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{ "Name": "Dark Elf", "Regex": "DarkElf", "Tag": "DarkElf"},

{ "Name": "Elf", "Regex": "(?<!Dark)Elf", "Tag": "DarkElf"}, 

Sigh, I moved the other skin ones into skin but failed on those. I'm getting lazy.  That Elf one is just silly too... matches right, but tags wrong... I did a double check on the rest and I'm not noticing any more mistakes, so hopefully last tweaks.  Might just call this a 1.0 since it's got most of the features I intend to add anytime soon.

Thanks again for the amount of work you've put into this tool Kyler, you rock.
(#pruple is the new bark)

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Every time you released a new version I checked the settings file and mostly I only noticed something wrong when tagging/loading images with the editor. Its not you being lazy, if anything it represents a lack of concentration/rest. So rest m8, we portrait pack makers are already eternally grateful for this tool you did on a whim. I still have hundreds of images to tag for my next pack and several hundreds more for the next one so if I find anything wrong I will post it here.

EDIT: just one small thing that has been bothering me when tagging several images at once. After I press "Apply" I have to manually select the next image with the mouse because the "DOWN" button is working for the last selected tag instead of the image list. It just brings a little more effort so its not really a bug or anything but if its something you can fix easily then plz do it when you got the time. And seriously thank you for both the mod and this editor!

Done, single line, after clicking apply, focus goes to the file list so down or up etc. controls it.