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Word, save the game.

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Fantastic, absolutely love it. They say money doesn't go on trees?! well, they're right. They grow in bushes. Plus, the bushes grow back as long as you look away for a moment! the best money making simulator with nice combat elements ever! 

On a side note, during the puzzle with the color blocks, sometimes you're unable to push them forward for a second if you do it continuously for a space or two. It fixes itself as soon as you stop and push again. Not a big deal, in fact, i treated it as somewhat realistic due to the ground probably not being perfect, or a second push being the "extra push needed." Not to mention, the hero is a 14 year old girl...who by the way, totally looks elf like.

Very fun, just one issue. The movemet speed of everything is so slow that i felt like a literal weight was taken off my shoulders when i read about the dev tool teleport. Its literally like everything is in slow motion. Other than this, had a great time.

Fun game, spent a good hour on creating a nice 20 edged(lol) sword that did wonders in damage. unfortunately i ran into the bug where you get stuck in the center of the area on one of the platforms. Then i had to close, and unfortunately all my effort went to waste when i realized the save function only worked in a single sitting and didn't extend to a second session. Very frustrated.  But still, the crafting system is unique and very fun.

It only worked the first time i opened it. The second time i started getting issues, infact, im not even sure if it was updated or not. i downloaded it for the first time two days ago.  I'd think it was my gpu, but the fact that it did indeed work at some point makes me think that its an issue with my OS, or an update?

Thanks for the clarification guys, i guess this isn't an issue i can deal with. Although now i'm somewhat befuddled. I actually cant remember whether my pc was win8 or win7 when i bought it. I upgraded it to win10  during the free promotion like a...year ago? Anyways, i suppose this boils down to an issue i'm more familiar with. A lack of directx 11 support(or apparently an alternative equivalent) and having an integrated gpu.  Really a shame, i was looking forward to futanari/shemale monster girls. Since they don't seem to be all that popular.

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the door for the second switch doesnt seem to open, ive tried twice. is it really because you cant kill any enemies?

i don't understand what openGL is, even after wiki'ing it.

Yes, definitely win32, however i never installed java, will do that now.

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my pc is low spec so with games like this its hit or miss. Just though to mention the error code in case it ends up being useful.

Tales of Androgyny Win32v0.1.19.0\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains errors. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or blablah.

Error status: 0xc000035a