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Tales of Androgyny

A game about birds, bees, flowers and trees. · By Majalis

Win32 version says its either not meant to run on windows or contains an error.

A topic by thedudeist created Jun 02, 2017 Views: 1,406 Replies: 12
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my pc is low spec so with games like this its hit or miss. Just though to mention the error code in case it ends up being useful.

Tales of Androgyny Win32v0.1.19.0\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains errors. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or blablah.

Error status: 0xc000035a

Is your Java up to date? Also, considering that error is typical with system compatibility problems, are you sure you're running on a 32bit Windows OS?

Yes, definitely win32, however i never installed java, will do that now.


Hrm, thanks, not sure what the issue is.  :(

Majalis, I cross-referenced the engine you are using for the game and the issue appears to be that the engine requires OpenGL 2.0 support. I do not think there is anything you can do about this particular issue. A lot of older computers that could run the game will not be able to because of how slipshod OpenGL support was ~8-10 years ago.  One can assume any computer made during the early Win 7 era and newer should not have an issue, but computers made during the XP/Vista era may only support OpenGL 1.4 or 1.5, preventing those rigs from running the game despite meeting all other system requirements.


Yes, this is definitely true, although this isn't the error we've seen on rigs that lack OpenGL 2.0 support in the past.

same problem :(

It appears that OpenGL 2.0 is required. Trying to run the JAR directly comes up with an OpenGL error, indicating that anything below 2.0 is no longer supported.

i don't understand what openGL is, even after wiki'ing it.

OpenGL is the cross-platform alternative to Microsoft's DirectX. The problem with OpenGL is, especially during the mid 2000s, OEMs became ultra-lazy in updating the drvers for graphics cards regarding OpenGL. Likewise, they also skimped on lower end graphics cards by loading them up with older OpenGL tech despite later versions being available. in essence, there are a LOT of computers out there that could run OpenGL 2.0, but cannot because the drivers do not exist. Blizzard is finding this out the hard way with their last Starcraft ptach, which has taken eight iterations to reintegrate DirectX 9.0c again to un-break a 20-year-old game.

Thanks for the clarification guys, i guess this isn't an issue i can deal with. Although now i'm somewhat befuddled. I actually cant remember whether my pc was win8 or win7 when i bought it. I upgraded it to win10  during the free promotion like a...year ago? Anyways, i suppose this boils down to an issue i'm more familiar with. A lack of directx 11 support(or apparently an alternative equivalent) and having an integrated gpu.  Really a shame, i was looking forward to futanari/shemale monster girls. Since they don't seem to be all that popular.

If anyone else has the same issue, I would suggest downloading the APK version of the game and playing it on an android emulator like bluestacks. 

I am having the same issue, also on an old laptop that used to have win7 oem and was updated to win10.

I am sure this is not an OpenGL issue, since the jar runs, and the gpu specs indicates support up to OpenGL 3.2

The weirdest thin is that I downloaded the x64 version to test it in a x64 laptop, and it gives the same error when trying to use it in the x86 laptop.