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Kind of a pointless question if you ask me... Someone capable of reversing the security of this tool is surely able to google "Decrypt rpg maker game" and click on any of the like first 25  results. Or are you telling us you got a custom encryption? :P

Oh my god, just when I thought about how this is missing in the gen and I'd really need some of those skelly sprites and battlers (Since the gen stuff doesn't really work with Low's foe packs) I see this. Grand!

Well I hope 8dir horses are going to be a thing one day then. Would feel major jank if the game is 8dir but the horse has some genetic defect, allowing it to only move 4dir xD. Nonetheless cool update.

I'm over here just waiting for more clothing and humanoid races.

Glad you had a good time :D

Lmao this comment.

Yo! My buddies and I are hosting a weekly live podcast on youtube, reviewing and talking about games made with RPG Maker and we would like to cover your game next wednesday!

Here's the link to our channel:

If you're interested, I'd like to request 3 redeemable links to the game (since we're 3 dudes)

Or 3 Keys (Seeing as the game seems to be on Steam as well)

You can send them via mail to:

Let me know what you think! The timeframe to respond would be saturday at the latest, so we'll have enough time to look for another game, should you not be interested.

Best regards Harlekin a.k.a. Simple Gaming

Just wanna say you and low are making an amazing product here and I love it so much. Keep up the good work :D

Hey! I'm Harlekin, part of the RTP podcast on youtube. We play and review games made with RPG Maker, and we would like to give your game a shot!

Here's our channel link:

If you're interested, please hit me up via e-mail: so we can discuss! Your game would be scheduled for next wednesday if you're up for it. Hit me up before then! :D

Thanks for your kind words! The timings in this jam game were a little off indeed. If you pushed the button too soon it would sometimes register as a fail when it really shouldn't, but it was too late when I realized this to fix it ^^

Dungeon Rummage - Origins, the game from which I derived this system is not going to have this problem :D

A game about the goblin brothers huh? I mean I tmight happen one day...


Yeaaahh... That one save spot is a little whack. Sadly ya can't do patches during the rating time haha.

Ah yes, the calcium boys definitely were a bit on the slow side. And I aggree the 4v1 fight is a little tough on marsha, depending on what augments you got. (It's much easier with Therese, since she can block Lunesis and Moogs, Marsha is hard mode after all.)

It was a little tough balancing the game around 3 different playstyles at the same time, so I'm not really disagreeing with your asessment and the real game is probably gonna do a better job on the balancing part. Cheers my dude :D

No 30% increase in Waifus? Shame.


Cool little game. I knew sawyer would make something mechanics-related, and he didn't disappoint! I'm liking the skill system put in place here and I really appreciate the on screen "rock-paper-scissors" HUD element, because I can't for the life of me remember which is what. It works well and is simple to understand and excecute. Just how I like it. :D

Music was not one of the strong points of this game for me. It fit the style of a retro game, but it didn't really vibe with me.

I feel the mapping could've been a little better overall, but then again it does resemble old school game maps.

The story is well delivered. Tension is built throughout the game when everyone is trying to keep reid out of the building. Very nice.

Awesome! Glad you had such a great time with it and thanks for your kind words! The inputs are still a tiny bit wonky as I've realized when there was no more time to fix it. The inputs are timed for more "slow" people and fail if you press the button too fast.

Essentially if you timed it just perfect, the input would actually fail, so if you fall under the people who have good reflexes, you may have a better time with the inputs if you just went a little slower on purpose. :D

Man, I chose autocombat and I'm not quite sure if I should've, but this was effing hilarious and I loved every second of this little thing.

I'm really not a fan of the usual classic and retro style games, but this one is just beautiful.

It has a good looking retro style to it, the pixel style portraits look great as well. 

However, what carries this game for me is the very good writing and the amazing music.

I genuinely enjoyed reading through the intro scenes and I found the individual characters to be very well written.

Combat is simple and pretty standard as far as I could tell so no big points from me here, but it is in line with the retro style. 

The battlemusic though was an absolute banger so I did not mind fighting at all. You know you're doing something right in your game, when your player starts nodding their head to your game's music.

I also enjoed the little cameos I found and the Fight3Take3 reference had me giggle.

Once again I would say this could be an "official" game in its own right and you can clearly see someone knows what thy're doing.

Loving this game. Love the artstyle. The little letter of invitation ala mario 64 style was cute. The busts were very expressive and well used. Combat was fun enough with the combo system. Characters were cute and I liked the dialogue.

Music was fitting as well.

I feel like this game could very well be an "official" game on its own and the effort shows.

I'm not quite sure what the goal here was. There's a ***ton of items just thrown at the player, but not a single revive item. (Guess that's what makes it roguelite for some reason)

The class change also seemed kinda overkill and unnecessary. 

Overall it plays and feels like someone just copy/pasted their big project into a jam project, made some dialogue to fit the requirements, mashed together some bland maps and called it a day.

Balancing seemed fine for the most part. Not sure why status effects just never disappeared (At one point my therese just had all these effects of burning, bleeding and that hilariously big thorny roots animation on her)

Combat in general felt default to me. Deal as much dmg as you can, heal when getting low.

Humor did not land at all in my case.

Didn't have a good time here. Not only is the random encounter rate ridiculous, but the combat also didn't really offer anything to warrant not skipping the fights, so I did.

Save to say the first boss in the forest dungeon just went and killed both lucius and marsha in a flurry of attacks.

I did like the little extra animations that are in there, but overall I feel there could've been more effort put into it.

Bugs I encountered:


Chests are lootable indefinitely, which is surprising considering the quick event creation already gets around not having that problem.

Alright, fixed it! Update will be up in a minute! Thanks for letting me know :D

A different series? Man, you guys are making me poor.

Actually you only receive a notification to direct answers to your posts :P

Already am lol.

Bruh, my wallet is only so deep!

Shit, this guy is making me broke with the frequency of those packs dropping!

Another great asset pack just like the first 2! Absolute bargain.

Got both of the packs. Wish they had a couple more tracks. Goes without saying, I can't wait for some more. Especially interested in some combat music.

Broken and unplayable.

Look at him go!

One, if not the best guy to get the most bang for your buck. High quality assets through and through for an affordable enough price. Pack is massive and can easily give you enough variety to make your entire game.

Lovely stuff.

Firma dankt :D

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I really enjyed it. It got the highest score so far. There is some jank in there and some performance drops, But holy hell I did not expect the twist. Looking forward to future updates. (Also, feel free to share the vod or parts of it wherever you want. Hope it helps drawing more attention to this :D

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Was live with your game on request from GameMakingDizzy on Twitter. Here's my review on it: