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Zip file name

A topic by Anto80 created 18 days ago Views: 282 Replies: 3
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Thanks for having made butler! I'm using "butler push" and it's great! :)

Is there a way to specify the zip file which can be downloaded by the end-user? (That is, same as clicking "Change display name" when editing the page)

It seems that the default name is "" but I would like to add a project version as a suffix.

Thanks !


I don’t really know the answer to this, but if you are already doing versioning with “butler”, the version number already shows up below the filename when browsing on the web (and I assume the same happens from the app).


Thanks for your reply.

Indeed that's true.

However when you click on "Buy now" you only have the zip filename...

It would be nice to have both.


That’s fair, I’d image most users when downloading a game for the first time don’t really focus on the version number, but I can see why it would be confusing when downloading multiple versions.

I think the way “butler” was designed is to optimize use of the Itch app, which would explain a lot of the design decisions.