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Thanks so much! There's still a lot of work to be done, but glad you like what you see so far.  

We may have an HTML5 version of the game that will play in browsers - it won't run on flash, unfortunately.  We're going to look into it soon - we know we're using a few things (mainly fonts) that won't work on an HTML5 version, but if we can square those away, we should be able to get a build up and running.

I believe this has been fixed in the most recent version - at least, I can't reproduce it in the bleeding edge build.

Hey, if you're on Windows, to fix this, go to Users/<YourUser>/.prefs and open "tales-of-androgyny-preferences" in a text editor (notepad).  Then change <entry key="preload">true</entry> to <entry key="preload">false</entry>

I'll look into that issue - thanks for letting us know.  

You're extracting the rar, which gives you a folder called "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.23.0", and then you're trying to run it?  Try running TalesOfAndrogyny.jar.

Hey - we'll definitely have more detailed perk descriptions as that gets fleshed out.  :D  And yeah, there'll be more sex positions (self-fellatio is one of the patron survey options currently, actually!)

Hey there!

Thanks, this is helpful to hear.   I'll address point by point, but first, I'll preface by saying that almost nothing in the combat system is final - however mature it currently appears, each and every existing technique is effectively a placeholder.  So that'll be a recurring theme in the responses, and I'll give some insight about the design along the way.

Stances: This was the original plan - there are effectively three types of stances, BasicAdvanced, and Other.  Basic are the three stances that all characters start with that has the bulk of their combat repertoire, Defensive, Balanced, and Offensive.  Advanced are the six stances that are similarly combat focused, 3 of which are typically accessed from Defensive (of which only Counter is in the game currently) and 3 of which are typically accessed from Offensive (of which only Blitz is currently in the game).  As can be gleaned from Counter and Blitz currently being unlockables, these stances would be unlockable, and not a part of the base toolset - this is for exactly the reason you described, to wean players into the options they have.  We'll definitely pare down the techniques available in the Basic stances to start with when we have some more of the puzzle pieces in place, and let players slowly accumulate options across a playthrough, unless they choose, say, Thief or Ranger, which would start with more techniques.  We might even have a "learning curve" of beginner, intermediate, and advanced, associated with each class.

 Battle UI:  This is dependent on some other UI overhauls that we have for the battle interface - in particular, putting more focus on displaying event changes (like damage or armor destruction) on the UI instead of burying it in the combat log.  Eventually, the textual combat log that no one wants to read (outside of, say, enemy dialogue and flavor descriptions) will have considerably less focus.  We have some of this already in that, say, the buttons turn yellow or red when it might make your character trip or collapse, but we don't yet have a way to convey to the player why sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't result in you ending up on the ground (those always being that the enemy gets a say in whether you get knocked to ground as well!)  I think showing a flashing portion of the healthbar, or even a straight damage prediction in a easy-to-grasp place (rather than in in the hover dialogue itself in mass of descriptive text) is a great idea.

Knockdown:  There are definitely multiple ways to completely devastate an opponent currently, forcing knockdown and trip being two of them.  Like you've pointed out, this will come out in the wash - currently, things like blocking, parrying, and effects like tripping are all or nothing - you either get them or you don't.  So if you get them, you effectively automatically get them, making them very powerful and effective.  Knockdown is more of a numbers game, so that might just need to be tweaked downwards, but as balance recovery maneuvers and effects come into play, there's also a counterweight there as well.

Magic:  Magic will actually become more cumbersome as there are actually several casting stances.   It will also become less cumbersome as, indeed, you're able to chain spells together by using spells that don't bring you out of a casting stance, and instead might move you into different casting stances. Currently, the magic spells are boring magic dart, snooze heal, and ok.jpg buff strength.  We need to develop more interesting effects, and address overrall game balance, before magic really pops.  Even something as straightforward as being able to spend two or three turns in exchange for blowing up a large fraction of your enemy's health will contribute towards making magic stand out - much less more interesting effects like mind control, flight, intangibility, invisibility, summon oil, Bigby's Spanking Hand, or Magic Erection.  We haven't really gotten to magic yet, since there's a few stats that we're working on individualizing first.

Unforecasted BS:   Yep, our general design philosophy is that unavoidable, unpredictable outcomes suck.  There's currently very little RNG in, say, combat, for exactly that reason - we only want to sprinkle in RNG where we're certain there's an aspect of fairness around it (this is why, in the knockdown point, things like parry or riposte are all-or-nothing in the current state).  You may end up in an unwinnable battle, or in a place where there is no choice to be had in the matter - for instance, the combat rounds after a large werewolf has knotted you aren't necessarily an opportunity for player input - but you'll have gotten there through clear and unambiguous choices.  The Ogre will eventually be an enemy that is effectively impossible to beat in a straightforward way for a novice character, so he's a good example.  You may need to use disabling techniques, spells, or items to defeat him before he simply overpowers you.  That overpowering may not be in the form of a one-shot technique, though.  Eventually, you will be able to break out of the Ogre's grab by hook or by crook, but it's entirely possible your character will be unable to (too weak to struggle out, too unskilled and unlubed to slip away, no items to get you out of a pinch, etc).  Of course, this is roughly equivalent to your character with 5 HP remaining being unable to escape from the 5 points of damage an enemy inflicts - if you're in that scenario, you've made some choices to get you there.

Vault Attack and the nature of Multiple Turns:  One of the changes that will be seen as the game continues to develop is that getting up from being knocked down will depend on a few factors, and enemies will NOT always be able to immediately stand up without first catching their breath, or slowly rising to their feet.  The other aspect to this is that there will be opportunities to set up combos that take multiple turns like this - for instance casting a stun spell on an enemy that will make them fall over after a turn of paralysis if they were at low balance, and then vaulting at them to capitalize on it.  As more techniques become available to the player (and the enemies!) there will be more opportunities to control combat that will vary depending on the capabilities of your character, primarily their stats, which already have a fairly large impact on available combat styles.

So, yeah, there's a lot more currently being worked on under the hood - and we're glad to hear people appreciate the work we're putting into the combat.  It's all still, in large part, to serve the sexy outcomes that will happen as a result of interacting with strange monstrous creatures with dongs, but we're hoping it won't be a slog, or a confusing mess, or broken.  We've put a lot of thought into how to make it fun and playable, and the idea is that it will get more complex before it gets less complex - as the pieces fit together neatly, and as players are given more obvious feedback (and forewarning) of what impact their decisions have and what can and will happen.

tl;dr - Thanks for the feedback; it's really helpful to hear, these are some good suggestions that will help us as we continue to build out the design, and the full depth and breadth of the combat has much to come.  :D

Yeah, I think that's fixed in the current patron build.  Thanks!

majalis.patreon@gmail.com - thanks!

Yeah, I have this fixed in the most recent build... I'll probably port that fix back into the next public build as well.  Sorry about that!

This is an issue because itch.io has a bug in their upload-via-dropbox functionality that seems to corrupt rars, so it's a roll of the dice whenever we upload a new version; in the future we'll do the straight file upload so this shouldn't happen anymore.  I've fixed the others this time, but apparently Win32 was still borked - I'll reupload it.  Thanks!

Hey - are you extracting the whole rar?  What OS are you using?  Does it simply fail to launch?  What if you try to run the .jar file?

Thanks!  :D

Yes!   None of the existing encounters are final - we're not at the real content generation phase, yet, which will be after the various subsystems are fully baked.  Every single encounter will get expanded, and variants of the various "species" (harpies, centaurs, and goblins oh my) will also get their own separate (smaller or larger) encounters.

You downloaded the whole folder (as a zip?) and extracted it?  What happens when you try to run the .jar file?

Alright - this should be resolved! Reproduced the error and reuploaded the apk; seems the original upload corrupted it.  Can install on my phone now.  :D

Hrm, alright, let me give it another try.  Thanks to both of you for finding this - what device are you trying to install it on?

Hey!  Have you tried using a file/app manager?

Created a new topic Known Issues (and bug reports)

We'll keep this post up-to-date with known issues. If you have any issues running the game or encounter problems during gameplay, let us know here - if you have a crash, the game produces an error.txt file which would help in diagnosing it, so please post some of the error.txt text with your post if that happens, thanks!

Current known crash bugs:

  • If the profile file (gamePath/.toa-data/profile.json) cannot be created on the game's first load because it's in an admin-protected folder or is being accessed by another program (Dropbox folders being a major source of this - you can use selective syncing to fix that issue at least) - the game will crash.  One option is to manually create the folder with the file - the file's contents should be {"enemyKnowledge": { } }
  • Some machines have an issue running the Win64-bit version of the game - solved by downloading the Win32-bit version.
  • Some machines seem to have issues when they don't have an OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card driver. No solution currently.

We'll keep this up to date with any crash bugs or odd behavior that we're unable to reproduce/fix in the following version.  The old thread has been archived so that it'es easier to search for your issue here!

Should be resolved now, looks like it got corrupted on upload.  Thanks for pointing this out.  :D

Should be good to go now!

Hrm, yeah, make sure that it's downloaded the whole rar, it sounds like it might have been corrupted.

Hey, what happens if you try to run the .jar file instead off the .exe?

That's weird - what kind of device are you running it on?

Posted in List of Scenes

Yeah!  Right now it's a moving target because none of the existing encounters are finalized, but as that happens we can start putting together scene lists.  :D

Hey - check the Credits screen, it lists all the tracks and where to get them from, which is http://incompetech.com/.  :D

Hey - auto-fellatio and self-facial stances are something we plan to add - I believe they're in the patron feature survey as well.  :D  There'll be more breasts at the appropriate time, but first we must consult the oracle.

Haha, no problem!  Glad you got it working.  :D

Alright, I've repackaged it and reuploaded it.  Hopefully it should work now.

It's very particular right now - you have to use Vault (to get into the air) against the Orc, and she has to be erect.

Hrm, I'll check if I can reproduce - in the meantime, have you tried redownloading?

Hey, that's strange - it seems like maybe some of your assets are corrupted?  You can disable that setting by finding the preferences file, on windows it's typically at  C:/Users/<YourUser>/.prefs/My Preferences/tales-of-androgyny-preferences - then in <entry key="preload">true</entry> change true to false.

Hey there - that's a good idea, we can change the save folder easily enough.  The encounter library is going to be on that same screen as the encountered characters - that's already in the pipeline.  And as for the reason - a game log was implemented in version!  

We have a git repo up on github (https://github.com/majalistic/tales-of-androgyny) and we've accepted contributions before - if you want to chat with us about it, we've got a discord server (https://discord.gg/UuGE3uv).  

Yep, this is fixed in 1.22.  :D

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Hey, if you're having a hard time clicking on them, make sure that there aren't any clickable things (areas to travel to, for instance) under them - just move the camera around a bit with click and drag or the arrow keys and you should be able to click them.

Hi - the Perception check with the Brigand is actually a regular perception check; it only occurs if you've already failed the scouting check (invisibly) which the Surveyor perk does help you pass.  To pass it, you have to have an effective 5 perception with Surveyor and any scouting that you've done (each Scout action increases effective perception by 3).

Hey, we just started at the end of last year!  There's still a lot more to build out, and we're generating new assets on the way.

The error.txt is populated when you get a CTD - it has the full exception.   I believe this issue is fixed in v0.1.22.0 though.  :D

Hey, did you download from the app or on desktop?  The executable should be content/MacOs/TalesOfAndrogyny

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Hey - we'll have a tutorial/combat description eventually.  Some key things to watch out for - using a move in yellow is putting you at either low stamina or low stability, using a move that's in red will cause you to trip or collapse.   Enemy attacks can also push you over (or in the case of Gutcheck, wind you) so if you use a move that leaves you in low stability and the enemies hits you hard, you'll go down.  The easiest build to use right now is a high Strength one - but you can get by with high Magic or high Agility as well if you use the right abilities.  

The basic mechanic of the combat system is the Stances - pay attention to what Stance you're in and you'll be able to figure out what moves you can use in each Stance, how to move between Stances and when it's advantageous to do so.  Using strong unbalanced attacks in quick succession will throw you off balance and make you trip, so know when to shift gears into a more defensive stance and catch your breath or your footing is crucial.

EDIT: didn't see the other replies before making this one - most of the advice was already given.  We're going one stat a time and giving them their stand-out features, so far Strength and Agility are the only ones to have a complete go at that.  Agility is very easy to cheese with currently - certain skills will let you trip the enemy, avoid damage while switching stances or even attacking, and crucially disarming the opponent, which will make their attacks do less damage and cause no bleed (although this is less helpful against enemies that can't be disarmed, like the beast girls).