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2. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (xDark)

3. Crash upon launching

4. Launching the program (Itch app)


Have you tried direct launch (with exe file)? It seems like there's some problem with your OS. Were you able to launch it without crashing previously?

I haven't been playing for a few version, so I can't tell how far back this bug started at. I was able to play it before the picture changed though, and maybe even a bit after the picture changed. I tried the exe, and the game crashes, but that's from the itch installation, i can try manual installation.

I'm not too sure what the problem could be, however.. Some of my other programs seem to be doing the same thing. [Sakura Fantasy, for example, which is installed on the same external hard drive] 

Yeah, seems to be an issue with your OS. I can suggest checking any weird installed programs. I've heard that some sound software can cause issues with the game.

Well, its not sound, least as far as I could tell since I removed my sounds completely. As for weird installed softwares, i'm not sure abotu those either, can't see anything in the list that i don't have an idea what it is. 

I also scanned my hardrive for bad sectors, and even attempted to run it from the desktop with a fresh download. 

I still don't understand what the issue is, or even why it seems to affect a lot of my visual novels.