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Ok this game is amazing i want to play it more buuuuuuuuut i suddenly hit a dead end. I dont think it is meant to be this and that made me realise that the browser kind of does not have a safe function. Which makes it kinda hard .... anyway great game please add a safe function. The place where it broke down on me was: 

She blushed instantly when I said those words, then said a few things like NDIOZQNFFEZ or NIOFENQOFJEEF, and of course NINFOIZEFNZEOFNZF, which all meant "You're right, but I'll never admit it. Also, fuck you. And fuck me. Please." "You're welcome." I said those words while smiling at her, and she calmed down instantly. God, I really have an impacton her, I feel truly... Honored, in a weird and kinky way.

Ah ok ^^ thank you ^^

Ok Version first of it runs stable and is quite intrestring ;)

Bugs pure gameplay: The potion bug was mentioned above. Same about the sex questions ;). so here is the bug that i noticed by pure chance:

If your slave ask for specialization for level up and you go to the slaver guild and select specialization but then abort without buying one it will still do the level up. 

Quests no idea how far the progress there is so dont know if they are bugs or just not implemented yet:

The main storyline ask me to use the labotory to get a huge lacating tits. You cant do that yet (might be not implimented so duno).

A side quests with yirs the second part ask for alchemist comment. But all known alchemists dont trigger anything there yet.