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Should be fixed now, whatever that was.

Best way would be dragging the picture into your webbrowser and then trying to search for similar images.

Sadly I can't tell which artist made which picture other than slugbox.

Thanks :D

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This Pack is basically the collection of all the other Packs, however I took the liberty and removed any pictures that were not up to my standarts in terms of resolution or simply art style. I also simplified the folders in which each of these packs put their pictures and added in addition to all the other packs roughly 70-80 pictures from slurbox (draws very good so check him out).


Edit: Thanks to IsaacG it should be compatible with Random Portraits.

Edit: Forgot to say:

  • Overall Pictures (w. portraits): 1430
  • Male: 13
  • Female: 1417   Hu:323  Ar:26 Bb:15 Bc:30 Bf:16 Bt:7 Bw:18 Ce:37 Da:78 De:117 Dra:78 Dro:31 Dry:25 El:103 Fa:37 Gn:5 Go:9 Hb:15 Hc:44 Hf:34 Ht:12 Hw:33 Ha:29 La:61 Ne:47 Or:18 Ot:9 Sc:30 Se:39 Sl:39 Ta:52 (Figure these synonyms out yourself ;))

Yeah that sounds like it be complicated, but I guess there will always be someone who is up to the challenge out there, hopefully.

Also considering that the current version is 0.5.*, I can see how some of the systems could get a overhaul, including the Race system. Maybe more so if the game catches more attention over its development to attract a bigger crowd and circle of supporters.

Since I already spoke about the sexual interactions I also wanted to ask about one or two other things about races.

First, are there chances that Vampires may be included in the future since they are actually a pretty popular Monster race? Maybe Yukio or Dullahan as well since they are often represented? (Can't currently think of more) Would pretty much love more diversity, but I guess it could be too much work, however it is at least worth asking.

Second, is there a chance that there will be a custom Race button or something? I think I would enjoy it if I could just manually adjust Bodyparts to create a original Race or something more according to a certain Picture etc. (I know that the Laboratory does something similar but you are in the end just tampering with one Race instead creating your own.)

I prefer my Lamia to be half Snake not half Lion. Speaking from a Monster Musume purist viewpoint.

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The game is already pretty enjoyable and fun to play, however I felt quite often that some of the sexual interactions  with a few Races felt quite off. Like for instance when you initate lap sex with a Centaurs or how the overall impact of a Slimegirl feels left out, etc.

Will these interactions be "fixed"in the future? Are there also plans for maybe monster specific traits or abilities. I also wanted to ask if there will be specific events/features bound to races, like for a Lamia female to impregnate using eggs or something similar, in later builds?

Didn't work for me either, but feels like it will be implemented correctly in the next few patches. Probs just a stand in.