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it says demo not trailer on the link...... just, ya know, seems off to not have a playable demo.

........needs a save and load feature, seriously, i had to stop earlier today and when i reload it i have to start over. other than that it does seem quite good.

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difficulty also seems a bit too high, the red magic spheres can one hit kill you even though at times you can even spawn in a world with like 50 of the mobs that cast them around you. Also it needs more recipes, green dog skin sounds like an armor ingredient from the description but no recipe. This is more a personal pet peeve than a criticism but I wouldn't call it mining if you can't gain stone or metal from it. All that said i can see potential in this game, it needs a lot of work before I would even call it a beta version. Atm I'd say pre alpha stage so it's hard to tell how good it will be. Also, i know you wanted it to be a tactical combat thing but given that mobs don't drop items they just get moved into your inventory if you kill them, it seems a bit impractical. I would suggest making the mobs all drop their items rather than just putting it into a players inventory. That would provide a great reward for letting the enemies kill each other instead of just running away from the start. I also recommend reducing the mob spawn rate as part of the difficulty changes to about 1 third of what it is. As things stand survival is nigh impossible. Thanks for your prompt reply ;p

I tried right clicking rocky areas and it just fails i figure i'm missing something but not sure what. Also i can't figure out how to make armor, do i need a special tool or something cause i got a bunch of green dog skins but no recipees show up.

much better thanks ;p

how do i get rid of the basic controls box? it kinda gets in the way once you read it.

not a bug necessarily but if you are carrying the items for zoe it won't recognize them for the quest.

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ok....... not sure why they aren't purchasable when so many other odd races are and i tried the marsh already quite a bit but i'll try again, maybe i just had bad luck. I did finally find one though i think they may be rarer than demon or lamia at least by what i encountered. well thanks in any case, now i know they can be found ;p

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slime girls issue in I can't seem to find them anywhere including the order section with sebastion..... did you remove them or something? I didn't see it on the change log but didn't used to have the issue. I run windows 10 home though it has failed to update for a while. I'm going to try completely closing and reopening the game. It didn't help.