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Hey - auto-fellatio and self-facial stances are something we plan to add - I believe they're in the patron feature survey as well.  :D  There'll be more breasts at the appropriate time, but first we must consult the oracle.

Haha, no problem!  Glad you got it working.  :D

Alright, I've repackaged it and reuploaded it.  Hopefully it should work now.

It's very particular right now - you have to use Vault (to get into the air) against the Orc, and she has to be erect.

Hrm, I'll check if I can reproduce - in the meantime, have you tried redownloading?

Hey, that's strange - it seems like maybe some of your assets are corrupted?  You can disable that setting by finding the preferences file, on windows it's typically at  C:/Users/<YourUser>/.prefs/My Preferences/tales-of-androgyny-preferences - then in <entry key="preload">true</entry> change true to false.

Hey there - that's a good idea, we can change the save folder easily enough.  The encounter library is going to be on that same screen as the encountered characters - that's already in the pipeline.  And as for the reason - a game log was implemented in version!  

We have a git repo up on github (https://github.com/majalistic/tales-of-androgyny) and we've accepted contributions before - if you want to chat with us about it, we've got a discord server (https://discord.gg/UuGE3uv).  

Yep, this is fixed in 1.22.  :D

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Hey, if you're having a hard time clicking on them, make sure that there aren't any clickable things (areas to travel to, for instance) under them - just move the camera around a bit with click and drag or the arrow keys and you should be able to click them.

Hi - the Perception check with the Brigand is actually a regular perception check; it only occurs if you've already failed the scouting check (invisibly) which the Surveyor perk does help you pass.  To pass it, you have to have an effective 5 perception with Surveyor and any scouting that you've done (each Scout action increases effective perception by 3).

Hey, we just started at the end of last year!  There's still a lot more to build out, and we're generating new assets on the way.

The error.txt is populated when you get a CTD - it has the full exception.   I believe this issue is fixed in v0.1.22.0 though.  :D

Hey, did you download from the app or on desktop?  The executable should be content/MacOs/TalesOfAndrogyny

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Hey - we'll have a tutorial/combat description eventually.  Some key things to watch out for - using a move in yellow is putting you at either low stamina or low stability, using a move that's in red will cause you to trip or collapse.   Enemy attacks can also push you over (or in the case of Gutcheck, wind you) so if you use a move that leaves you in low stability and the enemies hits you hard, you'll go down.  The easiest build to use right now is a high Strength one - but you can get by with high Magic or high Agility as well if you use the right abilities.  

The basic mechanic of the combat system is the Stances - pay attention to what Stance you're in and you'll be able to figure out what moves you can use in each Stance, how to move between Stances and when it's advantageous to do so.  Using strong unbalanced attacks in quick succession will throw you off balance and make you trip, so know when to shift gears into a more defensive stance and catch your breath or your footing is crucial.

EDIT: didn't see the other replies before making this one - most of the advice was already given.  We're going one stat a time and giving them their stand-out features, so far Strength and Agility are the only ones to have a complete go at that.  Agility is very easy to cheese with currently - certain skills will let you trip the enemy, avoid damage while switching stances or even attacking, and crucially disarming the opponent, which will make their attacks do less damage and cause no bleed (although this is less helpful against enemies that can't be disarmed, like the beast girls).

Awesome!  Runny butter :O

What happens if you just create the data folder and create profile.json file in it?  If you put in 

"enemyKnowledge": {}

as the body of the file, you'll have created the file it's trying to create.  

Does it create a data folder?  Try creating a data folder - it's strange that it doesn't have the ability to write.  I assume it also doesn't create an error.txt file with the full error.

Hey, so you've got a folder titled Tales of Androgyny Win64, and in it there's a jre folder, a config.json, TalesOfAndrogyny.exe and TalesOfAndrogyny.jar?  And when you click to run the exe (or the jar), it doesn't run?

Hey, while there aren't manual saves yet, there are two save files - an autosave and a quicksave.  When you manually hit save, you create a quicksave - to reload it, hit "Load" on the main menu instead of "Continue".  Every time you hit load, you'll load your previous quick save.  Hitting continue loads the last autosave.  

Yeah, the grappling system isn't really implemented yet - if you end up in a kind of tie scenario, you both end up failing and in a deadlock.  We're going to be implementing grappling proper soon.

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Good catch!  Yeah, we have work to do on the anal animation.  We'll make sure to include the bush!  :D

Hey - where's going to put the public builds up on our Patreon page with a download link starting at the beginning of next month.  :D

That's odd - what is in the .rar then?  Or does it download as an uncompressed folder?

Hey - which file are you trying to open?  Which version are you downloading?  The windows versions have an .exe file in them.

Posted in i have an error

Hey - whatever directory you've installed the game in, you probably don't have write access to.  Try to put it in a different directory and see if that helps!

We've had other people come across this problem - you might want to try installing java and see if that helps.

Hey - what problem are you having?  Once you download the rar, you'll need to extract it, and depending on platform it should be a simple matter of finding the application file and running it (TalesOfAndrogyny.exe on windows).

Thanks, that's a good idea.  :D

Yep, we'll definitely have interface options for skip/hide.  We're overhauling the encounter interface in the near future.

Thanks, I'd fixed that on the MC but not on the enemies.    And for cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, the enemy will now not struggle for the time-being.

Hey, I'm looking into it - there's a current problem with some of the art assets that I think are causing problems.

Hopefully this has been resolved - not sure what went wrong with the deployment/upload last time.

Are you trying to install it over the old installation?  That may or may not be causing an issue.

Hey, which version are  you downloading?

Hey, it probably won't be able to run on that computer - try updating your video card drivers, but the game won't run on cards without OpenGL 2.0 support.

Hey, re-uploaded it, hopefully it's fixed now.  I was able to extract the rar.

That's resolved in the next build, which will be up in a few days.  :D

This isn't fully fleshed out yet - a grappling overhaul is one of the features being voted on, actually.  It currently isn't factoring in strength / agility and struggling is just a number that doesn't really have the intended behavior just yet.


Yeah, we'll definitely implement a tutorial / stat and skill descriptions soon to make the battle system less opaque (also using our own font so that the combat log is actually legible) - and preventing stalemates will be a matter of implementing some systems, like armor sundering, that aren't currently in place - so that it's not possible to have enough defense that neither combatant can harm the other. Thanks for the feedback!

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Yeah, we will!  Right now none of them are complete, and we need to figure out the best way to make high fidelity gifs out of them.