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soooo i managed to get the vehicle hauled back and built a lightrot engine. Am i not able to actually do anything with said engine?

doubt it, issue is still in as of now, It is particularly interesting because one of my peeps was killed in battle and it ended before I could revive them, they were the same as my mc which had been targeted for revival and had no change. Long story short, I think something like death is set to off in the code and with no dying, chars just get grievously injured and ejected from battle instead, this causes resurrect to fail because they are not actually dead.

separate issue, i just passed the alchemists test....... now she won't wake up, every time I come here she is in bed no matter what time it is in game..............kinda hard to proceed on her questline. I have a save file but don't know how to send it to you.

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I strongly urge you to increase the cap even if you reduce the materials requirements, for a maxed out farmer it is very easy to go over the limit and not notice, then you are down a good bit of work. Also annoying when you have to make runs for 4 materials because you need roughly 400 of a material total for your project and can only carry 99. Of course, its your game, you can do what you want but I think this would be a VERY big improvement. Also, is there a way to get bedroom exp without the risk of gaining fetishes? I want to erase them via exp but every time I try to gain exp to do so I gain at least 2 fetishes.

soooo I don't know if this is even possible within the framework you are using but the sheer math screams inventory cap at 999 rather than 99.

It take 6 flax fibers to make 1 thread, it takes 6 thread to make 1 cloth, it takes 3 cloth to make a cape(might have been another item but i think it was a cape). 6x6x3 fibers or 108. You literally can not hold enough raw materials to make 1 piece of relatively simple clothing. Additionally, it kinda sucks that we seem to lose any extra we gather. The only options I can see to really address this annoying situation are to either expand the inventory or provide some sort of alternate storage, preferably both.

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Thanks, sounds like I need more hides, I made a crafting character for starting so taking down a wolf is hard and I didn't think it would take 10 rat pelts to make leather..... I guess it makes sense though, tiny critters and all. I shall certainly check back and maybe I can find a way to send ya SOMETHING though I am not exactly well off atm. Also is it me or is grinding combat exp slow compared to the gathering speed? given that most combat tends to take longer and use comparable vp (more early on)... It feels like maybe you should give a bit more exp... at least in the heroic mode which I played. craft exp gain seems fine to me though.

so far I love the crafting system though it seems like it might need a little more work to complete. I can't seem to find a way to get leather for making weapons and armor. I have hides, I use the knife, and it displays no recipes. Beyond that I don't even like the sex system so far because I am by nature dominant and don't want to help breed a monster army to rape and enslave my own species. Still, the crafting system alone makes this game worth paying attention to in my opinion. If this doesn't work out, maybe you should try making something akin to rune factory frontier with your crafting system.

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very good over all but.... the freaking ice primal keeps kicking my but, I have farmed adamantine for chest and weapon for each character but their ice three spell is basically a 1 hit kill. It tends to exceed 3000 damage, combine that with having two healers leave the party and I'm having trouble. I can get them to around half health, then they use blizzard and wipe any party members at half health or less. I have literally spent hours getting the addy for weapons and chestplates too. As a suggestion, maybe increase the amount of ore you get from each clump based on the time similar to how you increase the amount needed to actually make a piece of equipment. Getting only one adamantine ore per fight is painful when you need 25 ore to make a piece of equipment, especially when it can range from a pair of boots to a weapon to a chest armor. Also, I don't know for sure but..... it feels like it gets stronger as I train, if so this may be a bad idea as it means you can't train up to defeat them very well.

it says demo not trailer on the link...... just, ya know, seems off to not have a playable demo.

........needs a save and load feature, seriously, i had to stop earlier today and when i reload it i have to start over. other than that it does seem quite good.

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difficulty also seems a bit too high, the red magic spheres can one hit kill you even though at times you can even spawn in a world with like 50 of the mobs that cast them around you. Also it needs more recipes, green dog skin sounds like an armor ingredient from the description but no recipe. This is more a personal pet peeve than a criticism but I wouldn't call it mining if you can't gain stone or metal from it. All that said i can see potential in this game, it needs a lot of work before I would even call it a beta version. Atm I'd say pre alpha stage so it's hard to tell how good it will be. Also, i know you wanted it to be a tactical combat thing but given that mobs don't drop items they just get moved into your inventory if you kill them, it seems a bit impractical. I would suggest making the mobs all drop their items rather than just putting it into a players inventory. That would provide a great reward for letting the enemies kill each other instead of just running away from the start. I also recommend reducing the mob spawn rate as part of the difficulty changes to about 1 third of what it is. As things stand survival is nigh impossible. Thanks for your prompt reply ;p

I tried right clicking rocky areas and it just fails i figure i'm missing something but not sure what. Also i can't figure out how to make armor, do i need a special tool or something cause i got a bunch of green dog skins but no recipees show up.

not a bug necessarily but if you are carrying the items for zoe it won't recognize them for the quest.

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ok....... not sure why they aren't purchasable when so many other odd races are and i tried the marsh already quite a bit but i'll try again, maybe i just had bad luck. I did finally find one though i think they may be rarer than demon or lamia at least by what i encountered. well thanks in any case, now i know they can be found ;p

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slime girls issue in I can't seem to find them anywhere including the order section with sebastion..... did you remove them or something? I didn't see it on the change log but didn't used to have the issue. I run windows 10 home though it has failed to update for a while. I'm going to try completely closing and reopening the game. It didn't help.