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Reunite with your family after a volcanic eruption
Submitted by dwgwgy with 10 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline

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@VampireDev I probably won't continue this, but who knows. Maybe if I get really inspired. The code I made for it will be used again probably. I could even submit the 2nd level into another jam or something, maybe the comfy jam.

I coded in a ~1 second invulnerability period after damage and never adjusted it. I decided to make the ashbeasts harmless for this demo as well. Yea, a knockback and potentially a 1 enemy per attack mechanic (depending on attack type) would be good for this sort of gameplay.

Also falling off the platforms at first is intended, a little wtf moment for the player. Kinda cheap for sure though.

Thanks for the trying it!

Great improvements on v0.06. Collisions work perfectly now and moving platforms are not impossible to get through anymore. A different set of tiles for them would help realizing you need to move on top of them when they do at first sight. Maybe making them Ice looking (so it makes sense they are slippery), while making the rest of the level stone looking could work pretty well.
Only thing I could add: Is difficult to see if you are damaging your enemies or not when you hit them, but I'm not sure if it is inteded that way or not. To me it feels like you aren't damaging them after attacking them for a while until you do something else (like moving or jumping) before attacking them again, Adding a small knock back to them when you hit them could prevent this, and also prevent them stacking on top of each other when a lot of them spawn together.
I like the ambient and the dino sprites a lot. Can't wait to see how the 2nd level will play with the 3D gimmick.


v0.06 is much more stable in terms of collision and stuff

I also added middle click for 3rd person mode to show what might have been the gimmick for the 2nd level.

gonna go try everyone else's jam games now


@Hippie - I almost completely forgot about sticky keys since I disabled it so long ago, Thanks for the headsup!

@Hippie, Linnu As much as it evokes feelings of old flash games, sliding off moving platforms was intended as a sort of joke/deep metaphorical stuff. That being said, making the player go through 4 in a row was way too difficult.

@Linnu, yea, I'm should update the foreground player ash, right now its just a line that follows the player, It worked earlier when the player's speed was a little slower and the jump wasn't as high, but now that I adjusted that and zoomed the camera out its really easy to see it spawn, haha. Also I'm think I'm going to take the browser WebGL build down because it has some issues I haven't been able to fix. I'm updating to the most recent Unity build so I'll try to get that up again. I changed the controller so you can't get stuck in those locations any more and filled in those areas too!

Thanks for the comments!


Pretty fun game, I liked the atmosphere you achieved with the text, music and snow but for the life of me I can't get past the moving platforms. It might be worth making it so that when you're on a platform and it moves you are carried along instead of staying in the same place. Also please don't make the attack button the shift key because it gives me "sticky keys" popups


Firstly two things:

  • Ash falls funnily. Whenever I went higher, the upper edge of falling ash couldn't keep up.
  • I slid off of platforms, there was no traction. And trying to walk to match the platform speed was kinda hard due to how fast they were moving. And it was hard to judge where exactly the platform's path ended so trying to jump onto another moving platform didn't work out for me. This or I am just bad at platformers.
  • The place just after the first ghost encounter - I got stuck beneath the first steps - I couldn't get out of there. You mentioned in your known bugs that edges of blocks are buggy, so perhaps you should block that place off with blocks so that no one can fall in there.

I can't comment on the story since I wan't able to get past the first moving platforms.

I liked the sprite jump animation, where it puts its hands/paws downwards whenever falling. It was a nice little touch.


as pointed out by a friend, r shift means right shift, not r + shift