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A jam submission

Roy Jofer's Fishing World Championship 1997View game page

It's like if Paper Mario had no direction, content, or gameplay
Submitted by PhilBlank (@PhilBlankGames) — 1 hour, 29 minutes before the deadline

Play interactive shitpost

Roy Jofer's Fishing World Championship 1997's page

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If you wait one hour after the end scene you actually get to fish for real. That was a quality easter egg.


Absolutely disappointed.

The tutorial did a horrible job at explaining contols, I couldn't get the fishing part to work correctly.

The rhythm game had some minor issues like arrows not registering (good thing I'm a pro at button mashing thanks to fighting games), and UI with score and whether you hit the notes at right times being rendered off-screen.

You brought shame onto AGDG demo day with this piece of sh*t unpolished game. Please go back to reddit or something...

Now I'll leave it running for 24 hours and give you a 1 star review if nothing happens by then.


"and UI with score and whether you hit the notes at right times being rendered off-screen."
There is neither a score nor a rendered score.

Thank you for your kind words, I will now embark on a pilgrimage to Reddit and send as many people from there to AGDG as I can.


Fixed up the rhythm game. In addition to not being perspective anymore, the collisions register properly.

Also added a tiny score-like thing to help sate your ADD.


So the dance minigame started and I was wondering if it would ever end and after like a minute or so I supposed that wasn't going to happen so I closed the game.


it does end after a 3~4min song, you got the bad end by quitting. I rate your playthrough 0/10


Dance minigame is now only a minute-ish long. It was like three minutes before, which was kinda pushing it.

Memes aside, the problem was that it doesn't feel like it progresses anywhere.


Please do not make the dancing minigame in isometric, i really couldn't tell when i should press the buttons.


It's perspective, not isometric, but I get what ya mean. If I bring it back I'll have it be orthographic.


A'ight, it's proper orthographic goodness now.


"10/10 would sell my firstborn to play the full version!" - IGN