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What are the dimensions of these tiles? I'm interested in the Japanese-style promotional billboards and stuff specifically. Thanks.

Does this product have tile sheets for RPGmaker? 

Wow, very nice! What size are the tiles btw?

Thanks so much for your support, and I hope you enjoy the games. Feel free to write a review or let me know what you think here,

I agree that voice acting would be awesome to add as an additional production value. I'd like to eventually try it with the first game since there is relatively less dialog compared to 2 and 3. In addition to whatever voice actors charge, there's also the administrative costs of sorting all the spoken lines by character, editing the recordings sent by the actors, and adding each line into the game, which is a big time sink. So if the series keeps getting more interest then hopefully it will make sense in the future to invest in that. 

The 3rd game has a tiny tiny bit of voice acting BTW. 

That would be awesome if it's not too much effort to do. Please keep me posted. :)

Can these effects be used on pictures too?

Congratulations on getting this project finished and available for the public to enjoy!

Sounds cool about the update! Thanks so much for the compliment. Murder Is Game Over: Deal Killer is going to be released on Steam in early February. That one has a hotel in it. I cobbled together a bunch of sources to try to make what I wanted, but this would have been wonderfully helpful to have earlier. I'll still probably buy it at some point. :)

This would have been great for the project I'm about to finish. Alas, maybe in the future. Fantastic stuff!

Congrats on releasing this project!

Does this work with RPGmaker MV / MZ?

What are the dimensions?

I have the camera distance set to 0 and it looks like the player is looking at their feet. When I press PgUp then the camera looks nice. Is there a way to make it start with this setting?

yes it's possible

Is this pack set up to work with RPGmaker? Looks cool!

I joined the Patreon. I downloaded the "warden" monster and it's animated so that it walks backwards. Also, I am not sure how to search for or find most of the monsters listed here.

Where does one read the EULA? If there is anything surprising it might be valuable to know before buying it. Is commercial use ok?

I bought it on the RPGmaker site. Thanks! :)

Which is the pack that has the dinosaur bones in it?


Are these meant to look pixelated or hand-drawn (like Crayon) or something different? The look cool, I'm just trying to put my finger on it.

Which national flags are in this pack? Thanks.

What setup process is required to do the most basic function?

I also tried the actor note:  <FOOT STEP: 1> and nothing is rendering.

The plugin is installed and activated, and the sprite sheet is in the /img/system folder

(1 edit)

I purchased the plugin but it's not working. I have a bunch of tiles set to region 1. 

In the map note I have:  <FOOT STEP REGIONS: 1, y, z>  

On the actor note I have: <BIG STEPS>

No footsteps are rendering. It would help if there were more instructions for setting this up because I don't know how to begin. Thanks.

Is it possible to have 2 types of footsteps in the same region? Like if my party has a human and an animal in it?


Can this plugin have multiple links?

Are these asset packs set up to work with RPGmaker?

What dimensions are these characters? 32 x 32, 48 x 48, etc. Thanks.

Is this only in English, or does it have other language characters?

Is there a way to change the font for a different language?

Does this work with Time Fantasy in terms of the relative size of objects? Or at least not clash badly with it?

Do you guys have any kind of ski resort tiles? Skis, funicular, etc.? I realize this is a super niche request. :P 

Awesome, thanks! This tileset is fantastic and I'm thinking about how to use it in one of my projects. :)

I don't see a button to download it.

Thanks for making this! Ho ho ho!

I am having difficulty getting the smoke character to animate appropriately using RPGmaker. Do I need to rename it with a $ character or do something different. Unsure why it doesn't move like the RTP one does. Thanks.

Looks cool. How large are the dimensions?

Does this work with RPGmaker?