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Is this the same style as Omega Modern?

Do you have an email address for discussing this? If you're truly interested in my game, it's called Murder Is Game Over (just click on my profile.)

I played your game last year, and also developed my own mystery game. Would you be interested in teaming up to participate in a mystery / whodunit game bundle in the future? 

Any way to make this work with MV?

Interesting so far. The first guy was strangled, and I talked to everyone but don't know what to do next.

Can you explain the difference between "formal style" vs "retro style"? Is this about pixelation, or time period? Thanks.

When I search for "murder is game over", which is the title of my recent game, it doesn't come up. Why is this happening and how can I change it? It's really hard to get visibility when a search doesn't work properly. 

Love it! Hoping to use some of these tiles on my next project. Thanks so much for making this.

I played your game, and I enjoyed the dark art and atmosphere. I am interested in making a mystery / whodunit theme game bundle, and wondering if you would want to participate. I'm open to ideas, thanks.

Definitely, but I also want to give devs the opportunity to contact me. Good luck with your project! Do you have a release ETA?

I am looking to organize a bundle for this project. How do I do it? It says to do it on the Jam system. Thanks.

Many thanks for all your support on this project!

I am the developer of Murder Is Game Over. I am openly inquiring as to whether any other mystery genre gamedevs would be interested to include their game in a mystery / whodunit game genre bundle. Potential release date is March 2023, but open to suggestions. Thanks!

Noted, thanks!

Do you do sprite and face commissions in this style btw? 

Got it, thanks!

I purchased this pack earlier this week at a price point of $20, and it didn't include the faces. Is there a way I can get those too? I don't mind paying for them. Thanks.

These are gorgeous. Great job! Hopefully, I can come up with another project idea that will allow me to give you guys more of my money! XD


Works great! Thanks so much for your debugging help. :)

Does this work with RPGmaker? Thanks, and looks great.

Looks really fun! 

Will this update fix the issue I'm seeing with the number of lines in an export not being consistent?

(1 edit)

Here is a more serious problem. Every time I do a data export, the file contains a different number of lines. I definitely have not added any content to the dialog since yesterday, but the export added an additional 5 lines since yesterday. How am I supposed to give the text to a translator to reliably translate when every time I export the data it contains a different amount of lines in a different order?

Looking forward to it!

Yes, that's what I meant. Thanks.

Are these characters the same style and dimensions as your other characters?

Do these work well with RPGmaker?

yes, exactly

Is there an easy way to get a dialog word count (eliminate all the boilerplate text?)

Is this intended to work with RPGmaker?

The .exe flagged Windows antivirus software. 

Very charming tile set. Thank you for making it!

Are these set up to work with RPGmaker?

That's beautiful! I wish I had a project I could use this on immediately.

Just making sure. It's in the Winter Sale Bundle (for $5)?

How do I get those hanging meats and other stuff not in the free download?

Thanks for the reply.

I just bought this, but I don't understand how to use it. Are these tiles, or...? 

This is awesome!