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Working flawlessly, though It would be great if 'Enter' was a shortcut to 'Apply' - Im pretty sure it was one of the keyboard shortcuts you wanted to add, though its not working for me

Feature request: images with 1(or more) untagged attributes show up in the image list with a different color - this is helpful to identify such images among hundreds of them in case we might have missed something.

EDIT: I still think it doesnt make sense to have 2 'Green' and 2 'Purple' in skincolor when they are both literally just 'Green' and 'Purple'. Unlike SkinB and Blueskin which represent different things, GreenSkin and SkinG are exactly the same. So the editor should load them under the same 'Green' and apply either SkinG or GreenSkin to Green. Same logic for purple. - Feel free to ignore this one cause the editor works just as well regardless.

You're free to change the regex and list for the skin colors. I left it as-is to allow someone to choose which tag from the list, even if it's a bit unintuitive currently.

Enter applies now, and escape resets.  Additionally, instead of coloring things in the list, I just added checkbox filters for race, hair, skin, tits, and ass missing.  Check the box, and it filters the list to only the ones missing the selected attributes.

I think this allows for a good workflow, can filter to everything missing tits, have mouse over tits area, select tits, hit enter, hit down, select tits, hit enter, hit down, repeat. Can work through an entire list for one attribute with minimal mouse movement now.

Yeah I changed a couple things in settings.json to make tagging easier based on how often I use each tag.

The filters really are handy and much more eye-friendly and elegant than my color suggestion. In less than 5s I found 2 images with missing tags among over 300. 

Thank you for these new updates. The editor just really got solidified now.