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Can you win a fight solely by sex?

A topic by TheEden created Feb 21, 2017 Views: 2,427 Replies: 4
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Hello, love your art and work

My question is, is it possible to win a fight without either the fighter to drop to 0 HP? There are a lot of sexual interaction in the fight, but I'm not sure you can "satisfy" someone, or at least in this current build. If not, I'm not sure what use has the Hit the deck skill or the Grab, for example.


Yep! That's actually in the version going up at the end of this month - several enemies now have "satisfied" endings if they climax enough, and there will be other end battle conditions other than KO.

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Really glad to hear that, I'm looking forward playing with only sex as weapon

Also, - in order to not create another topic I'm just gonna ask here - how do you end up in 69 and facesitting stance?

I wasn't able to execute myself, but I've manage to sometimes set it up so the opponent does it (by them being aroused and me using, if I remember, "Hit the Deck" and then rolling over face up and using "Rest" until they do something). That's what worked for me in the past.

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To get facesitting you must be in supine (on your back) and the enemies must not be fully erect.