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Andy Miller

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Thanks! Check out my other game Safety Check for something even better! ✌️

Did you figure it out? It's a bit tricky


It's not much of a game haha but I made it ages ago, still gets the most views


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lol check out my other game Safety Check if you want something better

thanks buddy


Unity does pretty great HTML5/WebGL builds and they run great embedded in Itch. Other HTML5 games should work fine embedded as well here.

Seeing the same bug on my own games. for example.

I'm seeing a similar bug on a couple of my own games. <Most of the images on my pages aren't appearing at all.

They all have broken image icons instead. Matt, was that what you were seeing>

well thanks lol

Very neat game!


Neat! Thanks!

Thanks all for the kind reviews! Got 10th overall for the jam!

Oh lol that would explain it haha

Februrary 2003 community · Created a new topic Also stuck

Got stuck on the game with the skeleton rotating around the hours of the clock.

Couldn't quit the game, only input accepted was to increment the counter. Had to force quit the game.

Very cool project here though! Nice work!

Thanks for playing!

Done! Very neat!

Very neat game! Simple, clear, and great execution!


Thanks! That surprise was the primary goal of the game ;)

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the feedback!

Works now! Neat idea for a game!

Woah neat game! Very crisp and good looking pixel art!

Looks cool! Can't seem to get the controls to work. What are they?

Very cool little game! Great looking art!

Whoa this is a cool project! Very neat!

Very neat game! Cool mechanic!

Cool game! Better than you think you did ;)

Very neat idea!

Very neat project! Battle simulation games are always cool.

Very neat idea for a game! Very cool!

Looks great! Controls are pretty hard though.

Cool walking sim! Love the lofi 3d you're doing. Snow looked great too!

Cool game! Would love to see something like this as a full single-player experience!

Kept dying but neat game!