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1. As above, don't try to get too many slave at first. Stick with your starting slave and configure them to Hunt or Forage at first.

2. Don't give the first slave contraceptive or aphrodsiacs. Don't do any sex acts that will get them pregnant. That way there will not be any financial drain.

3. Do the first Magic guild quest as soon as possible. This gives you the Mind Read spell , a level, and a small infusion of cash

3. Do guild quests until you have some cash and Mansion upgrade points to make the upgrades you want early on.

4. Your slave are getting angry because their living standard is too low for their grade (not enough luxury). There are several solutions for this.
 a. you can decrease their grade at the slave guild, which costs money, 
b. you can increase the luxury your mansion provides (cost money and upgrade points), 
c. give them some perks, found under the Customization tab (cost money, food, and supplies), 
d. give them trinkets like lacy underwear. 

5. Slave with the Ascetic have lower luxury demands, slaves with the Grateful trait makeno luxury demands. Slave aquired through side quests have the Grateful trait.