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Dungeon Lielle

A topic by rickggmaker created Jun 08, 2019 Views: 367 Replies: 9
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Creator please I honestly got to the point of getting a headache because, I can not by any means finalize the Lielle dungeon I'll send photos to you to see what I'm doing and see what's wrong. I swear if I played some more I would go from the rage

Just to say all the other entries are blocked


The default position of the switches is on the right. You need to turn every switch once (to the left), but the switch in the flame riddle room has to be set back (after obtaining the chest). And in the top right where 3 switches close to each other the lowest also needs to be turned back after the other two are active.
It's always hard to say what is missing or what was messed up from pictures, since switches all interact with several rows of spikes. ^^" I think the switch  from the image where you stand on the grid should be to the left instead of right, but can't say for sure if that's all or not.
If needs be you can send me your save files from the www/save folder to and I'll bring your character to the end of the dungeon. (I only need the file with the save slot number in which you want the problem to be solved).


Just a Thought :

Players always stuck in this quest , and I don't Think anyone can finish this quest without reading Walkthrough or posting them here .

Lack of clues to keep certain levers on in some cases is the reason, if some clues implemented or removing exceptional levers may help reduce players stuck.

how to raise  morale??

It took me some time just flip them all one way and one by one see what each switch does and try different combos it's quite confusing but possible