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No idea why but the main character gets random red hair during the Samantha section. It happens when you go the blue text route for her and give her the drink.

It happens at this dialogue too in the Betan Church: "I need the help of a holy man. I've found a woman" Ralph has red hair in the avatar pic.

Despite Continue Searching appearing as an option, after 6 barrels of wine from the ship wreck you can't use this option to find more. Game said I had 8 too.

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The red-haired Ralph is a holdover from an earlier release. I've been replacing the RTP (red hair) face with the new face I created whenever I find them. The barrels thing is also a known bug.

Both have these have been fixed already in the public version. But I've been running into an issue with itch, c5m1.1 is the last version of Harem to be under 500mb, which is the maximum size that itch allows. Visit either my patreon page or blog to get a link to the updated version (links on main menu of game). c5m2.2 is the newest version, where itch is stuck on c5m1.1.

Well c5m3.3 is the newest version, but that's patreon only. But c5m2.2 should fix both of those issues and can be downloaded without pledge from either link.

Good to hear. I will move over to the updated public release than. How is the proof reading of the script coming btw? This version had some really bad moments in it but it is about 18 megabytes behind so that probably has been fixed.

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We do our best, but considering that there's more than 2k pages of text created for the game in a year, some mistakes are bound to slip through. I fix them when I see them, but if you see something particularly egregious let me know about it!

In that case, do you want me using the comments here or something else to send the typos and stuff? I could get this very cluttered very fast because, while I get what you mean about egregious issues, I would be more likely to submit a whole string of dialogue boxes if they all have issues rather than just the worse in the string. Also, do you want me to revise it and submit both the original and revised so you can copy it and find it and have a version that is revised ready to replace it or do you want to just fix it yourself? I do work a lot with other RPG Maker users is why I am asking that as some of them do have documents that have there WIP scripts and they update that first followed by the game.

Probably be easiest just to e-mail me at haremrpg@gmail.com with any corrections, although make sure to download the newest version to make sure that they haven't already been corrected. I do use a SVN for development where everything goes through docs and gets proofed before going into the game, but RPG Maker doesn't lend itself to that type of development easily so I'm very hesitant to give anyone access to the source code.

Send me a few of your suggested corrections through e-mail and we'll see what we can do to get those fixed.