the forum system used by

It's handling of copy and pasting is "special"....  I vastly prefer something that gives an option to view/edit markup directly instead of forced to use a visual/wysiwyg editor that has flaky behavior.

All that WYSIWYG philosophy.

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Ironically this editor, Redactor, allows to edit the HTML code of our posts (in the demo it's literally the first button of the toolbar), but the option is not enabled on


MGQ mega is down


just gonna be a broken record here, MGQ is down

MGQ is broken, could you plz reupload? pretty plz?? thanks :)

links dont work

Deleted 83 days ago