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Images not loading, cant edit thumbnail

A topic by Renoki created Jun 19, 2020 Views: 381 Replies: 17
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Hey there, my screenshots are all broken and I cant seem to edit the thumbnail, it loads indefinitely 

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I have the same bug. I also can't see your profile image anymore.

Seeing the same bug on my own games. for example.

This seems to be a problem on the whole site.

You can find picturees not loading all over

And I found several Forum entries on my way here, that described the same problem every now and then in recent years.

I hope this will be fixed in the near future.

I also am unable to upload images. 

Same problem for me.


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Same here. Literally just made this account to publish something. Quite a bummer. No picture are working. No screenshots, no cover, not even my profile picture.

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Same for me, I can’t see some images, and I can’t upload new screenshots to my game.

(+1) You can see that the problem is due to issues with one of the servers. It should be fixed soon. It has happened multiple times in the past


How long does it usually take to get fixed tho? Because apparently my Project cannot be listed without a cover imagine.


I'm not sure. I'm also waiting for it to upload cover for my project.


Same here.

It also seems that on forum ( Community » Game Development » Release Announcements) it is not possible anymore to post a new topic (or maybe it is deleted immediately since the image cannot be uploaded and/or embedded, probably)...



same here

Cant send screen shoots too,


OMG I am so glad it isn't just me. Mine and my friends Devlog images are not loading pictures either. And if I try and reupload it just shows the 'Broken link' image that internet uses when it doesn't load pics.


Seems to be fixed on my end now, maybe their servers are restarting? 


It seems fixed for me too.

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