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If you, like me, only want images with transparent background then you should be looking for .png or .gif images with transparent background - although this is obvious, you might not be aware of the best way to look for them so here's a tip for you: look for game CG. A good site for that would be hitomi. Alternatively, if you find a image that you really enjoy but has a background , you can try your luck with photoshop to crop them - the easiest ones to do this are the ones with simple backgrounds such as this one. I use a couple of photoshop actions I made to automate some actions such as cropping empty spaces, making portraits from body images with 2 clicks and saving images in batch as .png, among other things.

Another thing to consider is to use the Portrait Pack Editor by Kyler2 to easily tag the images so that you may share your packs with the community and it will be compatible with the Improved Random Portraits mod so everyone will be able to enjoy them.

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If you have a few images that you really like and want to use you can just select and add those to the portraits/bodies folder and use them in-game manually. If on the other hand you have several images you could just use Kyler2's Improved Random Portrait mod and use the 'Random Portrait' button to change between fitting images without having the need to make the game load all images and become slow or potentially crash. I bet you are not aware of this mod yet so I highly advise you to check it out.

Not properly compatible with Improved Random Portraits since there are a ton of images untagged for 'Gender' and 'Age' and also plenty images with multiple tags for the same attribute (ex: TitsS+TitsM+TitsB). Having multiple tags like this increases the chance of the image being selected by the mod, which is only good when there's only a couple of them. Its very counterproductive for huge packs.

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Started a new save and noticed the mod gave my MC a body image even though the portrait was still one of the default ones I had picked. Two ways to solve this, either the mod stops attributing body image to MC or it needs to be fixed to add the associated portrait as well. 

EDIT: The portrait tooltip is not showing hair color.

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Here I'll be posting my future portrait/body packs.
All portrait images have its respective body with transparent background.
Every pack is compatible with Improved Random Portraits by Kyler2.
For easy uninstallation, each pack has its own signature at the end of the image's filename (ex: '#MGQ' for the MGQ pack).

Things you should expect from my random packs:
- different art styles
- few males and futanari included
- nudity
- censorship
- half-assed portraits taken from its body image
- cropping mistakes (images with background were mostly cropped with the magic wand tool so there will be mistakes) 

All Packs combined (always updated):


Individual Packs:

Monster Girl Quest Portrait+Body Pack - 260 images (done in collaboration with Mousekin)

Lostdgod's Random Portrait+Body Pack1 - 420 images (mostly GameCG)

Yeah I changed a couple things in settings.json to make tagging easier based on how often I use each tag.

The filters really are handy and much more eye-friendly and elegant than my color suggestion. In less than 5s I found 2 images with missing tags among over 300. 

Thank you for these new updates. The editor just really got solidified now.

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Working flawlessly, though It would be great if 'Enter' was a shortcut to 'Apply' - Im pretty sure it was one of the keyboard shortcuts you wanted to add, though its not working for me

Feature request: images with 1(or more) untagged attributes show up in the image list with a different color - this is helpful to identify such images among hundreds of them in case we might have missed something.

EDIT: I still think it doesnt make sense to have 2 'Green' and 2 'Purple' in skincolor when they are both literally just 'Green' and 'Purple'. Unlike SkinB and Blueskin which represent different things, GreenSkin and SkinG are exactly the same. So the editor should load them under the same 'Green' and apply either SkinG or GreenSkin to Green. Same logic for purple. - Feel free to ignore this one cause the editor works just as well regardless.

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Every time you released a new version I checked the settings file and mostly I only noticed something wrong when tagging/loading images with the editor. Its not you being lazy, if anything it represents a lack of concentration/rest. So rest m8, we portrait pack makers are already eternally grateful for this tool you did on a whim. I still have hundreds of images to tag for my next pack and several hundreds more for the next one so if I find anything wrong I will post it here.

EDIT: just one small thing that has been bothering me when tagging several images at once. After I press "Apply" I have to manually select the next image with the mouse because the "DOWN" button is working for the last selected tag instead of the image list. It just brings a little more effort so its not really a bug or anything but if its something you can fix easily then plz do it when you got the time. And seriously thank you for both the mod and this editor!

{ "Name": "Dark Elf", "Regex": "DarkElf", "Tag": "DarkElf"},

{ "Name": "Elf", "Regex": "(?<!Dark)Elf", "Tag": "DarkElf"}, 

Im not entirely sure but I think just once should do. 

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Theres some bugs in settings.json in 0.6.  These are the first 2 lines under HairColor:

{ "Name": "Green", "Regex": "SkinG", "Tag": "SkinG"},
 { "Name": "Purple", "Regex": "SkinP", "Tag": "SkinP"},

They should be deleted and I think the regex in Green and Purple skin colors should be "Regex": "GreenSkin|SkinG", "Regex": "PurpleSkin|SkinP" respectively. 

EDIT: no point in making another version. if u can just update 0.6 with these fixes.

I guess I kinda made the same mistake cause I was literally staring at that line looking for the typo somewhere in there and couldnt find it even after comparing with the darkelf line xD Im blind.

Your issue has happened to me several times. Its problem lies in the backup folder. Make a clean extract of the game and place the 'randomportraits' folder inside the mods folder. Only then launch the game for the first time and apply the mod following the modding guide. The game will close, now you have to delete the backup folder (inside game folder) before doing anything else. Finally launch the game and confirm that the mod is applied and the game is working.

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Images placed in a "Female" folder are loaded by the editor as both 'Female' and 'Male'

EDIT: only saw the previous comments now. This issue is still not fixed in 0.5.  Also an insignificant issue, 0.5 has an outdated changelog in readme.txt.

You are right, I didnt thought things through. Considering what you said, I think the button should work as if minmatch = 1. 

Took a quick look at options.tscn and managed to make a new tab with a checkbox just for fun. At least the layout's chunks of code are as straightforward as it gets.

Thank you for adding this. I just tested by messing around with the minMatch variable and its working flawlessly. Though I think the random portrait button should ignore minMatch. Right now I only have 1 female HalfkinTanuki image and though I dont want every female HalfkinTanuki slave to show up with that image I still want the random portrait button to assign it in case I intend to keep the slave. I cant see any drawback on this.

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I agree with you. In my mind a spawn rate of something like 75% adults, 20% teens and 5% children for bandits would feel more realistic. I think children should spawn as bandits though because they too can have children. 

Other things to consider would be that children should very rarely spawn as a random lone villager wandering and instead should spawn significantly more often in groups of travelers. Same logic for teens though not as dramatic as children. Their spawn rate should be a variable that increases the closer you get to a village/city (for civilized races).

That sounds several times better and though its a much more complex solution its still simple logic-wise. It would be nice if you could add a in-game settings page. Though Im not sure such a feature would work without the need to restart the game.

Feature request:

Option to turn on/off Male, Futanari and Female scans - good for those with just a few images of a specific sex so they can toggle scans off instead of allowing the same pictures to show up over and over again.

settings.json has a few bugs:

beastkinwolf tag has a space between 'beastkin' and 'wolf'
SkinL tags and so on were added under Haircolors

According to info.txt the mod loads AssB/TitsB as big ass/tits. Yet the editor has a 'Large' tag instead of 'Big' and its adding AssL/TitsL to files and not loading AssB/TitsB at all. Now im confused, is the mod loading these AssL/TitsL ? If so, info.txt should be updated.

I was hoping this would be an official feature at some point since its kind of an obvious thing to add if the main npcs already have them. It would require a  re-check for every image in existing packs again but thats is something I can deal with. Its an extra feature with no downsides, those who want to use it will use it and those who dont will not. With that said, if the main developers do not go for it and if its something you can do without exerting yourself than plz by all means go ahead, I and pretty much every player would enjoy it as well.

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>Some of those other changes I can do, but some I don't know if i'll bother with (like treating folder names differently than any other text in the path)

Nah theres no need for that indeed, since it already relocates the files every time a change in those tags is done. I actually noticed this soon after I posted my comment but forgot to edit sorry about that.

As for the directory issue the problem was that I didn't had 2 matching files for bodies and portraits. Since the editor will have an option to create portraits selected from a whole body image, I had neglected to put images in the portraits folder.

While Im at it, though I didnt want to post it in this thread, your most recent version of the mod is buggy. It no longer has the random portrait button and males show up with female images.

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120 folders. I actually dont have a preference in this matter. But if it were to put every image inside its race folder without a folders for sex and age, then it would have to sort the tags starting with Sex Age or Age Sex.

EDIT: scratch that. only Sex Age order would do. Having males mixed with females when the images are sorted alphabetically would be a serious pain.

Unlikely. Do you have the mod properly installed? Does it show up in your active mod's list? Also make sure you have the version 0.6 for the mod and 0.5.18c for the game.

Also about PM's it seems this system doesnt have that feature lol. We will have to talk through here or another thread. I want to discuss with you about the MGQ pack later after I return from some sleep.

We both need to sleep then. The mod loads the full image path (example:"C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Strive\portraits\Female\Elf\Adult\SkinL BlondHair GreenEyes TitsB AssM.png") and from there it looks up for certain words. As long as there is a tag for Sex, Race and Age anywhere within the full path then its loaded as intended. It makes sense to have those as folders since its much easier to organize the images that way.

I guess I wasnt thinking things through.

I kept considering what you said and now I no longer think its worth to add tags for tails, horns and so on. Its better to have that small odd-ball group of demon images without horns show up, even though the npc has horns, than it is to overload the mod with scans. Either that or not add those images in the first place, but as long as their race is clear its not really a problem.

As for images that have non-standard race colors I still believe its better to just tag those and add them as they are.
There are not many packs yet, not many pictures either. Its better to start tagging them with the eye color tag from now on and re-tag the existing ones whenever its possible. Probably something like "YellowEyes" would work.
Thank you for opening my eyes on this.

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Is adding a new official race out of question?

Been working on a portrait pack based on MGQ and noticed theres a ton of insect girls. 
A simple new Insect Race could cover an enormous amount of completely different looking girls.
Similarly, I would change the Dryad Race to Plant Race thus allowing for a much greater variety of plant girls.

I actually take my suggestions back. I realize this game is aiming for specific races so it doesnt make sense to have a generic Insect and Plant races when theres already specific Beastkins instead of just Beastkin.
Please make all the changes required for custom races so that people can add in completely new races with new body parts for them.
@Mousekin Its that pack Im working on. Theres a ton of things left to do in my opinion such as replacing clothed body images with nude ones when available and so on... lets not turn this thread into a chain of replies unrelated to this topic so send me a PM if you want to discuss about the pack

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Just a heads up. The browse feature is not working for me. When I select another directory with images, the editor no longer loads the images on Roaming\Strive but it doesnt load the images on the selected directory either. It also doesnt display the new directory next to the browse button as well, but instead keeps displaying Roaming\Strive. Ive tried multiple things such as another hard drive, moving the editor to the same directory, renaming the images and putting them inside the games folder structure(Strive\bodies or portraits\) within the selected directory (which shouldnt be necessary anyway). Yet nothing worked. 

Here is my wish list aside from some things you already mentioned:

Eye color tab next to hair color
A small rectangle/circle next to the eye/hair colors tags displaying its respective color. Alternatively you could add the colors as background to the tags 'box'(the area highlighted by the mouse).
A small "special attributes" tab to add simplified tags such as Horns, Wings, Tail, NonHumanEars, and any others that I may be missing. 
Turn gray all tags added by folder names and make them uncheckable. Alternatively you could make it so that checking sex, race and age tags would move the image to a different proper directory, but this probably wouldnt work well with everyone using their own folder structure.
Instead of a red font for non-standard race colors how about darkish yellow or orange? This is because the red font color often signifies something that must not be used/done to the point that doing so can potentially cause conflicts or crashes. Its not that heavy of an issue here.
Image selection(should work like windows does it for files/folders):
Left mouse click to select 1 image
Shift+Left mouse click to select all images starting from the previously selected one to the last selected one
Ctrl+Left mouse click to add 1 image to current selection
Add a '# images selected' text 

Keyboard Shortcuts (based on the current editor layout):
Enter to apply, pagedown/DOWN for next image, pageup/UP for previous image, RIGHT for fist image from the next race, LEFT for first image from the previous race, Backspace to restore last saved tags, Delete to remove all tags(excluding the ones set by folder names)

> If you want to label a portrait pack so that people downloading can use the search function, while in the portrait assigning menu (to find accurate details, eg hair color pink, skin color red). Then the more info in it's name the better.

> You can change a slaves skin color in the lab or by save editing. However, by that point a portrait will have already been assigned based on their starting skin color.

Arent you forgetting about the Random Portrait Button? 
The way I see it you are over-complicating this for no reason. Selecting which images to add based on the game's base attribute possibilities will only magnify by several times the time you put into tagging images and adding them(manually) in the first place. 
We should be able to add any portraits/bodies as long as it fits the game race's very basic features(example:lamia - humanish being with a snakish lower half). It doenst matter if it has wings, horns or a skin color and eye color that do not correspond with the game's race base possibilities. As long as you properly tag those attributes, those images should probably never show up when you find a slave but they might show up when you edit the slave and click on the Random Portait button.

About the editor, obviously using it is a must now that it is a thing. Its much faster and prevents typos so its really a godsend. Though its a bit incomplete yet so Ill be waiting until Kyler2 upgrades it a bit more.

I believe theres an item that changes skin color. Either that or it can be done through lab. Dunno but the color is not that far from normal skin color so in my opinion its still acceptable. There are way too many variables and to make an image fit precisely the description of a slave you would most definitely have to edit the slave yourself to match the image, so it doesnt need to be 100% accurate.

So far Ive only renamed the files and added the goblin girl as a test. 

Im planing to add transparency to some existing portraits and Im getting ready to start adding new girls.

MGQ Pack v0.1.rar

You are doing an amazing job renaming all those files. Thank you for your efforts. 

I picked up the MGQ pack by Mousekin and renamed it (just for testing purposes) and even though it only has 60 portraits and 60 bodies it still took a lot of my patience, so I respect you a lot for doing this.

However I couldnt help but notice a couple of things that might be wrong so Im telling you my thoughts before you keep renaming more files just in case. 

First off you are adding the same tag multiple times to the images by putting them inside a folder named after their race and then giving them said race name in their file name as well. Remember the mod loads the whole image path not just its name. This really isnt much of an issue since the mod will still work correctly anyway. Its more of a displeasing aesthetic mistake in my mind, but like I said the mod will still work.

The second thing I noticed is that you have folders named after colors inside the race folders. This is also 100% ok right now since the mod is not filtering for eyeColor. But when it does (if it ever does) it may cause conflicts. To make things easier, future proof and aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion) I believe the best approach would be to add the color tags within the image name and nowhere else. Also again, for future proof and aesthetically pleasing reasons I think its better to add hair color and eye color this way 'BlondHair' 'YellowEyes'.

Third thing I noticed was within the Human folder. Several multiple tags again and unquestionable teens that do not have the Teen tag anywhere. I checked a couple more files that also have this problem and Im sure theres quite a lot more. This really is an issue since the mod will load these images as adults.

Fourth problem is that you are adding multiple conflicting tags to the images. Even forgetting the folder names for a moment, you still have conflicting tags within the image name itself. Take this example:"Lamia Blond TitsL TitsH SkinL SkinT AssS AssM AssL AssH (1).png". I believe the mod gives different weight values which increase as the attribute goes darker/bigger and only the last one loaded (in this case would be TitsH for tits, SkinT for skin and AssH for ass) count. Or it might count all of them and keep adding weight values turning this into a much bigger of a mess. If you check the file I just mentioned you will notice the girl clearly doesnt have neither huge tits nor a small ass. Simply put, in my opinion, you shouldnt be giving multiple different tags for the same attribute. Pick one for skin, one for ass, etc...

Yet another thing I noticed, and once again not really a problem in the present, is that you are not tagging other attributes such as horns and tails. Kyler2 mentioned that he was considering adding those kind of filters in the future so it would be a good idea to start tagging the images with them right now instead of having to tag them one more time in the future. Height is very hard to tell in some images and always very subjective, more so than breast size and skin color. So forgetting about height, its still a good idea to tag obvious unquestionable attributes such as Tail, Horns, Wings, ElvenEars. Even if the mod ends up differentiating different kinds of these attributes, by then all would be needed would be to use the bulk rename utility for windows (or something similar) to rename all Tails within the Demon folder to DemonTails and so on...

So yeah, some of these observations are just my opinion, others really are problems and the remaining ones are just investment for the future.

For reference here's 2 examples on how I organized and renamed the MGQ pack: "bodies\Female\Demon\Adult\FairSkin PurpleHair RedEyes HugeTits HugeAss Wings ElvenEars Horns.png" ; "portraits\Female\Dragonkin\Child\PaleSkin PurpleHair YellowEyes FlatTits FlatAss ElvenEars Wings DragonTail.png". Im considering replacing "FlatTits" with "TitsS" and so on once Im done adding all the characters I want to this pack and tagging them all. 

Please tell me your thoughts over these observations, I might have missed something and if Im the one doing mistakes I want to fix them before I finish this pack.

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Its easier to have a template when you are manually renaming lots and lots of files. How about something like: 




I have no idea what the filters for unimplemented attributes will be but for now I think Ill work on renaming following this template.

EDIT: actually do hyphens work as word separators? 

The reason I doubted the worth of differentiation between beastkins and halfkins is because there will always be a very limited amount of beastkin images available (I think). Therefore, even though it cuts out realism, it might be worth more to not differentiate them, thus allowing for a much greater variety of images for beastkin. That was my reasoning, though I should have explained it.

About the scans time Im genuinely surprised it acts that fast even though its just loading the files names. Right now Im just using the MGQ pack for testing purposes so I literally felt no lag at all. My concern was due to slow loading times of the portrait menu when you have a large size of portraits but that's normal since its loading all the images entirely. The last feature you mentioned sounds really awesome for curiosity and debug purposes. It would absolutely come in handy when testing out new packs before the completion of this mod and its a niche thing to have at all times anyway so Im all up for it. Thank you again for working on this, Im really looking forward to the future of this mod.

Thank you so much for working on this. It has been my top 1 most anticipated feature and you are making it happen! 

Would it be possible to add the scan's selected portrait to the npcs as soon as we enter battle? I think that would be cool.

I want to rename all images from the MGQ pack (and possibly other packs afterwards) to fit your criteria but Im not quite sure how. 
I took a look at info.txt as well as the code in (Im no programmer) and I cant figure out which tags/filters would work for Hair Color. Perhaps "BlondHair" would do? About races, would a HalfkinCat filter work? Does your mod differentiate between Beastkin and Halfkin? Is it even worth to differentiate them?
And also it seems you dont have Eye color scans?

I dont know how well the weighting logic performs, I havent fully tested yet since Im waiting for your reply to rename the images I have. 
Even if its pretty accurate you might want to check my version of what the scan's logic should be(I had thought about this before you started working on this mod)(link here). Its much simpler but it hopefully opens your mind to some kind of improvement over your current logic.

Also just a thought, hypothetically in the future if we have like 2Gb of portraits wouldnt it be much better to scan specific folders? I think that would be easily achievable If all images were organized by this folder structure:"Portraits\Sex\Race\" (example:"Portraits\Female\Harpy\"). That way most images would be excluded from the scans which should result in much faster scanning and might even prevent lag or even crashes on low-end pc's.

I have not read the entire page so sorry if these were already mentioned.

I believe most people playing this game also play other H-games and many of them, like me, have it safely hidden from anyone who might check their PC. In my case its stored within  a hidden veracrypt volume. This works brilliantly and all but then to use portraits you are forcing me to put them on %appdata% (on Windows) which is accessible to anyone. A simple ".png" search would reveal all the NSFW stuff and thus renders all my efforts into hiding the game completely useless.

In short: you should allow people to change the default portraits/bodies folder into any location they want and also since we are at it, why not store the save game files within the game installation folder as well? Many H-games do that.

As for my second suggestion I would like to use the portraits to their fullest potential in this game. There should be a mandatory folder structure that would allow the game to pick selected images from it and apply to all encountered 'slaves' in the game. For instance, you encounter a female teen dragonkin so the game would automatically pick an image from 'Portraits>Female>Dragonkin>Teen'. Say it picks the "003.png" file, it would apply it as that slave's portrait and apply the  'Bodies>Female>Dragonkin>Teen>003.png' file to the full body. This feature would only be complete if it were possible to add tags to images such as "blue hair" and "giant breasts" and then the game would search for the picture that would have the most tags in common with the slave's profile and apply it. Artificial Academy can store such tags in the characters cards (images) so I'm sure that is possible but it should be done by the community. The game would only have to load and apply them. Because there will always be room for 'errors' in this feature it should be toggleable and turned OFF by default.

0.5.13 win10

During intercourse using a milker (tool) will grant stress to the slaves regardless if they have the "like it rough", "masochist" or "pervert" traits.

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0.5.11a win10 64

If you venture outside with 3 supplies and consume them through the rest option without obtaining any extra supplies, when you get back to the mansion it will say you have "0" supplies on your backpack and you can press the "move" button to send it to the inventory increasing your inventory amount of supplies by 1.

Edit: another bug. if you close your "Storage and gear" menu with the backpack selected when you open it back it will show up your inventory but the icon that's displayed is the backpack one. This bug also happens on the market though it may not replicate through these exact steps.

V0.5.7d win10 x64

Bug1: When casting the "Dream" spell the slave instantly becomes unavailable for the rest of the day (as it should) however, the slave menu does not close on its own and you can keep casting the spell over and over again, making it possible to completely remove any amount of stress in 1 day.  

Bug2: Got a bugged dragonkin slave from Sebastian (through special request). It costed me 0 gold to purchase when she got available and her stats menu is a mess.  Here is a save in case you need.

Bug3: I'm at the third stage of the Yris quest line, the one in which you need 1000 gold + 1 Deterrent Potion to proceed. I meet the requirements and yet when I try to speak with Yris, the button to advance ["Accept (1000 Gold)"]  is always greyed out whether the potion is on my inventory or backpack. According to the wiki this is because I haven't advanced enough in the main quest line but its a bug if it doesn't at least notify of such. Ideally you should only be able to meet Yris again and receive her final challenge when you reach the necessary story's point.

Bug4: Slaves will show up with anywhere from -30 up to 89 beauty (from my experience) and yet many times when groups show up (bandits or when I open a slave guild market that I haven't checked in quite a while) , there are 2 or more slaves with the exact same beauty (showed right next to each other on the slave list).  While this should be a possible occurrence it shouldn't happen nearly as often as it does for me. As an example, last time I opened the Umbra slave market the top 2 slaves on the list had both 86 beauty... Perhaps the odds are just odd for me.

Once again, love your game, keep it up!