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I will be honest, I never expected to see a book 2 to this game.  It was one of the best of its kind with just book 1 so can't wait to play book 2.

It is nice to be able to play it on PC.  Though it seems the launcher has a bug.  You can't go into windowed mode.  Outside of that there needs to be an "Exit" option for windows and that is literally all the issues I can find with the windows version.  Outside of that it runs pretty damn well.

It would be nice to play it on PC.

Windows/Mac/Linux support is planned soon?

Nice.  It would really help the game out to have one to reach as many people with bad PCs as possible.

Unless I am missing something, I do not see an options menu in game.  I need to make the game windowed and smaller to run it on my PC as my PC is an older model.

Clicking "Yumi" to see the image of her causes an error to pop up.

Huge exploit with Dwarf Knights.  You can train endlessly with them for higher and higher stats.

Its weird but it no longer crashes when it starts.  It does it when you right click and stays a white screen.  I got windows 10, have direct x, and 64 bit.  Got 6 G ram and an intel processor.  Tried running it in Windows 7 and * compatibility with Admin.

Ladder is a bit hard to climb down and one of the girls on the bottom half clips through walls but outside of that it is alright.

Crashes on start up.  Just a white screen.

There may be a bug with Cali's quest.  It tells me I need to talk to her the moment I get her, but I have to wait a few days before the game prompts me and during the time I can grind her relationship to max.  I mentioned that part because I am not sure if the bug is the quest showing up before the prompt or if the quest should have started the second I got her.

Not sure if it is just me, but when I click download it pops up the screen like normal and never does download.

failed to load data/actors.json error

So far there are a few grammar errors and wrap text errors. Hard to list them without a PM system sadly though.

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Yeah which is why I suggested adding it because it may not be noticeable, but a drop from 60+ to say, 40 or 30 is still severe meaning something is causing it. It is mainly for those cases where you can't see the difference but it does drop.

What ends up happening is you add something to one map, it drops the FPS but isn't noticeable however you start adding more to the game and slowly it starts tanking in one map more and more till it gets to unplayable levels and you can't find it anymore due to all the stuff added sense.

Not yet but when you start adding more and more scripts to it, it can happen. For example, I was helping someone bug test another RPG and of all things the Day Night system they added before I started helping was tanking a good 54 FPS making the game run at a high of 6. Just saying it will help probably.

I haven't played yet due to me just finding this and only having my laptop, but if you are still updating than I don't mind mentioning bugs and what not if I find any.

I thought that was just a WIP due to no dialogue for multiple shifts... Is it possible to add an FPS counter button into the game for testing areas?

I am not gonna lie...this is the best game description of all time. I will play it when I get home.

So far it seems that the game is going well. I kind of wish Mercedes let you work more than one time but besides that it seems to be a decent early access.

I sent a bug report. Like I said at the end the game is still solid for a brand new sandbox. It has bugs, but they haven't been so game breaking it is not playable for example.

Now this is a good idea. I love the fact you customize the girl too in this one.

In that case, do you want me using the comments here or something else to send the typos and stuff? I could get this very cluttered very fast because, while I get what you mean about egregious issues, I would be more likely to submit a whole string of dialogue boxes if they all have issues rather than just the worse in the string. Also, do you want me to revise it and submit both the original and revised so you can copy it and find it and have a version that is revised ready to replace it or do you want to just fix it yourself? I do work a lot with other RPG Maker users is why I am asking that as some of them do have documents that have there WIP scripts and they update that first followed by the game.

Good to hear. I will move over to the updated public release than. How is the proof reading of the script coming btw? This version had some really bad moments in it but it is about 18 megabytes behind so that probably has been fixed.

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No idea why but the main character gets random red hair during the Samantha section. It happens when you go the blue text route for her and give her the drink.

It happens at this dialogue too in the Betan Church: "I need the help of a holy man. I've found a woman" Ralph has red hair in the avatar pic.

Despite Continue Searching appearing as an option, after 6 barrels of wine from the ship wreck you can't use this option to find more. Game said I had 8 too.

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It isn't always the drivers. It is sometimes just the file missing. I have a new PC that I got this week and it didn't come with it but everything is updated.

Probably just my screen messing up than... it does that for some reason. Weird resolutions problems with it.

Something similar to this game or a totally new route?

Will it follow a similar principal? This one felt like there was a possibility for a neutral or good route someday so I am curious if that will be transferred over to another Slave - Master game or something completly different.

Probably something weird to mention but is the Bathroom model different from the default model? For some reason I get the feeling it is slightly off from May's default.