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Yep, we definitely plan to include more power bottoming and topping options and results - main reason it hasn't been a focus yet is it's not fully implemented as is.

Just allocate your stat points and you'll be able to continue.  Touch the little orbs to do so.

Glad you like the proportions.  Thanks!  We plan to have more body variety - thinner characters and plumper characters, characters with smaller busts, larger bellies, etc.

Oh, and the artist (Alis) is a woman.

Hey, if you're having problems with the manual saves - hit "Load", not "Continue".  Continue will load the most recent autosave, which seems to be what you're running into.

Not sure about the price or if it'll be free, but patrons will definitely not have to pay for it twice!

In order to get past character select you have to allocate all your stat points - click on the orbs to allocate them.  :D

We've made some changes in the last weekly build that will make it a guaranteed spawn - should be a lot easier to find when that rolls into the public build.  :D

Ah, see now that is the full error code.  Do you have all the files?  There should be a TalesOfAndrogyny file in Contents/Resources along with a config.json and a jre directory.

Hey there!  What's the error?

Posted in Modifications

Yeah, that won't be a big focus, but we will have some modifications like that!

Thanks so much!  We'll be making sure the android version is fully supported at some point, so that you can do everything on mobile with a touch interface as you can with the keyboard hotkeys. 

Hey, that's interesting, that's an error in libgdx - I'll take a look at it, but I suspect it's something weird with your audio driver.

Thanks for the kind words!  :D

Posted in About game

Yeah, we've toned down how much food you need for now - should make things easier and smoother.

Hey there - keepin' it concise with a list response:

  1. There'll be encounter respawning, yep.
  2. Enchantress will be the only story mode class until you unlock the others.
  3. You'll find there's a different way at present to break the game with the majority of the classes - most of the skills are placeholders and the battle mechanics aren't fully fleshed out.
  4. Yep, there'll be more skills, and different level caps on skills!

Glad you like it so far.  :D

Thanks - edited it. 

D'oh, sorry about that - yeah, the new encounter in 1.24 is Ghost - 1.25 if Puca.  I get turned around easily.

Hi there - the problem is that our font doesn't currently display the Cyrillic alphabet.  We'll have to add Cyrillic characters in for them to be displayed properly - you can see from that screenshot that our font also doesn't have an @ symbol.

It's possible - one issue we have on all versions is that if a clickable encounter overlaps a button, clicking or touching that encounter will cause nothing to happen - not the button to activate, as you'd expect.

The bulk of it is actually located in the TalesOfAndrogyny.jar file, which needs to be in the same folder as the .exe for it to work.

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Currently a placeholder - but there will be an in-game achievement system for certain things that the player character does.

Ah, currently the Gadgeteer can't be revisited, but she will be.  And yeah, those are items slots - there will butt and dickwear with different effects, some magical, some physical.

It's definitely not you - right now with combat it's unclear what's happening and the player isn't weaned into it - we are going to do another pass at combat soon, and introduce some more in-game help and tutorials.  A lot of the techniques currently are just proof of concept for some game mechanic or other - none of them are really final.

Make sure to extract the whole folder, since it downloads as a rar - then run TalesOfAndrogyny.exe or TalesOfAndrogyny.jar (if you're hiding file extensions, they'll both show up as TalesOfAndrogyny)

Ah, yeah, she's supposed to be able to recharge her mana - I'll make sure to fix that.  Thanks!

Aye, that should be fixed in the next version.  :D

Hey, which version are you running?  The bunny is in v0.1.25.0.

Hey, they should come when your debt is >100 - you can check your debt on the character screen.  We're going to increase the number of spawns of everything in the next release, but we'll also reduce the Bird Lover check to 2 just in case. 

Thanks, yep, libgdx doesn't support earlier versions of OpenGL.

Yep!  We'll probably get started on that soon, to show it in the Pervert screen.

Yep!  Hit tab - it'll hide the UI (on desktop, no android way yet)

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Hey - so try this -

For desktop:

  1. Download the appropriate version of java from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.h...
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Download the game through the web browser - pick the version appropriate for your OS, e.g. Win64 for a 64-bit Windows system.
  4. Extract the directory with WinRar from Rarlab.com into a directory that you've created.
  5. You should now have a directory "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.23.0.
  6. Inside that directory, run TalesOfAndrogyny.exe.  Failing that, run TalesOfAndrogyny.jar

Note the game requires a GPU that supports OpenGL 2.0+, so certain old configurations and netbooks may not be able to run it.

For android:

  1. Download the APK from here (tales-of-androgyny.apk)
  2. (If you're downloading it on a desktop, sideload it to the android device.)
  3. Use an app manager to install it from the downloaded file.
  4. Run the app.

Let me know which step isn't working and what's happening (error message or failure to start).  Thanks!

In the Content directory you can run the .jar file. 

Posted in Kylira the elf

Yep!  You'll be able to top or bottom with Kylira as a companion - not sure on the brothel yet.  

Posted in Base stats

They should - we now show the penalties to stats that happen on a given check - without that context it might seem like the bonus isn't being applied.

Sorry!  Not sure how we missed this post.  Thanks so much.  :D  We do plan to do a lot of animations - right now we're still building out the core game and freeing up more time to work on it, but they will come.  One of the forts does now have its own encounter - the Spider lady.  

Thanks so much! There's still a lot of work to be done, but glad you like what you see so far.  

We may have an HTML5 version of the game that will play in browsers - it won't run on flash, unfortunately.  We're going to look into it soon - we know we're using a few things (mainly fonts) that won't work on an HTML5 version, but if we can square those away, we should be able to get a build up and running.

I believe this has been fixed in the most recent version - at least, I can't reproduce it in the bleeding edge build.

Hey, if you're on Windows, to fix this, go to Users/<YourUser>/.prefs and open "tales-of-androgyny-preferences" in a text editor (notepad).  Then change <entry key="preload">true</entry> to <entry key="preload">false</entry>

I'll look into that issue - thanks for letting us know.  

You're extracting the rar, which gives you a folder called "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.23.0", and then you're trying to run it?  Try running TalesOfAndrogyny.jar.