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1. Patronage head girl setting raises loyalty and reduces fear. No other effects that I have seen. Haven't looked at the code though.

2. I've never had a slave get the "Fickle" trait from having sex with other slaves.

3. I usually do threesomes as there seems to be no downside and the mana harvest is the most efficient. It also leads to the slaves loving each other.

4. A loving relationship doen't seem to stop minor arguments. But they don't get serious.

5. Slaves with the 'Slutty" will sometimes try to seduce other slaves. I don't remember "Fickle" slaves doing that. It would be logical though.

I got "Fickle" on the starter slaves after pairing them with 3+ others (each time in a threesome with MC) on different occasions. Not entirely sure whether the participants need to directly copulate or if any physical contact is enough for the encounter to count, though.