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Yeah, it's because Hiro is crossdressed in the art, which doesn't take place in that scene - we'll probably do a non-crossdressed version.

Infuriates you, eh? Relax, it's a video game.  Anyway, goblins are only satisfied if you're full of cum, or after topping you anally 5 times, and only submit if they've anally ejaculated three times. The tiara wasn't added yet, because there's no where to get it, but I'll add it to the witch's shop if people want to try it on.  

You'll never be able to get impregnated by two goblins - that's not how goblin reproduction works. And if you want to see changes, getting mad at us is counterproductive.

They will! In fact, certain face-sitting skills already do now in the current patron build.

There is a "Fast World Map" option in the options menu. Likely the load time is due to the size of the map, however.

This error should be fixed soon - it is indeed an issue on android with android unloading the textures.

Yeah, we're going to overhaul the battle UI to solve of all of its latent issues - including the location of the surrender button.

1. We're actually possibly working on that very soon. 

2. There's currently no iOS port available. 

What does "isn't fully optimized" even mean? The game works on android - it might not work well on older phones.

Delete your .toa-data/profile.json file and that should fix it - looks like you're downgrading the version.

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1. We're starting to work on them now - we're nearly at the end of our original feature roadmap, and part of the alpha roadmap is returning to each encounter and completing them.

2. That depends on patron votes and where we feel could use the work.

3. Yeah, we're going to add that.

4. Yep, each of the encounters will get more checks like that, and we recently added the capability into the engine for loops in encounters, which will make it easier to perform those kinds of things.


You can unlock them all right away by selecting the Catamite perk, otherwise it'll unlock as you become more depraved.

Low attribute indeed - Perception. But that just sets your base scouting score (the little eye in the bottom left) - if you use the Scout command, you'll raise that value, and you'll be able to recover more from caches, particularly if your score is so low that you're getting that message.

Also, to avoid having to go through character creation again if you're going to create the exact same character, I just added a feature that if you get a game over, and then hit "Continue", you'll start a new game with a different world and the same character template as the one that got a game over (same class, starting stats, starting skills/perks/magic, customization) so you don't have to redo character creation.

I disagree - I'm able to easily complete all the content without ever foraging, between food caches, use of the carriage and altar and Town Portal when necessary instead of hoofing it, resting at the inn for food, hitting up random food encounters like Dryad and Centaur and Orc, etc, big rewards for the Spider and Quetzal, the new healing pond, etc. That's without getting the Hunger Charm, also. The new Elfblood race has lower food consumption and increased EXP requirements, if that's still an issue, but if you're running out of food because you're resting constantly after combat or avoiding difficult encounters the long way or scouting and sneaking often, you're just losing the game the way the game is meant to be lost.

Right now the greatest straight-shot distance from the bottom left of the map to the top right is around 30+ locations, amounting to 60 food with the base rate... which is how much you start with.  Obviously doing the quests requires more backtracking and such, and there will be inevitable losses, but the Food Caches give 10 or 15, Spider encounter alone gives an additional 30, for instance, and resting at the inn gives 25, and you get several free rests at the inn, and plenty of money with which to rest at it.

There's also a no-food cheat mode if you want to just play an infinite file without any time pressure.

If food is not the right tool for that goal, why? Your stated reason is nonsensical - the player character is an adventurer, venturing into frontier and wilderness territories all alone - of course starvation is a possibility.  The player character is going a long time without food, as you're not actually carrying fifty Food with you; as an example, resting at the inn recovers a large amount of food because you eat a hearty meal, because the food stat itself is more of a satiety stat.  Same goes for sharing a meal with Urka or Trudy.

If we wanted to be strictly "realistic", then the first time you were severely injured in battle, you would die of sepsis, and even if you survived, it would be with debilitating injuries that would at best put you out of adventuring for months, and at worst end your career outright.

"Food should be a resource to manage, It should not dominate the game play."

Gonna need a citation for that. There's no "managing" an inexhaustible  resource. That's just busy work for the player.  Foraging is meant to be used in desperation (which is why, when it's expanded upon, there'll be more potential "desperate" encounters within it).

Food is the game clock.  When it runs out, the game is over.  Since you don't get a game over for losing in combat, it is the only game over, outside of a limited number of events which any player could simply avoid through scouting and sneaking if food was infinite.  The exact complaint you have - that foraging endlessly isn't fun - is why food is not infinite.

There are no sustainable means of acquiring food. The game will eventually end, and if you don't reach the end before you exhaust food, you lose. Just because something doesn't make sense to you doesn't mean it makes no sense at all.

The Hunger Charm bug should be fixed in the current patron builds - food is intended to be finite.  If foraging produced net positive food on a large number of iterations, food would be infinite.  It's meant as a last resort, not as a sustainable means of acquiring food.  If companions offset their food consumption, then the penalty of having companions (excess food consumption) would be pointless.

Select Catamite, exactly the same as it has always been. There's just other ways to pass those checks.

Hunger is currently only 2 food per map location.  If you're seeing 4, it's because you have both companions traveling with you.

Is this the public build or the patron build, and what device are you on?

The executables run with the jre that is packaged, and are meant to be less confusing to users not used to seeing jar files and for users that don't have a local java install.  They do run normally, though they may not be working with particular configurations.

I am indeed effectively punishing people for actually "improving" their characters in a certain way according to their playstyle.  And?

The werewolf is attracted to characters with high strength - there are several warnings in game to that effect. There are actually multiple ways to avoid losing to the werewolf, like giving her a handjob or avoiding her with stealth.  You might want to consider not calling things you don't personally understand "retarded".

The sudden reversal of fortune is both an homage to another game in the genre and titillating for people who enjoy role reversal submission.

Should be good to go in a few minutes - sorry about that.

Ah, sorry about that, the apk didn't upload - it's uploading now, should be good in a few minutes.

Yeah, definitely.  Normal mode is basically supposed to be like that, but we plan to add an Ironman variant.

Make sure to have an up-to-date version of 7-zip.  It's a RAR5 file, so earlier versions don't support it.

You run the game as the zip file?  Weird.  Make sure to extract the entire folder from the zip, and then run the .exe - or if that doesn't work, you can try downloading java and running the .jar.  

Unfortunately, there isn't yet an iOS build - we may try to port it in the future, though.

Currently it is only partially emptied after each battle - I'll probably make it leak over time as well.

Only in free mode, in fact - it's not available in story mode.

Try 7zip, the up-to-date version should open it.

The goddess/lord of Mount Xiuh?  You need to go through a questline to be able to fight her - starting in the Town Square (Town Crier option) of the first town.

Yep!  That's the plan - as we go through and expand the existing encounters, it'll be with more dignity, willpower, feminization, and perk checks, and your character will react differently and you'll get into different situations and have different options as a result. 

How are you extracting the archive?  It's a RAR5 compressed file, so you may need to use a different (or more updated) tool.

In regards to animating every position with every enemy, or having static art thereof - we'll try to do as much as we can, but we don't plan to have everyone fully animated for all the things you can do with them (although there may be generic animations to cover the gaps).  There'll definitely be more dialogue coverage as well.

Right now her spells don't have their long-term effects, but depending on which spell she casts on you, any of those as well as feminizing features.  :D

Start the quest in the Town Square visiting the Town Crier, then amble about the Town Square. to continue it.

The normal/character create mode is indeed much larger, and the Bunny can be found within it by racking up your debt by borrowing from the bank.

We can't; we maintain the git repository for our own purposes (including generating automatic builds) and do proper version control under a private repo now, occasionally pushing to the public repo.  We did this because (as happened with other games, notably TiTS), someone automated a build based off of the public github repo to produce a pirated build, which we don't want, because there's no guarantee that any given commit is stable or ready for public consumption.