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Thanks very much! I will be posting a post-jam update in the next couple of days, which hopefully addresses some problems!

Gotcha! I've actually zoomed the camera out now quite a bit for the post-jam update already, but will do some testing specifically in the wall-jump areas to make sure that the camera keeps up with the player a bit better. Thanks very much!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes the Audio Manager bugs out on that level and causes the crash. I have already written a new one to solve the problem and will be releasing that after the jam ends on Friday - there are a bunch of other tweaks in that too :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks very much!! :)

Lol, to be fair I didn't spot all of the key options! I played using WASD and the mouse buttons. I think that adding mouse-aiming would just work so well - it'd certainly be worth trying out if you work on the game post-jam...

+ Great concept, really fun idea
+ Love the cute graphics
+ Puzzle elements are well thought out, but slightly let down by...

- ... when you just catch the edge of a platform and you're still pressing jump (cos you want to go higher!) your stamina bar instantly depletes. Maybe adding a timeout to the jump control would help?
- I'm not a fan of the weird post processing effect you've used. I think that the game would look better without it tbh
- If you fall off the edge of the world, it would be better if the level just reset itself - I did that initially and thought that I'd broken the game, and then reloaded the whole thing (I didn't think about pressing R).

+ I love this!
+ Great concept, fits well with the theme
+ Awesome gameplay
+ Destroying blocks is satisfying
+ The bomb frenzy is a lot of fun!
+ Graphics are great
+ Sounds and music are cool and really catchy

- I initially found the controls a bit weird... I think that if you moved the suck/fire directions to be mouse based it would be a lot more fluid and fun
- If not the above, then suck/fire need to be somewhere else on the keyboard, like o and p for example

+ Great game concept
+ Loved the graphics and animations
+ Sounds and music were nice

- I felt that the jumping was a bit too floaty
- The key bindings felt weird to me, I kept dropping presents when I meant to jump... maybe E would be a better key for interactions?

+ Cool concept, fits well with the theme
+ Liked the different attacks - especially invert!

- Quite repetitive
- Didn't like the files just killing you when you opened them
- I didn't realise until a couple of replays in that you are the cursor, meaning you have to dodge the projectile attack

Thanks very much for the feedback! It was never intended to be a rage-type game, it just sort of became one during the level design process! I couldn't think of a better way to keep challenging the player with so few mechanics and little control!

+ Really liked the mechanic of doing more damage when you had less life
+ Appreciated the different projectiles to show the difference
+ Cool take on the theme
+ The recoil mechanic was fun
+ Really liked the limited ammo clip, meaning you couldn't just spam-fire everywhere
+ Liked the sound effects

- After firing, the recoil seems to continue for a really long time, meaning that you slide off platforms
- The jumping needs to feel a little tighter, its a bit floaty at the moment
- I managed to fall through the floor and didn't die :(

My apologies - in which case I feel it could maybe do with either less acceleration or more friction. Basically as you become lighter I found that the placement of my jumps was way more difficult than when I was heavy...

Thanks for playing! What was confusing about the camera? I'll be releasing a post-jam update so am compiling a list of improvements for the game...


Thanks very much for the feedback! I have had a similar comment from another player too - I wanted the camera fairly close to feel quite claustrophobic, but have zoomed it out a bit for the post-jam update. To be fair, it feels better ;)

Thanks for playing! Yeah the wall slide takes a bit of getting used to. You have to slide down the right side to just past the lower carrot, then jump across. 😉

+ Love the art style
+ Interesting concept

- I don't really understand the point? It doesn't really feel like a game? Maybe it needs a goal or a tutorial or I'm just missing something obvious?

+ Great art style
+ Loved the visual changes as you altered your stats, that was a really nice touch
+ Easy to play (I didn't even see the instructions, lol)

- I think it would be better if you showed what each choice would do as a preview before you select the option, so that the user is better informed. For example at a later stage I chose Damage above Attack Speed, and the latter dropped so much that I regretted my decision!

+ Great game
+ Fun mechanics
+ Fits well with the theme
+ Love the music
+ Great art style
+ Good level design

- I'd like more levels!
- Jumping felt kind of hard to control as you became lighter, I would suggest adding some acceleration and friction to the player so that you can move more incrementally

(1 edit)

+ Love the graphics
+ Great music
+ Fun to play

- Think the link with the theme is a bit tenuous
- Controls felt really weird, I would prefer that the player flew/aimed towards the mouse position
- When you die you don't always respawn, meaning that you had to refresh the page, which loses your progress

+ Really like the artwork
+ Simple to play
+ Like the skip time option
+ The fact that it keeps playing while offline is awesome!

- I would really have liked some gentle background music
- It would be really nice if there was a little more animation in the world - trucks moving between factories or something similar. Apart from the smoky chimneys the world feels a little lifeless
- I would prefer to have to build the resource factories too - I really didn't need metal or glass for a really long time!

+ Wonderful art style!
+ Loved the animal noises - very funny!
+ Really cool game mechanics
+ Lots of fun, well done!

- I'd like more combinations!
- Maybe the difficulty ramp isn't quite right? I think that the first island is a little tough. I would suggest having less tile variation to explain the concept a bit more and then introduce new tiles and new combinations on later islands.

Thanks very much for the feedback! What did you not like about the camera? I've had people tell me its too close to the player, so in the post-jam update I have zoomed it out a bit...

Thanks for the feedback! I started the whole process with that restriction, and built the game around it. I would imagine trying to retrofit a finished game with that restriction would be really hard!

Thanks very much!

Really glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!!

Different idea - was rather hard to play in the emulator... i died a lot!

Scored 200!

+ Love the art style
+ Really simple concept but gets tough as soon as you realise you are burying your fuel pump and bank!
+ Chilled music
+ Great mechanics

- Maybe add some more polish to the UI?
- Some more levels would be fun

Thanks very much!

+ Love the art style
+ Interesting idea for a game
+ Loved the chilled music and sound effects

- The jump was a little floaty for my liking
- There seems to be a bug where you can cling to the side of platforms?
- I think that the user should really be more visible at all times

+ Liked the art style
+ Pretty fun to play

- If the mouse is only for firing, it would be better without it and bind the fire to the keyboard. Alternatively make the gun face the mouse so the player can shoot on an angle

+ Awesome visuals
+ Great UI and controls
+ Simple to play

- I found that there might not be enough time as I ended up guessing the combination of balls rather than working it out

+ Fun to play
+ Works with the theme
+ Liked the post-processing effects
+ Appreciate the signs pointing the way!

- I'd like more levels!

Can't believe I'm getting so many positive comments for my pixel art! Thank you so much!

Wow! Thanks very much!

Wow thanks! It's my first time creating pixel art of any kind, so that's high praise! Theme wise I was banking on the minimal controls, colours and sprite sizes to work in my favour. Plus the player with the lowest time is ranked higher on the leader board...

Thanks very much for playing! I thought that having less controls (literally a single button), using less colours and a reduced sprite size, and rewarding completion of the game in a lower time worked with the theme?

+ Absolutely loved this... really lovely, well crafted, thought-provoking, pretty to look at... well done.
+ Controls are great
+ The intro and outro animations are sublime!
+ Level design is really good
+ One of the few games in the jam that I was hell-bent on completing!

- A couple of minor glitches with the music playback
- As lovely as the background music is, I kind of would like to hear another track or more of the same, just so it didn't loop as much
- After the outro, there's just a black screen? Was a little jarring

+ Awesome game
+ Very atmospheric
+ Fun to play
+ Diverse enemies
+ Cool level design
+ Great graphics and animations

- I think that the enemy hitboxes are a little small and hard to hit. I was literally point blank shooting enemies at one point and still missed somehow
- When an enemy kills you from off-screen because you had no idea that they're there, that's not fun
- I think that the UI needs some work

Overall I enjoyed the game, and feel that with a little work it could be really really cool! Good job!