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Thanks for your reply.

Indeed that's true.

However when you click on "Buy now" you only have the zip filename...

It would be nice to have both. Community » » butler · Created a new topic Zip file name
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Thanks for having made butler! I'm using "butler push" and it's great! :)

Is there a way to specify the zip file which can be downloaded by the end-user? (That is, same as clicking "Change display name" when editing the page)

It seems that the default name is "" but I would like to add a project version as a suffix.

Thanks !

Like @voxel ( ), my pages are detected with "Product issues" (full error message below)

Is there anything that can be done to prevent these errors, (and thu, prevent the pages from being downranked) ?



Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 7 Products issues:

Top Errors

Errors can prevent your page or feature from appearing in Search results. The following errors were found on your site:

  • Missing field "name"

Top Warnings

Warnings are suggestions for improvement. Some warnings can affect your appearance on Search; some might be reclassified as errors in the future. The following warnings were found on your site:

  • Missing field "description"
  • Missing field "url"
  • Invalid value type for field "priceValidUntil"
  • Missing field "aggregateRating"
  • Missing field "availability"

We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search.

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Nice game! Thanks! I made it through stg 16 !

Thank you !! :)


Yeah sometimes playing as the dark side is a more interesting experience! ;)

Thanks !

Yeah Lexaloffle made a real gem while giving birth to their fantasy console. ^^

Thank you so much! 

PS: no jellyfish has been hurt during the creation process ! ;)

PS: Sorry for Jerry. πŸ˜”

Good job on the 3d models of the landscape and the character animation!

Nice score for a first try! ;)

Great video!

Thanks for your comments, about different palette colors,
and adding diversity (yes it's in Galaga or Galaxian, not in original space invaders but thank you anyway!)

Thanks a lot for your shout out about my other games as well!

Keep up! :)

Superb !! Awesome work, taking into account the harsh limitations of this machine !

Wow! Thanks for your time! Glad you liked it!

Maybe it will be a little easier if you save a little energy (that is, if don't mash the fire button!) :)

Dodge, Fire, Fool AI cannon, and Land on Earth!

In this "reversed" version of the arcade classic 'Space Invaders', you actually ARE the invaders!


Game name: Invasion Commander

Happy to share this with you! :D

Don't hesitate to send me your comments on the game page!

Thanks! I tried to adapt the difficulty but sometimes it's too easy or too hard... I'll try to find a workaround.

Thanks for the tip about Pico 8 export!

Same here.

It also seems that on forum ( Community Β» Game Development Β» Release Announcements) it is not possible anymore to post a new topic (or maybe it is deleted immediately since the image cannot be uploaded and/or embedded, probably)...


Thank you!

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Thanks a lot for your kind words and for your donation !! :D

Thanks for your reply I will check all this.


Is there a way to use Itch installer (itch-setup.exe) to auto-detect the member username (login) ?

Is there an API ?

(I would like to use this to init ingame player name, to be used in leader boards)


Oops ! Sorry, my bad: the clue did show up. It says "Hold your strength"...

Maybe that's a help of some sort...

Anyway, thanks again and thanks for your time!

Hey Meowium99! Thank you so much for trying!
For your information it seems to bee an outdated version. In the current online version, there is an additionnal clue displayed when you click the sword 2 or 3 times (and when you did that Γ  6:00 ) it did not show up.
Maybe this will make it possible for you to progress even more !
Anyway, thanks again and thanks for your time!

Hey BlueJ, thanks for your kind comment.

About your issue, I tested earlier on Chrome (Version 73) on Windows 10 (I don't have Chrome OS) and I was unable to reproduce the issue you mentioned (even if I click on the red monster when it is in front of any door). I often use Firefox, and with Firefox on Windows 10 I never had this problem either. Since I don't have the problem it's tricky for me to debug.

Do you encounter the issue always in the very exact same moment or does it seem to be random?

Could you please also tell me if the executable version also have this issue? You may download executables for Windows/MacOS/Linux.


Wow! Stunning demake!! Great job and great use of pico-8 limitations! :)

Is it possible for example to generate 200 x "-50% sale" coupon codes which:
- can't be used after a defined date
- are all different and can't be used twice
- both

Thank you!

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If the customer  is also "following" you, (that is to say, "has subscribed" to your account) I think it's ok.

If the customer is NOT following you, I think they don't want to be contacted.

The problem is that the email adresses currently listed in the payout section do not mention "IF" the customer is following you or not. I think this information could be interesting without saying directly their plain username.

Great! So I have added 3 binary executables:,,
Could you please pick & run the one which fits your OS ? Thanks a lot!

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Hey Inferno, thanks for your patience.

I just tested on Chrome (Version 73) on Windows 10 (I don't have Chrome OS) and I was unable to reproduce the issue you mentioned (even if I click on the red monster when it is in front of any door).

I often use Firefox, and with Firefox on Windows 10 I never had this problem either.

Since I don't have the problem it's tricky for me to debug.

I know that there exists some other ways to publish Pico-8 games, for example by providing a binary executable which must be run on your computer. Maybe with this workaround the problem could be solved. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with this kind of Pico-8 publishing. Are you interested in testing it as an executable? Here's what I can do

Thanks for your reply. OK, could you try to use right button instead and see if the behaviour is the same?
Btw what are your browser and OS?

Brilliant use of voxels and neat intro music! πŸ‘πŸ‘

Thanks for your nice comment and feedback.

As for the bug you mentioned, could you be more specific where it occurs ? (are you using an item and which one?) I tried my best to prevent undesired multiple clicks but some cases may remain...

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Merci Perfect_Link !

Thank you so much for your kind words! 😊 You did a magnificent job too! Your progress was suspenseful! I'm glad you enjoyed that much! Thanks for your time and your help spreading the word!

Thanks a lot for making this video! Good job on finding the Debug Mode ! :D

Thanks a lot for making this very kind comment :'-)
and most of all Congrats for having found these "secret" keynotes !! :D
Glad you liked the game and that it made you laugh out loud!

Really neat. Nice to see all these mechanics and not only the snake-basic ones!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed firing at these bloops!πŸ˜…
For your information, if you try to fill the screen with small aliens to maximise your score multiplier ("leeching" technique), it will become harder, as enemy fire rate may increase depending on the number of entities on screen... 😈

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ It works! Thanks!

Very neat graphics and effects since Pico-8 limitations are very harsh!

I spotted that you managed to implement a custom mouse pointer.

May I ask you how you prevent system mouse cursor to be drawn on top of your mouse sprite?

Thank you.