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David Byttow

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Totally, I really wanted to add mana and other spells... alas, 3 hours came up fast!

I love these sorts of games

I liked this, especially for only 1.5 hours :) It's intense when the ball is moving quickly

Yep, bug for testing after the 3 hour limit

Definitely a bug, I tested losing only after the 3 hour time limit haha

I'm super super impressed if this was done in 3 hours -- especially the details such as the background.

Nice concept and aesthetic. Great for 3 hours

Nicely done. Kind of similar to my game except without a barrier

Nice work, and I like the details of the people running around. Was sad I couldn't aim my weapon

I played this while my friend watched and we had a good LOL. Nice! 

Haha, this is a cool concept, kind of sad I didn't think of it as a premise for a 3 hour jam!

Yep, great idea. I was low on time so easier to just reload rather than have a mechanism for resetting everything. Also tricky if the blood particles are on a spike or some environment that needs to be reset. :)

I like the focus on mood and lighting, very cool

I haven't eaten pizza in over 6 months, but boy do I miss it now

Keep up the good work!

Interesting game! 

Damn this game isn't easy!

Love a good possession game, very cursed!

More cursed than I expected, nice!

It's clear you put work and love into this, well done!

Good atmosphere and use of assets

Love teh atmosphere.

Interesting idea, however I found it a bit difficult

Love the level of polish in much of it, well done!

Gotta love pong :)

Good concept, needs just a bit more work on the presentation IMO. Keep it up!

Cool little game, are you planning to continue working on it?

Good atmosphere, I could totally see further adding to this

Not a bad platformer! I enjoyed it

Great concept and turn based movement! 

Good game, but what happened to the theme?

Bunch of pretty good mechanics, a little pacing would help. But overall i enjoyed this

Ooh, cursed tower defense. Well done.

Yay more zombie games. Well done!

I enjoyed the mechanics, well done!

Great twist on the concept, I really enjoyed this.

Nice music, and I can't stop clicking!

Nice concept and atmosphere as others said!

Challenging game! Nice aesthetic