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Oh, I didn't even know I had an outdated version of 7-Zip. Thanks for answering.

As topic, I can't open the latest release .rar (both Win32 and 64 versions)

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I'm trying to play the game through sexual management: basically get the enemy aroused, let it have their way with me or taking control and be the one dominating or penetrating.

However I keep running in several difficulties, the most notables are:

  1. I get killed while trying to make the enemy stagger
  2. I kill the enemy while trying to stagger the enemy and making him/her prone
  3. I usually never get the chance to swith to Offensive stance before the enemy gets up again
  4. Skills that say trip enemies not always do so.

I tried to fix 2 by lowering my Strength and maxing Agility/Endurance, but 1 is a hard thing to avoid because of Bleeding. Also 3 happens constantly and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. The only way I found for now to consistenly keep an enemy prone is to spam "Grab it" and "Let it go", as this lowers enemy stamina till they drop Dazed. As 4, I have yet to understand how Trip works.

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or there are just not yet enough tools for this kind of playstyle. I usually use Thied with lower Str and Magic with higher End and Agi, and use skills like Taunt, Slide and Uppercut to destabilize the enemy. Is there a "better" build or skill I should focus on?

Thanks for the answer, the fact they have to not be fully erect explains why they always went for anal in my tries

I think there is some bug with the facesitting stance, I was trying to get the enemy doing it and when it happens the enemy go facesitting stance while I don't get forced into it. The commands then become weird, since I can stand up or roll while the enemy is still in facesitting.

Also, can I ask the conditions of getting facesitted, if any?


Also, - in order to not create another topic I'm just gonna ask here - how do you end up in 69 and facesitting stance?

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Really glad to hear that, I'm looking forward playing with only sex as weapon

Hello, love your art and work

My question is, is it possible to win a fight without either the fighter to drop to 0 HP? There are a lot of sexual interaction in the fight, but I'm not sure you can "satisfy" someone, or at least in this current build. If not, I'm not sure what use has the Hit the deck skill or the Grab, for example.