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Sounds like a memory issue - try closing some other apps you have open and see if it still crashes?

You mean you don't have enough storage on your phone? You could always clear some stuff off of it... what problem are you having with running it on Windows?

There is an android version; whether your phone can play it or not depends on your phone.

Heya, this was actually just fixed for this weekly patron version. :D

That's what I suspected - your phone doesn't have enough memory (RAM, not storage). Those encounters have more loaded into memory at once (namely additional music tracks) and it's too much for it to handle.

If you can't find the error file, just letting us know what the error message said is helpful.

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What version is this on? The android version? On desktop versions, if an error message pops up, the error.txt will appear in the same folder as the application.

Yeah, that's an error, it is 2.12, not sure how it ended up with the wrong version number.

She's near the end of the second map.

Meet her during the day, and agree to marry her.

Oh, if that's the issue you're having, it's just because it now has the .app extension, so it treats it as an app by default. You should still be able to use Finder to open up the folder and find TalesOfAndrogyny inside. You may need to right-click on it and find the appropriate menu option.

You'll need to update your android version.

Yes, we have plans for localization, but we're not ready for it yet.

If you can't get the app to open, you can look inside of it, to the TalesOfAndrogyny.jar file, and run that instead; you'll need to have java installed.

Are you extracting the .rar before playing?

You're using a bugged version of the game - if you're a patron, just download the most recent build in the build folder for the hotfix. 

She's directly next to the Minotauress and Dark Knight.

Have you tried installing Java? 

Just overwrite TalesOfAndrogyny.jar for the desktop versions.

Make sure to update whatever you're using to extract it - an updated WinRAR or 7zip should be fine!

The chastity cage change is a bug; it (correctly) fails to de-equip the chastity cage you're wearing, but then doesn't put the new chastity cage in your inventory (because it assumes it will be auto-equipped). I'll fix this now.

It's a known issue that CGs viewed during combat don't unlock knowledge of those CGs (because of how they're served up in combat). Hopefully we'll be able to resolve it soon.

The constant saving is due to the game's roots as a rogue-like, preserved in the current iteration of the game in the form of ironman mode. It has nothing to do with resuming the save as close to failure as possible. I could add an option for disabling auto-save on non-ironman saves, though. There already is functionality implemented that queues up save file mutations until they're flushed to a file, so that shouldn't be too hard to implement.

Hi, thanks, this is fixed in the weekly patron version currently, so it'll make its way into

Hey there, if you want to get free cock, there are a number of apps to help with that!

If you want to pass "free cock" checks in ToA, you'll need to not being wearing a chastity cage or cursed underwear, and not have a curse of impotence on you.

Ah, thanks, we'll strip out special characters as well. Thanks!

Ah, sorry, it's story mode only!

There's a maximize resolution option in the next version.


1) Can you give an example of this? In general, leaving to main menu on a screen where you receive/lose something will result in the game replaying the sounds and text of acquisition/loss, but won't actually replay the things you've received.

2) Alright, fixed both of these.

3) This one's also been resolved now.

4) Ditto.

5) There'll be more info coming down the pike for grapple and sex skills (and other combat skills).

That makes sense. The packaging tool we're using strips down the JRE to reduce download size, and it seems it was overzealous. I'll see if I can tweak its settings to minimize the JRE correctly, and failing that, package the full JRE for the macOS build.

What's the error message?

Was that the encounter you were walking towards when you got the error? Or had you come from it?

Open the appropriate save file in the .toa-data folder in a text editor and replace the value next to "jobClass": with, for example, "WARRIOR" or "PALADIN". The save files are numbered from 0-9 for the ten save file slots, corresponding to slots 1-10 respectively.

That's odd, Beg was supposed to be learnable and not innate, but it's set as innate. Surrender is supposed to be the one you know automatically. Deep Casting should only be accessible if you have skills in it, and that's fixed in the next version already.

If you want to fix it without waiting for the next version, you can edit your save file and change your class back to whatever it was originally!

Hey there, that's a separate issue which is fixed in the latest build - that's because you're facing the Doppelganger and it doesn't know how to copy your class, likely because your class is Prostitute or one of the other class changes.

In the next version, they weapon shop stocks and restocks them, and you can get them as an alternative reward for satisfying a Centaur instead of the bow.

Hey there - do you know what encounter was scouted before you got that error? I've seen a few people who've found this but I haven't been able to replicate it. D:

Yep, it does. Just check with your phone (although the tilt can sometimes make that tricky)

Hey there! You can download any of them and run TalesOfAndrogyny.jar - you'll need to have a version of Java installed, but that should allow you to run the game. :D

This issue may be fixed in the next public version already, but one thing you can do is open the save file (in the .toa-data folder) and edit the "context" variable from "ENCOUNTER" to "WORLD_MAP". If you note what it says next to "encounterCode" it'd be helpful, so we know which encounter caused the crash. Hope that helps, and thanks!

Yep, looks like lwjgl is unable to locate any of your screens to default the resolution of the display; is there anything peculiar about your display setup?