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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Old Bug Report Thread Sticky

A topic by Strive4Power created May 27, 2017 Views: 30,776 Replies: 635
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Please post your bug reports here.

Preferably include: 

  1. Game version
  2. Your OS or if you are playing web version
  3. Bug description
  4. (if complex)Way to replicate it
  5. Any details you wish

I'm playing 0.4.3b on Windows, and I can't end day. It doesn't seem to function at all (clicking the button or using the hotkey), at first I was playing with a character from 4.2 and thought the problem might be related to that when I started on 4.3, but i created random new characters and it still wouldn't work.

Try to update again, this bug should've been fixed.

Deleted post

Are you sure you have enough mana and energy?

I did not.

1: 0.4.3b

2: MacOSX

3: After combat, raping anyone who has been captured decreases mana by the amount it said it should increase (if it says my mana increased by 4, it actually decreases it by 4. If my mana is currently at 0, nothing occurs)

I've tried this with a few different characters now with the same result in different save files, so these results appear to persist throughout playthroughs.

Otherwise, it's been a real great game so far. Great job!

Got it, thanks for the report

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Game version: 0.4.3b

OS: windows 10

Bug: (1.) I am unable to disable characters. When I select the box it just doesn't happen.

(2.) I am unable to select my player character age, it's stuck on 'teen', and trying to switch it to 'adult' just shuffles the traits, but keeps it at 'teen'.

(3.) I am unable to exit full screen mode. When I uncheck the box, it does go into a window, but it cuts off the part of the screen with the 'confirm' button, and I'm forced to close and restart the game. When I open it again, it's still full screen.

That is unusual. In general for settings to be overwritten, you have to click 'confirm' button. Otherwise you can try to get into appdata folder and set settings by textedit (will have make hidden folders shown on win10). For the character age, next version will have new starting sequence.

There may be a bug with Cali's quest.  It tells me I need to talk to her the moment I get her, but I have to wait a few days before the game prompts me and during the time I can grind her relationship to max.  I mentioned that part because I am not sure if the bug is the quest showing up before the prompt or if the quest should have started the second I got her.

Just gonna drop in to say that the new UI looks good, though it has some odd bugs. Sex acts unlocking eventually breaks the list of unlocks when you unlock some of the later ones or if you scroll down at all. There's other minor discrepancies with how the UI seems to get shuffled up mistakenly, mostly when the UI seems to try and correct placement of an element, but gets it wrong, but that was the one I could reproduce consistently. 

Also, I noticed that Wimborn is now among the choices when selecting "Portals", which seems unnecessary given "Leave to Town" has the same action. That said, and here's the kicker, when selecting Wimborn from the Portals menu, the dialog box in the middle of the town screen briefly shows a scene it seems to want to skip, though no such skipping or skipped scenes happen when going to Wimborn with the Leave to Town button.  It doesn't give enough time to really read much more than a word or two at a time, but it sounds like an intro scene that should only happen once.

Thanks for the report, next versions should adress some gui issues and sort some things out. I'll fix what portals are displayed though.

Game Version: 0.4.4a

OS: Windows 10

1) Application hangs when switching between the game and other programs when in fullscreen mode. Most notable when using multiple monitors and using an application on the other monitor. This can sometimes lead to crashing, but typically just leads to loading lag. 

2) Application cannot be toggled out of fullscreen mode. Once fullscreen mode is turned on the windows no longer scale in windowed mode so the confirm button is off screen. The option menu also obstructs the game menu so the game cannot be closed properly. This means you can never save the setting change to make the application run in windowed mode. 

3) Name reference breaks in several places. When progressing quests there are several instances where [%name] appears instead. 

4) Royal slaves still appear. They can be caught in the wild, sold by Sebastian, and show up as a requirement in slave guild requests. Royal slaves will break the game in a number of ways. 

5) Good ending for Dolin has no reward. A spell scroll is mentioned, but the scroll does not appear in inventory nor does it show up in spell book. Probably WIP content. 

6) Unable to spike Emily with aphrodisiac on recruitment event. You can delay recruiting Emily till you have either a aphrodisiac potion or the materials, but the option to spike her with it remains grayed out. Started with the researcher starting condition to start with the alchemy lab, so may not recognize the alchemy lab as it was not purchased.

7) Advanced Lab provides no additional enhancements. Probably WIP content.

8) Slave guild available slaves persist until new day started. If you save the game, purchase all the slaves, then load the game your owned slaves will revert to the state when you saved (no slaves purchased) but there will be no slaves in the slave market anymore. If you end the day and then load the save for a different game the slaves generated at the end of the day in the guilds will be available for purchase in your loaded game. 

9) Mage Order quest to purchase a lab does not need a lab to complete. Specifically, the requirement for the Taruus girl does not match the quest text. After purchasing the lab the quest states the Taurus girl should have huge breasts, lactate, and multiple nipples. Of those requirements only the multiple nipples require the lab as the other two can only be accomplished via mutate or potions. Quest turn-in, however, disregards the multiple nipples so the quest can be completed without using the lab at all. 

10) Tutorial is broken in fullscreen mode. Tutorial draws boxes around parts of the UI to explain it, but in fullscreen mode the boxes drawn are where the UI would be if Windowed which is completed wrong. 

11) Reputation currently does nothing. Probably a WIP content. Suggestions would be possible market discounts, quests, more/better slaves available in slave market, more/better quests in slave market. 

12) Male slaves still appear with 0% appearance setting. Specifically, male characters will appear in combat and can be captured and made slaves. 

Thanks for the report. 

3. Could you name any specific places? They shouldn't technically exist at all. 

6. You need an actual aphrodisiac to spike her, not just alchemy room

8. The problem with it, is that I don't save guild slaves to save file to save time and space. And either I maintain slave guild content after save or allow save-scumming to reroll it every time game loads. 

10. Tutorial should be redone in 4.42.

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Game Version 4.41d

OS: Win 8.1

Any slaves in jail will have their resistance timer reset if a new slave is captured and jailed. Had a Taurus female with 1 day left on her resistance, and captured a Scylla and the Taurus' timer reset to 22 days, which was the timer on the Scylla. And rolling the day did not break her resistance, the timer was indeed reset.

Game version 4.3b (later version too)

OS Win 10

At start, when you create your player, you can choose your name, then create your sister, that come with another name.

Would be nice that she have the same name as she is your sister... 

I believe your sister takes same surname automatically, not same name.

Yes, sorry, i mean surname.

In fact, when you change any parameter, the surname change.

So if i select sister, the surname cme to the same as player, but if i change visual age after, the surname change to something else.

Not really a problem now that i know that i must choose relation last.

game verstion 0.4.1 according to redme or 0.4.41d according to the web page...

Choosing elf, dark elf or taurus and then adding one to the bonus stat does not increase it, also elf seems to be starting with one in str as well as magic

This issue is still present as of 0.4.42c

Selecting races that have a bonus point in a specific stat do not gain a point in the stat the first time you add to it.

As far as having extra points, that's random at generation.

On version 4.42c

I can't view my own character's description.  Clicking on the button creates an error message the hidden prompt. 

There are still quests that request 'royal' slaves at the guild. 

It's also not uncommon for the slave windows to glitch, so they will show the same description box even if you click a different slave's name.  It's most obvious with the canon slaves because they have avatars, but it happens with others randomly too.  

The sister option doesn't change her name to yours. 

Those are the only ones I've noticed.  I did notice the same things are Torinir as well, but I thought it was just a random glitch rather than a predictable one. 

Sounds like you have a broken slave(s). Without save or error log there's not much I could do. If you can provide a save file, that would be helpful.

Version 0.4.42c
Windows 10 64-bit

Cannot complete the pretty boy repeatable quest: When choosing "offer slave", the selection dialog does not appear and the console prints a script error:

SCRIPT ERROR: slaveforquestselected: Invalid get index 'hairlengtharray' (on base: 'Reference ()').
          At: res://files/scripts/

A quick fix would be to rearrange the order of the if-statements in the requirement checker, so that the checker doesn't attempt to access slave.hairlengtharray. A better but slower fix would be to use the index of the hair length as the value stored in the slave data structure, and only look up the text of the hair length when you need to display it. That way you wouldn't need to special-case hair length checking. (just slave.hairlength >= 3)

Game Version: 0.4.42c

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

1) The option to spike Emily with an aphrodisiac is disabled. Tried it as an aristocrat and an researcher but having either the aphrodisiac crafted or just the raw material makes no difference. 

2) If you use hair dye the subsequent window has no text.

1. Could you confirm it? The only requirement for this option is to have at least 1 aphrodisiac.

...yes I can confirm it. Else I wouldn't report it for the second time. I tried multiple play through with the different starting conditions and the option remained grayed out the entire time. 

I'll look into it, thank you.

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Version: 0.4.43
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

Even though a slave is assigned to sleep with you in your bed and she goes down on you as described during the end turn, if she's the trait "clingy", there's still the chance the message "she's annoyed at you ignoring her" pops up... even though she's with you most of the day.

Version: 0.4.43
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

If the slave is a pussy virgin and you go full anal path, then unlock bondage actions. She may lose her virginity if asking for more sex and one of those actions is bondage, since it uses vagina as default.
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Version: 0.4.43
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

Equipping the ninja outfit (+1 AGI) breaks your character max AGI stat if you're wearing it while you put your last point to max it, it will count as if that +1 wasn't from the equipped item and even if you unequip it and equip it again you can't bypass the +1 limit by wearing it again so you have to reload a save, take off the ninja suit, max AGI then equip it again.

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This was in Version 0.4.43a, Windows 10. I don't know if this was intended, but when in combat, you can skip the option to let an opponent leave or to catch them. For example, if you're fighting two bandits and one of them runs, when the option to catch them or not comes up, you can skip it and keep fighting and capture both bandits. Whether you attack automatically or not doesn't affect it.

Actually, I was a little off with how it works. The people who "run away" will only "run" once you hit confirm (the button that ends the round). They disappear in battle and them show up afterwards, supposedly captured.

Are you sure those 'captured' are not third party persons you can find at certain encounters?

No, they are the same people that were battled. It happens with or without any captures.

I can't quite replicate it. Could you provide clear steps?

Sure. You have to get the opponents health down to the point where they will run. Then, instead of choosing to catch them or not, you press confirm (the one that ends the round). They will disappear from the battle without any sort of message or indication. After that, you continue to do this for every single person except for the last one and they will show up in the aftermath of the battle. The option to catch them must be left open or they will run away, it can be closed in a different battle. Also, I don't know why but this only works in full screen mode.

>Also, I don't know why but this only works in full screen mode.

Now I can see why...

This was in Version 0.4.43a, Windows 10. When raping slaves in the jail, if they start liking it and asking for more, it automatically switches to consensual sex and you have to switch screens, otherwise they could refuse you.

I'm retarded... I'm a patron, I have access to 0.4.43a and I was using 0.4.43 -_-

This is on 0.4.43a
Win7 x64

Harpies are not giving bestial essences, script line 692 are named haPRys
elif  slave.race in ['Hapry', 'Centaur'] || slave.race.find('Beastkin') >= 0 || slave.race.find('Halfkin') >= 0:

Whoops, thanks for the report.

This was in Version 0.4.43a, Windows 10.  When committing actions such as rape and bondage that add traits such as "Likes It Rough" and "Deviant", it tells you that a new trait has been added when they already have the trait that would've been added. It doesn't change their list of traits.

I don't believe this is possible since when trait already exists script will shut down before trying to apply and report it.

This was in Version 0.4.43a, Windows 10.  When choosing the threesome option for group, even if I haven't done it once a day, it still tells me that I already have. It doesn't stop the player from being able to do it, but its misleading.

This was in Version 0.4.43a, Windows 10. If a slave dies in combat they don't actually die. I was wondering if they weren't supposed because they come back with the same health, energy, and stress from before they died, but it says in the options that they should die instead they just disappear for the remainder of the battle.

Win7 x64

This is a carried save from 0.4.43, stills happens on 0.4.43a, when a slave that's vaginal virgin asks for light or hard bondage actions there's a chance they lose their virginity.

Game Version: 0.4.43a

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

1) Don't know if it is intentional, but on day 1 the max energy is 75. This goes for yourself, starting slave, and any slave you purchase.

2) When you ask about faeries at the Wimborn slave guild the conversation ends with her calling you $name

3) Racial links are broken in general descriptions until you purchase the slave. It used to be that you could click the race and get the description pop-up, but that doesn't work in slave market listings. 

Hey there, 987 from F95zone here. Glad you liked my mod :) Found a bug though, in the getessencesfromsex function in Harpy is misspelled.

elif slave.race in ['Hapry', 'Centaur'] || slave.race.find('Beastkin') >= 0 || slave.race.find('Halfkin') >= 0:

should be

elif slave.race in ['Harpy', 'Centaur'] || slave.race.find('Beastkin') >= 0 || slave.race.find('Halfkin') >= 0:

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the report, already found it out. Your mod gave me a bit of fresh sight :)

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Could you tell me how to save a "written" log of the window behind the game? it delivers these errors on a carried save from 04.43a and all I can do is post a pic and I don't even know how to use a spoiler to wrap it up -_-

Here's the same save for testing purposes, edited lots of things for reasons lol but it worked fine on 04.43a!YIdUzKjI!Ka-20T1Gf2-I8jURZrqR-8jz7H6-KGfUZqfLCunQM84

Should be fixed in 4.44a


If you've got a teen character with huge tits and you use a maturing potion you can segfault, because the check to prevent overflow erroneously checks the ass size rather than tits size.

That's a nice find, thank you!

The changelog has not been updated with the 0.4.44a changes, it currently is only 0.4.43a. Update it please :)

Done. You can also see changelog in the game by clicking version button in main menu.

In version 4.44a   Not sure if it's a bug or not, but if you have a slave with 100 beauty, then give them a kimono and have them give birth, the child will have 110 beauty, and it will probably keep on building over the generations. 


Win 8.1

Something wrong going on with some chars (it can be like that, on existing play, or even a freshly started game). Most of the times it's incurable.

Probably it's the interface problem, since they can be successfully assigned to work they can be assigned (where there are checks, they work correctly, it's just my can't see)

Sorry for the quantity of screens (and I'm too lazy to edit it into one pic), but it's still better than wording the whole problem with a wall of text :)

You probably have a corrupted slave. Can you provide a save?


Somehow your drow has 'pale_blue' skin color instead of 'pale blue'. I'm not even sure how that happened since I can't replicate this skin color by normal generation

At least I've done what I should, such as reporting something strange, my conscience is clear :)

mutation spell failure?

Nope, no magic used

0.4.45 x64


The threesome event with the sisters describe you're giving them a paid vacation, a whole week right? I do the event but they still stay at the mansion.
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Game version: 0.4.44a

OS: Win7

Bug:  Nipple fuck and Bestiality actions not unlocked with the rest of the fetishes.


line 40
fetish2 = {code = 'fetish2', name = 'Advanced Fetish actions', actions = ['tailjob','tailpeg','tailpegtake','hbondage'], cost = 40, description = "More pervertedness.", prereq = ['fetish'], number = 5, unlockdescript = "$name agreed to go all the way with you, since there's no point stopping anymore. "},


fetish2 = {code = 'fetish2', name = 'Advanced Fetish actions', actions = ['tailjob','tailpeg','tailpegtake','hbondage','nipplefuck','bestiality'], cost = 40, description = "More pervertedness.", prereq = ['fetish'], number = 5, unlockdescript = "$name agreed to go all the way with you, since there's no point stopping anymore. "},

Alternative fix (retroactive):

For those wishing to retroactively fix slaves that already unlocked the advanced fetish option, add this block of code and check the sex menu of every slave you need fixed, save then remove the temporary code.
line 28
func _on_sexual_visibility_changed():
    slave = globals.slaves[get_tree().get_current_scene().currentslave]
    #Add this block temporarily
    if slave.sexuals.unlocks.has('fetish2'):
        if slave.sexuals.actions.has('nipplefuck') == false:
            slave.sexuals.actions['nipplefuck'] = 0
        if slave.sexuals.actions.has('bestiality') == false:
            slave.sexuals.actions['bestiality'] = 0
    #Add this block temporarily
    var tab = get_parent().tab
    var text = ''
    var button
    var allactions = []

Bestiality is actually not fully implemented yet, I'll check nipple fuck.

0.4.45 x64 

While exploring if you access the invigorate menu but still use a shortcut key like 1 to order explore you will move in the background, then you can choose who to invigorate and it will take you out of the Fight or Leave/Escape choice.

(1 edit)

Game version: 0.4.46c

Windows 10 (64 bit version)

I found a weird bug when trying to create a new game. If you turn on childlike character generation, then disable adult characters, then turn off childlike character generation without re-enabling adult characters first, the game still acts as if you have adult character generation disabled even though the 'disable adult generation' box is automatically unchecked when the childlike characters box is. This results in the game not registering adult as a valid age choice for either the player character or the initial slave. You can still select those options when choosing their ages (which as a side note, is also possible if adult characters are disabled without this bug), but both the preview description and their actual in-game age will disregard this, making the character either a teen or childlike instead (even if the childlike option is disabled).

The only way I've found to fix this is to go back into the options, recheck both the 'enable childlike characters' and 'disable adult characters' options, then uncheck the 'disable adult characters' option again. I actually remember running into this glitch in a prior version of the game, but I ended up fixing it on accident and thus just assumed it had been patched out. I do think this issue should be fixed if possible, as it's a glitch that's both easy to activate for people who like changing their options between save files, and hard to figure out how to fix on your own.

Also, there's a whole host of glitches that arise when you try to load an old save with the new mansion upgrade system, including resetting your food stores to the starting amount, and your mansion overview displaying incorrect numbers or even being entirely blank. Exact errors are not entirely consistent though, and it's pretty clear this is just an issue with how the system is 'repairing' old saves to be compatible with the new version, hence why I'm starting a new game in the first place. I know this most likely not really something that can be fixed, but I figure it should be noted anyways for people who aren't sure why their old saves are all wonky.

Finally, despite listing what I assume are gold prices for mansion upgrades, I am unable to purchase them even though I have enough gold saved up to do so. The game only seems to recognize the 'free upgrade points' as a valid currency for mansion upgrades. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but it's definitely something that confuses me, especially since I have not yet discovered how to get free upgrade points beyond the initial 5/20 you get upon starting a new game. I would show you a screenshot to prove this, but I have not figured out how to get my computer to take them.

(1 edit)

Upgrade points are earned from selling tamed slaves to the guild (previously bought from guild slaves won't work), and by doing guild quests. 

I'll add new mentions on the main screen about old version issues, as repairing saves proved to be overall poor choice in this regard.  Thanks for the report. 

And lastly, I believe adult characters are automatically turned on when you disable childlike characters. 

Awesome, thanks for getting back to me so soon, and answering my question! There is one thing though that I should clarify:

"And lastly, I believe adult characters are automatically turned on when you disable childlike characters. "

Yes, that is indeed what the options screen says happens, and what should be happening, but what I'm saying in my report is that disabling childlike characters while adult characters are still disabled doesn't actually re-enable adult characters automatically. If you do the actions outlined in my report, then despite both childlike characters being disabled and adult characters being enabled, the game will act as if the opposite was true, which is especially noticeable during character creation if you try to create an adult player character or slave. I hope that clears up what exactly the issue I'm trying to point out is.

(1 edit)

Character creation is not actually affected by age settings outside of 'child' option. Player character will always be able to pick between teen and adult(but not child), and slave character can have either adult-teen or adult-teen-child options. I haven't been able to get any other results from playing with options, and judging from the code this shouldn't be possible.

Game version: 0.4.46c

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

i found a bug. i can`t select a slave to manage at the farm but i can select a slave to work in the farm.

Oh and i don`t know if you know this when you can make the second guilde quest but only talk to her and then go back you get everytime 250 gold.

here some screens

Will fix next version, thank you for the report.

Game version: 0.4.46c

Windows 10

When doing Cali's quest line I am unable to decline the reward for saving Tia from the bandits in the forest.

I get this: SCRIPT ERROR: calivillage3: Invalid get index 'rooms' (on base: 'Reference ()').
          At: res://files/scripts/

(1 edit)

.4.47c windows when i finsh the game with yris it does not let me to get her to work for me i even pressded the butteon 5 times 2 times to get her to work for me but it does nothing.

(2 edits)

i found a new bug if you try to get dolin with a amnesia potion or with a aphrodisiac potion you don`t get the button to go one and left the screen.

edit: ops i haven`t say my version it is 0.4.47b

I don't know if it's on purpose but if I do a quick start career I get a total of 14 skills available  while in the custom set up gives 18 in the 0.4.47 on widows version

(1 edit)

Game version: 0.4.48b 64bit

Windows 10 - 64bit

Using spells on a slave breaks the system, and trying to use a spell on an other slave won't work and will instead target the first slave.
For example: I have a human and an elf, I cast mind reading on the human: it shows her stats; I then cast mind reading on the elf: it shows the human's stats.
Also trying to use mind reading after finishing the quest will instead show the stats of the slave that was traded.

On the screen, " Laurine " is the name of the slave I gave to the mage recruiter dude, and you can see on the right that I selected " Anissa " and don't even have a " Laurine " in the list.

The only way I found to change the target of the spell is to use it outside of the mansion.
And it will stay locked on the new target when you go home anyway.

How do you use mindreading outside of the mansion? Does this only apply to mindreading? Could you provide a save?

It applies to every spell I tried so far ( heal and mind reading ) and by using them outside of mansion I mean in the slaver's guild or after the fights, to see the specific stats of the people you capture

As for the save it happened on every game I made, I even reinstalled the game after deleting everything and it still didn't work.

On a side note I made a sandbox game with researcher background to test a bit more and on day 1, no spell worked.
The console returned

SCRIPT ERROR: healeffect: Invalid get index 'health' (on base: 'Nil').
          At: res://files/scripts/
SCRIPT ERROR: healeffect: Invalid get index 'health' (on base: 'Nil').
          At: res://files/scripts/
SCRIPT ERROR: feareffect: Invalid get index 'cour' (on base: 'Nil').
          At: res://files/scripts/
SCRIPT ERROR: mindreadeffect: Invalid get index 'origins' (on base: 'Nil').
          At: res://files/scripts/

( It also seems to happen after reloading a save )

And here's a save, I'm not sure I can give you much more informations than that.

I've found no issues with your save and can't replicate this bug at all. What OS you are using? 

Win 10 Family 64bit

I use french system language but I don't think that would be the issue here

Can you try to reupload version of the game you manage to download from here? 

(1 edit)

I'll try but my upload is very very low

Edit:  4G is op

Again, I had no issues with this version, even though it does not look quite as pristine as it should be (portrait pack shouldn't exist there at the very least). I suggest to try clean your C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\strive2 folder. Otherwise I really have no idea what might be causing it at all. 

I already tried to clean the save folder when I downloaded a fresh version and the .zip I uploaded is a rearchive of my folder, that's why there was the portrait pack.

Thank you for giving me a bit of your time, knowing it comes from my system is still better than not having any idea.
Have a good day.

There's not only saves but also some setting files now. Those preferably should be cleaned as well.
Also, you could try installing the game via app, it installs it in a different way than doing it from archieve. Oh yeah, getting win32 version helped some people too.


I'm unable to progress on the main quest in the Frostford outskirts. The Hunting Grounds do not appear after going through the outskirts. This is the second time this has happened to me, once was about a month ago and it happened at this same step.

Here's a save

Seems like this is my mistake for using float numbers in some places causing scripts to missfire. You can edit your save file with text editor and change line "mainquest":28.1 to "mainquest":29. I'll try to fix it properly next update. 

Okay, thank you! Also, in that same save file, you might want to have a look at the slaves I've gathered. I put nature tattoos on all of them, and for the majority I placed it on all six parts, except the Orc (Ushaga), who has a different tattoo on her legs and ass. As it turns out, she's the only one who receives any benefit from the tattoos. Looks like its effect is broken on everyone else.

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1. 0.4.48b

2. Windows


  • I had a pregnant slave and I sold her, then a few days later I received a message about the baby and she (the slave) was added to my residents
  • For Emily, I need to unlock intimacy to level her up but it doesn't work if you unlock it by doing the quest
  • In forestfind(), the "$him" in "What would you like to do with $him?" doesn't get replaced
  • Typo - ChloeShaliqTakeMana - orgrasm -> orgasm
  • When purchasing some mansion upgrades, it says you obtain mansion upgrade points
  • The "Master's Bed Enlargement" upgrade doesn't specify the upgrade point cost
  • In CaliVillageRefuseReward, "Your communal room take 2 more persons now" should be removed since the quest gives upgrade points now
  • In ChloeGroveSex, there's an extra "[/color]" at the end
  • Typo - EmilyShowerSex - "As you greedily suck on her month"

I was unable to replicate the first bug and I no longer have the save

After you sell a slave, it gets erased from your roster, so this shouldn't happen at all. Can you replicate this?

  1. Game version : 4.48b
  2.  WIndows 7 64 bit
  3. Buttons on portal went missing since 4.46-ish

It seems you are using quite outdated save and your portal data is messed up. Try start a new save or manually replace portals data in text editor with newer one.

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thanks for answering! I'm quite fond with this save data and I would like to keep it, so how to manually replace portals data?

Edit: I'm sorry, never mind it. I have found it, thank you very much!

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1. 4.46, 4.48b, 5.0.2

2. Windows 7 Ult 64bit

3.  This bug didn't happen at first.  I played game fine for a while and then the bug hit.  Now I can't play the game without the bug triggering.  All I do to trigger the bug is complete any quest where I have to give away a slave(such as the mission to join the order, get your slaves to work in the brothel, etc).  Then all spells used in the Mansion target, not the slave I'm trying to use them on, but the slave that is no longer mine.  If I save the game at that point, shut the game down, and reload, I will get an error that reads:  SCRIPT ERROR: *spellname*effect: Invalid get index 'origins' (on base: 'Nil') when I try to cast a spell on a slave(it also takes my mana just like it had cast the spell but does nothing).  If I use the spells outside of the Mansion they work fine, but drags the target info into the mansion.  From what I can tell, only by wiping my saves will this clear out until such time as I give a slave away again.  I've only messed around with story mode because it irritates me and I give up after a while.  I'm not a programmer or anything but it just seems like something isn't getting flushed when it should.  *Note: A couple of weeks ago I didn't see this bug reported but now it is very similar to the one reported by Smyez*

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I'm having very hard time replicating it. Could you provide save file causing this issue with your game folder?

Anyway, I've added piece of code hopefully to prevent it. Let me know if it works.

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Game+save--pre trigger

Save2--post trigger

What I see post trigger

Here is a rar w/ the game folder I'm using and my save.  The save in the rar is just before the bug is triggered.  If I give away Joella, go back to the mansion, and use mind read on any of my others it comes up with Joella's info.  The second save is after I have sold Joella and the bug has been triggered.  The last is a pic of what it looks like when I run into this thing.  I'm downloading strive again to test it out and see what happens.  I'll get back to you.  *Edit: WHOO! I think you fixed it.  Using those broke saves I sent you everything behaves now.  Lemme try to break it real good and I'll update again.  *Edit2:  I think this is fixed now.  I completed the 3 easiest give quests in wimborn, used mindread everywhere you could,  and completed a repeatable quest.  I was unable to break my spells under any conditions while doing all this stuff. I did find a text bug though.  When upgrading the mansion personal rooms the output message was first 'lost 300 gold' in red and then 'obtained 3 upgrade points' in green.  Since I spent them it should have read 'Lost 3 upgrade points' in red right? lol  Thanks for your prompt attention to my bug report.  I'm eager to see the continued growth of strive.

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Version 0.502 ... I think ...

The Bug :

All slave (previous) won't be able to increase "Courage" status anymore ...

can't get from winning fight, and can't get from Hunt either ...

The cause (?) :

I put max amount of slave in team in hope all will get +1 courage, but it isn't working ...

(I tried this trick when my stamina 0)

then I tried to use 1 at a time, but now it won't work either ...

also I tried "Hunt", but it won't give +1 "Courage" at next day ...

note, this only happen to all clustered team slave, new slave outside the old one can still have their courage increased ...

Only affect courage, I already tried to test other stat still work ...

The Bug II :

if I haven't do any alchemy, then the potion slave request for level up can still be "given" but it will cause the number become negative ...

The cause (?) :

When slave want potion as their level up requirement, just accept it TWICE, it will cause the potion slot in alchemy goes negative ...

The Bug III :

When updating mansion, there's mentioning information at lower right you get (x) building point or something in green ...

shouldn't it type you LOSE (x) building point in RED ?

The cause (?) :

when you upgrade the building / home ...

Thank you for the report. For courage growth, slave must end battle with high health.

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hmm, I already tried to make the slave (and me) in FULL HEALTH, FULL STAMINA and EMPTY STRESS, but the problem still presist ...

and the hunt can't produce "Courage" point anymore ...

I don't want to remove all my 12 old slave, not to mention 4 is main heroine in the story ...

please fix this problem ASAP at next update if you could ...

thank you for your attention ...

Suggestion :

also, can you make extra (sub) specialized ?

like for nurse, > Doctor (relief HP and Stress from other slave more) ...

or Nympho > (assign job) sex relief for all other slave (need several criteria to unlock this task, like "group" need to be unlocked)

Magic usage on self at mansion (I know several limitation, but using heal on yourself at outside is kind of annoying) ...

where to get slave (beside main slave girl) with high Beauty ?

all other is most likely goes BELOW 40% point which is annoying ...

More quest outside the Slave trader, like bandit subjugation, gathering material, etc (from Bar, or market, or so) ...

Can you make "Appraisal" trait, or spell when you already win (so you know if the bandit / humanoid you caught is good or not ...

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Just found something ...  you said if they HP HIGH ...

It seems MC Stamina and HP effect them too, so if MC force slave to fight with them, but MC stamina / HP low or empty, it seems they can't get "Courage" too ...

Also I notice, if one of your slave get very low HP (in red icon), the other will get affected too (can't get courage) ...

is Courage system is really that hard ?

somehow my bug above get fixed after one of slave back from training, weird ...

(1 edit)

Courage from combat: 

if > slave.stats.health_max/1.3:
 slave.cour += rand_range(1,3)

From hunt:

slave.cour += rand_range(0,2

So unless you get tons of error from the console, both options should work perfectly. Otherwise, there might be something broken with your saves.

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well, I abuse save tons of time to checking all function / feature in the game ...

so it might be possible because sometimes I tried uncommon thing like mass slave team, save load to change level up request, checking item which get minus,  etc ... also found some kind of odd problem in slave auction / request (probably because save load abuse ...

like slave stat get a bit different after I buy them, but this very rarely happen ...

I see, hunt might give 0 Courage ...

also, I already test this, but it seems if MC have very low or 0 stamina, slave team won't get any courage increase ...

this also happen in MC HP, is MC HP / Stamina affect courage increasement ?

(in your script line it shouldn't but is the variable get mixed somehow ?)

I'll try further test in here ... (since I love this game too and hoping more positive progress patch in here)

is that normal ?

BTW, can MC have specialization ? 1 would be enough ...

Could you upload your save file somewhere? Without any sort of error log and not being able to replicate the issue on my own, there's little I can do.

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the most noticeable is negative number from alchemy recipes potion ...

just click "alchemy" and you can see it immediately ...

(I already mention this bug at above) ...

to produce the bug, just make one of the slave request potion which you can made (but unavailable) ...

and "give" her that unavailable potion ... voila, instant -1 at that potion list ...

but now that "Courage" bug get weird ...

sometimes it happen, sometimes isn't ...

(being affected by MC HP and Stamina which shouldn't)

Item request bug wont happen in next versions anyway.


thank you for the future patch, I hope this game will have GREAT finishing touch latter ...

just a bit worried, is the save with minus item will work at next patch or not ?

Option to go negative will be fixed, but you will have to outbuy yourself from previous save

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Last question ...

I notice when switching partner sex for slave ...

it seems the stamina cost for the partner billed at MC / (Yours) ... not the partner ...

is that on purpose ?

I mean, if they the one who did it not MC, isn't that weird for MC losing his / her stamina ?


Change sex / intimacy Partner, and when you (MC) have low stamina, it will says THE PARTNER DON'T HAVE ENOUGH STAMINA !

It's not a bug, its done to prevent easy nearly limitless mana generation.

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then please give info "You / MC name" don't have enough stamina instead ...

or it doesn't matter if change partner is NOT MC, but also don't give Mana ...

it still reduce lust to slave, might cause pregnant, reduce stress and increase affection, but no mana ...

that will be more reasonable and can't get abused ...

also, it seems speciality Nympho don't affect result from threesome or orgy ?

shouldn't it also give +2 mana result from that activity or did I miss calculation in here ?

Ok Version first of it runs stable and is quite intrestring ;)

Bugs pure gameplay: The potion bug was mentioned above. Same about the sex questions ;). so here is the bug that i noticed by pure chance:

If your slave ask for specialization for level up and you go to the slaver guild and select specialization but then abort without buying one it will still do the level up. 

Quests no idea how far the progress there is so dont know if they are bugs or just not implemented yet:

The main storyline ask me to use the labotory to get a huge lacating tits. You cant do that yet (might be not implimented so duno).

A side quests with yirs the second part ask for alchemist comment. But all known alchemists dont trigger anything there yet.

You can increase tits size with majorus potion.

Ah ok ^^ thank you ^^

Actually, that raises a question I've had for a while now: why does Melissa makes you  build a laboratory in order to continue the main quest on the grounds that 'you'll need it', then give you a task you can complete solely with the fully-upgraded Alchemy workshop? It seems really odd, to say the least.

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oh, just a bit notice, when I use trapper and have multiple catch, I rape them all including hostage ...

but the sum of mana sometimes don't match with the final result which said in center of screen ...

(between sum which appear at lower right and which mentioned at the center of screen ) ...

the difference usually goes only for 1-2 mana give or take ...

small thing and probably insignificant, but you might check it if you want ...

happen if you get result Bandit+slave after fight win and rape ALL of them ...

just one bandit and one slave enough to test this ...

this RARELY happen tough ...

that would be all, see you next patch ...

Alright, I've got two bugs to report. Version 0.5.2, Windows 10, 64-bit.

First, when I try to open the 'see relatives' screen for a slave, it appears under the buttons of the customization menu, obscuring the view and generally looking rather annoying.

The second is that as of now, the Oblivion Potion does absolutely nothing as far as I can tell. Every time I try to use it on a slave, I get the message 'You drink the Oblivion Potion, but it seems not to have any effect on you', and then I lose the potion without anything happening. This makes me think that for some reason the game is assuming I'm using it on myself, even when I use it on my slave.

Version 5.1.2 Windows 10

Captured enemies all are not rebellious anymore, as far as I can tell, and none of the fairies or dryads I have captured have had the uncivilized perk yet. Their obedience is starting off low but a bit of discipline fixes that fast. I started a new save for this run and it seems easy to replicate, but if you have trouble reproducing it let me know and I'll fetch my save file for you.

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slime girls issue in I can't seem to find them anywhere including the order section with sebastion..... did you remove them or something? I didn't see it on the change log but didn't used to have the issue. I run windows 10 home though it has failed to update for a while. I'm going to try completely closing and reopening the game. It didn't help.

They are randomly spawned at Marsh only. 

(1 edit)

ok....... not sure why they aren't purchasable when so many other odd races are and i tried the marsh already quite a bit but i'll try again, maybe i just had bad luck. I did finally find one though i think they may be rarer than demon or lamia at least by what i encountered. well thanks in any case, now i know they can be found ;p

5.1.4 Win 10 64-bit

Weirdness happening when using the oblivion potion

(1 edit)

5.1.4 Win 10 64-bit

I have three major bugs to report

1.) Courage is deteriorating over time. For whatever reason, any courage gained over a certain number (It seems to be 37/38 on the one slave I tested) slowly drops over time. To be honest, I think this has been here for a little while, as I noticed Courage seemed strangely difficult to level up. I finally managed to pin down the cause just today. To test it, I set a slaves Courage to 100 and watched it drop over time. I think this may actually be the bug yariel noticed in the comments above, but misidentified it.

2.) When you capture a bandit while there is a captured civilian, the civilian slides "upwards" on the list and becomes flagged as a bandit. This is difficult to explain so here's an example:

bandit adult male demon

bandit teen female human <---- Capturing this one

captured teen male taurus

captured adult female halfkin wolf

After that capture, the list shows up as:

bandit adult male demon

bandit teen male taurus

captured adult female halfkin wolf

3.) If you cast Dream on a slave thats in jail, they do not disappear from the list. This allows you to continue to interact with them, and even cast Dream multiple times on them in one day. I was able to get a slave from 150 stress to 0 in this manner.

1. Do you perhaps have some specific rules applying to the slave?

I'll fix the other 2 though, thank you. 

Yes, I have all the luxury rules, enforced silence and partial nudity on all slaves.

Enforced silence reduces courage if its above 40. 

Oh, I didn't know that! Well, I guess I'll turn that off on some of my slaves then. Thank you. Is that mentioned anywhere? I never saw the warning if it was.

Version Windows 7

Bug 1: When flirting with the slave guild fairy, even though my character is female and has no penis, it triggered the blowjob text.

Bug 2? When a slave with the Submissive trait has the level up requirement of obtain intimacy, if you rape them they don't really mind, but it doesn't count for triggering the level up. I further tried only doing consensual acts, and still no level. However, now I cannot ask them for sex. (They were not willing to do consensual) This affected 2 different slaves.

Note 1: I was able to train an uncivilized slave to become tamer (This is weird)

Note 2: I also encountered the potion going negative thing and the swing sex taking your stamina.


2.  Windows 10

3.  Whenever I've selected what to do with a defeated person and then I capture or use mindread on another one, it resets every defeated person's option to "leave"

4.  just use mindread on a defeated person after selecting kill or rape on a defeated person

not a bug necessarily but if you are carrying the items for zoe it won't recognize them for the quest.

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game versio  :

os : win 7

there is some error when i put kimono.

like this

script error beauty: invalid get index 'beautytemp' <on base: 'Nil'>.

at: res://files/scripts/

Are you using an old save?

nah. i'm new  player. just playing and that coming ? and when the newest public version come :-D

this game very nice for me, cuz i'm new with management, but this game awesome. 

im sorry, there iz no bug . im sorry .

I'm actually seeing something similar to this when applying armor in I believe the problem lies in that the slave variable in does not get initialized for the the functions armor, agi, stren, maf, end or beauty. Adding "slave = globals.slaves[get_tree().get_current_scene().currentslave]" to each of these functions seems to fix this.


Noticed in on line 1220 you have: slave.dom = rand_range(6,12)

I think it's meant to probably be: slave.dom += rand_range(6,12) 

slave.dom starts between 40 and 60 for most slaves and given the context, I think it makes sense that you're trying to increment their dom value, not reset it to between 6 and 12.

Nice find, thank you

If a slave has the Mute trait and they get 100% exp, you can not talk to them to to investigate their potential.
If I edit the save and remove the mute trait, the investigate appears.
Adding it to someone else removes the investigate from them.

windows 10

I think this is working as designed. You can certainly tell a mute what to do but they can't exactly talk back. Eventually you can remove negative traits, which will unlock their ability to tell you what they need. I'm curious though if trying common level uncap methods like upping their grade, giving them a specialization or having them win a fight can unlock the next level even if you haven't "discovered" it.

This seems to be an actual bug, I'll fix it in next patch, thanks for the report.

You can't levelup a character without discovering their requirement though, its generated after you talk to them. 

Heya. I seem to be having a repeated problem with having one of my characters stunblocked by Bandit Leaders for several turns. This would not be a problem in the long run, but apparently this also stops other characters from targeting them with any kind of healing or protective spells. It's quite jarring in larger battles.

Had no idea about that, thanks for the report.

(3 edits)

v0.4.1 says Version 19 parentBuildId 50383

Character Galery is not persistent. It (sometimes) looses characters or achieved scenes from characters between save-state-loads.
Items that vanish are mostly Cali and Cali's First Time and Sister Love from Emily but not from Tisha or from both her and Tisha.

Second Bug: After Ending Calis Quest it's not possible to get her Pliable Trait to evolve to Devoted if she already is at 100 Loyalty. It's only possible to evolve it into Slutty by buying more actions.

Third Bug: If Cali is on level Commoner and has the Slutty trait she loses the 100/75 for Confidence after loading the save-state but retains the 100/75 for Charm.

Proposed solution: make saving of the galery more reliable by saving it into the save-file instead of (seemingly) interpreting it from the characters side-quest info in the file.

What version is it stated in main menu?

(1 edit)

v0.5.2.2. Sry should have looked there in the first place.
Got the initial version via lsappinfo info -app strive2 which should read the manifest in the .app bundle if I'm not mistaken.
Seems to differ in there though.

EDIT: Found another bug(?) while playing. Elixir of Regression does not remove the 'Prude'-trait.

(1 edit)

I'm pretty sure you shouldn't lose any progress with character gallery as its not tied to quest checks or anything but saved separately to 'progressdata' file. 

Pliable trait actually requires 90 affection points right now, not loyalty. 

Elixir of regression is not supposed to remove Prude trait.

(1 edit)

okay, thank you for the fast and helpful reply.
So there is no way to remove that trait apart from editing the save-file? Elixir of regression did seem like a logical choice, since it stated it's to be used to 'rehabilitate someone from an inconvenient character' and traits like Prude do not affect the stats. It'd be understandable if it didn't remove mute or scarred.

Actually Prude trait can disappear with random chance on orgasm.

yeah discovered that just a few minutes ago, too :D
Thx for the hint, though. Great game btw.
Say, the Deterrent and Stimulant Potions. What effect do they have outside of their respective side-quests?
Stimulant seems to speed up growth of arousal but I'm not sure about that.

Yeah, they are pretty much affect lust generation during sex actions right now.

Just remembered another important thing. It's not technically a bug but something that should be changed regardless. By having the game save to $HOME/.strive2 you are forcing users to disable itch's sandboxing mechanism on macOS. According to
where I brought this up a while ago games should save to $HOME/Library/Application Support/ in order to avoid this.

For all instances game is saved to "user://saves" which means different things in different OS. This system is a part of godot engine and should probably be addressed there. I'm neither good nor familiar with mac file structure so unless you have a ready solution which wouldn't impact all other instances, I'm afraid there's not much I can help with. 


2)Mac OSX, 10.11.6

3)Game crashes

4)Haven't tested extensively, but I noticed the game crashes sometimes on multiple mindreads on captured bandits after a battle. i.e. clicking mindread on a 2nd or 3rd bandit will suddenly crash the game for some reason.

4b) I also have experienced crashes in trying to capture a rare nereid monster girl

5) Great work. Love this game.

happens to me, too.
macOS 10.12.6
strive2 v0.5.2.2
Also the game sometimes doesn't dispel sprites of Adya or Maple and keeps showing them in other regions. Going back to mansion resets that.

(1 edit)

Hi there! Great game, found a few bugs. Public version (, Windows 7

- I was looking through, and on line 1058, "func countluxuty():" should that be "countluxury()?

- When I'm in the Alchemy Room, making potions produces an error "_on_brewbutton_pressed: Invalid call. Nonexistent function "on_alchemypanel_visibility_changed' in base 'Control ('," the potions are produced as normal, but the quantity on hand in Alchemy Lab window doesn't update unless you leave and return

- very occasionally, slave traits (Courage, Confidence, Wits, Charm) start above stated maximum (happened with Chloe and one random)

(1 edit)

I think I found this one., lines 63-72 & 187-190, it looks like the stat range for new slaves lets Commoners exceed their caps. Lines 63-72 give the base range a maximum of 65, lines 187-190 gives a commoner up to +15 for 80 total (or 85 for Charm). The same thing happens with Rich slaves and Confidence, with a possible total of up to 90.

Still exists as of v0.5.3.1d

1. v0.5.2.2 

2. Windows 10

3. Everytime I press Portrait to set the portrait of either a slave or the players character my game freezes. This wasn't so in earlier versions.

okay never mind it's just really..really slow (to the point of freezing)

(1 edit)

1. v0.5.2.2

2. Windows 7

3. Bandages do not seem to work in the mansion, either through the main "Inventory" interface or the "Use Item" interface. The dialogues work as expected, but no bandages are used and no health is restored.

1. v0.5.2.2

2. Windows 7

3. The Nympho specialization seems to be costing the slave extra energy instead of reducing the cost. It looks line line 493 of "" subtracts extra energy instead of refunding it?


(1 edit) (+1)
  1. v0.5.2.2
  2. Windows 10
  3. The "End Day" button stopped working on one of my saves. It no longer brings up the daily report, restores pc energy or counts down the days slaves are away on training. However the current date it the top left is still affected.
  4. SCRIPT ERROR  _on_end_pressed:  Invalid get index  'I93'  (on base:   'Dictionary')
  5.   At: res://files/scripts/
(1 edit)


2. Windows `0

3. Custom names are not staying

4. N/A

5. Whenever I try to customize my character's or first slave's name, it shows as what I chose but changes back to its original once I actually start the game, making it so I cannot give them a custom name. I've tried many times, and even re downloaded the game once, but nothing's seeming to help.


2. Windows 7

3. Frostford sacrifice event did not kill sacrifice

4. N/A

5. I tried to sacrifice Yris, but she doesn't seem to have suffered any ill effect at all.


2. Windows 7

3. Away slaves don't release their jobs.

4. N/A

5. For exclusive jobs like Cooking or Head Girl, if the slave isn't reassigned before being sent for training, vacation, etc, that job can't be done by anyone who remains. Discovered with Cooking on the assignment to Ayda in the Gorn story arc.

OS: Windows 10 Version 1703 (OS Build 15063. 729)
Bug: contains a typo on line 1815 that makes it impossible for you to claim Chloe for your mansion, meaning you can only turn her over to the Brothel.

var chloe = globals.characters.create("CHloe")
Should be:
var chloe = globals.characters.create("Chloe")

Version 5.3.1d is unplayable, where can I download 5.2.2?
OS: windows 10

You used to be able to get mana by raping bandits, now you can't.
When healing people outside of combat, you get a big popup every time that does nothing that I can see.
There are more popups that don't go away in 5.3.1d than there were in 5.2.2

1. v0.5.2.2

2. Windows 7

3. (unsure if bug) swapping actions cost energy from both participants, plus the player

Yeah i noticed that, if it didn't take your energy too it would be very spam-able.

Whats more, after selecting a new partner for your slave, if you then click a different one in the residents list, the game remembers the partner you previously selected. This means you can make a slave with "swing" unlocked sleep with anyone, even themselves.

Old sex system becoming obsolete and won't be supported for long as new one has been introduced in 5.3.x versions.

1. v0.5.2.2

2. Windows 7

3. Slave prices for Scylla aren't receiving multiplier


5. Looks like a problem on line 1134 of, it's spelled 'Scyalla'



sexuals.unlocked never seems to be getting set to true for any slaves, save for in some specific quests, the "fickle" event and when a new slave is created via the cheat button.

(2 edits)

1. v0.5.3.1d

2. Windows 7

3. Beastkin Wolves' description says they get an Awareness bonus, but that doesn't seem to be anywhere in the code. EDIT: literally, a "Detection bonus".


2. Win 10
3. Save files from v0.5.2.2 are not working in this version
End of day button counts next day and mansion cleanliness goes down but no change in stats for residents and all sexual options, job selectons, sleep room settings are reset

Yes, starting from 5.3.x version, saves from previous versions are not supported.

Windows 10

move to the sea (deeper), run into a gorn patrol (apparently according to the error)

"SCRIPT ERROR: buildenemies: Invalid get index 'gornnpatrol' (on base: 'Dictionary').          At: res://files/scripts/

SCRIPT ERROR: encounterdictionary: Invalid get index '0' (on base: 'Array').
          At: res://files/scripts/
SCRIPT ERROR: enemyencounter: Invalid operands 'Nil' and 'String' in operator '+'.
          At: res://files/scripts/"


2. Win 7

3. Majorus concoction doesn`t work on penis at all


2. Win 7

3. Description window on consumables outdoors doesn`t disappear sometimes


2. Win 7

3. Battlegroup inventory appears on using heal with the message of "u`ve been healed"


2. Win 7

3. Can`t learn Geisha specialisation for slaves. Got all conditions done.


2. Win 7

3. Choosing as swing another partner consunes my energy  and energy of two partners for action, but giving affection points only for one of partners


2. Win 7

3. Not a bug, actually, but i can`t tatoo self(


2. Win 7

3. I`ve attached penis to my character, but my gender in interaction mod still "female" icon

(6 edits)
macOS 10.12.6

  •  the new interaction menu does not lead to obedience or loyalty decrease nor to stress increase if 'Likes it rough'-trait is active but sexual interactions have not been achieved yet. forcing those through the old menu still results in severe obedience and loyalty decrease.
  • virgin option when starting a new game is no longer greyed out if the player character is male and does not do anything.
  • Emily does not have the sex menu activated even though the 'Spike with Aphrodisiac'-event got triggered (this worked in 0.5.2.x).
    Also her new sprite isn't as cute as the old one. Option to revert to that would be nice.
  • no explanation what what the values in the new interaction menu do and what they influence. (arousal, wetness, lust)
  • also theres no explanation anywhere what exactly the special rules of the advanced brand do and how -for example- enforced nudity differs from just don't giving any clothes or if there is any way to effectively use the no masturbation rule without risking stat drop by developing a sex crazed trait.
  • sometimes buying an item as stack takes the money but only one apears in inventory and only one is usable.
  • interaction allows for selection of non-available characters in abuse mode. i.e. Emily after she has gone with Tisha
  • bug with the old sex-menu. even though petting and classic sex is already unlocked through the bathing-event with Emily neither fingering nor fucking her pussy is available. It's not unlockable either. That problem sometimes rights itself after restart of the game and loading of the save.
  • Slave guild in Wimborn bug. Slave description begins with defeated bandits description "tied and bound..."

1. v0.5.3.1d

2. Windows 7

3. Downgrading a slave doesn't bring their current mentals down to their new maximums.

4. N/A

5. Not sure if bug or feature.

  1. v0.5.3.1d
  2. macOS High Sierra 10.13.1
  3. Sometimes, when capturing, mindreading or just defeating enemies, the game crashes to desktop. The error message is, the app quit unexpectedly.
  4. Just normally play the game using rope after mindreading (often the cause). Sometimes is just crashes after defeating enemies or mindreading after defeating them.
  5. I think it's only a bug in the macOS game part.

Still happens with And this happens quite often. Not every time, but maybe 10-20% of the mindreads.

  1. v0.5.3.1d
  2. macOS High Sierra 10.13.1
  3. When using the spell Mutation, in 4 of 5 cases, nothing happens (or at least nothing is being displayed). Only sometimes a window is being opened stating what actually happened during Mutation spell.
  4. N/A
  5. The slave just loses stress and nothing happens.

1. v0.5.3.1d

2. Windows 7

3. Had a crash after End Day, looks like a daily event was broken.

4. Not sure, I've had other daily events occur without error.


Windows 10 x64

No option to use items shown either in mansion or combat. Clicking on the character box in combat displays a blank square on the left of the screen. 

Attempting to capture escaping mobs during combat freezing the game. 

Can you provide a save with unusable items?

Windows 10 x64

I probably broke this. I already had 28 slaves and ended up capturing about 70 slaves in a run and got the error, repeating, with a game lockup. It's when I tried to enter the mansion with all of these slaves in tow. I'd love it if I could just keep the few I want and quicksell the rest when I get to town, but I have to either sell them all or sort through them in the mansion (and then differentiate the keepers by assigning them a job, as they're jumbled in the slave sale display). 

1. v0.5.3.2c

2. Windows 7

3. It seems that, unless my slave is a Pervert AND isn't Sex-Crazed AND does have Confidence > 40, they're embarrassed and stressed out by not having clothes (nothing in costume or armor), but if any one of those isn't true, it doesn't bother them. Seems odd that it would bother a Pervert to be naked, or that those all have to be true for them to gain stress.

4. N/A

5., lines 659-660

very annoying bug in 5.3.2c on macOS
Removing plain underwear leads to not being able to re-equip it without modifying the save-file. The equip-menu does not show up after removal of plain underwear. It does however if it is merely swapped by lacy underwear. If you then remove that, however the plain underwear icon is shown on the remove button instead of on the plain underwear button and clicking it leads to the same situation of not being able to access that menu.

Gotcha, thanks for the report.

Game version: 0.5..3.3 on Windows 10.

Was selling my weapons in the market and noticed that the weapon did not disappear, but instead remained and gave me gold. Did try other items and so far it's just the swords that causing the glitch. 

Also When capturing any person in the wild I get this text, "[color=green] New captive added to yourgroup.[/color]" Every time.
Dominance Value not shown anymore when using Mind Reading.

(1 edit)


2: Win10 x64

3: multiple "resource loading" failures at startup

4: unknown

5: although not game-breaking these errors seem to constantly occur right at startup causing the game to take a abnormally long time to launch.

i have reinstalled the game and this still occurs

EXEC PATHP??: E:\itchdotio\Games\Strive for Power\Strive 2.exe
EXEC PATHP??: E:\itchdotio\Games\Strive for Power\Strive 2.exe
EXEC PATHP??: E:\itchdotio\Games\Strive for Power\Strive 2.exe
Boot splash path: res://files/buttons/loading.png
ERROR: ImageLoader::load_image: Error opening file: res://files/buttons/abils/Attack.png
   At: core\io\image_loader.cpp:53
ERROR: Failed loading image: res://files/buttons/abils/Attack.png
   At: scene\io\resource_format_image.cpp:116
ERROR: Failed loading resource: res://files/buttons/abils/Attack.png
   At: core\io\resource_loader.cpp:210
ERROR: ImageLoader::load_image: Error opening file: res://files/buttons/abils/Attack2.png
   At: core\io\image_loader.cpp:53
ERROR: Failed loading image: res://files/buttons/abils/Attack2.png
   At: scene\io\resource_format_image.cpp:116
ERROR: Failed loading resource: res://files/buttons/abils/Attack2.png
   At: core\io\resource_loader.cpp:210
ERROR: ImageLoader::load_image: Error opening file: res://files/buttons/abils/Attack.png
   At: core\io\image_loader.cpp:53
ERROR: Failed loading image: res://files/buttons/abils/Attack.png
   At: scene\io\resource_format_image.cpp:116
ERROR: Failed loading resource: res://files/buttons/abils/Attack.png
   At: core\io\resource_loader.cpp:210
ERROR: ImageLoader::load_image: Error opening file: res://files/buttons/abils/Attack2.png
   At: core\io\image_loader.cpp:53
ERROR: Failed loading image: res://files/buttons/abils/Attack2.png
   At: scene\io\resource_format_image.cpp:116
ERROR: Failed loading resource: res://files/buttons/abils/Attack2.png
   At: core\io\resource_loader.cpp:210

5.3.3a on Windows

When a slave needs a specialization to advance in level, going to the guild to browse available specializations and canceling out of the specialization menu fulfills the requirement and the slave advances a level without actually having selected the specialization.

(1 edit)

1. v0.5.3.2c

2. Windows 7

3. Because of how encounters are coded, it seems that the only way to find Dragonkin or Seraphs or Gnomes is to attack slavers to steal their catch.

4. N/A

5. Not sure if bug or feature.

I've got a couple of bugs for version on Linux 64-bit.

Bug #1: Game crashes with a segmentation fault when I try to change the underwear of a slave who isn't wearing any.

Reproduction: Remove a slave's underwear. Then try to put new underwear on them.

Related note: If I remove a slave's underwear then save, the save file says they're still wearing plain underwear but after loading the game shows them to have been de-underpantsed and it is impossible for me to put new underwear on them without getting an instant crash.

Bug #2: Lone Strangers in the mountains or the deep forest are sometimes announced as $race $child or $race monster $child instead of something like elf boy or harpy monster girl.

Reproduction: Go to the mountains or the deep area of the forest and proceed until such an encounter appears.

Related note: I haven't actually tested what happens if I fight one of these, so I don't know what happens then.


Windows 10 x64

Regression potions do not work and generate error text in the console:

SCRIPT ERROR: trait: Invalid get index '(conflict:[]), (description:$name is still naive and can be swayed one way or another...

[color=aqua]Has room for changes and growth. [/color]), (effect:), (name:Pliable), (tags:[mental])' (on base: 'Dictionary').
          At: res://files/scripts/
SCRIPT ERROR: slave.add_trait: Invalid get index 'name' (on base: 'Nil').
          At: res://
SCRIPT ERROR: trait: Invalid get index '(conflict:[]), (description:Due to some circumstances, $name's mind reversed to infantile state. $He's barely capable of normal tasks, but $he's a lot more responsive to social training.

[color=aqua]Social jobs disabled. [/color]), (effect:(code:regressed)), (name:Regressed), (tags:[secondary, mental])' (on base: 'Dictionary').
          At: res://files/scripts/
SCRIPT ERROR: slave.add_trait: Invalid get index 'name' (on base: 'Nil').
          At: res://

Another bug for 5.3.2c Linux 64-bit:

Nympho training works exactly backwards. It increases the slave's energy usage for sex by 50% instead of reducing it.

after updating from to, it seems like all slaves in a save from a different version are broken. the sleeping conditions for all old slaves is "0" and can't be selected, their abilities and traits are blank, their occupation is missing, their inspect and customization tab are all default, their sexual action tab is reset and actions cannot be performed, and end of day report is blank and doesn't appear, even when set to always.

this happens when selecting a broken slave.

Saves from before 0.5.3.x versions are no longer supported.

(1 edit)

1: version

2: win10 x64

3: Cali seems to be really horny.... i mean really REALLY HORNY

4: male or futa character, have Cali in your household with high obedience and/or loyalty, have Cali set to Your Bed with intimacy unlocked. (possibly "clingy" trait as well)

5: i am not sure if this is intentional or not but after unlocking Cali in one of my saves i had set her to My Bed to free up a private room.

eventually i got a headgirl notice that said "Cali appears to be pregnant." at first i didnt think much of it so i ignored it. eventually Cali gave birth and i had a new slave/servant aging. approximately 20 ingame days later i receive the message again "Cali appears to be pregnant."

this time i had not used the sexual tab on Cali prior so i was a little confused but shrugged it off.....

... ... ... ... ... ... this happened 5 more times and i was confused as i had not used intimacy with her at all prior to these.

i decided to do a little test.

loaded up a sandbox game, got Cali and did her mission like before, and through the supporter menu maxed everything but lust, set her in my bed again. unlocked intimacy, and proceded to skip days checking Cali's statistics as well as the secondary report on the end day screen each time... like before Cali would randomly get pregnant within 20-25 days of giving birth.

when looking at the secondary reports i noticed that each day would flip between "Cali keeps you company at night and you grew closer." and "Cali went down on you unable to calm her lust."

after this i checked with the other slaves i had and none of them have this problem. i even got a slave from Cali with almost the same stats and this didn't occur with her either.


A non-virgin slave in your bed rolls impregnation if player has proper sexual equipment

The download page is currently unavailable for patreon members

The link has been changed recently. Check out latest post.


2. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (xDark)

3. Crash upon launching

4. Launching the program (Itch app)


Have you tried direct launch (with exe file)? It seems like there's some problem with your OS. Were you able to launch it without crashing previously?

I haven't been playing for a few version, so I can't tell how far back this bug started at. I was able to play it before the picture changed though, and maybe even a bit after the picture changed. I tried the exe, and the game crashes, but that's from the itch installation, i can try manual installation.

I'm not too sure what the problem could be, however.. Some of my other programs seem to be doing the same thing. [Sakura Fantasy, for example, which is installed on the same external hard drive] 

Yeah, seems to be an issue with your OS. I can suggest checking any weird installed programs. I've heard that some sound software can cause issues with the game.

Well, its not sound, least as far as I could tell since I removed my sounds completely. As for weird installed softwares, i'm not sure abotu those either, can't see anything in the list that i don't have an idea what it is. 

I also scanned my hardrive for bad sectors, and even attempted to run it from the desktop with a fresh download. 

I still don't understand what the issue is, or even why it seems to affect a lot of my visual novels.


,green, ; appears incorrectly formatted and breaks bandage application, item is consumed; removed color call and script appears to work as intended.  Great little game btw!

if item.code == 'bandage':
if slave.effects.has('bandaged') == false:
get_parent().infotext(slave.dictionary("Bandage used on $name.")) += slave.stats.health_max/2.5
get_parent().infotext(slave.dictionary("Bandage used on $name with reduced efficiency.")) += slave.stats.health_max/5

1. (version #58310 (osx-public))

2. macOS 10.13.2 

3. Around day 11, with 7 residents, "Leave to Town" stopped working. Clicking the button or pressing C does nothing. 

4. Not sure how to replicate it, it just stopped working. 

5. Saved, closed the game, loaded the save, same thing. Now on day 76, still can't leave to town.

Can you provide a save file?

Seems like an issue with equipped item you have on your character. Not even sure how that happened, but I'll try to figure.

Sounds good, man! Thanks for the help and happy Holidays! :)


2. win64

3. Food sometimes inreases even though it should have decreased

4. I tried testing this with a new game and bought 2 slaves causing the total daily food used to increase to 40. Sometimes whenever one of them has lack of courage  the total amount of food grew by what they brought plus 40, adding the daily food used. This happens whenever theyare foraging or hunting.

(1 edit)

A person (with no modifiers) consumes only 10 food per day (including yourself). I don't think its possible for this value to inverse. 

(2 edits)


1. The farm in the mansion can't be accessed if you have yourself or a slave's description up. (Seems legit.)

2. The gear menu will stay on your screen if you switch to another slave. The menu will still be for the slave you brought the menu up for. The changes will be saved to the original slave. If you leave the mansion while the gear menu is up, the menu will still be there. Closing the menu will result in the background changing. None of the options are affected. (Still love that lacy underwear.)

3. After a while, the random events will only activate for the most current slave gotten. (I want my other slaves to still whine about being horny.)

4. Clingy slaves will still complain about wanting attention, even when they're being used in the farm. (It got annoying, so I sold them. That was after hunting a Tauros for 6 hours.) As a side note, they complained about not getting enough attention while they were on vacation, so they could unlock their potential. They are so persistent!

5. Guards for low reputation are beyond over powered. They can one shot a 40000 hp character that has 200 armor. (I screwed around with a save.)

6. Spamming the "End day" button will crash the game without fail. (You don't need to close the report.)

7. Lab assistant asks for a few days off and is granted said days, but the lab is still usable. (That's some vacation. They're needed so they're called back and they respond, without complaining.)

8. When finding more than one monster girl it appears as something like "You have found a lone rare $name" bla, bla, bla. The lone part is incorrect and the $name is a bit weird. (Gotta catch them all! I love them slime girls.)

9. The costumer requests can be refreshed if the save file is reloaded. This can easily be exploited. (Guilty...)

10. Sometimes when a trait is gained, the stats go up. If these stats are already maxed, they will add it to exceed the max. When these stats would be affected again, like with a job, the stat reverts to max. (I'm fine with that 100 courage, but let me keep that 125 wit. That way I know just how devoted that guy is. Look at him, learning more than he should. Kill him.)

11. Giving a male character a vagina and removing the dick will still cause it to say "he" and "his." (I even tried making the "mind-blowingly huge tits" lactate and hollowed out. What a weird guy.)

12. Characters will become bisexual if they're a male and a futa does frottage with them, or a female and a futa does tribalism without penalty for the same sex problem. (Preparing them boys to grow a hole.)

13. When I ran from a fight, the one slave was still there with 0 HP. (Way to keep going, buddy!) The next fight I encountered immediately killed him upon starting. (Never mind...)

14.  The interactions tab in the mansion can be used to start an orgy with anyone who unlocked intimacy, even if group wasn't unlocked for a single person. (Time to get some beers and some babes. WHY THE HELL ARE THERE GUYS IN THIS ORGY!?)

15. Changing the options to not be on the receiving end of sex after starting with it on, does absolutely nothing. (Sounds like life. I'm always on the receiving end of nothing but a punch to the face.)

I only was able to find this many bugs due to the fact the game kept me interested the entire time. Keep going! I'm going back to the game and fapping. (Goddammit! My tissues fell!)

Edits were made to fix typos!

I've been stuck on the main story since, updated to

Frostford Quest - Zoe requires 15 Nature's Essence, 5 Fluid Substance and 500 food. There isn't a way to put food into the party's  backpack nor does the game register that I have over 500 food in storage. Just keeps saying "You don't have everything Zoe asked for" despite me have the 15 Nature's Essence and 5 Fluid Substance in the party backpack.

You don't need to use party's backpack, just have it in mansion storage.

Thanks for the reply, but my mansion food upgrades are maxed and I have over 2900 food in storage. It just doesn't register that I have over the 500 food required for the quest.

Other ingredients should not be in backpack as well.

It's worked, thought I'd already tried it without them in the backpack, but I guess not.

Thanks a bunch for the assist.


After completing the main story I'm able to talk to Melissa over and over again that also means she gives me each time 10 mansion upgrade points.

Is this meant to happen ?

Windows 10, version

Continuous actions during Interaction persist between encounters, even though the participant(s) are no longer present.

I believe the ongoingactions dict is simply never cleared.

(3 edits)

Windows 10 .Using the latest version ( I think).

1) When I chose to ''interact'' with 3 of my girls, I chose not to do anything and press ''stop''. Spamming the stop button made me get infinite amounts of mana, it didn't stop even when the timer ran out. Don't know if the same thing happens with less girls.

2) After taking Emily for the first time I chose to make her a cook. After Tisha took her away no one was able to cook anymore because the game thought Emily was still my cook (So many people died from starvation ;_; ).

3) ''You notice some of your food is gone'' You say? But my food storage didn't decrease, instead I somehow have more food than before.

Sorry if you heard these before and thanks for your time.

1. Can you elaborate what steps you can use to recreate it? 
2. She should come back soon if you can't assign a new one
3. That means someone stole a bit, generally due to low obedience

1. Mansion menu, Interactions, choose 3 girls to have sex with ( I didn't abuse them but abusing them might also work) When the interaction menu comes up keep spamming the ''stop'' button.

3. Dunno if I phrased that wrong, my problem is: Shouldn't my food decrease when they steal from me? Why is it rising instead? A glitch or a feature.

Thanks for your time. Windows 10

If one of your companion dies, and it causes the weight to exceed what you can carry, you can leave the victory screen after the fight with excess weight (unless there is loot). However, if you capture someone, and there is no loot, you're stuck in the victory screen . The only way to stop this is to close the game, or shut down your device if you're in full screen. I've tried bringing up the inventory by pressing "B," but I can't click anything on it, because the victory screen is blocking it.

Confirmed, just happened for me on Linux Windows 10

After resting and eating, 0 supplies are left in my inventory. I don't mean no supplies, but like supplies with a value of 0 that take up no space, but is still displayed. If I defeat something, and get loot, if I put the 0 supplies in the loot, then it becomes 1 supply, and I gain 1 supply.


At the end of the main quest, Melissa provides the player with 10 upgrade points. After going through with the dialogue, you can keep clicking it and get infinite upgrade points.

Version, Windows 10

When, as a random event, a lost girl is brought in the button to imprison them doesn't work and you can only ignore them or send them back.

(2 edits)

2. 64 bit Windows 8.1 Pro
3. One of my favorite servants suddenly loses energy constantly and is now stuck at 0, even after resting for 2 or 3 days.
4.  N/A
5. Tried selling him to the slave guild and buying him back, which didn't help.

EDIT:  I moved him to a personal room and clicked on "kissing" in the sex menu, since it's the lowest energy option, and something I did seems to have fixed it.

A couple bugs so far

Windows 10 x64

Bug 1
Description: Slave with "Nympho" specialization spends 50% extra energy, not less
Repro: Do any sex stuff with Nympho
Details: Futanari Main character, Slave-grade female Fairy with "Pretty voice" and "Bisexual" traits

Bug 2
Description: Slave being trained as "Tamer" can Tame slaves while away on training
Repro: Have (many) uncivilized slaves in jail. Send another slave away for training as a Tamer. With luck, a uncivilized slave will be "elevated" while Tamer is away
Details: Happened to me on the first day that I sent slave away for training

(+1) / Windows 10 x64. 

specialization  lvl up requirement,

gets reward too soon ,  i dont need to pick one, just selecting slave in slavers guild , pick specialization  and leave  without picking one is enough , no need for 500 pay , no 5 days  in slavers guild. Windows 10

If your slave gets 0 or negative health (I'm if there is a limit) from the Research Subject job, they don't die. You can heal them to normal health, and then they're fine. I'm not sure if they die if you end the day, or bring them to battle.

Game version:  0.5.4
When defeating the golem to get the scroll, game freezes.  This shows up in other window. Windows 10

When you do public punishment, the amount of notifications that come up can break the "notification bar" (I don't know what to call it). If there are lots of slave, all the notifications about their obedience pushes all the other notifications down, and its hard to check your newest notifications. Also, if you repeat public punishment a lot, or have a lot of slaves, the notifications will completely disappear.

(1 edit)

Game Version 0.5.4 played on Windows 10

Word wrapping errors: In multiple parts of the game, such as the splash warning and areas in Wimborn, the large text area's don't seem to be applying word wrapping for text correctly. It is noticable at size 14, and at font size 16 which I use it makes a lot of information get hidden (example attached image at slave market).

I have also noticed that it only happens when resizing from the default screen. From what I can tell it seems the word wrapping and the text box doesn't scale together properly (When screen is close to default launch size, the text will wrap properly, but the wrap location will extend faster than the text area). EDIT: My mistake, default seems to be 14, not 12.



This gonna be fixed next version as this is resolution issue we had for some time. From we gonna have fixed game screen size

Thank you for the information! I'm looking forward to it as well as what else is in store!

(2 edits)


You can open chests without a lockpick/the energy to smash it open. All you have to do is press 1 and, even though the option is grayed out, it opens the chest. You can repeat this IN the chest to infinitely open chests and get whatever you want from them. 3 claymore, 3 plate mail, countless ingredients/costumes/valuable gems/etc.

Also, while I'm posting this, I went to the marsh and ran around a bit, decided to attack a bandit encampment, and got an empty battle, hit f for an instant win, and then all my options were gone when I got out of the battle. I was stuck. Could click on control, quest log, etc. But there was no option to continue exploring or leave. I didn't have any way to leave the screen, so I lost all the progress for that day.

EDIT: Apparently my save is just broken. I just had a fight in the prairies, and it broke too. I'll probably have to restart to fix that.

EDIT2: Just thought to check the console, and it had 2 errors.

Script Error: start_battle: invalid call. nonexistent  function 'armor <via call>' in base 'Control <>'

Script Error: enemydefeated: invalid get index 'state' <on base: 'Dictionary'>

Sorry for the double post, but it happened again. I don't know what I'm doing that's causing it, but after a while my game just breaks. Scratch that, I just thought of an idea to check. Figured it out. It's the armor/weapons with enchantments. I went to Wimborn without any weapons/armor equipped, fought some thugs, no prob. Equipped my armor and long sword (armor had +5 armor, and sword had +3 damage) and I got an empty fight.

From the console, it's the armor error, so the armor enchantment that adds armor is broken. I FIGURED IT OUT! yay for me...but boo for not being able to equip the best armor in the game...>.>...

This shall be fixed next release.

This might be related to my problem I just posted....  I also have some enchanted gear, but Winborn area fights seem to load fine for me?

Course I don't know how to check any of that console stuff?

(1 edit)

In the bandage is spelled bondage in the effect and thus bandages do not work. version .5.3.3awin64; checked is still in win64 the bondageeffect() of line 1227 needs to be bandageeffect()

Use latest version.

(2 edits)

1. Version 0.5.4 (64-bit)(current download)
2. Win 7 (64-bit)

3. a) minor bug: During Emily's initial quest line, used the aphrodisiac to open her sex interaction options.  'Classic Sex' is unlocked, but the button does not show up for normal/vaginal sex. (I am at the part where her sister is missing. I also used this option to open Emily's sex interactions, in case it didn't unlock properly from the aphrodisiac.)

3.b) major bug: In the Ancient Forest and you go to fight, no enemies or characters show up on the fight screen and you're stuck. Have to close the program and re-start the program. Still, repeated attempts same thing. Have not tried the other areas. Only sort of starting out in the story and fist time leaving the starting area. Wimborn area's fights proceed as normal.


On a different note; Your game rocks.

to open the questline for which character? at what stage of the mainquest?

Thanks...I thought I had already put Emily's name in there..but I must have messed up.

(3 edits)

Emily/Tisha is a sidequest line with special situations including a 'no sex' tag. emily.sexuals.unlocks.append('vaginal') is before emily.sexuals.unlocks.append('petting')    ----unlock petting before vaginal and all is good

also missing the emily.unlocksexuals() line

3.b) Check your armor. If it has the +# Armor enchantment (green words) it's broken. There's a bug with the enchantment that doesn't properly call the effect, and thus fails to properly load battle. You can get out of the battles by pressing F to auto-attack, but then you're stuck after the fight unless you can teleport to the mansion from the control menu.

(1 edit)

baby is born but is still listed in the savedata babylist[]

 in around line 2203 (version win 64

   globals.slaves = baby
    globals.state.babylist.erase(baby) #new line inserted
    baby = ''

this seems to fix the savedata babylist

Thanks for the help

Me again. Beat the game, loaded an earlier save, quit to main menu, started a new game, looked in inventory...had a ton of stuff. all my alchemy ingredients, provisions, etc. The only thing that didn't stay were the equipables. So I have 10k provisions...Just gonna go sell those for 10k gold right from the start.

Visit Sebastian fails when you have less than 100 gold - Linux 64

1) Speak in Winborn's local bar with Jason (mercenary) about Cali
2) Have less than 100 gold
3) Visit Sebastian, game segfaults
4) After you get 100, the visit goes well (Ask Sebastian about mercenary - Jason) - Linux 64
- does not suffer from the issue

(8 edits)

using strive-for-power-win64-public-v0.5.4.1e

1. When you level up a girl's endurance, her max HP rises but her current HP doesn't rise, effective making her wounded from leveling up.... I had a girl miscarry overnight because I raised her endurance and it dropped her health to red (since it is percentage based). This is also exploitable with a new capture that comes with floating points. Capture them, they are now in jail with 5HP. heal them with spell for +obedient +liking you. raise their endurance by 1, heal them again. repeat with as many points as you have available for rapid early prison gains.

2. The game needs to be more clear that a person has unspent attribute points, especially the MC.

3. There needs to be some way to quicksell some of the captives but not others. So that you can keep one or two you actually want but sell the rest. At the moment, even though you are at home town, you still need to buy teleportation trinkets to teleport the ones you want to keep and then hit quicksell.

4. when you return to your mansion with captives, the game should warn you and let you choose what to do with them. On occasion I forget and returned to mansion with 15 captives. it put 1 in prison, 4 in rooms, and auto-released the rest because I couldn't fit them into the mansion.

5. I think the starter girl should already start out intimate with the MC. after all it suggests you have had her for a while and you desperately need a source of mana.

6. If you disable furry the starter girl race options still show furry choices.

7. Speaking of mana, combat spells cost so much mana. that magic is simply not viable for combat. You need to spend a week doing nothing but sex to produce enough mana for a few battles. And you still suck at it compared to just pumping up agility, wearing decent equipment, and hitting them with a sword.

8. when selling items at market to merchants, they don't recognize magical items. it shows up as white colored text instead of green, doesn't tell you what it does, and they pay you the same as a non magical version. (I am talking about things like "dagger +3" that has 4+3 damage vs a non-magical dagger that has 4 damage.

9. when buying items from merchants, you don't get a full description. for example armor just says its armor... only when you buy it do you get details such as "40% damage reduction and +5 armor"

10. ok, I need enough rope to bind captives, fine... but why don't I get the rope back when I sell them or bring them back to my mansion?

11. Slave guild repeatable missions give mansion upgrade points. moreso than selling the same slave. but it doesn't explicitly say so. Also, how much extra? is it always 50% extra or does it depend on the mission difficulty?

12. When selling a well trained slave it says "will give you mansion upgrade points". but it doesn't say how much. (although I am thinking slave grade = 1. poor grade = 2. common grade = 3. rich grade = 4... noble grade ???, probably 5?)

13. For some reason, every time I turn in a quest, the window which shows the NPCs replies and the rewards automatically closes itself after a fraction of a second

14, Saved games are sorted by date, where the newest save is at the bottom of the list. the more saves you have, the longer it takes to scroll. This should be backwards, where new saves are at the top so that you can load the latest save without having to scroll 7 pages worth of old saves first

15. I think it would be neat if in the mansion library  you could look up the race writeups (even on races you don't have in your mansion). And also city info. And see the character gallery

16. Race is underlined and looks like a hyperlink, and if they are a slave in your mansion then it is a hyperlink and opens a new window with a description of that race. But if you are inspecting them after battle to decide if you should capture them or not then it still appears like a hyperlink but doesn't actually work.

17. If the cook is unavailable for X days for some reason or another, then I cannot assign someone else as the new cook until they return. I accidentally sent my cook to the gorn alchemist for 15 days... had to manually buy food every day :(.

18. If you had intimacy with cali before sending her to her home. then when she comes back her special scene doesn't trigger. And remains locked in the character gallery.

19. The Tisha Hale scene "older sister will have to "stay up" for the younger" remains locked in the character gallery even after being acquired and watched. (took me a while to figure out how to get that one even with the hint!... of course i was doing it on a temp save because I would rather be nice. still want to unlock it for gallery)

20. During special character scenes, the buttons to continue/make choices cover the bottom of the text. and as such the last few sentences in each scene are unreadable.

21. By default pregnancy is vastly accelerated. being done in about a month instead of 9. It would be great if there was an option to disable that and have the normal duration pregnancy.

22. Food spoilage depends entirely on quantity and not on day. Buying 500 food at once will see a bunch of it spoil overnight. a way to keep track of it, is that whenever food is bought what would get put into your inventory is "food - 0 days old" and every time you hit the finish day button add 1 to days of all the different stacks of food. Then afterwards calculate spoilage based on age. Also prioritize older food for use by the cook first. Food can also be hidden in regular inventory to avoid creating a mess.

23. when the cook is buying food in market every day it would be great if they actually calculated how much you need based on your current reserves, population, and perks such as luxury dining. And then bought exactly how much is needed. They still can do it if you manually do the math and then input it mansion settings and then modify it manually every time you change quantity of slaves or quality of food... but I think it would be better if such math was automated.

7 is an easy fix. Just have a bunch of sex in the interaction menu. If you do 3 at a time (4 if you count yourself) you can get a minimum of 180-ish per interaction. And you get more interactions as the game goes. I don't know the requirements for it though.

My usual is:

Written this way - Give+Take - Action

Me+1st - Missionary(>>)

Me+1st - Kiss(>>)

2nd+3rd - Kiss(>>)

2nd+3rd - (putting on strap-on if needed) Missionary(>>)

All+Me - Fondle Breasts(>>) (I play as a futa most of the time. I like breasts and a feminine figure, but having a penis makes sex easier xP)

All+1st - Fondle Breasts(>>)

All+2nd - As above

All+3rd - >>

This, generally, leaves me 11 'turns' of repeatedly doing this(12 if you don't need to make one put on a strap-on). Gives multiple orgasms per participant(seems to be about an average of 6-8), and, as I said, about 180-ish mana without the specialization that boosts mana production/racial bonus.

Repeat for as many interactions as you have (I've had a max of 3-4 by the time of beating the game last time I beat it I believe) and you have a TON of mana.

(9 edits)


There is no such thing as "give+take" action for a male MC using the latest public version. I have no idea if you have it because female MC or because you are playing the latest patreon version.

Also, there is no such thing as specifically a foursome option, only "threesome" and "all" (which could coincidentally end up as a foursome if all has exactly 4 participants unlocked).

As for all, it explicitly warns you that it causes permanent damage to the slaves and also costs a magic potion that you won't be able to get until late game, and even then costs money to make. If it didn't cause permanent damage and didn't require a potion then it would have been an actual viable strategy.

Furthermore, it takes a very long time to unlock a bunch of participants for the "all" option and then grind their affection to the point you unlock group sex with them.

By the time using "all" to grind mana becomes viable you would have already gotten your team to be amazing melee killers that instagib all enemies in melee, equipped from head to toe in supreme gear... so while this late game strategy makes it possible to cast spells in combat without grinding sex for a week to pay for it, by the time it becomes available you have no reason to actually cast spells in combat at all.

It is also worth mentioning that even with unlimited mana, fighting with magic is very inefficient without first raising agility which raises both your offense and defense. So once you do that you win combat anyways and the magic is redundant beyond roleplay value. It also deals way too little damage for the fact it costs mana and can miss... so there isn't even that strategic aspect of "ok, day 2 of the game, I am getting my butt kicked but I can salvage this if I burn mana to repeatedly mindblast them". even with a few levels in magic affinity you are too weak to blast them effectively.

... that all said. it sounds to me like you are playing latest patreon version and that it simply happens to addressed that issue already by allowing far more mana generation.

It's not patreon version. There's different sex system accessible through 'interactions' button on the mansion screen, which will completely replace old sex system in next version.

thank you, I found it. wow, it is indeed a completely different system and it is found side by side with the existing system. Just need to know where to look

Yeah, sorry, wasn't clear on where the option was.

For those that don't know: Mansion screen bottom right corner has a button called interactions. That's where this feature is.

(3 edits)

using strive-for-power-win64-public-v0.5.4.1e

1. in the slave guild's special requests, I sometimes get a request for a "drow". the problem is that they are called dark elves in the character sheet, so these missions are impossible to fulfil

2. weird stuff happens when casting domination on a newly captured slave. it says obedience ++ but it is stuck at 50. some time and effort needs to be spent breaking that 50 barrier before you can then cast a second dominate to push them to 100 obedience. which is fine if intended, but the feedback should be different. It shouldn't say obedient +++ if it didn't actually change obedience. Actually it will sometimes lower obedience when cast "successfully" and tell you obedience+++ but actually lowering it

Dark elves and drows are different races.

Newly captured slaves might have rebellious mood which caps their obedience

2. All (far as I can tell) newly captured slaves have a cap on their obedience. Give 'em a few days to a week and you'll get a notification that they've 'gotten used to their new servitude' or something similar. That's when you are allowed to get them to 100% obedience.

I treat all my slaves well. I never beat/dominate. I just scream at their faces when they start feeling a little rebellious. Aren't I nice? All my slaves love me. *screams at a slave that did  absolutely nothing wrong but was feeling a little unhappy with the luxury I provided* Love ya~! xP

(1 edit)

Thank you for explaining about the cap and and race difference. Where can I find drow? I am curious about the difference but I guess I will just look it up in game once i acquire a drow. Incidentally, I earlier reported that the race hyperlink only works in mansion and not when capturing people during adventuring. I can now say this also applies to slaver guild auctions. I can see the race name with an underline on it making it look click-able, but it is only click-able once i take them home

In regards to dominate, I never use it on my own slaves. only when farming mansion upgrade points... capture some slaves, dominate to rapidly get them over 90 obedience. now I can turn them in to the guild for points.

Although lately i stopped doing that, instead i just teleport between all the towns looking to match a slave being sold with a request being posted.

Incidentally there seems to be some sort of disconnect in terms of beauty. The average beauty seems to actually be between -20 and +20. 30s is actually uncommon. 40 is very rare. 50-60 ridiculously rare... I literally never saw anything higher than 63. missions often ask "average beauty, at least 40 / 50" or "pretty, at least 70". Which is not really doable with how low actual beauty scores are.

... unless temporal effects from beauty potions count? or maybe I am supposed to modify them in the lab to be more beautiful? even if that is the intent the naming scheme is a bit irking. using "average" to describe very rare beauties.

Also, "brothel needs a new whore" type missions ask for 25 lewdness. Using mind reading shows no such stat to exist... is it perhaps the lust stat? or is it a stat so hidden that even mind reading doesn't reveal it? (like toxicity, I have no idea how much toxicity anyone has... actually would be nice if the lab had an upgrade that let you examine toxicity levels)

For beauty, you can do a few things. First is the mixture, as you said, this is temporary, though. The next is the lab, where you can boost it permanently. And the last option is the Beauty Parlor facility where you can put tattoos on them. The nature tattoos increase beauty, but you only get a benefit from up to 3. I can't tell you if any of these count towards the quests, as I never actually do them. I generally just get my slaves to max Courage/Charm and set them to Public Entertainer. It's not a ridiculous amount of money, but it's enough that I can have a few set to that, 1 on cooking, and pretty much never need to worry about money. Since I don't use money too often, it builds up pretty well.

(2 edits)

Thank you. I will have to test if those methods count towards fulfilling such quests. I should note that I am not selling them for the money. By the time you have trained a slave to be loyal enough to sell like this they could make you a bunch of money from a job.

The reason I am selling them is for the mansion upgrade points. It doesn't matter how much money I have, I can't upgrade the mansion without upgrade points. which you only get from completing quests or selling a slave of over 90 obedience. I prefer the repeatable slave request mini quests since they give out more mansion points per slave

That's true. I just spam catch a few, scream at them until they like me, and then sell 'em. Easier than worrying about requirements for the missions. I don't generally want for points, plus a bit of story progression gives a pretty good number of points. And, finally,  you can, at a cost to reputation, sell slaves to Sebastion after you've properly unlocked his services. The don't have to be high obedience, but there is a requirement, as I've had him say they were too rebellious. But they seem to give the same points and I can sometimes sell 'em without any training at all. And reputation's pretty easy to gain. Vigilante night anyone?

Another suggestion, when mind reading it would be nice if it indicated both current value and maximum value on obedience

(1 edit)

During Yris's quest you need to use a specific potion... however, it only works if you left it at home, if you actually thought ahead and took the potion with you in your backpack, then it won't be detected by the game and won't be available for use in her quest.


Ikr? Kinda funny to think of how it actually happens.

Yris: Just a sec, let me get ready (heads to other room)

Player: Ok, time to...Crap! I forgot it! *quickly dashes out to the portal, heads home, grabs potion, heads back through portal, into tavern, to the back room, uses potion, and relaxes just in time for Yris to walk out* You ready?

Yris: Yeah!...Why do you look so sweaty? You nervous~?

Player: Uh....yeah...let's go with that. / MacOS 10.13.3

Game sometimes crashes when performing Mindread after combat.

(3 edits)

I don't think the changelog background is supposed to look like that in 0.5.5c. It seems the options menu has a similar problem.

When I sent Emily on vacation to level her up, her image was still showing.

  1. Game version
  2. Your OS or if you are playing web version
    64-bit windows 7
  3. Bug description
    the "end of day" button fails to work properly
    specifically, when I click the button food is consumed or added, gold from professions is added, health is regenerated, and all of the other things that change because of the end of a day change. 
    that no end of day  report is generated,
    the masters energy is not regenerated.
    and the game doesn't save
  4. (if complex)Way to replicate it
    I believe its replicated by expending all of your energy in combat or on an expedition.
    here is the last autosave before I noticed the issue
    here is a manually saved file with this glitch
  5. Any details you wish
    I like all the aesthetic and UI changes that have been made since the last iteration I played.
    can I have a combat system that runs on the numbers pad?
    I use my mouse with my left hand and its really awkward to use the number-row keys as hotkeys...

The thing is that one of your slaves equipped with an item which no longer exists. Try to go through them all to fix it. I'm not sure what causing it in first place though. 

I have unequipped all items from all slaves and the main character. error persists these error messages popped in as I did

Should be fixed now


(1 edit)

I got the same bug as Monotreeme

It's from  a new game in story mode

1. Game version


2. Your OS or if you are playing 

windows 10 version 64-bit 

3. Bug description (from Monotreeme) + complemental information

"The "end of day" button fails to work properly specifically, when I click the button food is consumed or added, gold from professions is added, health is regenerated, and all of the other things that change because of the end of a day change.   EXCEPT that no end of day  report is generated,  the masters energy is not regenerated. and the game doesn't save".

 I can access the job report by clicking on the button near the finish day but the global report remains empty.

4. (if complex)Way to replicate it 

Not sure how to reproduce it. I was exploring the sea when I attacked a bandit camp, got my slaves KOed. I won the fight and retreated, on my way back I eated and rested (energy at zero at the end of battle) (It seems my supplies are at zero but it's still visible in the backpack at the mansion) 

Here is a save with the glitch :!83YACSYT!j3EGLvS2eI5eBDhJiK_I21cZrLsgPBwCxd81NMsDuNk

Here is the pic of the log screen when hitting End of Day button:!JjBm2AjY!C3vOScfya8z_4vGLHCthj7VdGs_sDd-KAxxeJnTNslM


I came across another bug, it's a duplication type of bug for consumable items

4. (if complex)Way to replicate it 

From your inventory send it to your backpack, for example a rope. Go to your backpack, click on the crate icon send it back to your inventory, THEN click on the bag icon, the rope will be visible again (with a value of zero) and click to send to your inventory, each time you click on it it adds to your inventory. It doesn't work for armor, weapons and clothes.

Here is a screen of the log screen :!xnZHGKjS!pPLVJcm6-ITcxBXe-ccKibPBrPrkcOLxScma_U9qRMY

First one should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting the second one.

another bug 
it seems I sometimes cannot un-equip the blue objects(enchanted?) to unequip them I have to sometimes equip a non-enchanted object in its place.
and sometimes the non-enchanted object leaves my inventory and is never seen again leaving the blue item where it was 

(10 edits)

"tries to look away, beginning to feel aroused in spite of herself as {^both of your:your} bodies entwine."
"quickly edging toward her peak as {^both of your:your} bodies entwine."
"You come across a pair of thugs bullying a bystrander." <-- bystrander -> bystander
"No, after I was kidnaped" <-- kidnaped -> kidnapped

When I rescued a bystander and asked for a material reward, they gave me a weapon and I'm 99.9% certain I added it to my backpack but when I checked, it was nowhere to be found (including in my storage). I had over 40 weight remaining so that's not it.
Edit: The weapon appears in the party inventory screen that shows after a fight, but not anywhere in the mansion. It's the blue aura(?) dagger that gives +4 speed.

When hovering over the Headgirl job while someone else is already assigned to it, the tooltip has no background and the text is black so it's hard to read.

When I chose to return Tia, I left to town and it said "Wimborn [Deep Area]".
After I went back for my reward, I chose to decline the gold but I didn't get any extra communal room beds.

  1. 0.5.5d (although this bug carried over from the last version through a save)
  2. Win64
  3. After capturing slaves and returning to mansion, slaves no longer show up
  4. ~~
  5. ~~

    Is there any clues in the console

    No, sorry, I accidentally deleted the save so I can't go back and check. I'll include the console in the future.

    (5 edits)

    I got the event where a slave shows up to your mansion and you can choose to keep them. Selecting the slave gives this error:
    SCRIPT ERROR: updatestats: Invalid get index 'person' (on base: 'Dictionary').
    At: res://files/scripts/slave_tab.gdc:815

    Some event from hunting where your slave brings back a lost person:
    "What would you like to do with $him?"
    Choosing to imprison them gives this error and they aren't added to your slaves:
    SCRIPT ERROR: captureslave: Invalid get index 'names' (on base: 'Dictionary').
    At: res://files/scripts/exploration.gdc:1151

    "She then continues with a slight change in tone.[/color]"
    "meet her in the same place as last time in 10 10 minutes to the"

    (7 edits)

    1.   0.5.5d

    2.   Win7 64bit

    3.    "The "end of day" button fails to work properly specifically, when I click the button food is consumed or added, gold from professions is added, health is regenerated, and all of the other things that change because of the end of a day change.   EXCEPT that no end of day  report is generated,  the masters energy is not regenerated. and the game doesn't save".

     I can access the job report by clicking on the button near the finish day but the global report remains empty.

    4.  I think I found the problem in my case and how to replicate

    At first i thought it depends on some "phantom" equip of captured slaves.  Some Gear Slot pictures dont show up under equip (I mean the grey char picture with the equip slots). This happens to all races, some work and others dont, even if there are same race (example Human).  But furter testing shows that´s not the problem which leads to the broken daily report. In my case it´s related to two specific race typs: Demons & Slimes.   As soon as I get a demon or slime slave inside the Mansion (except Jail), I get this broken daily report.  All other races seems to working fine, even if there is a missing equip slot picture.

    edit: the error show´s "Invalid get Index ´luxury´(on base: ´Nil´).  At: res://files/scripts/Mansion.gdc:791"

    edit 2: I´ve also  registered something strange in Mansion Upgrade Screen:    "Free Upgrade Points: 19.65601"  ??  .65601 ??

    I hope I could help - excuse the poor english, I´m not a native english speaker

    Have you tried updating to 0.5.5e?

    (1 edit)

    strange thing. show´s still 0.5.5d on the site, but the downloaded S4P is 0.5.5e

    But unfortunately the daily report is still broken in my save as soon as a demon or slime joins from jail into the mansions other rooms.

    I try now to start a new game... hopefully this problem is only in my save (from 0.5.5c)

    btw. thanks, you made really a great game, I enjoy playing it

    (5 edits)

    1.  0.5.5e

    2.  Win7 64bit

    3. broken Daily Report

    4.  startet new game but unfortunately the report is still broken if I put a demon or slime somewhere else in the mansion than the jail.

    the error show´s:

    SCRIPT ERROR: person.count luxury: Invalid get index 'I41' (on base: 'Dictionary').

    At: res://globals.gdc:1180

    SCRIPT ERROR: _on_end_pressed: Invalid get index 'luxury' (on base: 'Nil'').

    At: res://files/scripts/Mansion.gdc:791

    Edit:  I tested some more. Maybe my first thought was correct, it seems that "phantom" gear is responsible for the the broken daily report. example: a nereid with missing gear screen (this one with the grey char pic and equip slots) leads to a broken daily report if the slave isnt inside the jail. A other nereid with functional gear screen dosnt lead to this bug. Unfortunately I got not a single demon or slime with working gear screen to test furter (only offspring). In my game (fresh startet with 0.5.5e) all arachna, demon, slime, lamia, harpy and partially some other races (goblin) wich I captured in the lands have a missing or broken gear screen and placed inside a mansion room (not Jail) gives the broken daily report. But in total -> missing gear screen -> broken daily report if inside a mansion room. I also found out that I can place or replace some gear on them (even if I´m not seeing it), EXEPT weapons. No matter if they are in jail or a mansion room. On the other hand, offspring of those "broken" slaves (tested with demons) works fine, functional gear screen and no broken daily report. 

    I hope this helps.

    1. 0.5.5e

    2. Linux 64-bit

    3. Several pieces of displayed text look like they got damaged by a global search-and-replace of "slave" with "person".

    4. Examples I've seen so far:

    The guild in Gorn is the "personr" guild.

    Branded slaves talk about being "your little person".

    (1 edit)

    windows 10

    Ordered a dragonkin slave from Sebastian, once he was unlocked. The slave did not have a grade, being considered a "person" instead. After obtaining the slave, keeping her anywhere but jail caused the daily reports to be skipped. (Global, Job and Secondary). Food would still be added/consumed as well as gold changing, but I wouldn't actually get the menu to tell me what happened. As long as she was in jail, I'd get the reports as usual. Also, the slave caused an issue with scrolling through slaves in the gear menu. Had to manually move the order of the slaves so that they would appear near the top. It was further compounded when I got Ivran. Once I sold the glitched slave, it was all fine.

    Game version: 0.5.5e

    OS: Windows 10

    Went on a hunting trip with two slaves who needed to win a fight to upgrade.  Won the fight, captured one slave, put in jail.    Now when I end the day, I don't get the "how things went" dialogue.  I also cannot see my new slave in order to assign stuff to them, like the maid outfit.  Doesn't matter if she's in jail or communal, still can't see her.

    Haven't tried to replicate.

    If the new slave is a dragonkin, that might be it. They seem to be totally broken. Otherwise, if the slave doesn't have a grade and instead called "person", that seems to be the number one cause for my glitches. Try selling the slave you just got and if that fixes it.

    Not a dragonkin - she does have a grade of "person" though!

    So I sold her, but I still don't get the "how things went" dialogue at the end of the turn.

    trying to equip fairies with clothes fails to bring up the new menu with the shilouhette. selecting another race first doesn't change the picture when selecting fairy afterwards allows to eqip dresses but does not properly unequip them resulting in duplication of items.

    Quite weird. Is there anything in the console?

    On selection of fairy via gear

    SCRIPT ERROR: slavegear: Invalid get index 'Null' (on base: 'Dictionary').

       At: res://files/inventory.gdc:330. 

    Same error when trying to equip with clothing and also same error when unequiping clothing from another character.

    also same error when unequipping, hence duplicating from fairy by selecting character with same clothing fairy wears, then changing to fairy and unequiping without actually doing so. fairy only get's unequipped after unequipping different charakter with same clothing.

    Make sure you properly updated your game.

    (1 edit)

    Edit: best guess is that I was being derpy with the new interface. Please disregard

    v0.5.6a, Windows 7

    I'm having some odd potion behavior. I purchased a few potions to my backpack (beauty and hair dye), and used them on slaves I then traded/sold. A few days later, when I checked my backpack, they were still there. Not sure if they weren't properly used up in the first place (though they did disappear from the interface upon use), or if they were somehow refunded when I sold the slave. I'll try to test this further.

    (1 edit)

    Game version: 0.5.6a, Windows 10

    Bug: I'm going through a new story mode playthrough where I start in Gorn. After returning with some captured slaves, they don't show up at my mansion which is unlike my first playthrough at Winborn. I've tried it again around four times and the same thing happens, I capture some bandits who don't show up when I return. I don't prefer to quicksell as I'd like to see their stats first and see if any of them are worth keeping. Hope you can tell me what I should do, thanks!

    Do you have anything in the console?

    SCRIPT ERROR: _on_mansion_pressed: Invalid get index 'gear' (on base: 'String').
              At: res://files/scripts/Mansion.gdc:1643

    I have another bug to report. I started another game in Frostford which was doing well until my character stopped gaining energy. The window that pops up when you end a day doesn't show up either so I'm not sure if it's related. Here's the error on the console:

    SCRIPT ERROR: _on_end_pressed: Invalid get index 'I66' (on base: 'Dictionary').
              At: res://files/scripts/Mansion.gdc:492

    Based on the error, I'd say it might be an enchant on your gear that isn't working properly. I could be wrong, but I've had it happen before, though mine was an error that made fights not load properly. Check for any gear with bonuses and try removing them. With any luck, that might help. If not, then you'll need to wait for a response from the creator.

    I sold all my enchanted gear but with no luck :( I did see a new error on the console tho, I made another playthrough in Winborn which was going well until Chloe joined my household (didn't tamper with her antidote):

    SCRIPT ERROR: person.cour_set: Invalid get index 'person' (on base: 'Dictionary').
              At: res://globals.gdc:930
    SCRIPT ERROR: person.calculateluxury: Invalid get index 'person' (on base: 'Dictionary').
              At: res://globals.gdc:1190
    SCRIPT ERROR: _on_end_pressed: Invalid operands 'int' and 'Nil' in operator '<'.
              At: res://files/scripts/Mansion.gdc:795

    v0.5.6a, Windows 7

    No slaves I capture have any unspent stat points, even if they should. I just captured a level 11 lamia with no points banked.

    v0.5.6a, Windows 7

    When in the field, you can cast Invigorate on yourself for free energy.

    (1 edit)

    v5.6.a Windows 10

    It seems the previously reported issues about "slave" being "person" is still persisting. I suspect for some reason, a large portion of the word "slave" was replaced by "person" for some reason.

    This includes the quest log for first quest about buying a slave for mage order, slaver's guild is now personr's guild.

    More importantly also in the combatdata script, "finaleslavers" is misprinted as "finalepersonrs", leading to bug that prevents the slaver enemies from spawning when you do the main quest at the mountain cave.

    Most of those issues should have been already fixed. Make sure you are using latest version.

    v0.5.6a, Windows 10

    There's a lot of errors with $himself and $him appearing in regards to slave gender. Also a minor thing but Maple doesn't actually have a portrait.

    What errors do you mean?

    (1 edit)

    I don`t know what he mean with error`s with $himself and $him but the minor problem with the portait`s has something to do with the events at the beginning of a day. Every slave with portait`s have the same problem it can be temp fix if you reset the protait but next event of the char the bug show`s up again (Ayneris don`t work with temp fix). then next another minor bug the slave spreadsheed button don`t work

    Game Version 0.5.6a

    Windows 7
    in the Storage and Gear" window when I click on a specific one of my slaves, their window for worn items does not pop up. All the rest work fine.

    in the <drive>:\Strive For Power\Strive.exe window I get
    SCRIPT ERROR: slavegear: Invalid get index "Null' (on base 'dictionary').

    At: res;//files/

    I've been playing for a while and this is a noble slave, any way to fix this?

    (1 edit)

    I recommend to try clean reinstall, if it does not help let me know. Also would help if you can provide me a save.

    I'd be glad to send you a save file, where to/how?

    This has spread to three other slaves as well. Here is a link to the save file in my drop box. I've also tried installing a fresh copy to a new folder, but problem still exists in saves.

    Okay, I figured out the issue. It will be fixed in next patch. 

    Basically game misses some items which should be equipped on your slaves. Not sure how you lost them. You can try manually edit out the gear equipped by said slaves in notepad.

    Thanks, BTW I love this game, thank you for the hard work.

    You were correct, I just copied the gear of a working slave over the gear of those that did not and that fixed them, thank you.

    I added it to my dropbox. (I think I'm up to like 4 slaves with this issue.)

    (1 edit)

    Can't go outside anymore. Console throws the following error:

    SCRIPT ERROR: progress.calculateweight: Invalid get index 'I51' (on base: 'Dictionary').                        

       At: res://globals.gdc:482.                                                                                   

    SCRIPT ERROR: _on_leave_pressed: Invalid get index 'overload' (on base: 'Nil').                                 

       At: res://files/scripts/outside.gdc:107.  
    This error occured after ending the day after which  the slave I tried the next bug on should return.

    Demoting a slave from grade slave is possible and leads to grade noble in one go.

    EDIT: FOUND THE CAUSE - Taking problem fairy (see below) into party caused the going into town not working anymore

    About the equipment problem with the not showing shilouhette. I caught another fairy (a male one) to test it. The male on did show no problem. It seems to be something with this specific fairy. Or at least this specific save. It's very strange.


    Not really a bug, exactly, but I used mutation on a female virgin slave and she became pregnant. After giving birth, she was still considered a virgin.

    Trading screens all break, with black backgrounds and no goods, when you talk to sebastian for the youthing potion quest

    (3 edits)


    WIN 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1

    The unique characters lose their portray (becomes blank) after random event where they are injured and need rest. Not a deal breaker since I can easily print screen, cut their full body back into their portray and give their portray back but still would be nice to get fixed.

    Also not sure a bug or new design choice, but custom description no longer show up in their inspection screen anymore. Kind of making the purpose of writing a custom description for them self-defeating since that screen is really hard to read with it stretch infinity to the right side.

    Noticed something else, sometimes the interaction mistaken spank with rope. Might be the order I use the actions but sometimes the text for rope shows up instead of the spank action I choose. My usual order is:

    Player character give, servant take

    Blindfold.. -> Kiss.. -> Fingering.. -> Fondle Chest.. -> One of the anal position.. -> Milker.. -> Clit Clap.. -> Rope -> Spank till I run out of turns.

    The Communal Room bed upgrade in Cali's quest doesn't happen. I had 9 bed in Communal Room when finishing that step of the quest and it didn't get the 2 extra beds like the text implied. Might be the engine has problem calculating the correct number of beds when different players have different upgrade level? I suggest add the 2 upgrade points into the house upgrade point so different players can choose what they want to invest in.


    after my first child is born i can no longer scroll through the slave list 

    also the game will close it self after going to the main menu then trying to go back in ether by dieing or by exiting to the main menu

    Is there anything in the console? can you provide a save?

    not sure if there is anything in the console and i dont know how i would be able to provide a save

    There's an option in game to "open folder" while in the save/load menu. Copy the save file and put it in a dropbox and then link that here?


    Played this on my Win10 computer.

    Needless to say the bug is rather self explanatory. Basically the ending cutscene decided to loop so I started hitting my keyboard and mouse to speed things along. This had the unintended effect of...well as seen below, somewhat amusing but at the same time...

    Whoops, will fix it


    OSX 10.11.6

    a) I'm getting mansion upgrade points in decimals now. I'm not sure whether this is from selling slaves or from quests. 

    b) The mountain cave fight, siding with the elves, I was matched against a single harpy, instead of the slaver crew.

    c) Aphrodite's potion doesn't go away after orgy

    d) This is hard to describe, but I fought some wolves and when my mouse went over one, a box came up that only said, like "Wolf 4", but then I pressed F to quickly finish the battle, and then in several future fights, there would be a "Wolf 4"  box just hanging out randomly. It went away eventually, probably after I quit the game.

    e) After beating Hade, Melissa shows up and calls me [PlayerName]. She also cherry picked a slave who happened to be in my final battle group. Kinda weird, not sure if it's intentional, but :shrug:

    Not sure how to reproduce any of these!

    I really like this game! 

    (1 edit)

    0.5.6a windows 10 x64

    A few slaves are getting extra stats that make them surpass their class limitations (for example I have a Nereid with 4 STR 6 Magic 4 END) even though they are not wearing any items atm. These extra stats show up green.

    The opposite is also true, red negative stats that I can't fight against even though I have unspent ability points. At some point I saw a level 1 slave with literally -1 STR. Worse is that the same happened to my MC he has 6/7 END with 17 unspent points that I cannot use.

    I tried to figure out if this is some sort of ailment status or something but there's no notification of such thing as well as no potions that would cure them as far as I am aware. My guess is this is some bug related to the new  enchanted items system which btw I would love to see more randomness in the stats. I'm no programmer so my guess is uneducated but I don't think it would be too hard to implement enchanted  item drops/rewards with up to 3 bonus  and a lot more randomness in the stats they can have.

    Also not a bug but I would love to be able to assign my non-humanoid slaves to prostitution related jobs aside from the Umbra ones that seem useless.

    Love your game, please keep it up!

    Can you provide a save file?

    Of course

    (1 edit)


    Is it normal that slaves go in minus?

    It's because of the scarred trait. I don't know the exact number for sure, but it seems to lower the base beauty of a slave by 30. So if you find a slave that would have been 19, minus 30 would make that slave -11. I'm saying it lowers the base beauty by 30 because -30 is the lowest I've seen.

    All that aside, I don't know if the game is supposed to go below 0 and into the negatives, just my assumption on why.

    Yeah, its a bit of weird trait performance I can't quite decide what I want to do with. 

    It does seem to be rather common for the kind of damage that's implied. I wouldn't mind seeing a second trait (blemished?) that does -10 or -15 to base beauty that is more common and the scarred trait being a bit rarer.

    Oh its ok then(intresting)

    BTW will there be (tempreory) traits like  bruised (if you beat them to much)  or stuff like that later on.

    That makes so much sense. Maybe also when their health is low.

    (1 edit)

    Mac High Sierra OS 10.13.4
    game version 0.5.7d

    So I wanted to change my stats after I entered the new game creator, while I was on the servant stats, and I ended up with double the dresses (I chose noble human) and two lovely stronk orc ladies who are now my guards.  I like this bug but felt it needed to be reported


    WIN 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1

    Food income calculation seems a bit wonky whenever I get a new servant. Sometimes I have positve food (up to 40 something) income despite no servant is put in actions that give positive food (hunting and foraging) and I have 'Better Food' ticked for all my servants. It seems to go back to normal after a few days.

    Game Version 0.5.7d

    I am using Windows 10 64 bit

    Every time I hit the cancel button in when it comes to branding it prints this out in the little black box and refuses to let me cancel changing the brand. not really major, just annoying -
    SCRIPT ERROR: _on_cancel_pressed: Invalid set index 'visible' (on base: 'null instance') with value of type 'bool'.
    At: res://files/scripts/

    (1 edit)

    Game Version 0.5.8

    Win 10 64bit

    For some reason the rank does not increase to adept when I hand over the slave to Melissa. Also the panel closes immediatly afterwards, so it is not really possible to read the text?

    Savegame , just hand over Gertrude


    while I'm at it:

    -not really a bug, but if you close the program and restart it all the custom orders and slave markets are reset. Which is nice if you are farming for cash, but not necessarily behaviour as planned?

    -more of a balance thing: if you really want you can blitz through most of the story in a few days using only your main character because even without energy you can easily deal with most of the encounters (maybe not the endgame least not without A LOT of level grinding;) and coupled with the above slave market reset you can relativly easy get all of the required slaves.

    V0.5.7d win10 x64

    Bug1: When casting the "Dream" spell the slave instantly becomes unavailable for the rest of the day (as it should) however, the slave menu does not close on its own and you can keep casting the spell over and over again, making it possible to completely remove any amount of stress in 1 day.  

    Bug2: Got a bugged dragonkin slave from Sebastian (through special request). It costed me 0 gold to purchase when she got available and her stats menu is a mess.  Here is a save in case you need.

    Bug3: I'm at the third stage of the Yris quest line, the one in which you need 1000 gold + 1 Deterrent Potion to proceed. I meet the requirements and yet when I try to speak with Yris, the button to advance ["Accept (1000 Gold)"]  is always greyed out whether the potion is on my inventory or backpack. According to the wiki this is because I haven't advanced enough in the main quest line but its a bug if it doesn't at least notify of such. Ideally you should only be able to meet Yris again and receive her final challenge when you reach the necessary story's point.

    Bug4: Slaves will show up with anywhere from -30 up to 89 beauty (from my experience) and yet many times when groups show up (bandits or when I open a slave guild market that I haven't checked in quite a while) , there are 2 or more slaves with the exact same beauty (showed right next to each other on the slave list).  While this should be a possible occurrence it shouldn't happen nearly as often as it does for me. As an example, last time I opened the Umbra slave market the top 2 slaves on the list had both 86 beauty... Perhaps the odds are just odd for me.

    Once again, love your game, keep it up!


    Changes to Constants don't save. I'd done a fresh install before anything else and changed the constants before starting a new game in story mode. Realized after a few minutes that the settings I chose didn't carry through to the game. Saved and went to the main menu and checked, they were back to the original values.

    Also, the Leather Slave Collar is called "Leather person Collar." I wanted to wait until the newest update to see if it was fixed before mentioning it.

    Looks like recent changes broken constants saving. My bad.

    I can't even begin to imagine how complex coding is, but I'm pretty sure things slip pretty easily. Looking forward to the game's further development. ^^

    Deleted post

    Could you provide more information?


    Did the emily and her sister scene few (ingame)days later scene reapeard and crushed the game

    Living suit causes lust to go over limit, resulting in eventual crash if left unattended

    Error stopped as soon as living suit was removed. The wearer was getting daily aphrodisiac doses as well.

    SCRIPT ERROR: lust: Invalid get index 'lust' (on base: 'Nil').
              At: res://files/scripts/
    SCRIPT ERROR: person.dictionary: Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'replace' in base 'Nil'.
              At: res://
    SCRIPT ERROR: _on_end_pressed: Invalid operands 'String' and 'Nil' in operator '+'.
              At: res://files/scripts/
    SCRIPT ERROR: lust: Invalid get index 'lust' (on base: 'Nil').
              At: res://files/scripts/
    SCRIPT ERROR: person.dictionary: Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'replace' in base 'Nil'.
              At: res://
    SCRIPT ERROR: _on_end_pressed: Invalid operands 'String' and 'Nil' in operator '+'.
              At: res://files/scripts/
    SCRIPT ERROR: lust: Invalid get index 'lust' (on base: 'Nil').
              At: res://files/scripts/
    SCRIPT ERROR: person.dictionary: Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'replace' in base 'Nil'.
              At: res://
    SCRIPT ERROR: _on_end_pressed: Invalid operands 'String' and 'Nil' in operator '+'.
              At: res://files/scripts/
    SCRIPT ERROR: lust: Invalid get index 'lust' (on base: 'Nil').
              At: res://files/scripts/
    SCRIPT ERROR: person.dictionary: Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'replace' in base 'Nil'.
              At: res://
    SCRIPT ERROR: _on_end_pressed: Invalid operands 'String' and 'Nil' in operator '+'.
              At: res://files/scripts/

    Deleted post
    Deleted post

    will be fixed in next patch.

    0.5.7d Windows

    If you choose the rape for two captives, then capture one of them, then set the option to rape again for the captive left, you get double the mana.

    My energy won't regenerate even after several days. And in my last save I was pregnant and never had the baby. Time just kept passing and it never happened.

    Can you pass the save file?

    The problem is it wasn't just a bad save. This energy issue seems to happen with every save. It reaches a certain point and I just stop regenerating energy. For the last save I thought it was just me being so close to giving birth that caused the energy issue, but in my new save it was earlier in the pregnancy that it happened. 

    one of your slaves or  player caracter have living suit?

    What do you mean

    The living suit is glitched.

    I've yet to use it since I've heard it's bugged, but I also have had energy issues in the past, after getting Zoe.

    I haven't gotten that far. I started a new save with a male character this time, and that seems to have fixed the problem. I haven't had any energy issues, when I have had energy issues in the past with my other two female characters.

    on your desktop go to search bar and input %appdata% locate strive or strive 2 (its one of those to me probobley juat version change made 2 of them) you will find saves there upload the gliched save on mega or something else ur useing just make it downloadible so creator or someone who posseses the understanding of it can help solve the problem

    0.5.8 Combat encounters don't seem to load at all.

    Had this happen to me, too. When I chose to attack two thugs, this is all that appeared:

    Is this bug repeats every time?

    (1 edit)

    It does. Every time I leave town and try to fight. I tried it on a lone girl, bugged. I tried going out solo, bugged. I tried a random new game, bugged.

    And this is version 0.5.8. I did a clean reinstall. I do that for each update. 

    This is the only thing that appears, and it does so at loading:

    SCRIPT ERROR: hidetooltip: Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'get_node' in base 'Nil'.
              At: res://

    Here's a copy of the save, even though it's not just this save: File

    This seems really weird. I've doublechecked everything but this issue does not happen to me at all, although I've might heard about it once. 

    I just did a reinstall and went straight into a random game, encounters work fine. I think the problem came when I tried to change and save the Constants. It's the only thing that was different, and the only time this has bugged out on me was this version. The Constants would save and be usable in a game until I exited the game, next time I boot up the game, the Constants reset. So I think that should be the problem.

    Alright, thanks for the note, I'll look into it.

    Actually, do you know what constant change broke it? 

    No, I'd changed just about all of them. Also, I did a new install, didn't touch the constants and the combat still glitched out. I don't know what changed. I always delete all Stive related files, so I know it's not from previous data.

    Weird, can't quite find out what might have caused this issue. Are you using windows?


    Yes, Windows 10.

    It seems the combat glitch happens if you have "use animation on screen change" turned off. For now, keep it on and you can play normally.

    THIS WAS IT! I turned on the animation option and loaded the save that didn't work and now it works!

    Deleted post

    Can you upload a save file somewhere

    Deleted post
    (1 edit)

    Hey, um, I downloaded the latest public version, but I can find the sexual tab on any of my slaves pages, am I'm looking in the wrong area? Or maybe I'm just being an idiot.

    try in interaction

    Uh, I meant with the affection points, and which uses energy.

    It has been removed some time ago.

    0.5.7d Windows

    Instead of getting a taurus, I got a glitched slave from Sebastion. It costed 0 gold. Everything about it is fine, but the stats of it changes based on which slave you clicked on last.

    Sebastian caught a pokemon.

    (1 edit)

    0.5.9 running on Win10

    If you cancel out a sandbox new game creation at the end, after setting up your initial slave, and go back to new game, you will be put at the end of new game creation, but finalizing creation and starting there will kick you into campaign mode, even if your master and first slave are of races that would be unavailable in campaign creation.

    Update: This appears to be caused by the game trying to force a reset of the New Game settings. If you cancel the warning about resetting your character's appearance both when cancelling the first New Game at the end and when you return to New Game, it will shadow reset the game mode to story, even though it still appears as Sandbox and it preserves all other choices for PC and first slave even if those choices would not be available under story mode creation options. This also occurs on 0.5.9a

    (1 edit)

    0.5.8 windows10
    Like Qinlongfei I also see something weird with the food count at the end of the day, I sometimes get more food than I should.

    I think it may be linked to the "you notice some food is gone" event when slaves steal from you.  But instead of substracting food it adds more.

    I can't 'leave to town'. I keep doing the command over and over and it doesn't work anymore. :/

    Nvm. Apparently I can't take a halfkin fox, a dryad, and a slime out. I even tried one at a time and it didn't work. However my other slaves work just fine.

    Do you have any error in the console?

    It did say something about an invalid error, but I can't remember what all it said. I'll have to try it out again later and type that bit of coding here.

    (1 edit)

    umbra just gave me the option to battle slavers after exiting the slave market

    Can you upload the save file?

    Also, please try to do clean reinstal. 

    (1 edit)

    i went to the area before caves bougth slaves from slavers  went a little further teleported back and the glich happend dont know if it will happen if its steps are  repeated

    (1 edit)

    Considering the dangerous people Umbra is supposed to be harboring, I'd kinda like to see this become a feature instead of a bug. Just make the slavers really tough since it's their home turf.

    Edit: I haven't experienced this glitch myself, just stating it seems like a neat idea for the game if the glitch can be stabilized and doesn't hurt anything else in the game.

    0.5.9 on Win10

    Font size settings are not retained. They have to be set each time the game loads, and the default font size is a lot smaller than the initial setting is set to. Default setting is 10, but the actual initial font size is about 16-18.

    All other settings are retained normally.

    This has actually been an issue for a number of versions on multiple versions of Windows.

    Deleted post

    It requires high wimborn reputation, not quest progress. 

    0.5.8 on Windows 10

    During the main quest arc in Amberguard, you have to provide one elf and one drow to the witch to access the tunnels.

    Previously (pre 0.5.8) I had no issue with that part, but now it seems impossible to turn in the drow. I tried with various dark elf slaves but none seem to be acceptable. 


    Dark elf and Drow are two different races. If I remember correctly, you can order a Drow from Sebastian.

    you can also buy one in the slave market (but you need to buy portal stone from sebastian wich is 500 gold i think.forgot the name of the place. XD


    (1 edit)

    Umbra. The teleport stone for it is 500 gold.

    If you have the "Allow all possible races in slavers guild" option active, it's possible to find one randomly in Wimborn's slave guild.

    you can buy drow in unbra its cheaper then sebastian just before you go to wich put him in household (cant give slaves from jail)

    0.5.9a on Windows 10

    After approaching Melissa and handing her quest requirements (e.g. fairy, youthing elixer, taurus), the reward dialogue screen flashes briefly before closing automatically.

    After handing Melissa the taurus, my order rank is also still Journeyman instead of being promoted to Adept.

    0.5.10 on Windows 10

    The flashing of the reward dialogue screen has been fixed, but I'm still not being promoted to Adept after the taurus quest.

    Hi Guys wondering if any of you know know what role preference is and how to meet that requirement, some Detail on this would be appreciated

    Thank you in advance for any help given

    The only thing role preference seems to do is be needed for that one custom slave request. All I know about it is that Elves have the racial trait that "role preference depends on their confidence." I've no idea how to alter this in the other races, aside from having them "on top" or initiating everything. Which might be easier now that females can face sit.

    Hi Guys wondering if any of you know know what role preference is and how to meet that requirement, some Detail on this would be appreciated

    Thank you in advance for any help given

    (2 edits)

    0.5.8 on Windows 10

    Nothing happens when pushing start at Interactions window, even though there are still interactions left for today or they change to negative.

    Do clean reinstal

    (1 edit)

    Actually found the reason why this happens, if animation on screen change is turned off window doesn't open.

    (4 edits)

    Having too many residents seems to trigger the end of day bug where no message will pop up and energy is not restored.

    Attached save file.  Click end day to see that it is working properly.  Move the centaur from jail to communal and now the end of day will break. Not sure exact cause. Edit: This was due to the centaur being of grade "Person".

    Also in that save file, cannot access gear for some of the last few characters.  Try to access gear for "Lorelei" or "Centorea" and the UI won't pop up.  I'm guessing it has to do with the "change order" and how it interacts with characters in the jail.  Centorea was moved way up in the order but went to jail due to the end of day bug.  In a later save I moved her to the bottom and it seemed to fix it.  It could also be related to her being "person" grade.



    I haven't tried your save file, but this sounds like something I encountered several versions ago. I had ordered a dragonkin from Sebastian and she didn't have a normal grade. (It was person instead.) And when I got her, I couldn't scroll down in the gear menu. When I moved her from the jail to the normal manor, the daily report wouldn't pop up. I can't remember if my energy restored or not. But check the slave and see if that one is the problem.

    (1 edit)

    Good catch.  I believe she was from Sebastian and is "Person" rather than a grade.  Any idea how to fix?

    EDIT: You can elevate a "Person" to "Slave" at the slave guild (for free, too!)

    Oh, I didn't know that. I just ended up selling the slave. This is good to know!

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