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Very cool and climatic. I got stuck in SYSTEM GES menu as well. Managed to bring up SIREN DATA and LEXEMICS but can't seem to get further than that. I really like these glitchy, sense overload, SADWORLD style things.

I think not knowing what was a bug and what wasn't makes for a really cool experience. One thing I remembered was the third ball jumping stage, my ball was stuck in float position, if that wasn't intended I was spamming jump in previous stage near the end, that might've caused it.

That's an intentional bug, yar, but it's also bugged somewhat ironically. What's meant to happen is that you get a bit of the ways in to the next level while being stuck in the air, and then the system crashes (so long as you're not in the inverted parts of the program). If you were in a white space and were floating, that's an actual bug. If you were in a reddish space and were floating, that's an intended bug-feature.

Being stuck in the air in the negative worlds is how you'll access sub-worlds of that particular program as it won't be possible to jump in negative worlds once that program's logic is done.

Sorry about the GES menu being bugged; it's a side-effect of the new interaction system. There's some interplay going on where inputs are being fought over by the standard player controller, the player interaction script, and the interactionRegion which boots up the SNN menu in question presently that I've yet to completely sort out.