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I think there is some bug with the facesitting stance, I was trying to get the enemy doing it and when it happens the enemy go facesitting stance while I don't get forced into it. The commands then become weird, since I can stand up or roll while the enemy is still in facesitting.

Also, can I ask the conditions of getting facesitted, if any?


Seems like it gunks up when you trip at the same time. The whole force-stance switching and enemy tripping routine needs some love so that it'll be bug-free; right now it's a little hacky, so it's no surprise there's a few kinks in it.

Enemies will sit on your face currently if they're not a centaur (of either type), you're Supine, and they're not already erect.

Thanks for the answer, the fact they have to not be fully erect explains why they always went for anal in my tries