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Yes, definitely - we just implemented "dignity" and "willpower"  stats, as well as started to build out the "feminization" stat, so we'll have various scenes with Hiro more enthusiastically engaging now.   There are some slutty scenes currently gated behind the Anal Lover perk, but it was always supposed to be gated behind other, more general-purpose slut mechanics. :D

Hi there - you may need to update your video card drivers.  If not, try running the .jar instead of the .exe, particularly with an older version of java, as that seems to be the problem for certain old video cards.

Yep!  We'll be adding more sex skills over time.  :D

She takes damage same as everybody else - just make sure you hit her with hard-hitting attacks.

If you try to extract some other RAR, do you get the same popup?  There's a description of that issue here - https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8214848  Seems to have something to do with the app you're using to extract the rar.

That looks like there's some issue with your audio configuration - do you have an odd audio setup by any chance?  

You may need to upgrade your WinRAR - I've checked the archive and it doesn't appear to be corrupt.  D:

Yeah, earlier versions of 7-zip can't extract RAR5 files.  Go figure.

That's definitely a false positive - it's a little concerning for your Norton that it still functions even when disabled, though.

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That's odd - I can open the download with WinRAR and 7-zip, and 7-zip test reports no errors.  It might be that you need to update 7-zip.

Did you extract the entire archive into a directory?  You should have TalesOfAndrogyny.exe, TalesOfAndrogyny.jar, config.json and a jre folder all next to each other.

What version?  The patron build or the build here on itch?  Windows, Mac, Linux or Android?  Does it have an error message?

That's all of them - the only thing that was missing before I believe was that because the Bitch check was 2, rather than 3, it was impossible to see the short scene where she detects that you're a bitch.

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I believe it's available - I'll check it now.  And nah, each monthly update gets rolled into the public build in the next month.  The public build is always just a month behind the patron one.  :D

Ah, yep, just changed it so that she does.  Thanks for pointing this out!

We do actually plan to implement something very similar to this.  :D

In the next public build (current patron version) sex gives experience.

You have to allocate all your stat points - click on the little gems to assign them.

Thank you!  :D

This should be fixed in the latest weekly!

For the most part, the results of the surveys show up within the next two public builds; we could do the survey result announcements publicly on our Patreon page, since that's not really privileged information.

Hey - the .prefs folder might be hidden, so you may need to display hidden folders.  And make sure to replace <yourUser> with the actual folder that represents your user.

I believe this'll be fixed in the next public build; it was fixed in this patron build.  :D

With utorrent?  Just curious: why are you trying to open it with utorrent?  To open a .rar, you'll need an archiver like 7zip or WinRAR.  

Hey, can you copy the error.txt file here?  It should have created one in the game folder with the full error message.

Are you on windows?  If so, go to C:/Users/<yourUser>/.prefs/tales-of-androgyny-preferences - open up that file in notepad, and change <entry key="fullScreen">true</entry> to <entry key="fullScreen">false</entry>

That's just not the way the combat system works - middle and high attacks both hit upper armor, and if an enemy's chest is bare (either because they had no upper armor to begin with or it was destroyed), the attack isn't affected by any armor, even if they're wearing leg armor.  You don't have to destroy both.   And enemy attacks are just as subject to armor as character's are.

You can break the opponent's armor - not sure what problems you're running into.  The enemy armor scores were reduced in the next version, but the durability remains the same - so in either case it should be possible (even with a thief with 3 Strength) to just break their armor.  You can use the Armor Crusher skill for this, but honestly it's possible with any of the stronger attacks like Power Attack.

Not all fight are won by reducing the enemy to 0 HP - this is a porn game, after all.  This was changed in the next version - and even in this one, it's not regardless of your stats - beating the Werewolf with a (current) strength under 5, she'll leave you alone.  It's only for characters with 5+ (now 8+ in the newer version) that need to defeat her some other way to avoid getting knotted by her.

There'll definitely be magic items and other ways to fight the Ghost - the Golem fight doesn't require magic.

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  • New features:
    • Implemented conditional bonuses for techniques!
      • The description of each technique's conditional bonuses appear when you highlight over them in the skill selection screen or in battle
      • Current conditions include being faster (higher agility) than the enemy, which stacks the faster you are, the enemy being on the ground, the enemy in "low" stability, or based on skill level
      • Current bonuses include parry, block, and evade bonuses, priority (when two characters use priority skills, like force stance skills, only one succeeds), reduced stamina and stability cost, increased armor sundering, knockdown, tripping and disarming
    • As the previous point shows, we've implemented parrying, blocking, evading, tripping, and disarming - including during the Goblin encounter. The Goblin and Brigand both use weapons, as does the Centaur, but she cannot be disarmed.
    • Implemented lewd stat tracking - game internally tracks how many times you've received anal or oral, received a creampie or swallowed, or ejaculated while penetrated
      • The aggregate result of this appears as an icon in battle and during encounters
      • If these events happen often enough, you gain perks that will impact subsequent battles and encounters, like "Creampie Addict"
      • These perk gains will appear both in battle and during encounters if you receive them
    • Added a weapon shop to normal mode in town
    • Implemented multiple battle outcomes, rather than simply "victory" and "defeat" - an example is the werewolf, who now has four endings - "victory", "defeat", "satisfied", and "knotted"
    • Added current armor score display in battle, making it easier to understand
    • Added victory and defeat text to battles so that they don't end so abruptly and you can read the final round text
    • Currently equipped weapon now displays and can be changed on character screen
    • Pressing tab will remove some of the UI in battle and encounters, giving you a better view of the action
    • Space bar now works like enter in most circumstances - skipping text
    • New Linux build!
  • New content:
    • Gadgeteer encounter!
      • New shop with discounted items
      • Encounter varies depending on your perks
    • Added a few "satisfied" endings for enemies - note that satisfying the centaur results in a failure!
    • Centaur is now animated
    • Updated Goblin face-sitting image to its final state!
    • General Store in town now sells delicious meat
    • Added a few new battle sounds, including blocking and parrying
    • Added several new learnable skills to showcase some of the new mechanics, although old techniques also have some of them
    • Beefed up the UI for character creation, skill selection, and character customization. These aren't their final forms, but they're easier on the eyes and display more information
    • Updated character portrait in battle
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed unicorn horn
    • Fixed the "seam" that appeared in world map screen
    • Updated credits screen
    • Fixed a few issues where an enemy tripped or changed stances when they shouldn't
    • Fixed a bug that allowed purchasing skills without using skill points
    • Failing to purchase an item no longer plays a sound
    • Minor rewrites and typo fixes


  • Story Mode first battle, and a few new encounters! (Patron version)
  • Various bugfixes
  • Added Linux64 build

Version: - It's dangerous to go alone - take this!

  • Story Mode updates (Patron version)
    • New story mode encounters
    • New assets for story mode intro sequence as well
    • Story mode character customization
  • Goblin encounter!
    • This features a few new modules for encounters, like events that can impact later events in the same encounter, including a battle
    • It's also the largest encounter yet - previous character encounters like the harpy or brigand need a lot of work, and no encounters are fully done yet
  • Face sitting and 69 stances introduced - unique art for the Goblin as well
  • Tweaks to combat to make it easier for now as systems are implemented - lowered base defense of enemies and increased it for player character
  • Added weapons - bonuses depend on attributes, but more weapon differentiators to come in the next update
  • Added shops and the inventory - shop in skirmish mode sells healing potions as well as buff potions that can be used on the character screen - story mode shop has weapons
  • Updated harpy battle animation
  • Displayed harpy animation during defeat encounter
  • Health/stamina/stability/mana now display numerically in battle
  • Added forced camping and starvation encounters - dropping to 0 health outside of a battle will now have your character react appropriately, taking time to rest
  • Added basic combat ending screen
  • Added a bunch more sounds in combat
  • Added a few sounds to encounters
  • Space bar will now also play cutscene text
  • Additional text displays in battle during fun time activities
  • Numerous color tweaks and typo fixes


Minor fixes


  • Story Mode intro sequence! (Patron version)
  • Centaur/Unicorn encounter!
  • Battle UI overhaul
    • New battle skin
    • On hover tooltips in a readable font
    • Fill bars for health/stamina/balance/mana with condition icons
    • Resulting stance icon affixed to every skill
    • Text warnings for when using a skill will cause collapse or tripping
    • Battle console text can scroll and is saved, so on reload the last turn still displays
    • Battle text is now more consistent with what's occuring; missed attacks because of height now say so, some descriptions were altered
  • Game now tracks virginity status and built out a framework for having attributes like that affect encounters (Centaur encounter showcases this)
  • Lots of new music, replacing some of the old tracks
  • World map is now considerably smoother, should no longer be significant slowdown
  • Animated character on world map screen
  • Improved the options screen UI
  • If the game fails to save (your save file is locked, for instance by dropbox) it will no longer crash
  • Load times should be shorter
  • Changed game icon
  • Added some sounds and music (more to come next update)
  • Revamp so that position system is now based on true pixels at the default resolution
  • Some bug fixes like harpy crashing to the ground because you grabbed her junk


  • Title update! Tales of Androgyny has been reforged!
  • Implemented battle animations
    • Added harpy animations, idle and being hit
  • Added handjob, full nelson and standing stances
  • Added tooltip box for in-battle skill tooltips
  • Added new game over image
  • Added new Brigand fellatio image
  • Added more diverse erotic in-battle text
  • Displayed booty factor based on character customization in battle
  • Created initial town - not much to do there currently except see the shopkeep. Town is visible on the world map
  • Added video options
  • Various bug fixes and typos
    • Certain buttons now respect sound preferences
    • Fixed bug where being well rounded made you an improper catamite
    • Numerous typos should be fixed


  • Fixed issue with music not being played until you set your music settings
  • Fixed crash bug when you get to the fort, still a placeholder encounter
  • Fixed typos in encounters and battle


Second major battle overhaul version

  • Initial implementation of options screen - sound and music volume sliders
  • Initial implementation of pervert screen - can see enemies that you've unlocked, currently image viewer only, will later include replay functionality
  • Battle improvements
    • "Sit on It" ability added for when the enemy is erect and supine and you're in an offensive or balanced stance (Catamite Only)
    • Implemented cowgirl stance
    • Implemented some battle sounds - attacking, hitting, "pounding", popping, etc.
    • "Stay Knelt" ability added to continue kneeling
  • Added stat descriptions on hover when allocating your stats on character creation- Implemented music! For now, it's only royalty free music, with attributions in the credit screen. Almost all screens have music now
  • Added a credits screen
  • Added intro sound and splash screen
  • Implemented loading bars
  • Added attack animation
  • Added error handling - crashes should now display an error to aide in debugging
  • Added basic camping and starvation
  • Implemented fade-in effect on certain screens
  • Slight tweak of initial resolution
  • Disabled story mode button - will be patron only for the forseeable future as it's implemented


First major battle overhaul version

  • Implemented leveling - experience is gained through encounters, both combat and non-combat.
    • In general, the more "adventurous" options will lead to greater experience rewards. Level-Ups provide skill, magic, and perk points that can be allocated on the level up screen accessible via the character screen
  • Skills and perks may be leveled up - different skills and perks have different caps. Upgraded skills are more powerful, and upgraded perks have increased bonuses. Higher ranks cost additional points
  • Added negative perks - Warrior begins with one
  • Added Blitz stance and a few associated skills - a highly offensive stance that's incredibly unstable but provides solid, diverse offensive maneuvers. Currently only Warrior has access - will be unlockable in town and via encounters
  • Added a gutcheck attack that currently only enemies use - lowers stamina, causes you to fall prone if it exhausts the last of your breath
  • Added "missionary" stance
  • Implemented armor sundering on generic attacks and added an Armor Sunder skill as an optional learnable skill
  • Implemented buff skills - first one is Titan Strength, which increase your Strength dependent on your Magic score and degrades over time. "I cast fist!"
  • Implemented "low" attacks that can hit enemies on the ground
  • Made spells ignore defense
  • New Harpy texture - still not finished, but closer to final version
  • Implemented stances reflected in the visual display of an enemy - for now, only visible when Tea the Slime puts you in a Doggy stance
  • Slime "Love Dart" scene visual
  • Made numerous battle UI improvements as part of the battle overhaul
  • Health and Stamina degradation indications, both color and descriptors
  • Skill and perk descriptions on hover over in both the skill selection screen and the battle screen
  • Resulting stance visual on hover over of a skill in battle
  • Keyboard interface in battle and main menu screen that lets you select a button with the up and down arrow keys and confirm selection with the enter key
  • Added textures for stat displays
  • Fixed numerous typos
  • After erotic battle moves complete, character is forced into one of the ground stances, and must recover from there


  • Hopefully fixed OpenGL issue that was causing crash on load - if you're still receiving on load errors, please let us know - if you can, run the game through the command line / terminal with java -jar "TrapRPG.jar" and let us know what error pops up, thanks!
  • Health degradation - lower health now lowers your attributes for both character and enemies
  • Fixed typos in Brigand encounter
  • Added "Block" skill to get to defensive stance from Balanced
  • Attacks now cause knockdown if they have enough force behind them, Knockdown Attack deals extra knockdown
  • Gave a font color distinction for techniques that will leave you at low stability / stamina or that will cause you to fall over
  • Techniques will still go through even if you trip or falldown after using them
  • Added hover text for stance names
  • Lewd liquids flow out slowly
  • Improved enemy AI slightly - should fall over and end up in loops less often
  • Fixed soft locks on character creation screens
  • Increased starting HP temporarily to make it easier to explore


  • Implemented graphical roads
  • Implemented world map UI
  • Implemented character screen and button/hotkey(Enter) on world map to get to it
  • Implemented sight radius based on perception/scounting score
  • Implemented "zones" so we can expand world map with checkpoints
  • Arrow animation for active tiles
  • Added a "fort" image for checkpoint tiles
  • Refactor of paths to improve rendering performance
  • Implemented scaling font so there should be less blurriness now
  • Fleshed out Brigand and Dryad encounters
  • Various tweaks/fixes


  • Hotfix


  • Gave a description for what each stat does in the intro
  • Character class selection now affects more than just stat description - certain classes get extra skills or starting resources
  • Implemented initial character perks
  • Added a few new skills, including one (Hit the Deck) that lets you drop into a prone position
  • Implemented selecting your name
  • Implemented the initial character appearance customization
  • Wrote out the harpy game over
  • Wrote out the various slimegirl scenes
  • Implemented our own font and UI textures
  • Spruced up the world map so that it looks more like a map
  • Various tweaks/fixes like lowering the volume, fixing the location of UI elements, adjusting the behavior of enemies (especially the slime), slime ends are not all game overs now, and the werewolf won't get "soft" visibly when she knots you.

Hey, not sure if you're on android or desktop, but on desktop you can hit Tab to clear the UI in battles and encounters.

Hey, looks like my initial reply to this got eaten by the internet, really sorry about that!  Saw that this had no replies, even though I remember typing out a whole point by point response.  C'est la vie.

A lot of the replies were to the effect of "yep, we're working on that", and now a decent amount of that is actually in the game already.  The combat engine can now handle domination and submission endings, for instance, and most if not all of the satisfying the opponent endings now provide experience.  

Things like lust or ejaculation causing debuffs and the like will definitely be a part of it once we overhaul the lust/arousal system, which is still basically a placeholder.  Combat sex in general is going to get some major improvements once we get our skill selection and management screen up and running - the latest patron voted feature is a sexy teasing stance, so that will dovetail nicely into that.   There's a lot to say about combat improvements - now that I'm working full time on the game, I'll have some large design posts going up to give some direction about how that's planned to go.  The weak stats, particularly Endurance and Charisma, will become much more useful, and as we introduce true weakness-exploitation mechanics, Perception will be invaluable.  

As for verbosity when it comes to the writing - don't feel bad skipping it!  The long sections are meant for someone who finds a particular character or situation really tickles their fancy.  If a scene is drawing out, just slap that skip button (or ctrl on your keyboard) and be done with it - it'll stop before your next gameplay interaction.

Like I said before, sorry this reply got lost in the weeds.  If you still have any questions or concerns that I didn't address specifically here, please reply again and I'll get back as soon as possible!

Hey, this may be fixed in either the next version or the following one, as I believe it's already fixed on the patron version - did you check the preload box on the option screen by any chance?

Currently banging her in battle isn't implemented, because it's going to be special, but what do you mean by getting her night version design?  We post that art up on our twitter/tumblr and on Patreon if that's what you mean.  :D

Yep, pretty soon we're going to make sure that every option that's currently only available as a keystroke (tab, alt, or ctrl) will be available via touch/click - and then eventually vice versa.  :D

Posted in Warrior Perk?

It causes you to cum twice as fast from receiving anal. @_@

Yep!  So right now we've added permanent saves, so if you want to you can save before a particular encounter and hold onto that to review it - there's ten permanent save slots.  If you have a save that lets you see a particular scene, you can store it there for now.  But we do plan on having a gallery unlock!

Click or touch the little orbs next to the stats to allocate your stat points.  :D

Yeah, this is currently an issue and it results in an unreachable branch - I think an entire scene with Wereslut is unreachable at this time.   That'll be fixed in the next version!

Currently there's not a viewable list of all encounters and scenes, but there will be eventually.  :D

You may need to download java - but if you have the jre folder there as well, you shouldn't need to.  .jar files are likely registered with winrar, since they're a type of archive.