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Your game folder should contain the jre folder, TalesOfAndrogyny.jar, TalesOfAndrogyny.json, and the TalesOfAndrogyny.exe that you run (as well as the Changelog.txt but that's irrelevant). Is that what it looks like?

It sounds like you're used to play on Cheat mode, which lets you continue after a Game Over?

Hiya, sorry, we don't check here every day, but thanks for the kind comments! We've got a small team working on ToA, but Majalis is two people.

We've made combat skippable with cheat mode activated (selectable outcomes), and currently both AI are available, but the new AI will eventually replace the old one (which is mostly just the enemies selecting their skills at random).

Yeah, we have plans to try for a steam release once story mode is playable start to finish.

al stands for "arbitrary length" - it has no fixed conversion rate to inches. It's for comparisons between different lengths and for game calculations.

You can unlock them in Ironman after unlocking them outside it and it will upgrade them - Ironman unlocked achievements have a + next to them and count for a full bonus point instead of half. Achievements won't unlock if you have cheat mode on.

Thanks, I'll check it out; this may have been fixed already, but Wrap Legs might still have a few issues, so I'll confirm.

Hair color, eye color, skin color, lip size, penis size, butt size, breast size, hair style, outfit, makeup, mouth accessory, currently.

Thanks! Glad you enjoy it!

She's in a set location - there'll be more with her soon though.

Seems that it's unloading some textures erroneously; I'll check it out. Don't see why the Dullahan Head Date would be restricted to the carriage, though.

The disconnected world maps we're going to solve when we do a pass on the World Map.

That only happens in the Harpy Divebomber encounter.

You can check your backdoor status on the character page - that might be what's doing it. It'll fix itself over time - you can also take the Focused perk to diminish or remove its effect. If you use lube, it'll happen less.

Yeah, we've been working on it for a while - and sitting on it for a couple of weeks so we could make sure the monthly release was going to work properly.

Yeah, we just did this actually - like Yanepedik said, it's about 1.4gb and is much more lightweight on android, which'll be publicly available soon.

The battle OOM crashes should be fixed next build - we've added automated texture compression to the android specific build.

Heya, think this is fixed in the new version - she should save up her stamina to keep grappling you.

What problem are you getting into when you try to extract the rar? A new one is going up tomorrow - might help.

Alright, I routed the characterEnum value through to climax an associated it with those for now - should fix that issue.

Ah, I used "hermaphroditic" because I meant actual theoretical hermaphroditic characters - snail-people and such, but since there aren't really any anyway, I clarified what was meant. Thanks for the feedback!

Yep, fixed it.

Yep, that's right.

That's right - fixed it. Thanks!

Ah, yeah, should be max.

I'm not sure exactly what the issue is here, but we'll be doing some logical passes on that Technique code so that it's clearer what's happening - right now it's difficult to parse what's happening with different types of Techniques.

Ah, thanks, I fixed this, though going to need more logical passes to make sure it's working as intended.

It does increase during those events - you just don't get a level every time you give a handjob. In general for those perks, currently, you need to do the associated action:

LevelX Times

You just download the new version - the save files and profile save are kept elsewhere.

So we currently have the futa+ option - when on, it makes several make characters into female characters. We plan, eventually, to break that out into three options: low, medium, and high masculine world tendency, so that you can specify whether a bunch of characters will be male, female, or that character's default, irrespectively. As is, there's only a few visible masculine characters and a bunch of generic ones.

What's the error message?

Aww, thanks! Yeah, you can't get unlimited money from working at the Brothel, at least not currently. 

Once you extract it to a location, it should no longer be a compressed folder. Then you can navigate inside of that newly-created directory and run the application.

You can raise your stats with some of the Perks as you level or gain Perk Points. Fights don't always involve one of the participants getting to 0 HP. You can visit the Inn for hunger and health, but recovering health otherwise is a matter of resting (ideally at campsites, the little camp icons on the encounter locations), using potions, and healing magic. Money is mostly from quests, treasure caches, a few encounters here and there (especially the first time stealing from an Ogre) and from the Arena. 

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Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup has been making questionable changes to the game for years, it's actually one of my personal pet peeves how every single patch has done things that are completely unjustifiable, or justified with logic that is contradicted by other elements of the patch. The removal of races like Sludge Elf point to deep problems with the way the current stewards of the game view how it "should" be played. Hell, I found this reddit thread from *2014* that goes into this:

The replacement for the food clock is a mechanic that people would hate even *more* than food, because it puts a hard cap on how long you can even exist in the game, which is the issue people actually have with the food clock, not having to micromanage it (which is barely existent in this game, and which, by the time of its removal in DCSS, was also a non-factor).

And this is setting aside that DCSS at least has a way to kill the player other than food - death. ToA has game overs only in certain circumstances, so without a food clock, there would be no reason whatsoever to perform well on encounters that can't trigger a Game Over or push you towards one. 

Also, they and you are wrong that hunger didn't add any decision making to the game - in my hundreds to thousands of hours of playing DCSS, considering how to deal with food, whether to eat contaminated or mutagenic food, when to eat permanent food so that I wouldn't be dealing with low hunger on a heavy spell caster or Berserker (who can't Berserk while too hungry) was nearly constant, and even moreso with races like Troll, Vampire, and Spriggan. It was also fun to have the food clock on easy mode playing a Saprovore or Carnivore race, or using an Amulet of the Gourmand in place of a more useful amulet, creating another element of player choice. Food was the most natural way to keep players moving forward, and introducing an arbitrary Kill You mechanic in every branch in the game once too much time has passed was always a bad idea - one they tried multiple iterations of, including spawning OoD monsters. The DCSS stewards exclusively focus on players who have played for millions of hours and thus don't care about the food clock (anymore) while claiming it's about beginner friendliness, but DCSS has never been and never will be beginner friendly compared to more casual roguelikes.

This is incorrect, actually.