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Mana BladeView game page

2D coop beatemup
Submitted by Tiny Ghost Studios (@TGS_Yukinose) — 16 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline

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Really good graphics. Kinda wish there was a room with a punching bag though before the boss so I knew what I was doing before a real fight happened.


Nice and juicy, I like how it looks right now. Got the hang of the combat pretty quickly, although the enemy health bar is a bit too long for a demo. I also agree that the ogre is too powerful, at least for someone picking this game up for the first time.


yeah, numbers aren't really tuned to be properly winnable/loseable right now. basically just an infinite health enemy;

i'm thinking of nerfing the startup speed of a lot of the attacks. it might be too fast for a would-be early enemy.

Great effect i like this style of gameplay so i will wait for a demo where i can practice my combos.
Have to fight this ogre is really annoying because he almost never stop attacking and his super armour should not being that strong, in my opinion once the ogre have face down you should be able to apply CC to every hit with a 30 second then he will recover on ground hit (so you could countinue to hit and do more damage if you are skilled enough).
Having a perfect parry is the most efficient way to play this kind of game but people want to have fun while playing so make viable every option possible, for example if the dash could pass trough enemies but it consume more stamina i would have more way to positioning.


agreed overall.

the super armor amount is currently set to an amount where two players attacking at once make him stagger somewhat easily, so it's perhaps too high for a singleplayer.

the burst threshold is set pretty low, so that i could quickly test how reactable the burst attack animation was. so if you do manage to maintain a combo going on him when he's been staggered, he'll burst out relatively quickly.

also agree that perfect blocking is really op right now, and dodge is an inoptimal way to mitigate damage.

Perfect Blocking is always op in these kind of game, is a mechanics really hard to balance by himself but that's fine i guess, because not all people could like to abuse it on the long run.