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I thought that was just a WIP due to no dialogue for multiple shifts... Is it possible to add an FPS counter button into the game for testing areas?

nah, Mercedes was intended to be available every day every time except for "night"...

regarding the FPS counter... sure it would be not a big deal to add this to the F7 debug screen... but I never had the feeling to need to check for the FPS even tho I tested the game on some rather old hardware
do you have the feeling it stutters or freeze?

Not yet but when you start adding more and more scripts to it, it can happen. For example, I was helping someone bug test another RPG and of all things the Day Night system they added before I started helping was tanking a good 54 FPS making the game run at a high of 6. Just saying it will help probably.

6 FPS sounds indeed horrible ^^

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Yeah which is why I suggested adding it because it may not be noticeable, but a drop from 60+ to say, 40 or 30 is still severe meaning something is causing it. It is mainly for those cases where you can't see the difference but it does drop.

What ends up happening is you add something to one map, it drops the FPS but isn't noticeable however you start adding more to the game and slowly it starts tanking in one map more and more till it gets to unplayable levels and you can't find it anymore due to all the stuff added sense.