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Great improvements on v0.06. Collisions work perfectly now and moving platforms are not impossible to get through anymore. A different set of tiles for them would help realizing you need to move on top of them when they do at first sight. Maybe making them Ice looking (so it makes sense they are slippery), while making the rest of the level stone looking could work pretty well.
Only thing I could add: Is difficult to see if you are damaging your enemies or not when you hit them, but I'm not sure if it is inteded that way or not. To me it feels like you aren't damaging them after attacking them for a while until you do something else (like moving or jumping) before attacking them again, Adding a small knock back to them when you hit them could prevent this, and also prevent them stacking on top of each other when a lot of them spawn together.
I like the ambient and the dino sprites a lot. Can't wait to see how the 2nd level will play with the 3D gimmick.