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I get what he's saying though. True enough these sort of games -- and I mean the rogue-like nature -- are not very common, but are often a lot of fun if done right. If you really want a good dungeon crawler (it's a side-scroller and not 1st person, though), I hear nothing but great things about Dead Cells on Steam.

Just gonna drop in to say that the new UI looks good, though it has some odd bugs. Sex acts unlocking eventually breaks the list of unlocks when you unlock some of the later ones or if you scroll down at all. There's other minor discrepancies with how the UI seems to get shuffled up mistakenly, mostly when the UI seems to try and correct placement of an element, but gets it wrong, but that was the one I could reproduce consistently. 

Also, I noticed that Wimborn is now among the choices when selecting "Portals", which seems unnecessary given "Leave to Town" has the same action. That said, and here's the kicker, when selecting Wimborn from the Portals menu, the dialog box in the middle of the town screen briefly shows a scene it seems to want to skip, though no such skipping or skipped scenes happen when going to Wimborn with the Leave to Town button.  It doesn't give enough time to really read much more than a word or two at a time, but it sounds like an intro scene that should only happen once.

Is your Java up to date? Also, considering that error is typical with system compatibility problems, are you sure you're running on a 32bit Windows OS?

Are you sure your Java is up to date? 90% of the time that tends to be the reason a Java-based game stops working and it's been fine on both my comps (both are 10). Also, does using the EXE over the JAR file produce the same result?

Btw, after playing recently, I think that durability perk bug  I reported before is perhaps not really a bug but just the perk working extremely well. The first time I noticed it, I thought it was locking the durability with certain stances being used, but I think that was just circumstantial and I just happened to start loosing durability when I changed stances. I've been paying more attention to the durability of weapons with another playthrough and noticed the stance doesn't seem to really affect the chance of no durability loss, though it does seem like weapons can last for a pretty long time. RNG seems to be playing a big role here and the possible outcomes are very odd ends of the spectrum: in one fight with the perk, I can equip and fully use up a weapon before the same fight ends, and in other scenarios, it can take several consecutive fights totaling dozens of attacks before I loose just one point. So I'm not actually sure if durability is actually getting "stuck" at all.

That weapon durability perk seems to make weapons last much longer than I think it should to a point I suspect it's bugged. I went several battles on a couple of runs (average of 5 or more attacks per fight) after getting that perk without loosing one point of durability, then once I switched stances (pretty sure the perk requires you being such a stance if I read it correctly) it seemed to get the weapon durability "unstuck". Not sure if there is more to it going on, but that's what I remember anyways...having' played in a bit honestly.

I have a theory about the traps and steel panties. I think it's counting my moves and that of the trap (moving ones like slimes) as separate actions with respects to the damage they inflict on the steel panties. If I stand still and let a slime or jellyfish come to me or I walk into one that's not moving that turn, seems like it doesn't happen and I just loose one point as expected. I don't think I've seen it happen with stationary traps yet. I haven't gotten steel panties in a while nor have a save with one available so I have no way of testing this out yet. Maybe a case of working as designed then, and not necessarily as intended?

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Grapples are not that bad with respects to raw damage inflicted, but the loss of armor due to it is. Don't get me wrong, being nakey in a porn game is fine and all, but in this game it means you cannot rely on stances. Since stances, and more importantly both their inherent strengths and flaws, seem like they're meant to be central to the general strategy in fighting, that makes grapples pretty dangerous if you ask me. This is even more so if you run into a trap and get cum on you. I know the item you get from fountains is meant to fix that, but if you don't happen to have one on you (or more likely have already had to use it), you're probably literally screwed if you're not close to one.

I don't think grapples should be guaranteed armor killers when they trigger. That is to say that I think grapples should have a chance to remove armor rather than being 100% of the time. Using the Defend action as you said would be useful as such, though it's not so simple given grapples are not telegraphed since they are governed by RNG. Obviously, some enemies don't employ grapples, so that helps. Most do, though. That said, maybe the likelihood of successive grapples in the same fight could be looked into as well...it happens pretty often it seems regardless of LP. Maybe that's just RNG being an ass to me, but I honestly cannot remember the last fight that involved just one grapple being triggered if at least one was. The only exception has been if the enemy dies in the turn immediately proceeding the first grapple.

Okay, subjective rant over. That reminds me, though, are traps suppose to damage steel panties more than once at a time? In one "turn" they usually knock off two points of durability instead of one, almost like I'm running into traps and such more than once in one movement command which doesn't make much sense. Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like a bug and they are not suppose to do that? Doesn't happen often, but seems to happen commonly enough to notice.

Also, just random question...does she have a name by any chance?

Something else I noticed but never got around to suggesting was making doors leading to an earlier "level" have a different color to help distinguish them from doors leading to higher levels and other parts of the same level. Sometimes I backtrack (especially to get that 90%) and trying to remember which door is which can be needlessly difficult and time consuming.

I know that. Never said anything about the command. That why I made sure to include "stance" in the wording so as not to confuse people. Honestly haven't really even used the command as it seems rather pointless.

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I'd have to agree on the grab section. The arrow-tapping is part of the annoyance...it's just a terrible function, not that the Dev is bad at it, it's just a bad system. On top of that, considering the penalties for it happening, the commonality of it is just as frustrating. I went from the first area to the third without running into it once (largely due to the enemies you run into it seems). After that, half the fights started with a grab. I don't know what the rate of it is suppose to be, but it seems kind of high given it kills clothing, disables stances, and makes weapons worthless. Then you have to risk getting into another fight just to redress.

Btw: On the flip side of the coin, I do think Defensive Stance is a bit strong. What usually works for me is to unlock it early and just stay in it. Yes, strength is effectively lowered, but I get more "tank" from the defense buff and an HP regen. I honestly think the HP regen should be pulled from the stance and the separate HP regen unlock should be slightly buffed to compensate, 'cause Defensive Stance just seems like a mandatory pick for me while spending 130XP on a much weaker form of it seems less than encouraging. Just my 2 cents. Even maybe nerfing the gain on the stance instead of outright removing it and buffing the unlock would make getting either less of an automatic choice.

Is your Java updated? Games like this tend to give you shit for not having the latest version of Java installed.

Sorry to Majalis if I'm overstepping my bounds here by stating this considering it's kind of cheating, but if you're really desperate to extend your gameplay as of now, you can also edit the save file using a text editor such as Notepad++ to give you some more food. Regular Notepad should work too, but I haven't tested this personally.

Find the save.json file in the "data" folder and open it with your text editor. Then hit CTRL+F on your keyboard to run a word search and type in "food" to find the line showing the amount of food you carry and edit the number it shows (just don't accidentally delete the comma proceeding the number by mistake, that could break the save file and the game may not be able to load it). Don't put a number in that nuts or extremely high: something like 500 seems to work just fine in my tests and doesn't break the UI in anyway or seem to cause glitching anywhere that I saw.

Unless you know exactly what you are doing and how to do it, I wouldn't recommend changing anything else as these sort of save files will only work when they are set up, formatted, and structured a particular and exact way. Any missing or improperly placed characters, lines, spacing, etc. will invalidate the file and render it useless unless those errors are corrected manually. Even then it might not fix the issue. Even a number value too high or too low can muck it up. Backing up your save is highly recommended if you insist on editing the file either way.

I wasn't able to execute myself, but I've manage to sometimes set it up so the opponent does it (by them being aroused and me using, if I remember, "Hit the Deck" and then rolling over face up and using "Rest" until they do something). That's what worked for me in the past.

Cool beans. Sounds like it's planned at least. Thanks for the reply...and the game, too, for that matter.

Like the title says.

I know a save file gets generated as you play, but when I get "bad-ended", the save seems to just the moment after loosing the game-ending fight when I reload it using "Continue" on the main menu. Is there a way I can make a save that's just after CC so I don't have to keep redoing character creation each time I want to play, for instance?

Anyways, loving the game so far.