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A Hollow PlaceView game page

Survival horror game, inspired by Silent Hill 2, and Resident Evil.
Submitted by Sir_Felolis — 2 days, 19 hours before the deadline

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Looks great, feels great. I noticed slight distortions on the walls (seemingly straight lines are bent), is it caused by texture or a shader?


That's a shader trying to emulate the style of old PS1 games. The wobbling you see are vertices being snapped to whole integer values. Thanks.


Name your game folder the same as your jam entry. I wanted to play it in windowed, even alt-tabbing is borked. Mouse doesn't hide after returning to game. Visuals and movement are great. Consider changing camera angles to show the things you're interested in, not seeing the door you want to walk to is ???. Atmosphere is great. Guessing unlocking the door is the end of the demo, since the camera doesn't advance in the new room.

Good shit.


I've disabled the resolution dialogue because I hate it, but you bring up a good argument to keep it until I get an in-game resolution options.

Camera angles are definitely something I'm experimenting with at this point, thanks for your feedback, I will reflect in upcoming versions. Atmosphere is something I consider very important to this type of game so I'm putting a lot of focus on it, even this early in the game's development.

The demo does end when you unlock the door yes.


Servicable animation. Protagonist could use a better silhouette as goes their shape.

It's obviously very early in development, but your cameras are working well enough to support the rest of the game as they are right now. I'm curious to see where this is going to go.

Getting Alone in the Dark (1992) vibes.


Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding the animation, I'm still very new to 3D as a whole, so the animations will get better over time as I redo them. The ones you see in this demo are my third attempt (also my third character model actually.)

I'm pretty happy with the cameras as they are now. Right not the cameras are only capable of three things; being placed anywhere, variable FOV, and it can follow the player. I would like to add a system that allows the camera to follow a track as the player continues down a hallway for example, but we'll see how it turn out.

I've never played that Alone in the Dark, should I check it out, or should I skip it in favour of the PS1 sequel?


Nice one, echo work really well I'm looking forward for progress about this.