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Hey you, yes you! I see you're lost and need help! Well, I'll help ya... for a cost!

So anyways here goes!

(1) Download desired portrait pack 

(2) Right-click on 'Stive For Power', click 'Show Package Contents'

(3) 'Contents' folder > 'Resources' folder

(4) Drop desired portrait pack into 'Resources' folder

And ya done! Now, for payment...

[This is one way to apply portraits and bodies. But as I have found out recently, it really isn't the best way as problems may arise]

After you apply the images, and if find yourself with a muddled 'portrait folder' tab -found in-game- after clicking one of the many buttons that are found in the tab, 

you have to remove all the those portrait and body packs from the 'Resources' folder, put them somewhere safe

then you have to delete your saves (or leave it, haven't tried that yet) to ensure that it doesn't cross over onto a new save. [unless of course you haven't started yet]

Find the folder '.strive2', there is another post somewhere here on how to find it, or just google 'how to find hidden files mac'. (because it's hidden)

within the '.strive2' folder, you'll find folders named 'portraits' and 'bodies', if there aren't any just create your own, then place your desired images within their respective folders

Hey dudes! This is sort of a dead end. If your looking for instructions on how to install portraits, I think i've figured it out. Just find a "portraits post" by me.


Ok so, I've managed to extract the files. But another problem has arisen. I open the .jar file, it runs but stops at this transparent window saying "Protected with trial version of Java Antidecompiler 8.5"

I can run .jar file but the file isn't in .jar, instead it's ".7z"

Hello! Mac is my platform. What do I have to do to get this game started up? That's if its been ported over to Mac.