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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing, Keith! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I've already written the post-game patch. Some of the visual flaws are fixed, and the doors work 100% of the time with just 1 click now.  I just have to wait until the voting period is over to upload my fix :)

-Jhonxay Games

Thanks for playing! I'm so glad you liked it :) !

-Jhonxay Games

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A lot of the things you mentioned were bugs I was aware of, but due to the limitations of the jam, I didn't have time to fix. I have fixed most of the things you pointed out  in a patch that I'm going to be releasing once I'm allowed to do that! 

-The doors in the patch now work 100% of the time/ and the credits do too.

-I had the idea of keeping the grain/static sfx afterwards, but I just didn't have the time to get that working, but I think that's something I should add :)

Thank you for pointing out the floating objects in the TV room! I didn't even notice those :)

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it , and thank you so much for the great feedback! This will help a bunch with my post-game-jam patch :)

-Jhonxay Games

I played this yesterday, but forgot to leave a comment! So here's your comment! Fun gameplay, but challenging. I like the weird controls, it makes it unique, and really gives a lot of flavor to the game. Congrats on this, it's a lot of fun :)

Thank you! Happy that you enjoyed it :)

-Jhonxay Games

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

-Jhonxay Games

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I wrote a patch last night for a lot of things that I'd been getting feedback on, so the LMB does the confirming too in that. I can't update it until the jam is over of course though :)

-Jhonxay Games

I didn't want you to enter another dialogue, or go somewhere you didn't want to if you accidentally clicked through dialogue too quickly. I've already made a patch for the game, fixing a lot of the bugs. In that I've made it so it's right click or left click. Thanks for playing :)

-Jhonxay Games


Awesome idea! I had loads of fun trying things out, but it wasn't quite clear which combinations would make people happy. Does just a husk make a human, do you need a husk and limbs? Who knows? :P Anyway, it was fun. Thanks for making it :)

Thanks for playing :)

-Jhonxay Games

Fun game. I don't have much to say about it :)

I was a bit confused on why I kept being forcefully shifted between a human and zombie. The concept is fun, it could use some improvement, and more levels would have been great. But, I understand that this is a game jam game, and there are time constraints. I enjoyed the little level you had, even if it would have been fun if it had more. 

Congrats on submitting a game, it's a challenge to make it, and you passed. You should be proud :)

Solid jam entry! Congrats on this being your first jam! You submitted something, and not just something! Something that's fun! Good job! 

The gameplay is fun, and it's a solid well designed level. It is just one level though... I would have loved to see more levels, because the first one was so fun and puzzling. 

Having the Up arrow work as the climbing button was a little weird. My browser took it to mean that I wanted to scroll up, so I couldn't really see what was happening for a second. The shift key for jump is also a little odd, space would have been better imo, but shift worked just fine.

Overall, great first jam entry! And great game overall :)

Oww. The controls are very difficult, but that goes with the theme. It's a nice game and I had fun with it :)

Congrats on getting your jam game done!

I was aware of this when I made the rooms! I realized if I wanted it to be accurate I would need doors on the other side of the hall, or the hall to be longer. I wanted it all to be seen in one camera shot, without being too far out. So, the best option was making it non-euclidean :P. I mean, it does kinda add to the "cursed" element of the house, right? thanks for playing though, I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

-Jhonxay Games

Wow! I'm really happy that you think it's as good as a movie :) I agree, I probably put a bit too much task-making, but it was the best I could do within the constraints of the jam. Thank you for playing though!

-Jhonxay Games

Honestly, this was genius. I loved it. It fit the theme, had great music, and great gameplay. I absolutely loved it!

Thanks for playing! I do give hints to the objective in the dialogue, I just felt on playthroughs that it was easy to forget what to do next, so I made the goal show up after the hints. I'm definitely going to fix the small items issue after the bug, that, and the doors not working properly are the biggest issues in the game, and I'll be sure to address them as soon as the project isn't locked down anymore! 

You don't actually need to press space to go through the dialogue, right click does it as well (so that it can all be done through the mouse), but, space felt more natural. So, I made it so that you can just pick it up and play without having to read controls, by allowing space to do it too, and not causing people to panic to try and find out which button moves through dialogue!

Thank you for playing!

-Jhonxay Games!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing I am going to make a patch to this after the voting period is over, using the feedback and bug reports I get during the voting.  So I'll be sure to use your advice :)! I hadn't heard the highlight idea before, but it would make things a lot easier, so thank you for that.

-Jhonxay Games

Challenging, but fun and well polished. I really enjoyed it.


This was great! I loved it! Great idea and great execution!

Nice little game! I don't think the terrain/sky uses Kenney assets, but that's okay. It's fun to play for sure, good job!

Thanks for trying it out, and thanks for the feedback! Sorry that it felt a little tedious  to play. Sure, I'll try out your game!

-Jhonxay Games

Awesome game, Jake! I'm sorry you missed the deadline! You totally would have won :) 

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it :)

The doors were a bit finicky, and I never found a solution to them not working, unless I changed a  whole lot that I didn't have time for in the jam! In the post-jam-voting patch, I'll work on making it a lot easier, along with a lot of other things that make the game difficult to play. Thanks a TON for your feedback :)

-Jhonxay Games

I'm happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing!

-Jhonxay Games

Thanks for playing. Your cursor needs to be actually on the objects for it to register. so if it's just on the table and not on the key/phone it won't work. It's definitely easier in fullscreen mode. Thank you for the feedback though, I'll be sure to try my best to make it easier in the post-game-jam-voting patch :)

-Jhonxay Games

Thanks for playing! I'm super glad you enjoyed it!

-Jhonxay Games

Fun little game, but very, very challenging. I wish a menu came up to restart when you died instead of having a button do it, but it's still nice the way it is 

Good work!

Very fun endless runner! I really enjoyed it. You can get stuck in a damage loop from a zombie fairly easily, so it would be nice if they knocked you back. The visuals are great, I love how it looks. 

Awesome job completing a great jam entry :)

Neat little game! The camera is at a bit of a wonky angle, but it's fun nevertheless.

Congrats on making it!

Fun little platformer! Good job!

Thank you for playing, and for the feedback!

I did have the idea to make the ending a bit more cinematic, but in the end I decided that a "walk of shame" might be fitting with the amount of time I had :)

-Jhonxay Games

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing and giving your feedback!

 A lot of the items, like the key and phone, are locked there so that the story could progress.  

A lot of the progression in the story at the start with the running around was so that I could show off a couple rooms to spark the exploration. If you have the key to the storage room though, you could explore the room before we got to the spooky part, and I don't want to ruin to progression for anyone!

-Jhonxay Games

Fun game! Interesting story, too! I wish I could skip the slow displaying of the text without skipping the whole text. A bug I noticed was that I can jump infinitely as long as I just touch a surface, even if it's the side or bottom of that surface, but overall, this game was cool!