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Thank you for your help, i'm going to try try it tomorrow. 

Just leave them in the un-upgraded prison for a few days.

They're being tortured for a reason, I want Milk.

I've never seen a reason to raise the living standards in prison or the farm.

So, I'm a little confused

This mod is intended for the latest version of Strive V5.25, and its basically a much more improved version of Aric's Expansion Mod.  My main point of confusion is what the mods overall goal is? I'm just curious if anyone has a general overview summary of the mod? I.E. Why should I give up on my current modded saves in V5.22b for this mod, and is it well enough along to be worth it?

So how do you wear the maid uniform?

I think this mod disables Bandages(I can't use them on any individual). I also can't figure out how to stop all of my slaves being mindless whores . . . What a problem to have, I know. The semen, squirt, and pubisant ingredients/potions don't seem to work. I look forward to future updates as the final version of this game draws near. 

I'm using v5.22b of this mod and game.

Any help with the above issues would be appreciated.

I'm trying to figure out how to find Seraph characters. Trying to find a good grinding spot, like the marsh or the sea.

I know I can request them from Sebastian.

I also occasionally see them in slave sellers, but I never seem to see them anywhere else.

Any ideas?


That makes sense after I reread the description. Thank you for the help.

Does this mod work with the latest version of Strive? I'm trying to use Version 0.5, I'm guessing that is the most stable version. It partially disables the menu, and makes the game unplayable(I cant even make a new character). Any ideas?

Thank you I'll try it. Worst case scenario, I waste 20 minutes. 

Have a good day.

I'm just curious if anyone has JPG's or PNG's of the various different Full Body images for the Named NPCs? I'm referring to how Emily originally appears in rags, or how they go nude in some story scenes, or how they change expressions. I've found the folder where they are located, but I can't convert or change them(a copy of course) to ad some more variety.

Does this mod interfere with AricsExpansion in any way? Just curious to see if anyone knows before I start trying to get it to work.

Thank you. I've never even heard of Nudity rule, how do I find that? Also, whats the consequence of having a baby? I'm still too early in game to experiment with that aspect. Thank you again for your help.

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I need help trying to reduce stress for my characters in the early game.

I already let them rest every day. I use dream and sedation constantly, I need a solution. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time